Just In: Sanders and Trump Win in New Hampshire

A couple of serious victories by two frankly insurgent candidates who are out to smash the political status quo. Sanders is out to smash the Democratic status quo, and Trump is out to smash the Republican status quo. It is appears there are mass rebellions against the official parties, against the DNC and the RNC, with the implication that people on both sides of the political fence have had it up to here with the way things are and are ready for a serious, even radical, break with business as usual.

A spectre is haunting the American world. The spectre of populism!

The populists of America refuse to conceal their aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of the two existing political parties. Let the two parties of America tremble at the possibility of a populist revolution.

People of America unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains! You have a nation to win!

I will leave this post up for anyone who wishes to discuss the earth-shattering results of the New Hampshire elections, what they mean, and what lies in store for us, trembling in wait.


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13 responses to “Just In: Sanders and Trump Win in New Hampshire

  1. evreedaynew

    It is an interesting time to be alive and to be
    an American!

  2. Toe Jam Football

    I think Hilary takes the Presidency, too many people dislike Trump and Bernie Sanders doesn’t appeal to enough people, that said I never thought Trump would make it this far. The South Carolina primary will clarify.

  3. Tony Swagger

    These two might be at the opposite end of the spectrum. But they have some similarities between them than one could imagine. I hope it gets finally to Trump vs Sanders and Trump ends up with a huge victory. All the others in the race just seem like clowns

  4. SHI

    It’s scary, man, are Americans so bored of the Kardashians and other reality TV entertainment that there’s no better choice left than electing a narcissistic, crazy, megalomaniac for President. Granted Hillary Clinton doesn’t sound very awesome either but Trump: come on. Imagine this man’s fingers on the nuclear button. He will bomb every damn country out there just for some thrills. Based on what I saw in television interviews featuring Trump, he’s seriously off the rails. No normal person speaks like that. There is no word called CONSENSUS in his dictionary as he doesn’t really believe in taking everyone on board.

  5. Kareem

    They’re both politicians, so they both lie of course, however, I think both he and Sanders are the only two who are willing to outright call people out on bullshit and speak what they want to. Candidates from both parties have to do essentially the same thing to gain support. If you’re a Republican you have to go far right in the primaries and energize the far right fringe of the Republican party – I.E, Tea Party members. Same with the left but the opposite. You have to go left in the primaries to energize the left wing base of the party.

    Trump’s open rejection of political correctness, talk of building walls and banning Muslims and Bernie’s talk of free college, being a champion of the working class, and constant shitting on the rich resonated with a lot of people. Thing is typically politicians by this point start moving towards the center after they have secured their base, since the majority of Americans aren’t far left or far right. Trump’s rejection of political correctness and Sanders’ socialist leanings aren’t surprising. The fact that they’re actually sticking to their guns this far in is.

    The ironic thing is that what put of them on the map is the same could be the downfall of both of them. Their ideas sound so ridiculous and too good to be true that question marks are being raised in people’s heads. Middle America could could easily swing back and pick the safe option – “Hillary” – the candidate most likely to win and keep the status quo.

  6. pepperroncini

    I do wish it comes down to a Trump vs. Sanders presidential fight ; atleast that would give people a choice than having candidates who are not all that different from each other except for having an R or D next to their name.

    • Subliminal Star

      Exactly. A nightmare presidential election in 2016 would come down to Jeb Bush as the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Those election results would leave the American people to choose between shit and crap. (Pardon my French).
      If the election comes down to Trump vs. Sanders, all the hedge fund managers on Wall Street will be crapping in their pants, because both of these men have promised to go after them and tax them aggressively.

  7. Jason Y

    On that movie “The Dead Zone”, the character Greg Stillson reminds me of Trump.

  8. mott69

    New Hampshire- what a joke!

    The whole state has only 1 million people in it. Largest city has 100,000. Why are they so important?

    Our primary system is a joke- Iowa, NH and SC all pulled major shenanigans to get the top three slots. What a crock!

  9. mott69

    So that means it will happen.

    Actually, he will not cancel the election…he will instead step down and be appointed Sec General of the U.N. “KING OF THE WORLD”!

  10. bob

    Der Trump: he may have a plan. who knows. I’d like to believe he’d pull a TR and bust all the monopolies. Doubt it. Portraying him as a racist is absurd; nations get to choose immigrants. Why not build a wall? Think keynes. I like that hr has Rep. establidhment crapping their pants. Why should Adelsons decide? Democracy anyone?
    The bern: anyone but killeray. Personally, I dont trust his ethnicity. I believe he’d be manipulated and used. Objectively, jews have been a destructive force in the u.s. Think walt and mesrsheimer not adolf-hopefully this may avert the inevitable charge of (sharp intake of breath) anti-semitism. I love semites-arabs are great-just not a fan of the ashkenazis; sephardi and mizrahi are ok, except for Begin.
    Tbh, i havent listened to bern much. He lacks charisma.
    All in all, the American peoplr are angry. If this election is stolen I expect to see a growing hatred of the estsblishment a la sharpen the guillotines. Could be a good thing.

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