Look, Don’t Touch


Control yourselves, guys.

You hear endless lies about teenage girls. About how being attracted to them means you are a pedophile. About how fantasizing about them means you have pedophilic fantasies. About how having sex with them is pedophilia or even child molestation. None of those females above are girls. Not even one of them.

I am not sure if they are completely women either, but at least two of them are 100% woman in terms of their bodies, which is the only thing most men think about anyway.

I have seen a number of girls who look like the one in the center. In general, they were 17 heading towards 18 pretty soon.They’re still airheads, but so what? In other words, once a female is that developed, she’s either a woman or about six months away from being one. I would definitely date an 18 year old girl.

And at age 59, I still get attractive 18 year old girls. It’s murderously hard, but I can do it. I don’t think most men can though. It’s just too hard. The vast majority of young women are not interested in me anymore. I pretty much can’t even talk to them. I might make friends with a 17 year old, but I wouldn’t touch her. I would just wait until she turned 18. From 17 1/2 on, girls are quite mature. It’s just about an 18 year old girl.

The one on the left has to be at least 16. Every girl I see that looks like that is at least 16 and often 17. I don’t see how she is younger.

The one on the right looks younger and personally she looks way too much like a young girl for my tastes. I bet she is 16 too though. A lot of 16 year old girls have faces that look very young.

Girls like that are beautiful, but you look at them, shake your head and say, “My God! That is such a young girl!” and while indeed 16 year old girls are full-blown women in a sense, if you actually listen to them or even worse talk to them, you realize that they also very much have the mind of a girl. You think so called grown women are airheads? Try a teenage girl sometime.

The brain of a girl (or at best a girl-woman) in the body of a woman. A girl-woman would be a creature that acts part of the time like a woman and part of the time like a girl. Unfortunately, a lot of 16 year old girls act like girls a lot more than they act like women. They’re insanely immature. And that’s a pretty big turnoff right there.

I would say that the above are definitely women in their bodies and in some ways, they are 100% women in their minds too. That means that they think like women. But it’s not hard for a girl to think like a woman. Once that sex drive hits usually at age 13, the girl starts turning into a woman right then and there. That is, she starts “thinking like a woman,” and she’s not really “thinking like a girl” anymore.

As I mentioned, at age 13, the woman comes out to play. Not only does the full sex drive of a woman come on, but I have noticed that they actually start “thinking like a woman.” I mean thinking like a woman in terms of sex. Now this means something different from just wanting to screw. Have you seen all those Game sites that try to understand female sexual psychology?

Have you noticed that they endlessly discuss not only the female sex drive, but instead that particular way of “sexual thinking” that is a component of that drive? I am thinking of lust for bad boys, contempt for Betas not to mention Omegas, ferocious competition for Alphas, a somewhat masochistic attitude towards sex, frequent attachment of love to the sex act, possessiveness, devotion, jealousy, competition with other females, wild emotions, love-hate rollercoaster rides, the whole nine yards.

I learned this after I read two stories about men who had sex with 13 year old girls. In both cases, the girls seduced the men. One man was a stepfather and the other was the Mom’s boyfriend. The men were ~age 30. I believe the stories are true. Teenage girls absolutely seduce men. That’s an undeniable fact. But it’s more common in later teen years. 13 year old girls seduce men sometimes, but I think it is rare. Girls that age are so young.

At any rate, what I noticed in those stories is that those girls were already “thinking sexually like a woman.” If you go to the Game/PUA sites, you will find that female sexuality is bound up with a tremendous number of emotions, complexes, and attitudes. Female sexuality is a lot more than just wanting to have sex. There is this whole other vast universe of thinking (call it the Female Sexual Mind) that goes along with it. And this is the Pandora’s Box that the Game/PUA sites are trying to figure out.

What I found stunning was that as early as age 13, with the onset of the sexarche, girls are already displaying this Female Sexual Mind that the Game sites discuss endlessly. Go to those sites and read up on how women think when it comes to sex.

I did some casual online research on the onset of the female sexarche recently (along with pubic hair onset and breast onset). I did this by going to internet bulletin boards where young teenage girls were posting about such things among themselves. I was wondering about when puberty came on in girls nowadays. You hear a lot of stories of very early puberty nowadays, but it’s mostly exaggerated.

