Do Prepubescent Girls Have a Sex Drive?

In my opinion, the answer is basically no. Little girls have no sex drive. Period. Give it up, pedos.

I did a lot of research on the subject, and I just could not come up with anything. I know the pedos insist that little girls are these incredibly sexual creatures just dying to fuck men and boys. I’d say that’s wishful thinking on the part of the pedos. Even worse, I would say it’s a great big fat pedo lie.

Thinking like a girl is essentially sexless thinking. The pedos keep insisting that prepubescent kids have strong sex drives. And I’ve never seen any evidence for this myself. I didn’t have much of a drive myself before puberty. Sex seemed like something weird, boring and stupid, and I didn’t even understand it very well, in part because of the less than optimal sex education. In fact, when I was told the details of sex at age 9, I was absolutely horrified. “You mean he actually puts it in her?!” That seemed like such a weird and horrible thing to do!

I’ve done a lot of research on prepubescent female sexuality (mostly to test out the pedos’ theories), and I can’t find anything there. Yes indeed, young girls can and do start masturbating as early as age 5 (and it’s a lot more common than you think), and they can actually have an orgasm by manipulating the clitoris. Not a few little girls figure out how to do this on their own.

Look around the web for confessions from adult women about how they learned to have orgasm at age 5, 7, 8 or whatever. A lot of interesting stories. Also I have had girlfriends who masturbated regularly from age 5 on. Some of these girls were sexualized early from molestation (another reason molestation is bad), but others just learned it on their own, mostly accidentally.

The bizarre thing is that even when little girls learn to reach orgasm, they never seem to develop an actual sex drive. Sure, they learn to pleasure themselves, but they don’t start getting turned on sexually by men and boys. In other words, they can get themselves off but they are not turned on by anyone, and they don’t actually want to have sex with anyone! Now that is very odd, and it is something that requires observation and explanation.


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21 responses to “Do Prepubescent Girls Have a Sex Drive?

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  2. Dessi Arnaz

    Most boys, in my experience, have a desire to see women undressed from at least late childhood. Do girls seriously just skip this phase and go straight to puberty? Gender studies scholars will have a fit trying to justify this one.

  3. Jason Y

    I liked to see girls naked etc..starting in 6th grade.

    • Messi Arnaz

      Most boys secretively/passively do years before they get really into it around age 12…its crazy to imagine girls really were asexual angels at those same ages.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t really remember any sexual thoughts before 6th grade. However, when that age came along I started lusting and masturbating.

        • Jason Y

          Isn’t funny though how guys in middle school try to act all cool, and make fun of uncool guys calling them virgins and homos, when the odds are few of anyone has sex in middle school.

          I’d say the odds are even a middle school football team isn’t getting any. LOL

        • So your sex drive came on in 6th grade then? Interesting. You started masturbating very early. Were you able to masturbate to orgasm at that same age – 6th grade?

        • Jason Y

          Yeah absolutely !!

  4. jan

    I started enyoing looking at pretty girls from age 8 or something mastrubation and actual fantasizing about fucking started at 11.

    • It’s the fantasizing about fucking part that’s important. The pedos claim that little girls and little boys fantasize about fucking and want to fuck other humans, including adults! I don’t buy it.

  5. I’m not a pedophile, but as an “ordinary” male I remember that I discovered an awesome rush feeling by masturbation before I had any sperm coming out with the rush feeling. As a matter of fact I did not even know the word “masturbation” at that time. I remember that one day, when I had some white liquid coming out with that feeling I was a little bit puzzled, trying to make up my mind, if I should consult a doctor, but there wasn’t any pain, nor was there any blood and I was informed that at some point men eject sperm through their penis during sex, so I thought to myself that I’m not totally sure, but the situation seems to fit well with the sperm story, so it is probably OK, not a sickness and I’ll just see, if I have any symptoms later and if something goes worse, then I’ll consult the doctor, but if no pain or other liquids or issues emerge, then it must be the sperm that is the natural part of my body function. I believe it must have been somewhere at age 8 or so. I do not really remember exactly the age part. What regards to fantasies, then I never dreamed of girls of my own age, only the far older strippers that I saw from TV. I did not know about my homosexuality back then, but even back then I felt that I could imagine in my head the sexual feelings of boys of my own age, but I was totally incapable of imagining any sexual feelings of girls of my own age. With boys I could play, run around, get to know their mental world, their soul, but girls usually just bullied me, had different interests, did not care to ride bicycles with us, the boys. The very first girl that was about my own age and that I fell in love with was roughly the same height as I was and was special in a sense that she plaid and spoke with me like my other, male, friends, despite being physically totally girly, with long hair and alike. That’s why I think that the love part has a lot to do with the ability to feel empathy and the ability to imagine the sexual, physical, and emotional feelings of others. For instance, it’s hard for me to imagine, what does a female feel after a nice physical training session, but I can imagine that for other males. Secondly, females that are smart and capable of playing along, catch my sexual attention. I still remember the 2 females from a karate group from my early college days. Smart and playing like boys while being perfectly themselves, as female as they can be, without any “females-are-the-weaker-side” crap.

