Syrian and Iraqi Christians Are Taking up the Gun to Defend Their Religion is the website of the Assyrian Christians on the web, and it is ground zero for anti-ISIS reporting right now. If you are inspired by seeing Christians defend their religion and their lives by picking up a gun, then this is the website for you. It is interesting that many Middle Eastern Christians have taken up arms either against ISIS or in support of Assad’s regime in general. There are several Christian militias fighting on Assad’s side. Many of them are defending Christian towns.

The days when the Syrian Christians would not stand up and fight are no longer. This is very inspiring if you get a swell in your heart as I do when I see Christians take up the gun to defend their religion. Personally I tire of the wimpiness of many Christians. It seems like many Christians would rather run from a war than stand up and fight for their lives and religion.

Jesus’ pacifism only goes so far.

Christianity is not a suicide pact. If there are people out to annihilate your religion and its practitioners, it’s time for the way of the gun. You either sit back and wait for the enemy to come kill you, or you pick up a gun and at least stand a chance of fighting them off.

Look at this way: this situation over there is kill or be killed. If you are a Christian, there are people trying to kill you for your religion. Now when someone is trying to kill me, the way I see it is that somebody is going to die here. Either this guy who is trying to kill me is going to die, or I am going to die. I say he dies, not me. You know what I mean? It’s not much of a choice, is it?

This is how I see it.


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5 responses to “Syrian and Iraqi Christians Are Taking up the Gun to Defend Their Religion

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  2. Stary Wylk

    ” Either this guy who is trying to kill me is going to die, or I am going to die. I say that he dies, not me.”


  3. bob

    Agreed. Amen.

    Of note, despite cuckservatives support for the family, Christianity, etc., they are awfully quiet on syria. In fact, most tow the Obomber line. Joke. Killary would be a disaster to Middle-East Christians. Iran has been great and the Russians a godsend. Perhaps they will get their country back. Damage estimates: $200 billion US. Wow. Thanks Obomber!


    I hear what your saying bob. Jesus did allow people to crucify him though. He said “father forgive them they know not what they do.”

    But in saying that, the Old Testament is full of battles where god instructed his people to destroy their enemies. He sent them specifically into the enemies camp with the instruction to kill. He said that even the enemies children are not to be spared!

  5. I’m never sure about this. On the one hand it does (when we’re talking about the actual New Testament) almost seem to be a cult of martyrdom, pople willing to endure persecution, imprisonment, torture and death for their faith without raiing a hand in anger. At the same time, Jesus at one point advised his followers to have swords, obviously for their personal protection. Though I have now left Christianity and it’s kind of contradictions like that which did a lot to help. (And that’s just the New Testament- it gets worse when you add in the Old/Tanakh!)

    Though, a lot of the Christians in this context are likely so for reasons of tradition, culture and identity than anything else, and have the weight of sacred tradition in addition to Scripture, unlike Sola Scriptura evangelical types like I was. So their motivations are perhaps rather different from mine.

    I am not opposed to using violent means of self-defence as an absolute last resort, but still wonder how you justify that in the light of the new Testament, if you are going to use that.

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