State Stores in Venezuela

RL: You mention state stores but guess what? Those state stores are all competing with private stores that are selling the same thing. Sound like Communism to you?

EPGAH: Thing is, those state stores compete at a loss, right? How could any store keep going at a LOSS — UNLESS they made up the loss in TAXES? Oh, wait, that’s a “competitive” advantage that non-state actors don’t get!

Have you been to my website? I sell computers cheap. You could buy them and sell them for half my price. But you couldn’t maintain that because YOU need to make a living too.

It sounds like the state is using taxes FROM the businesses to put them OUT of business!

Taxes or income from the nationalized oil, gas and energy industries.

The private stores are doing just fine. The price of food and household items was way too high for most of the poor and low income types, so they just couldn’t afford to buy a lot of food or in particular household stuff like appliances. Chavez set up those stores to make food cheap for poorer people so they could buy more food than they could otherwise. Now Venezuelans are eating better than ever. Caloric intake skyrocketed under Chavez.

Also the “My Happy Home” stores sold things like washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen accessories, etc. Poorer and low income folks could never afford any of that stuff. So under Chavez, a lot of poorer people got to buy a lot more and better food and they bought all sorts of nice things for their households. It was really cool!

They do sell the stuff for cheap. Not sure if it is at a loss, but the prices are cheaper than the private sector stores. But there are long lines outside the state supermarkets so if you’re not poor, you probably would not even want to go there. I am not sure if there were income limits on shopping in the state supermarkets or in the My Happy Home stores or if anyone would go. I will tell you though that no opposition supporter would be caught dead in any of those stores.

I am not aware of the state stores putting private stores out of business. The people shopping at the state stores could never afford most of the stuff in the private stores anyway.


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13 responses to “State Stores in Venezuela

  1. Jason Y

    Ugly mixed raced Venezuelans don’t deserve better food, instead, they should be encouraged to kill themselves. LOL (sarcasm of course) Such beauty pollution is only making things miserable for lily white master race population there.

  2. Jason Y

    As with the USA, I think it’s great the government is stepping in to help with basic needs. However, as with America also, the welfare should focus more on education so that people can become self sufficient. For example, having enough money to buy masks to hide thier ugly mixed raced faces LOL

    • Jason Y

      Looking at it from a different perspective, the USA has some cheaper stores (non-government) catering to the poor. However, the meat is often of a bad quality, though canned goods are fine. They call them “discount supermarkets like “SaveAlot” etc.. Nonetheless, most quality supermarkets have “memberships” which save money, so no need to waste time at discount places.

      A big thing that will be brought up by ep-gah, is that the buyers will just become permenant pets. In other words, they’ll always be shopping at the Venzuelan stores cause they don’t have the education to rise above the lower class. Shouldn’t more of Venezuela’s money be focused on improving education?

  3. EPGAH

    “Taxes or income from the nationalized oil, gas and energy industries.”

    So money you steal from me, allows you to keep buying my goods and “selling” at a loss…and you don’t see why Capitalists would fight against that?

    It’s like the guy who sells Rolexes from his jacket lining “competing” with a legit jeweler!

  4. Actually Pretty Funny

    @Jason Y:

    You begin to sound like a true Commie. Believe me, at first hearing those things I was quite shocked. But I’ve evolved. Now sometimes fellow South Vietnamese can’t recognize me with that kind of speech anymore. Northern Vietnamese Dear Leaders to each other: “Poor animals could all die!” And of course they would say otherwise to your face. That’s double speak. Their secret fear is that those poor Northern peasants would one day cut their throats, again, like what they had done to rich Northern Vietnamese 70 years ago.

    You have a full circle revolution there. I, as a South Vietnamese, wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that. I just want to divide the country again, and say bye bye to North Vietnam and their throat cutting tradition. Of course, Northerners consider me another poor peasant wanting to cut throats.

    After “Liberation”, because Northerners had been living in huts for so long, they kicked many people living in brick houses in the South and sent hundred of thousands of them over to the Central Highlands to pacify those unruly Montagnards (Yards). They were richer than Northerners, living in brick houses and all, right? They had to be evil Capitalists, right? During the war, the powerful Yards had had their own autonomous areas, and no South Vietnamese troops dared to enter those places. Those “savages” were finally subdued by the new “poor.” They were too numerous and too desperate to fight against.

    Now North and South have become equally “rich”, with North more equal than South. So when I called Uncle Bob “leech”, I meant his house definitely looked like one of those brick houses. Detroit is his place. I was Commie, I’ve mastered the art of classifying people.

    Now about Venezuelan state stores. Last time I hadn’t quite grasp the true nature of that chain, but now I can see it more clearly. So that chain, supported by the state, is competing directly with private ones. That’s counter-intuitive. Those stores need to be subsidized by some sources, since their aim aren’t really profit, I guess it have to be taxes.

    I’ve found the true culprits of Maduro’s troubles, they are Saudi Arabia and the American shale oil industry. But if Maduro is a great manager, I think he will find out other source(s) of income to make up for it. Let’s wait and see.

    • Can you tell me about how the poor North Vietnamese peasants slit the throats of the rich landlords in North Vietnam 70 years ago? I would like to hear about that.

    • Jason Y

      Nationalism was quite strong in Vietnam. Let’s not paint a false picture that everyone sided with the south. I know that’s not true from my experiences in South Korea during the Bush years. Logically, people should be able to see North Korea, an eyesore even for Communists, and conclude they should get no sympathy, but it isn’t the case in South Korea. Many times for silly reasons, like South Koreans losing the Olympics to an American.

      • Jason Y

        I was reading a biography of that guy on the show Duck Dynasty. It said when he was in Vietnam, young kids were throwing rocks at US bases. The Duck Dynasty guy couldn’t understand why he was hated so much, and it was very distrubing. Anyhow, even this far right conservative, isn’t trying to paint a false picture that everybody liked the USA there.

        • Jason Y

          Nationalism tends to bring out the worst in people. Look at what it does to white nationalists, and also, as we just mentioned, Asian nationalists. White nationalists want to play the victim when they feel they are being colonized (say by Mexicans, blacks with affrimative action etc..), but also they want sympathy for being the oppressor when they are the ones bossing everyone around (say in colonial Africa, or during the US slavery time).

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