I discovered that sexarche (the onset of the true female sex drive) seems to come on age ~13 nowadays. It quite possibly coincides with menarche. It makes sense that menarche and sexarche would be linked. Pubic hair onset (Remember that stuff that people had back in the old days? Not that anyone needs it anymore.) comes on about age 12, so sexarche occurs about one year after pubic hair onset.

Breast development was not discussed on these sites, but it typically precedes pubic hair onset by two years, so let us assume that breast development occurs at ~age 10. I know the 10-11 year old girls running around this complex here don’t seem to have much in the way of breasts.

Hell, even the 12 year old girls don’t. A 12 year old girl is still very much a little girl, and they are typically still playing with the younger kids. On the other hand, a 12 year old girl is a very smart creature. Something changes between age 11 and 12 in a girl that turns her into a little genius. They are particularly good at psychology and assessing states of mind.

I found a couple of cases of sexarche onset at age 14 and even one at 15, a few cases of onset at age 12 and one case of onset at age 11. The sexarche onset at age 11 was accompanied by compulsive masturbation to Internet porn, which I found very disturbing. There is something so wrong about that. Little 11 year old girls should not be compulsively masturbating to Internet porn. That’s crazy.

What was interesting was that the sexarche onset at age 13 was typically accompanied by a sex drive that came on like gangbusters. A majority of girls that age begin to masturbate to orgasm regularly, and a shocking number of them said they are doing it every day or “as often as possible.” For some reason, I find the notion of 13 year old girls that are horny as Hell and masturbating every day to be disturbing. They are horny as Hell and raring to go, but they are so immature. That’s simply too young for a sex drive to come on with a ton of bricks. Are they really mature enough to handle something as complex as sex at age 13!? It seems like a case where nature screwed up.

The onset of the sexarche means not that females can reach orgasm, as they can clearly do that before, but also that something turns on in the female brain that finds other humans (mostly boys and men) sexually attractive along with a desire to have sex with them. Now this is very interesting. What is it that actually turns on in the female brain at sexarche? It’s not the ability to reach orgasm – they had that earlier. Is there some actual “locus of sexual attraction and desire to actually mate with other humans” in the human brain? And what might this structure look like?


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36 responses to “Look, Don’t Touch

  1. Jason Y

    First of all they don’t care if cool older guys lust after them, but a nerdy one doing the same will be called a creep and child molester. Also, the older guy who is cool is also a target for the “child molestation charge”. The girls can turn on him if he makes them angry.

    • Jason Y

      A lot of females are evil, but then again teenagers in general are evil. They have a group mentality which is even more noticeable in homogeneous environments (say schools where the people are of the same race and culture). If word gets around your not cool, then they rip you apart.

      At a multi-cultural college, as I mentioned in another comment, they don’t like people who comment too much, thinking their sissies. However, any kind of hate is watered down because people are afraid to be too “mean” cause they might offend the myriad of various ethnic groups on campus.

    • Jason Y

      Even more shocking would be some woman teacher or older woman, in general, coming on to an underage boy. That has been happening, However, usually it would only happen to football player types, not some nerd whose greatest fantasy might be that situation.

      • EPGAH

        Also note, though, that women get punished a lot less for it.

        Read that sentence very carefully. 48 WEEKENDS in jail. That’s 96 days.

        “Subway Guy” Jarod was sentenced to 15 years for paying underage girls to have sex with him. This is consensual, although PAID consent–and he has to spend 15 YEARS.

        15 YEARS>96 days.

        Or we could just take this article’s word for it, where male teachers coming on to female students get harsher sentences than female teachers doing same to male students (Or in some cases, competing for female students too!)

        Even the vernacular bears this out. The girl in that picture would be a “victim” of some horny teacher, while Mary Kay Letourneau’s paramour was considered “lucky” and “Why didn’t he keep his mouth shut?”!

        • Subliminal Star

          The reason Jared Fogle got heavy prison time was because he was taking porn pics of children as young as 6 years old. By no means was he just another Joey Buttafuoco wannabe. This Jared Fogle broke some serious laws.

      • Jason Y

        No, absolutely, I’m for the same punishment regardless of gender, as long as such silly laws (once against sex with the 15 to 18 age group) exist.

