A Whole Page Of Hebrew Text


Look at how many publications Israel has in that are Hebrew-only. Publications of every type and subject matter you could possibly think of! There even appear to be some journals. Look at all of the Hebrew language magazines!

I am not wild about Israel, but it does seem that they have built up a true society in this land, complete with a national land, a national culture and even a national architecture and a national cousine, though the last two were pretty much stolen from the native Arabs.

As a linguist, I am happy that there are so many Hebrew language outlets. I had no idea! The propagandists of “English as the new world language” are a bit disgusting. They had me believing that all Israelis spoke English (not all of them do) and not only that, but that English was spoken and used most of the time in Israel, and Hebrew was little used.

Yes, there is an English language press of the major newspapers, but but there are Hebrew language editions of all of those major papers. And you often get a much more truthful analysis of Israeli subjects if you read the Hebrew press. You will find a lot more Gentile-hatred and Christian-hatred there, along with some extremely self-critical views of Jewry and Israel itself, mostly of Jewry.

Jews really let it all hang out and beat themselves up pretty well when the doors and closed and they’ve been assured that no Gentiles are listening.  Jews are not supposed to engage in Gentile-hatred or talking crap about themselves if the Gentiles are listening. Other Jews will quickly tell them to shut up – “What are you trying to do? Start a pogrom?”


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5 responses to “A Whole Page Of Hebrew Text

  1. SHI

    I met a lot of Hasidic Jews recently in Goa and the overall experience was not very pleasant. They’re far out some of the most racist people on Earth who hate anyone and everyone who isn’t like them. I understand that ever since the Holocaust times, the Jews have become a protected species and anything you say against their patronizing behavior toward others will be construed as anti-Semitism. Seriously. I don’t give a fuck about their religion or their claim to Israel or whatever issues are important to them. It’s just their shitbag behavior and someone has to raise their voice against.

    Lots of Israelis spend their summer vacations in India because even the Muslims here are not anti-Jewish. There never was any anti-Semitism in this country to begin with as there were no Jews. In the past, they were viewed with positive curiosity and sympathized over for their sufferings in the Holocaust. But, with their increasing numbers and the fact that they develop Israeli no-go enclaves right in the heart of India, a lot of locals are now getting pissed off and for the right reasons. God’s chosen have been really crossing their limits. There are in fact, hundreds of thousands of Israelis in India at the moment. Most of them are ex-Israeli Defense Forces conscripts who backpack around the country and act like hippies, smoking weed, charas, Ganja and take over holiday resorts completely. Sure it brings some tourist money but that is not a convincing reason for locals to put up with asshole behavior.

    Did you know in some of the Israeli enclaves in India, all signs are in Hebrew language. If you accidentally enter one, they give you a very dirty look as if you’re a cockroach that has no right to be breathing. You be hospitable and nice with them and they take it as a sign of weakness.

    Fuck you Shylocks. When you’re in my country or anywhere outside your tiny little, pencil-shaped land in West Asia, you DON’T disrespect me with such shitbag behavior. The only reason no-one kicks your ass here is because we all know you will cry discrimination at the first opportunity. And we don’t want America to bomb us on your behalf.

    Talk of hypocrisy – these Jews are acutely sensitive about discrimination themselves what with recent news stories floating about them taking an aaliyah f from France in record numbers. I don’t care any longer if you think you’re God’s chosen.

    I have a few close Jewish friends and even an elderly woman who kinda considers me her son. But, they all happen to be American and were not Jewish in a religious fashion. It seems all the racist Hebrew cunts are manufactured exclusively in Israel.

  2. I hate to be a party-pooper, but if you were to read the Hebrew, you’d find that a large percentage of it is actually English words written in Hebrew characters. Even when there are perfectly good Hebrew words one can use, Israelis, in an effort to look “sophisticated,” will opt for the English word.

  3. LP

    As for a Jews stealing Arab cuisine, I do hope you realize that Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews number about the same as Ashkenazis in Israel. A lot of Yemeni, Syrian, and Tunisian Jews brought their own cuisines to Israel, which incidentally does taste like Arab cuisine.

  4. Tony Swagger

    “You will find a lot more Gentile-hatred and Christian-hatred there”

    I ve heard this especially from their shitty hebrew press, but then why is the west sucking up their kike asses, knowing their chutzpah

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