Indians Have a Genetic IQ of 92?

From Pumpkin Person. I actually think he is only something. Before the latest mass wave of H-1B’s pushed the US Indian IQ up to very high levels – some say 110 – the Indian IQ in the US and UK was said to be 92-96. These were probably more normal Indians than the highly selected group who came later. In addition, I believe that Pakistani IQ in the UK is ~90 (but someone check for me). I asked a British Pakistani if the UK Pakistanis were highly selected, and he told me it was the opposite, that actually they were mostly from a group regarded as one of the stupidest and most backward people in the land.

Indian, Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladesi IQ in their native lands all tend to converge around 81-83. Yet when you meet these people in the West, they do not appear stupid at all.

The Punjabis I meet around my town are shockingly bright. There is no way on Earth these people have IQ’s of 83. And their children are also doing quite well. Punjabis are interesting in that a lot of the ones I talk to are rather intellectually inclined.

Their kids born in the US are very smart and extremely intellectually inclined. I remember one time I was talking on the phone to someone about my usual abstruse theoretical bullshit that interests almost no one (I believe global race and anthropology). Now the Mexicans around this town and even these Whites here never listen when I talk like this. They completely ignore me. But this Punjabi young man, who I later found out was born in the US, was listening raptly to every word I said. A very intellectually curious and I dare say, even open-minded people.

It is still probably true that the lowest caste types are simply not present in the West. If they were here, possibly they would drag the IQ’s down. But the peoples of the Subcontinent are not stupid people. That’s just my Gestalt intuitive opinion after dealing with so many of them on the web and in meatspace.

If India could ever get its malnutrition under control, it might even see up to a 10 point IQ rise. Even some of India’s social problems may get better with IQ rise, since a lot of India’s social problems seem to be due to people, well, acting stupid! And the lower IQ your country is, the more the people in the country are likely to act like idiots. As your raise your national IQ, I would think that dumb behavior would decline in tandem.


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23 responses to “Indians Have a Genetic IQ of 92?

  1. SHI

    Punjabis are a resilient bunch that thrive and prosper almost everywhere except their home state – Punjab. Unlike the rest of the country, I can’t stand these motherfuckers – especially the men who will do anything to win your trust but will let you down the moment you start depending on them – they are the biggest DOUCHEBAGS that this country has to produce. The only good thing about Punjabis is that they aren’t a particularly religious people. They are the life of a party, love to drink like crazy freaks and will experiment with drugs. They don’t care about religion at all, and to a great extent, they do not practice the caste system. I can be best friends with a Punjabi jackass when in a bar or similarly hedonistic setting, but I don’t want to see his face again when sober.

    Punjabi women, in total contrast, are, I’d say FAR better human beings than the stupid menfolk. I have been in long term relationships with quite a few, I really know that culture inside out. The only reason I’ll never marry a Punjabi girl, I dont enjoy dealing with their ASSHOLE brothers and male relatives. I actually feel a bit of sympathy for the womenfolk because believe me, Punjabi men are total jackasses. They’re either domineering control freaks who will abuse their wives and children or irresponsible wastrels who mooch off their wives, and will constantly pester them for money. And they will beat them up a little to get what they want. Punjabi women, in fact, have turned into either ardent, empowered, ball-busting feminists who won’t take shit from no man, or are submissive and docile women who EXPECT some abuse in their relationships, and are heavily INURED to domestic violence (read my previous comment in another blog on marital rape).

    Oh, Punjab has by far, the highest incidence of drug abuse in the whole country. According to this report, roughly 4 out of 10 Punjabi men are addicted to hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, ephedrine, methamphetamine, ICE and LSD. That state is really going to Hell in a breadbasket and the Punjabis living in the US or Canada, couldn’t give a damn.

    A steady supply from across Punjab’s borders is making it next to impossible to cure the state of its deadly addiction to illicit drugs, a Narcotics Control Bureau survey of eight cities including Amritsar and Patiala has shown.

    But recent police seizures have pushed prices of drugs, originating in Afghanistan and routed through Pakistan, to sky-high levels and driven addicts who cannot afford their daily fix to de-addiction centres.

    This is the latest twist in a sorry saga that has ruined the lives of many in the prosperous state. Another central study of the Punjab drug problem shows that four out of ten men in the state are addicted and up to half this number are youth and farmers.

    The analysis shows that heroin is still largely a transit drug accounting for less than 7% of consumers. 15% of the addicts crave for “bhukki” (poppy husk) and 20% need other synthetic drugs, most of which come from pharmaceutical units in Himachal Pradesh, on the state’s eastern border.

    Read: Addicts overcrowd Punjab drug rehab centres

    Anti-narcotic agencies say the primary reasons for high levels of addiction in Punjab are traditional use of opium by farmers, the rising prices of alcohol, easy availability of narcotics from Himachal and a thriving smuggler-police-politician nexus which is hampering enforcement action.