        Yeah, girls can play the victim, when maybe they weren’t at all, in such situations, but any situation with a teenage guy being banged by an adult is a case of winning the lottery LOL (especially if it’s a young female teacher fresh out of college). I had two of those my senior in high school.

        • Jason Y

          I’m debating if banging an older teacher would always be a lucky thing for a teenage boy though. What if the woman was 60 years old? No offense Robert.

  2. Jason Y

    We also have to understand boys and girls are developing earlier due to the hormone component of American food.

    • Subliminal Star

      Jason Y? Does that have anything to do with GMO’s? That is, Genetically Modified Organisms?

      • Jason Y

        Possibly that, and the fact massive hormones are fed to livestock, or am I saying the same thing?

        • Hasdrubal

          The GMO thing is way overblown, it’s just doing what humans having been doing with plants and livestock for thousands of years, direct their evolution. It’s just much more hi-tech version of that.
          Hormones are used to make animals grow quicker so the can be slaughtered quicker . Antibiotics are used to keep animals from dying from disease either because of deplorable conditions or because they are fed cheaper but problematic foods or both. Corn is cheaper than wheat, but tends to tear up cow’s stomachs, so the antibiotics are used to stave off disease in them until they are fattened up and slaughtered.
          Hormone and antibiotic use are far more problematic than GMO’s.

  3. SeymourTeets

    Men been having sex with underage girls for thousands of years.All of a sudden, it become morally and legally wrong.Who decides that its wrong to have sex with underage girls anyway? If an underage boy can have sex with an underage girls, why can’t a full grown adult male have sex with an underage girls?

    • Subliminal Star

      SeymourTeets? The point you make could explain why the United States of America has become the deadbeat teen dad capital of the world. Over in Western Europe, most of the countries there (minus Britain) have ages of consent ranging from 13 to 15 years old. These countries also ironically have a lower teen pregnancy rate than the United States of America. Why is this? I believe that, unlike the United States of America, it’s because adolescent boys do not have a legal monopoly over adolescent girls in those countries. Therefore, a 14-year-old Austrian girl can tell her 15-year-old boyfriend any time she wants to do so that she’ll dump him for a 25-year-old man if he doesn’t treat her right. (The age of consent in Austria is 14 years old.) Teenage boys younger than 18 years of age hate those kind of threats. However, here in the United States of America, teenage boys younger than 18 years old think they have free reign over how they wish to treat every “jailbait” girl they can get their hands on simply because the age of consent laws in our country give these young girls no other generation of dudes to choose from. They have a choice of either being miserable with a boy their own age or being completely lonely with no boyfriend at all, because if they decide to dump their same-age boyfriend for a 25-year-old man, the only thing that teenage boy has to do is dial 911 on his cell phone to report a “statutory rape” and the party is over. Also, whenever a teenage girl, say 15 years old, gets involved in a serious relationship with a 22 or 23-year-old man in one of these Western European countries (minus Britain), she and this same young man don’t have to keep their relationship a secret to avoid problems with the authorities. Therefore, it is easier for either the young girl or her adult boyfriend to seek the advice of others regarding their relationship without the fear of being absorbed into a frivolous and malicious statutory rape trial.

    • mandy

      Doing it for a thousand years does NOT make it right. At least our ancestor(hopefully) wait at least until the girl finish puberty(usually around 14-18) before banging on her. Also we live longer now.

  4. I think 16 is a better age of consent than 18 and is the age of consent in the UK and some US states. These are probably 16 or above.

    • Those girls in that pic must be 16+. And they may even be over 18. Who knows who they are and how old they are anyway. The one in the middle could easily be 18.

      The only ones that look good to me at all anymore are 16-17. Below 16 – just forget it. Not really interested. That’s just too much of a young girl.

      • Subliminal Star

        I think the changing times have a lot to do with the neurotic mindset of society today. Actor Doug Hutchinson was 51 years old when he married Courtney Stodden, who at that time was 16 years old. Publicists and journalists criticized Doug Hutchinson and even made fun of him. Anderson Cooper was a total jerk about that whole scenario when he poked fun at Doug Hutchinson on a news show. (Geez. Didn’t Anderson Cooper get picked on and bullied in his younger years for being gay?) Unfortunately, Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden didn’t last as a married couple, and I could almost be sure that social pressures played a major role in their decision to split apart. When actress Bo Derek fell in love with movie director John Derek back in the 1970s, Bo Derek was 15 or 16 years old and John Derek was well into his forties. He married her when she was 19 years old. They had a solid and successful marriage right up until when John Derek passed away so many decades later. If Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden could have been teleported from 2010 back to 1971 right after they first got married, I think they would have stayed together. Their problem was that there were too many narrow-minded righteous do-gooders meddling into their private business.

