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Is It Legal to Be Dangerous in the US?

In most cases, it is indeed quite legal to be a dangerous. In fact, you can even be an obvious walking menace and as long as you break no laws, nothing can be done to you just for looking scary as Hell.

But is it legal to have a list of people you want to kill?

It depends. In most cases, absolutely nothing whatsoever happens. You could even title it, “People I Want to Kill” or “People Who Need Killing.” I prefer the second one myself. In either case, it is doubtful that much would happen to you even if police happened upon these lists. Making a list like that probably violates no law.

It is 100% legal to be a dangerous person in America. Of course there are limits to how dangerous you can be, and if you cross those limits, you can be arrested or committed, but it’s quite common for very dangerous people to walk around for years or even decades acting dangerous and appearing dangerous to most who know them, and nothing at all can be done about them.

Do you realize how many people told their friends that they were the Green River Killer? One man who did was an attorney. They were all lying, but some of them were investigated by the police. If you claim to be a famous uncaught serial killer and the police find out, they may well investigate you or put you on their suspect list.

In the course of the Green River case, some of the men who were investigated had made statements that they hated prostitutes and wanted to kill them or fantasized about killing them. All of these men turned out to be innocent.

So far, 450 have confessed to being the Black Dahlia Killer. Police think they were all lying.

I believe over 100 people have confessed to being the Zodiac Killer. Police feel that they are all lying.

A confession, in and of itself, means little or nothing especially in a homicide case because people make false confessions all of the time for unknown reasons.

There are quite a few people who the police believe are highly dangerous. The police say, “We have to watch him all the time.” Police departments have many dangerous-type people under fairly regular surveillance. It is 100% legal to do so.

There are other folks running around who the police are quite certain have killed someone. There is a man living in Appalachia right now who police are 99% sure killed 4 girls and women and a young man in Idaho and may have killed more in other places later on. In each case, he appears to have been the last or one of the last people to have seen the dead person alive. He was also a very enthusiastic participant in the hunts for the bodies in succeeding days. The police say that they simply do not have enough good, hard evidence to to give to a DA to take the case to trial. In other words, the evidence needed to prosecute the case is so lacking that no DA would take the case.

Just because you were the last person to see five different murder victims alive is not considered sufficient reason to try someone for homicide, much less multiple homicide. You need quite a bit more than that, especially “hard” evidence in the form of fibers, carpets, clothing, shoe marks, tire marks, vehicle identification, personal effects, blood, semen, or DNA before you can go to trial especially on something so serious as homicide. I absolutely despise DA’s, but one thing in their favor is that they think a homicide charge is so grave that their attitude to the police is, “If you want me to file a homicide charge against this person, you’d better have some damned good evidence.”

For instance, people go into therapists officers or police stations on a fairly regular basis and say that they have fantasies about killing people in some particular way and they are really afraid that they are going to act on them. No one can do anything about it. The police can’t hold them. The therapist cannot commit them. The therapist need not contact the police, or even if he did, the police could not do much.

You can even tell a therapist, “I feel like killing people,” or “I have fantasies about killing people.” They can’t do a thing about it in terms of committing you. Sure, they could contact the police but the police might just hang up on them because they hear this sort of thing all the time.

My personal feeling, which I cannot prove, is that for every one nut running around killing people, there are 10-100 (mostly men) who only dream of it. Most people have more controls than you think. Quite a few people have dangerous fantasies, but many do not wish to carry them out for various reasons. Often they do not want to go to prison. Others say that they like to think about it but could never actually do it because it is immoral. Others say they “don’t have it in them” to do it. Others say that the reaction of friends and family and the destruction of their reputation is enough to stop them.

I am aware of one case of a man who was hospitalized merely on the basis of murderous fantasies of being a serial killer. The man was bipolar and was in the midst of a manic episode and he was in therapy. He told the therapist that he was planning on going on a serial killing episode. He had a list of people he was going to kill along with extensive notes on how he was going to do it. He had been following these people around and surveilling them and had learned their daily schedules down to the finest grain.

In addition, he had already assembled a “murder kit.” Many killers have these kits. It consists of all of the implements they are going to need to carry out their kills. Based on his extensive preparations and lists of specific people he intended to kill, his extensive written plotting and especially his kit, this was considered specific enough to make a commitment on the basis of dangerousness.

He was hospitalized for 1.5 years and his bipolar disorder was treated. At the end of the period, he was 100% cured and his homicidal ideation was gone. The patient thought the killing plans were due to his mania.

