Man Shoots Dog; Dog Shoots Man – Film at 11


Who knows? Maybe karma exists after all.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Maybe so, and maybe that’s a damn good thing sometimes.

I am convinced that God has set aside a particularly nasty slice of Hell particularly for animal abusers. And they probably have to have a wall of around this area to keep the other denizens of Hell from killing them again and again.

Bad people have more morals than you think. It’s often not so much that they have “no morals” but that they have their own peculiar and perverse moral hierarchy. But a lot of bad people definitely believe in the concept of transgression, and they don’t like those they call immoral one bit. In fact they hate them far more than we do. They hate the violators of their own moral code so much that they will out and out murder them without a care in the world, while few of the rest of us would stoop that low.


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3 responses to “Man Shoots Dog; Dog Shoots Man – Film at 11

  1. Jason Y

    I’m wondering why they still need animal experimentation when they have so much advanced technology now.

    On a different topic, I saw a funny Facebook post, but distrubing, it advocated using child molesters for scientific tests instead of rats. LOL I wouldn’t doubt that most people would support it.

    • Hasdrubal

      It’s a lot easier to breed rats than child molesters especially since the people child molesters want to breed with mostly can’t get preggers.

  2. Bad Person

    That doesn’t sound so bad.

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