  5. actually they may be 15 but the tits on that one in the middle. she looks older.

    Pedophiles are interested in children. Children are biologically pre-pubescent (and early pubescents would therefore be more child than adult).

    I think 16 is a pretty good age of consent though. Its probably right for older men not to mess with girls below that age.

    On the other hand, a 17 year old guy shouldn’t be prosecuted for having consensual sex with a 15 year old girl. That’s stupid and harmful.

    • There is no way that any 15 year old girl has tits like the ones on the left and center. Now I HAVE seen underage girls with tits as big as the one in the center (and their faces looked about the same as hers too). But they were all 17 heading into 18, like 17 1/2 years old at least.

      15 year old girls look young to me these days. Way too young. And they don’t even have a fully developed body. You look at them and you think that’s way too young of a girl and I’m just not interested, sorry.

  6. LP

    People find pederasty immoral not because under legal age pubescent women are seen as children, but because it often breaks the social contract of authority figure vs. “student”. Teenagers usually live with their parents until they are at least 18. Most mothers and fathers who live in the same house as their children naturally like to be the leading authority figure in their kids’ lives. An older person who wishes to seek a sexual relationship with a person who is still under the guardianship of their parents is thus seen as an interloper. It seems like the aversion to pederasty is a deeply ingrained possession parents (especially fathers) feel for their daughters.

    • Subliminal Star

      LP? I’m not trying to be a thorn in your side. However, pederasty exclusively has to do with homosexuality that happens between a grown man and a very young boy. It has nothing to do with the topic being discussed on this particular blog page.

  7. Rob for the record ( he he) the girls are not all 100% “woman ” as you lovingly put it. Your typical teenager of their age is embarrassed about having no boob so they wear push up bras.

    In that photo, there is one wearing a push up.

    We don’t want you being deceived in any way now do we?

    • Which one is wearing a push up?

      • Subliminal Star

        LOL. She didn’t answer you, because she probably doesn’t know.

        • Marilyn Monroe

          No I didn’t answer because it was a very stupid question.

        • Marilyn Monroe

          Lindsay claims to have bedded tons of women. I have no reason to think it’s untrue not that it’s my business, but here’s the deal. To bed a woman, usually her bra would come off no? How can lindsay have bedded women constantly but not have the faintest idea what a push up bra is? I was shocked at his question and am leaving him alone so he can figure the answer to his own question out- for himself.

        • I know what a push up bra is. Not sure if I have ever seen one. I have seen padded bras. I have seen them on women I dated. In fact a padded bra is hanging on the wall of my bedroom right at this moment. A girlfriend left it over here, so I hung it on the wall as a trophy. I hope some other women leave their bras here, then I can have a collection on my wall.

  8. Celsus

    The problem is hot 15-17 year old muff has the brain of a 10 year old. They want older men to show how it “is done”. Nah, not touching that headcase. Come back in 5 years.

  9. Alex

    In sane society, a successful older man would be able to have his pick of those girls.

    • Subliminal Star

      Alex? Shhhhhhhh!!! You don’t want to let any haggedy-looking woman past 40 years old hear you say that. They think they own every man from 20 years old to 107 years old.

  10. Subliminal Star

    Those twin girls bear an unusual resemblance to actress Katherine Heigl when she appeared in the 1994 movie titled “My Father the Hero.”

    • Marilyn Monroe

      A true FRIEND won’t jump to answer every question their friend may have, because they have faith in the person that they will figure it out themselves .
      I have faith that Lindsay’s got this. He will figure this out on his own perfectly.

  11. Subliminal Star

    English translation please.

  12. Christon

    Remember the Russian ice skater Yulia? She’s 17 now so you can do more than look, well maybe not in the US!

  13. mandy

    The human brain does not complete puberty until our early-mid twenties.

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