In general according to the Tarsakoff Rule, a therapist has a duty to warn if a person is making specific threats against another person. The therapist must warn that person that the client is threatening to kill them. To get committed, it is much harder. You not only have to threaten someone, but you also have to threaten a specific person and you have do say you are going to do it: “I’m going to kill Bill Jones.” It has to be about that definite and specific. It is lacks that definiteness or specificity, the person is not commitable.


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The Australoids: The First Out of Africa People

I wonder how Australoids got to Australia from India, or was it a reverse situation?

The original Australoids were just the Out of Africa people. The OOA people soon became what we now know of as Australoids. No one quite knows what they look like, but Negritos like the Andaman Islanders and the Orang Asli in Thailand have the oldest genes going all the way back to the original OOA people or even before.

I think the Orang Asli genes go back 72,000 YBP, which is before that supposed OOA event. However, there were also anatomically modern humans in India 75,000 YBP who were mostly wiped out in a huge volcano that killed a large % of the humans on Earth. So there may have been a couple of OOA events, one prior to 75,000 YBP and the more recent one at ~50-60,000 YBP.

At one time, Australoids were spread out over much of the globe. They were generalized across all of Asia and even into Southern Russia. In fact, the original Caucasoids may have been Australoid. Of course, the people of Australia are Australoids, but their history there is a bit more complicated.


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Were Caucasoids (and Even Europeans) Originally Australoids?

A skull in Southern Russia from 35,000 YBP classified as Early Caucasoid is classified as “Australoid.” So it appears that Whites were originally Australoid also. Skulls from 21,000 YBP in Europe line up most closely with an Amerindian tribe called the Makah in Washington State who are probably Paleomongoloids.

So 35,000 YBP, Caucasians or Whites were probably Australoid and 20,000 YBP they may have looked like Paleomongoloids. This implies that there was some sort of Australoid-Caucasoid transition in Europe as there was an Australoid-Mongoloid transition in the East. Also 20,000 YBP, theories suggest that there was a lot of back and forth movement between people in Europe and Siberians. A people in Scotland called the Orcadians or Orcadian Islanders have an ancient genome that looks more Siberian than anything else.

The Siberian zone has continued to be a mixing zone for Caucasoids and Mongoloids in recent history. The Tocharians were a very European looking Caucasian group that lived in Western China from 3,000 YBP. People like the Altai are very mixed, nearly 50-50 Caucasoid-Mongoloid. The Mansi in the Urals are very similar, but they look more European. The most ancient Europeans of all, the Lapps or Saami, often have a somewhat Mongoloid appearance.


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The Australoid Connection Between India and Australia

There were originally Australoids in Australia of course, but no one knows what they looked like. The may have looked like Negritos. The first Whites to Australia had stories about Aborigines waging wars of extermination on very small and very dark people whose description looks a lot like Negritos. The original Aborigines may have looked like either Negritos, Papuans or Melanesians. Papuans have an Australoid line going back a long ways. The Melanesian line goes back 40,000 YBP and is incredibly diverse.

Most modern Aborigines are a mixture of Murrayans who came out of Thailand ~17,000 YBP and went to Australia, the Philippines and eventually to Japan 13,000 YBP. This was a Veddoid type group that eventually became the Ainu in Japan. Yet another group was known as Carpinterians. They came from India 13,000 YBP. Some of the more primitive looking tribals or even possibly Tamils may be related to this group, as they do look something like modern Aborigines.

The modern day Aborigines are a mixture between Carpinterians and Murrayans.


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The Australoid-Mongoloid Transition in Asia and the Americas

The first Amerindians from 9-14,000 YBP were Australoids. All of Asia was Australoid until 9,000 YBP. North Asia transitioned away from Australoid at that time, but the transition out of Australoid happened much later in south.

For instance, the full transition did not occur until 2,200 YBP in Vietnam, and in all probability, Filipinos, Malays, Indonesians, Nicobar Islanders, Taiwanese aborigines, Montagnards, some Thai hill tribes, Nagas and probably others never fully transitioned over and hence are referred to as Paleomongoloids. The lack of full transition in the south is due to the Australoid-Mongoloid transition occurring so much later down there.

Whether Amerindians are a Paleo or Neo Mongoloids has never been completely answered. The Na Dene people in the Far North may be more Neo. There were still a few Australoid tribes at contact, and an Australoid tribe called the Pericua lasted for some time in Baja California. Whatever is left of the Yaghan and other Patagonian tribes may well be Australoids also.

However, the Eskimo or Inuit people are full Neomongoloids as are the peoples of Siberia.


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Sexual Assault for Beginners

RL: Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago?

Jason Y writes: Grabbing a woman’s tits? 😆 That sounds like naughty fun. Too bad the YouTube videos etc.. on the subject seem staged and fake.

