My Back Is Killing Me

Sorry. I can hardly get anything done. I am spending most of my time in bed sleeping. Once I get up and start walking around, it starts hurting again. Pain is in mid-back and I am not even sure what it is all about honestly. Also I don’t have any painkillers. Anyway, for some reason it also makes me not want to do much of anything too. Somehow all this pain takes away my motivation to do much of anything.


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15 responses to “My Back Is Killing Me

  1. Guy from Montréal

    I hear you man, I just had hemorrhoid surgery last Friday and life fucking sucks right now! and with the kind of antibiotics I’m on I can’t even take a sip of booze without getting violently sick and I can’t even smoke weed either!!!!! Fuck!!!!

  2. You would be surprised what a chiropractor can accomplish. They use massage along with adjustment… It worked for me in my darkest days of waking up from random neck pain. Feel better soon!

  3. EPGAH

    At risk of sounding like a “Me Tooer”, a chiropractor WILL help!

  4. Ashtanga yoga, Mysore self-practice method. Better than chiro.
    Get well soon.

  5. pepperroncini

    I have the flu. Blocked nose, ears feel clogged , flem in throat , headache and eyes feel shot.

  6. Have you hurt this part of your back before? Are you sure it’s skeletal (ie, your vertebrae)?

  7. Creaders

    I have cured a lot of my chronic pain by Chinese martial art, meditation, medicine, accupunture, moxibustion and massage. I am 42 years old, and have had ankle, knee cap, upper back, lower back, wrist, finger joint problem.

    All are more or less cured other than my finger joint pain.

    I wonder how other race can exist without Chinese secrets. I guess because you guys are having better body and health.

    Chinese have poorer health and we evolve by having superior esoteric medicine. I have never taken an antibiotic for more than 20 years, until very recently.

    My blood pressure is 100, serum glucose is 4.8.

    A lot of people beside me are taking funny Chinese medicine that white man have no idea. One relative have should joint pain. He did not take anti inflammation drug. Instead, he took a Chinese anti blood clog medicine. The blood vessel declog, and his pain is gone.

    Many joint and muscle problem are treated with blood unclog traditional medicine, and it just goes away.

    White man doctors can never prescribe that.

    You guys have big pharma, who are there to make you sick and make monies.

  8. Creaders

    When white man doctors diagnose bones and muscle pain as inflammationary and pronounce no cure for it (only to manage it for the rest of your life), the Chinese medicine have other theory.

    Chinese doctors would diagnose as blockage of energy and a need to clear the blockage.

    Comparing apple to apple, the east asian have the poorest health among nations, yet East Asian such as Japanese have the highest life expectancy. The poor health of East Asian impel us to take care of ourselves. I always admire the blacks and white way of life, and wonder how people could destroy their health without impunity,especially in their younger days.

    Blacks are really bless in body.

    I believe if blacks are able to enjoy East Asian traditional medicine, many could live 100 years.

  9. Creaders

    When I observe the white man and blacks, I feel envious how you guys are able to recover from sports injury.

    The blacks and white can recover from injury like nobody business while one single such injuries will put me out of sports for the rest of my life.

    Also I marvel how blacks can have such a nice teeth and healthy gum without brushing their teeth.

    For Chinese, our teeth could have fallen out until toothless at 30s.

  10. SHI

    Get well soon, Robert. A good heat pack usually offers quick relief to any back pain. Best to go with one that doctors recommend or ask your pharmacist.

  11. Stary Wylk

    Take care of yourself. Either hot or cold packs can help. I’ve improvised by filling a flat-sided antifreeze bottle most of the way with hot or cold water. You can even freeze it.

    Don’t let it go too long. Some infections can appear as back pain.

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