What Are the Aughts?

What are  the aughts? Or rather what were they, since as an historical phenomena, they are no longer with us except in memory. What does the word aughts refer to? Is there only one aughts or is there more than one? If it exists, what might the other aughts be called.

Ten Brownie points and a pat on the head for the right answer. Plus you get to stay out til dark tonite before you have to come in.


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3 responses to “What Are the Aughts?

  1. Matt

    The 0 years of the century?

  2. Pertl

    Oh I guess I got confused and mixed up centuries. It should be like this:

    In Czech we say “the zeroth years” of the 20th (or 21th) century. But it’s not very common, especially not for the zeroth years of the 21th century.

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