I’ve done it. Grabbed their tits, their asses, their pussies or just their bodies in general. Or I just felt them up discreetly. I have not gotten in trouble yet. No female has pressed charges or even threatened to. But I don’t go around grabbing or even touching females all the time. I am very careful about how I do it, and I only do it if I can read some pretty strong green light vibes from her. If you’re not getting those vibes and you start grabbing or touching her, you are asking for trouble.

Once I was with a party after a concert, and we were going out to eat very late at night. This one woman, the lead singer of a fairly popular gothic punk rock band, had been teasing me all night, and I was starting to get mad. So as the group was walking into the restaurant, I grabbed her, shoved her into a wall and kissed her really hard. There was another woman there who I was also sort of dating, and she looked at me and said, “Boooooooob?” Then they purposely sat the woman I kissed a ways away from me at the table.

She got what she deserved. She deserved it for teasing me all night like that.

All the females I have touched, grabbed, forcibly kissed, etc. mostly went along quite willingly. I would estimate that 90-95% of the time I have grabbed, touched or forcibly kissed females, they just went for it, usually responding very strongly.

There was one time I had this 15 year old girl in my car with me late at night. We had just gone over to her friends’ house to buy some pot and cocaine. Her friend was this 17 year old girl who was living with this 39 year old guy. The guy started out dating her Mom who was about his age, and then he dumped her for the daughter. The girl seemed quite proud of this caddish behavior. They were totally cool people, both of them.

I got back to her place around 10 or 11 and parked in front of her house. We both just sort of looked at each other a bit, and I read the vibes that said it would be ok. So I just assaulted her very aggressively. I lunged at her and started making out with her like crazy, kissing her really hard. She totally went crazy kissing me back really hard like a maniac. That was all I did with her that night though because she lived at her parents’ house, and there was no place to go.

But you have to scope out the situation very, very carefully beforehand to see if it is going to be ok. When a female is giving off some pretty strong feelings or vibes like that, you can grab them, touch them discreetly, scratch them, tickle them or whatever just about anywhere.

If you don’t read the situation correctly and you’re not on a date, and you grab or even touch some female who does not wish to be touched, you are definitely committing sexual assault. That said, this sort of thing happens all the time.

But you are definitely risking it if you grab females who have not been giving off strong green light vibes beforehand. She might threaten to call the cops on you, or she might actually do so. And you can indeed be arrested for sexual assault for what boils down to attacking females like this.

If I do not get those strong green light vibes, and I am not on a date, I will not try to touch her at all. On a date of course, I always try to touch them, but you have to figure out how to do it just right or else you mess up the whole thing. And even on a date, you need to be reading the situation the whole time and looking for green lights.

Grabbing women is actually called sexual assault in the law. Every time you grab some woman’s body in however way or grab her and kiss her really hard, it’s called sexual assault because you are supposed to ask permission to do these things I suppose. But I’ve never asked permission to do any sexual things in my entire life outside of a bed, where things are quite different.

Bottom line is if you don’t “assault” females, you will probably die a virgin.

Asking a female permission to do anything sexual with her is insane because she will probably say no.

The rule #1 of seduction is to not give her a chance to think about anything sexual. You want to get her to shut off her brain any way you can because as long as her brain is clicking along, she will often bail on various sexual activities. You want to get her into a situation where her brain is shut down and she basically can’t control herself around you anymore. She might hate you for making her lose control of herself, but that’s part of the game. Never ask permission to do anything. Just do it.

In dating, assault is mandatory.

It can be very gentle assault where you grab her chin tenderly, look deep into her eyes and slowly bend down to kiss her very softy, sweetly and lovingly. But it’s still assault technically if she decided she didn’t want to do it. If she goes along with it, I suppose it’s not assault. So committing sexual assault in one way or another is mandatory if you are going to date at all. Later when she gets to be a close girlfriend, you can discuss things more, but I still would never ask her if she wants to have sex. That’s giving her a chance to think.

Have fun sexually assaulting women, guys!

But be very careful, and don’t get carried away. A jail cell is not a fun place to be. I have been in those cages a couple of times. You probably never want to go there at all if you can help it.


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Violence at KKK Rally in Anaheim

Fighting broke out between KKK marchers and antiracist counterdemonstrators at a KKK rally in Anaheim. Three people were stabbed. One is in critical condition. 13 people were arrested.

Amazing. Fascist versus antifa rallies breaking out into violence. You would think you were in Germany where these festivities are celebrated on a regular basis.

We are turning into Europe more and more every day.

I come from this region. I know that area very well. We always called it Anal Slime for what it’s worth. But then we always called Garden Grove Garbage Grove too.