    But Punjab director general of police Sumedh Saini differs from the central assessment. He told HT that since May this year, the authorities had seized 149 kilogrammes of heroin. To date, his men have seized 1,462 kgs of raw material for making synthetic drugs like ICE, registered 9,935 cases under NDPS Act and made 11,490 arrests.

    “We have smashed the cross-border drug transit lines by targeting international drug traffickers. The result is that today intoxicants are not available to the consumers, which has led to some 2,08,171 consumers being treated at the de-addiction centres up to July-end,” he said.

    Heroin production in Afghanistan is expected to touch record levels of 550-600 tonne, of which around 10 tonne to pass through Indian cities.

    According to Indian estimates, pure heroin costs Rs 1-2 lakh per kg in Pakistan. The cost doubles to Rs 3 lakh a kg after it crosses the border to pay for the risks involved. From Punjab to Delhi, the cost reaches Rs 8-10 lakh a kg and further doubles to Rs 16-20 lakh a kg in Mumbai.

    The involvement of cross-border smugglers was evident from seizure of 27 kgs of heroin by Punjab police in the last week of June. The heroin has originated from Lahore-based smugglers identified as Kalu Chairman and Nasir, pushed into Indian territory across the Line of Control in Kashmir and was intercepted while on its way to Jaisalmer. The international cartel is also active on the synthetic drug front with key smugglers based in Chennai and agents active in Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana. Investigations have shown the cartel procuring drugs from HP and sent to Malaysia and other countries through Chennai.

    According to NCB experts, a national anti- narcotic task force should be formed to tackle drugs for Punjab with a comprehensive statistical survey of addiction in the state.

    “Strong enforcement action is needed against pharmaceutical units in HP with reduction in liquor costs and liberalised bhang and bhukki licenses so that Punjab youth do not move to hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, ephedrine, methamphetamine, ICE and LSD,” said a senior official.

    • SHI

      BTW, for those wondering what “lakh” is, it’s an Indian numerical denomination which stands for “one hundred thousand” or a “tenth of a million”. So, 33 lakhs or lacs is 3.3 million. 100 lakhs equal 1 CRORE which is another common numerical denomination very popular in India.

      Indians rarely talk in millions and millions unless they are reporting news from other countries. Robert, did you know about this interesting bit of trivia about how numbers are counted in India?

  2. shan94

    has the California National Merit Semifinalist list

    Total 301 Indians
    of which, by translating from name to caste,

    127 Brahmin

    20 Jain merchants

    18 Khatri , Punjabi Merchants ( Porn star Sunny Leone is a Khatri )

    9 Patels ( the motel owners )

    6 Jat Sikhs, ( rural California farmers )

    • shan94

      In the same list, there are 1140 East Asians, and 120 jews, and 33 muslims ( Including South Asian and Mid-east Muslims )

      • 127 brahmins? I won’t believe. Because, I fail to believe that India has so high population of brahmins, that too with high intelligence. If that’s the case, then how come India remained a poor country? Not all brahmins are rich, but if they do have mighty brains, then they should have done superior works.

        P.S: I am also a ‘caste’ brahmin defined by constitution of India.

        • Lin

          IQ to me is largely non-genetic(unless one’s parents are close relatives).Nations with hi-IQ can rightfully take pride of the triumph of their culture/civilization or triumph over Darwinist pressure. And hi-IQ of individuals are indicative of their personal efforts and family upbringing. Unfortunately many,particularly those said to belonged to ‘lo-IQ’ ethnic groups, take it defensively on racial war-footing and ignore social calamity like mal-nutrition…
          Hindus in US claiming high average indian IQ is like Qatarists claiming in front of Sudanese that the average arabs are wealthy. You don’t believe me? See that Rolls Royce in the parking lot ? Its mine !
          However there’s a way out. Lets replace IQ(Intelligence Quotient) by IQ(Indic Quotient) and IQ (intelligent Quotient) by IQ (Islamic Quotient)

  3. Tulio

    It’s pointless to look at legal immigrants as being representative of their homelands. America is a tough country to legally migrate to. You have to be qualified. The majority of blacks students at many Ivy League schools are Africans. But nobody is saying these students are representative of Africa. I don’t see why it would be any different for Indians.

    • Jason Y

      What we would have with upper caste Indians, probably many of whom have immigrated to western naitons, would be a monopoly on IQ, held as tightly as the royal monopoly on power back in medevil days.

      You see all sorts of Indian professors, businessman, doctors etc.. in the US.. Obviously though, the vast majority of people back in India are poor farmers.

  4. Maybe it differs by caste. Brahmins are possibly a high IQ group like European Jews. Both historically have a high emphasis on literacy, religious training and exegesis. Less capable members might have ‘dropped out’ etc.

