Joke of the Night

Anyway, a Nazi billionaire and a Jewish socialist walk into a bar. The bartender says…

Oh, I forget the rest. Anyone remember how the rest goes?


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8 responses to “Joke of the Night

  1. Trump kids married Jews, you can be a NYC billionaire and don’t deal with Jews.

    Bernie learned to be a commie in a shitsraeli kibbutz, hard to remember that the Rothschild sandbox was founded by Jewish Marxist-atheists.

  2. SHI

    “Welcome to the Holy Coast bar. Please don’t ask for ash trays, we won’t allow smoking inside. Don’t be such a cheap bastard, we expect you to tip well.

  3. antibantustic_nollywood_libel

    “Good evening Mister Soros.”

  4. The bartender says, “Sorry, one of you walked into the wrong joke.”
    Ah, but which one leaves?

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