I had a girlfriend who lived there once. Her name was KS. She lived on Katella Avenue. She was only 18 years old and looked like a model. I saw her on the Net recently. She is 55 years old and still a total knockout. I should have married that chick.

I have been to Disneyland many times, once when I was 19, out of my head on magic mushrooms. Good times!

I also worked as a “maid” in a motel there once. I think that was when I was 18 also. The boss treated me like complete shit the whole day, berating my manhood. Then at the end of the day she fired me. Unfortunately, I did not kill her as I had left all my weapons at home. What an oversight!

More recently, in 1986, I worked as a strikebreaking scab during a teachers’ strike there.

One thinks of Disneyland when someone says Anaheim, but that place has always been a bit of a slum except for Anaheim Hills, where the 1% live.

And it’s long been known to have a virulent White racist contingent dating back to when I hung out there actually long before, all the way back to 100 years ago. The Klan actually ran the Anaheim City Government until 1924. 90% of the officers in the Anaheim Police Department were Klansmen. Anaheim’s leading newspaper, the the Plain Dealer, was a strong supporter of the Klan. Klansman patrolled the police, questioning passerby. One Anaheim Klan rally attracted 20,000 people. 90% of the cops in the Anaheim Police Department were Klansmen.The  police force always had a horrible reputation for police brutality, possibly related to its Klan legacy. Not sure if that changed.

Last time I was there, it was full of Mexicans, and in fact, the city, now 52% Latino and 28% White, has seceded from the US and joined Mexifornia. The White percentage is about the same as in this incorporated slum of 50,000 that I call my home. 28-29% Whites probably sounds awful to a lot of White people, but it is actually a quite livable number.

It’s just enough Whites to keep the city running fairly smoothly and to keep it from falling apart altogether. You do not need a vast percentage of Whites to hold down the fort.

There are some small towns around here which have gone almost 100% Hispanic and the result has been something that looks like societal collapse, or maybe Mexico, which is really the same thing. These Mexicans need Whites more than they think. We’re the main reason that so many of the cities that they gather in are halfway livable at all.

This city has always been run by rich White farmers, often Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards and Greeks. Rich White farmers run this city to this very day.Incredibly enough, this city was majority Italian in 1970! Before the invasion, that is. There’s still an old weather-beaten Italian-American Club downtown.


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Who Would You Vote For?


Who do you vote for?

I say vote for Pinestraw. He’s the most intelligent and capable candidate of the three.


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Who Says Gender Feminists Have No Power?

Jason Y writes:

I don’t think women are buying into extreme feminism as much as you think. Millions of women are in the porn industry, that says a lot. Also, women generally are horny as hell, assuming they like the guy.

I’d say only a very small minority are into extreme feminism, as opposed to the moderate form which I’m all for. You might find these extremists at college campuses or in some coffee shop or something. However, a college campus would also be chalk full of horny girls who might do porn part-time hmmm.

I think it boils down to how much power the “extreme feminists” actually have. Is it a myth they have a lot of power? It could be. I think one would only be aware of them on a college campus etc. where multiculturalism (which to an extent given the environment I can understand) and sensitivity would be pushed.

No way on Earth are millions of women doing porn? Forget it man. In all my life, I have only met four women who did porn, and they were all on the Internet. I met them in sex chat rooms and sex groups on Yahoo. One lived in Fresno, but I never met her. I had to really go looking for them in other words. I have never met one single woman in real life who did porn. Millions of women are doing porn? Come on.

You say there are all these horny women on college campuses. Well maybe so. But if you want to have sex with any of them here in California, you practically need to get it in writing, otherwise it’s rape!

They have no power? Then why are they writing all of our laws?! All of these anti-male, anti-teen, anti-child, anti-sex laws are being written by what you call extreme feminists. They’ve taken over the legal system. You say they have no power, well how come they are writing all of our laws?

Who is behind the endless legal redefinition of rape to the point where just about any straight man is now a rapist? Who is behind the crazy persecution of teenagers for having sex with each other. Who is behind all of these prosecutions of young kids for playing doctor? Who tried to send those two 13 year old boys to jail for running through the hallways spanking girls’ butts? Who is behind these never-ending false rape accusations that are ruining so many men’s lives? And 57% of all rape accusations are faked by the way. Who is sending sending 18 and 19 year old men to prison for years for having sex with 15 and 16 year old girls. Who is sending male teachers to prison for having sex with their adult students? Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago? Whatever happened to statute of limitations? Who is sending men to prison for having sex with drunken women? Who is sending men to prison for ejaculating inside a woman when she said, “Don’t cum in me!” five seconds before?