    I don’t know how selected British Indians are but I think they perform equal or superior to white British in GCSE’s and have higher average earnings. I don’t think they are highly selected because they were mostly impoverished when they came to Britain in the post war….they weren’t educated professionals. They worked hard and had successful children.

    I don’t think of Indians as intellectually inferior to Europeans.

    • No, brahmins do have intelligence, but a very minority percentage are doing well. And also, brahmins are defined as caste in India, not as a group. So clubbing brahmins in high IQ is a fallacy, and not all brahmins are intelligent, and not everyone, even with surname which defines brahmins in today’s time are brahmins. This is where the confusion starts for brahmins themselves..

      Besides, IQ is not the only factor of a nation or group, though it does reflect the abilities, but there are other factors also. Cognition depends on external factors also, using the previous knowledge to derive the new ones.

      And this is where India declined, as other countries were able to create new knowledge using the existing ones, but India never did. They just stagnated, and with this stagnation, India was not able to move ahead.

      And where does the knowledge gets created? In universities. It is the university where mind thrives. Chanakya was professor of Takshallia University which played a prominent role in Mauryan empire’s statecraft, and so did oxford university in britain’s role to emerge as global superpower. And there was another german professor who chartered out how democracy must function, which is the basis of USA/UK/Germany in today’s time. But India did not create sufficient universities compared to the population which it has. And on the contrary, only handful of select institutes such as IIT/IIM are used as a symbol of elitism by middle class.

  5. Jason Y

    Not sure of Rober’s assumption that IQ is causing the problem is accurate. Actually, more fault could be put on the religion, Hinduism, and the Islam in the nation isn’t helping much either.

    Perhaps they are dumb, not cause of IQ but a dumb enviornment that is shaped by backward ideas. Did a low IQ cause Hinduism or Islam? That’s debateable, as a lot of very intellegent people belong to those faiths.

    • Jason Y

      Looking at the poor white culture of some on the USA would be another example. No doubt a lot of them are smart, but it doesn’t stop them from smoking 5 packs of cigarettes around 2 year olds everyday, nor does it keep many of them (the ones who won’t work) from turning into theives and swindlers. Even the ones who work, and that’s commendable, still will smoke around children daily.

    • Jason Y

      As I was saying with some poor whites, a high or reasonable IQ doesn’t always translate to good morals. Some of the most lazy parasitic people imaginable, as well as abusive of children, are smart people.

      For instance, I know this one white guy who won’t work or go to school, but rather sits around all day and drinks beer and watches TV (often educated shows like Bill Maher or the History channel). He won’t pay for his rent, nor his sattelite TV, only parastically living off of his wife’s mom, who has a pension from her dead military husband.

      Maybe occasionally he will do odd jobs around his wife’s mom’s house, but really I don’t buy that he’s earning his keep. It just seems like another swindler attempt, and a lot of the family agrees.

  6. Robert

    IQ in India, as Steve correctly points out, is a function of caste. The upper castes have historically monopolized literacy and denied the lower castes opportunities. Even a cursory overview of India’s economy today proves this. I had a posted a link a while ago about the richest Indians and their caste here. This IQ advantage also applies to Muslims who were converted from the upper castes of Hinduism.

    • Jason Y

      Most of the above statement also is an affirmation of the liberal position on US civil rights,and it’s is very correct indeed.

      Of couirse, the situation with IQ could have a large genetic component, make make no bones about it, the upper caste (as well as the so called upper caste in the USA) have done all they can to make the environment bad (at least until Civil Rights came into being).

    • shan94

      Most Indian muslims are from lower caste converts – very few brahmins or merchants converted

      In the 2016, California National Merit Semifinalist list, there are 300 Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, of which 125 brahmins,

      whereas total muslims, ( south Asian + middle east ) = 33

  7. Jason Y

    What IQ is needed to read stereo instructions? At university, even some professor made texts are difficult to read, not to mention standard math textbooks etc.. Can super smart people with IQs of 150 or higher read these books?

    In reality, everything at university is easy stuff, but it’s all written in stereo instructions that have to be deciphered.

  8. afghanrefugee

    The Punjabis of the west are Khatris and Sikhs, these people aren’t that dumb, the dumb Punjabis are usually Jat people. Then again, the most warlike people of Punjab are also Jats too.

    • pepperroncini

      Sikh is a religion; there are Jat sikhs, just as there are Jat Hindus. Sikh miliatancy against the Indian government was mostly Jat Sikhs.

  9. pepperroncini

    ” That state is really going to Hell in a breadbasket and the Punjabis living in the US or Canada, couldn’t give a damn.”

    Why would they give a dam ; they like most Indians in the West only care about their own caste and clan and not the Punjabi community as whole back in India. It’s a bit like wondering why Sunni Muslim Arabians don’t care about Kurds or Christians in the MidEast.

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