    Hope my current posting helps to figure out that matter.

  6. SD

    Adult males having sex with pre pubescent girls has been common since the dawn of humanity. In India, even about a hundred years ago, girls would be married off at 12 or 13, or even earlier. There was a case in colonial India in the 19th century when an 11 year old girl died because her adult husband savagely had sex with her. This led to the then British colonial government passing the age of consent law, raising the age of consent to 12, although it was mostly ignored. Conservative Hindus viewed this as interference into Hindu religion.,_1891

    • Subliminal Star

      SD? In Guatemala, the minimum marriageable age with parental permission is 14 years old. However, it is fairly common in the Peten province of Guatemala for court judges to grant judicial dispensations for adult men to marry girls as young as 11 years old. I once saw a documentary about this situation on the Internet. They interviewed this 26-year-old Guatemalan man and his 14-year-old wife. They also interviewed this woman who had married a 34-year-old man when she was just 11 years old. It wasn’t so much the age difference in that marriage that bothered me but rather the fact that the man got the young girl pregnant immediately and then abandoned her shortly thereafter.

      I think individual circumstances play a very strong role in whether or not intimacy between an adult man and an adolescent girl inside or outside the realms of marriage is wrong. Take the example of Juan Domingo Peron, who was the husband of Evita Peron and the president of Argentina for many years. After Evita Peron died in 1953, Juan Domingo Peron hooked up with a 14-year-old girl named Nelly Rivas. By then, he was 60 years old. She moved in with him. Most everyone nowadays who hears about that story roll their eyes and say, “OMG!” However, I watched various interviews on YouTube of the attorney who represented the Rivas family in their interests and of this one female author who researched the matter. The attorney was in his nineties by the time he provided the interview. Both the attorney and the female author insisted that it was true love between Juan Domingo Peron and Nelly Rivas despite the age difference and the controversy surrounding it. Nelly Rivas was with Juan Domingo Peron for 2 years right up until he was chased out of Argentina in a military coup d’etat. They were somehow separated as a result of that event.

      On the other hand, if you take the example of the Nicaraguan dictator, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, and the accusation that his stepdaughter made against him of sexually abusing her when she was 11 years old, there can be no question that what this Nicaraguan dictator did to his stepdaughter was clearly wrong and evil.>>>Click onto

      Daniel Ortega Saavedra has always been a violent man and a tyrant. Women in his country know about what he did to his stepdaughter so many years ago; and whenever they protest against him in the streets of Managua and demand that he steps down from office, he just sends his Sandinista military police after them to hose them down or even shoot at them. This man is a despot in every sense of the word. Right before my mother and I traveled to Costa Rica so many years ago to vacation, we chose to stay in the Puntarenas province in the southern part of Costa Rica rather than in the Guanacaste province up near the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan border, because we had read a story about one of the Sandinista military police having beaten up a Costa Rican police officer at the Costa Rica-Nicaraguan border. One week before my mother and I traveled to Costa Rica on vacation, a group of Costa Rican demonstrators picked up rocks and threw them at the Embassy of Nicaragua in San Jose, Costa Rica because of the incident with the Costa Rican police officer. One night after we had returned to San Jose before we were to return to the United States, my mother and I both became worried that the Sandinistas were getting ready to invade Costa Rica after the electricity went off. Luckily, it was just a false alarm. It shocks me that Daniel Ortega Saavedra got into office a second time around in 2006. Now he constantly gets into disputes with the Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla over the province of Guanacaste, insisting that it belongs to Nicaragua. However, as far as I know, the province of Guanacaste has always belonged to Costa Rica. Daniel Ortega Saavedra is a maniac, and the United States of America should have sent the Central Intelligence Agency to take him out years ago just like they did with Manual Noriega in Panama.

  7. Subliminal Star

    In a nutshell, if a little girl still has her baby teeth, an older man who is regularly taking Levitra, Viagra, or Cialas shouldn’t be having sexual intercourse with her, PERIOD. I’m not a sucker for every piece of pedophile panic propaganda that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and all these other child advocacy organizations put out to the public. However, stories like the one in the following article really put tears in my eyes, because this girl was only 9 years old when her life was turned upside down the way it was.>>>>Click onto

    Here is a picture of this same girl.>>>Click onto

    The above cited events all happened 30 years ago. Therefore, it makes you wonder what ultimately became of this young girl and her daughter.

  8. Jason Y

    A lot of backward societies could care less about age, unless it’s something extreme like below puberty. A man there is more likely to get angry over someone lusting after his wife, then someone marrying a 14 year old..

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