These laws, especially the insane rape laws, are a gender feminist’s dream. And I assure that all of these crazy rape laws, campus sex codes, and sexual harassment case law are all down to gender feminists. They wrote all of those civil and criminal penalties into law.

Who’s putting all these teenagers in jail? Who’s ruining the lives of all these children with sexual investigations? It’s gender feminists, right?

If not, who else is in on it?


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The Alt Left on Gender Feminists Versus Equity Feminists

The Alt Left should support equity feminists, liberal feminists and sex-positive feminists as female allies. The sex-positive ones are the best. Jezebel is a sex-positive feminist site, and I  love those ladies over there!

Sex-positive feminists, well that is self-explanatory.

Liberal feminists are the enemies of the radfems who say they are pro-men, pro-porn, pro-prostitution, etc. The average feminist with a really dirty porn blog on Tumblr calls herself a liberal feminist, so they can’t be too bad. They are big on civil rights, which radfems believe is an arcane concept.

Equity feminists simply want full legal equality for women. These are the ones who say, “I want my daughter to grow up to be whatever she wants to be!”

On the other hand, the Alt Left should oppose  gender feminists, the radical feminists, the lesbian feminists, the socialist feminists, the bla bla bla. Actually any female with these ideologies should probably be banned from the Alt Left as she is opposing one of the core principles of the Alt Left, which is to be male-friendly or at least not male-hostile. The Alt Left is basically a “safe space” for men.

Those are the man-haters pretty much, or else they say they don’t hate us, but they want to put half of us in prison anyway. Most of them either hate men or have a lot of anger and hostility towards men, which is not appealing. Quite a few are still having sex with men and you would be surprised how many are in long term relationships or married to men.

The gender feminists say there is this thing called “the patriarchy” that is keeping da wimminz down. It needs to be dismantled, and in the process we need to take down masculinity too, since all masculinity is this thing called “toxic masculinity.”

Along these lines, they have a long-standing goal along with Gay Politics to get rid of the idea of gender altogether. That’s why you are seeing this bullshit genderqueer people who can be man on Monday, a woman on Tuesday, both man and woman on Wednesday, neither man nor woman on Thursday, decline to state on Friday, and “it” on Saturday and a “thing” on Sunday. That’s idiocy is all part of the gender feminist and Gay Lobby goal of getting rid of gender. Dumb, huh?

And I guess some want to take down heterosexual sex or at least make it all but impossible. They also want to desexualize all public space except for designed pickup joints here and there where the genders could do their animalistic thing. Any sexual expression inside of this massive public “safe spaces” for wimminz would be sexual harassment and I think illegal.

The radfems really hate men, they think heterosexual sex is evil, say we are all evil rapists, advocate that all radfems should adopt political lesbianism as opposed to sleeping with the enemy. Oh and most of them want to reduce the male population by 90% so it is only 10% of its present size. I am not sure how they want to do that.

Lesbian feminists are somewhere in between gender feminists and radfems. I believe the radfems have some beef with them as some of them continue to associate with gay men, who, being men, are of course eeeevil.

Lesbian separatists are human beings who have gone completely insane and are trying to live a life as free of menz as possible because I guess we have cooties. Or something. I don’t know. Anyway, needless to say, they really hate us. One of the main reasons I broke with the Left and formed the Alt Left is that I opposed the policy on the Left of supporting all of these feminist nuts, including lesbian separatists.

Yes, if you are on the Left now, you are mandated to support lesbian separatists. It’s hard to hate  lesbian separatists too much because they wish to avoid me, which is definitely the right idea. Hence they probably have no effect on my life other than being my harmless enemies. I do not believe we should kill the lesbian feminists, but perhaps we should put all of them on a some self-sufficient island somewhere so they don’t scare the children.

You would think that socialist feminists would be cool, but they want to ban porn and prostitution I believe, and if you go to their websites, it’s just straight up gender feminism if not radical feminism. I’m a socialist, but I suppose these women are technically comrades, but they are still my enemies and I would rather it be me over here and them over there and never the twain shall meet.

The Alt Left should oppose gender, radical, lesbian and socialist feminism because, as we oppose the bashing, hatred and demonization of Whites, we should also oppose the demonization, bashing and hatred of heterosexual men (gender feminists mostly give gay men a pass as they are some protected class apparently). The Alt Left opposes the Cultural Left, and part of what we reject is the way that the Cultural Left makes Whites and heterosexual men into the enemy.

Gender feminists are an essential part of SJW intersectionality. They’re part of the package along with the SJW “anti-racist” White-haters.

A pox on both of their houses!


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