A “Reactionary Socialist” Speaks

I do not completely understand where this guy is coming from, but I do understand quite a bit of what he is saying. I have been getting sick of this Left-Right, liberal-conservative bullshit for a long time now, especially how you have to identify as one or the other, and once you do, you have to go down the line and check liberal on 10,000 issues if you choose liberal or check conservative on 10,000 issues if you choose conservative.

I have long urged blog readers to get outside of this crazy pigeonhole trap and just vote your conscience on every issue. If conservatives are right, check conservative. If liberals are right, check liberal. Problem is that once you start being heterodox like that it gets harder to call yourself liberal or conservative, but maybe we should not even be doing that anyway.

Really we should be able to say, “I lean liberal,” or “I am mostly liberal” or “I am mostly conservative, but I am liberal on some things,” or “I am more conservative than liberal, but the liberals have some good ideas too.” The way it is set up, you can’t do that.

Personally I think this whole Left-Right split is a bunch of crap. To be properly and fully human is to be eclectic, heterodox, choosy. That’s the definition of being an autonomous individual. You’re either an individual or an ideologue, and ideologues suck. So there’s not much choice then is there.

I like the last sentence. Back in the 1970’s, there used to be something called a “gender fuck.” Tim Curry of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and his fans were legendary for doing such things. Basically a straight man or woman dressing up as the opposite sex just to fuck with standard notions of gender. The androgynes coming out of the glam and glitter rock scene were all doing the same thing – gender fucking. Marilyn Manson is doing it right now.

I think we ought to advocate something called a “politics fuck” that looks like a “gender fuck.” Call yourself a reactionary socialist. Or a progressive fascist. Or a conservative Communist. Or a liberal reactionary. Mess with the silly heads of the political brand pushers until they blow up. Death to the labels!

Celsus writes:

It is called “dialectics”. I have called myself a “reactionary socialist” for years. Hell, I think Jared Taylor is a Democrat…really, but he wants the era up to FDR (a guy who he has said is a hero) to be the Democrats…then run against them and build a blue collar base and debate Hillary and Bernie (who would be covering his mouth on how much he agrees with Taylor at times).

Dialectics is how they control. The capitalists create “Communism” (and bastardize Marx/Engels), and then needed a dialectical opposite, Gliber…er, I mean Libertarianism. To me tribal spirits cannot be denied, but for the weak, the collectivism of the American Constitution is just the evolution of liberalism.

That, my friends, is the difference of 19th century socialism vs. Marxism.

I think “Cultural Marxism” is a demeaning term to Marx/Engels. They both would would be making faces. Liberalism is all it is. Serves them right for saying capitalism was a positive development compared to the rest of the socialists who knew the liberals were death. The same liberalism that the dying feudal aristocracy used to merge with the merchant caste and their city walls to create the bourgeois (aka the NWO, sorry, the lefties are right on who controls global politics).

Then as liberalism evolved the bourgeois needed to expand their economic enterprises to new markets which needed racial separatism and puritanical bullshit to end. I have always said the sexual revolution was just bourgeois evolution. Some didn’t like the changes and became “paleocons” and “neocons”. Eff, all of them are globalist bourgeois leg-humpers. I am looking at masonry frauds like Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan (Knights of Malta). America is not a “traditional Christian country”. America is about making money (which homosexuals do very well as the Russians pointed out).

Am I a conservative or a liberal? I am a conservative, a “pagan” and a socialist!!! Put on the black sunglasses. Make their heads hurt!!!

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One response to “A “Reactionary Socialist” Speaks

  1. Jason Y

    It depends on how extreme you go. You got sane leftist white nationalism, in oher words, people admitting blacks have a problem with crime without the “racist label”, and then you got the insane white nationalism (either left or white) that is so extreme it’s even claiming there is a scientific idea behind beauty (obviously to insult and dehumanize mixed raced people).

    People like ep-gah, though well meaning are way off the deep end in regards to white nationalism, and even so called leftist (which is really massively false in thier cases) white nationalists like santo-culto or phil.

    I have no problem with looking at things realistically, but trust me, ep-gah, especially, and also phil are way out of the ball-park.

    Anyhow, i don’t think most of your democrats are politically correct, but they aren’t at the same level as ep-gah either.

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