What Language Is This?


What language is this?

Purchased at a flea market somewhere in Europe. This is actually a sign of some sort.

The text reads:

chal on n’djeur’ nin


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9 responses to “What Language Is This?

  1. SD

    Curiosity got the best of and I had to google it. Apparently not Occitan but from the other end.

  2. Tarmud

    Walloon Language, spoken as a primary language in Wallonia in Belgium

  3. N1CK3Y

    Walloon. Coming from Lidje, you could say I am cheating… It’s my language.

    • I have read that Walloon is really 3 or 4 separate languages. However, the Central one, Central Walloon, is apparently well understood by all of them and they can all use it to communicate. However, I heard that the other two or three Walloons cannot really understand each other. Is this true?


    I would bet for walloo

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