Game/PUA: What Country Has the Most Beautiful Women?

I would say Thailand. They seem to have more beauties per capita than in any other country. That is, if you like Asian women. They look extremely exotic, even much more exotic than the Japanese, Korean and Chinese women with whom we are most familiar. They are a mix of native Paleomongoloid types with quite a bit of Indian in them that came in quite a while ago. Also very long ago, about 900 years ago, a massive infusion of Chinese flooded into Thailand, contributing a huge part to the gene pool. So they are native Paleomongoloid (maybe Malay type) overlaid with an  old Chinese layer and a rather smaller but still significant Indian layer.

The Indian element is interesting and combined with the Paleomongoloid base, probably contributes to their extreme exotic looks. However, the Indian element should not be ignored. Some Thai women almost look like Caucasians. But if they do, they often look like Indian Caucasoids. They look like a Punjabi or high caste woman for North India, very fair and light but with that Indian phenotype.

Sometimes I think these Thai men were geniuses deliberately breeding their women like livestock, culling the uglies and selectively breeding various strains of beauties to create a variety of total knockout gorgeous strains of women. There can be no other explanation for why they are so hot.

But Thai women are exotic as Hell. Even the total knockouts look very exotic and even a bit odd to a Westerner. Asians in general sort of look like aliens to us, but Thai women look the most alien of them all.  But if Thai women are aliens, then they came from the Planet of the Beautiful Women!


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19 responses to “Game/PUA: What Country Has the Most Beautiful Women?

  1. I can say Indonesia also has lotza beautiful girls, as we’ve got too exotica beauty, as we have more than 500 ethnic groups who has their own beauties and maybe not as famous as Thai. Thai itself resembles to some Indonesian ethnic groups. 🙂

  2. Jason Y

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are no ugly women anywhere. Now, an ugly soul, yeah, there are many of them, Crying face. LOL

    • Guy from Montréal

      “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are no ugly women anywhere” Sorry Jason but I have to disagree with you here, Eskimo women look horrible, native south american women are nasty looking, on a very rare occaison a few really hot Indians but on average they are hairy & hideous. I think Australian aboriginese women have to be most ugliest on the planet, anyone here know any uglier women? For me the hottest are Europeans of course, especially Scandinavians, pasty white red heads are really my thing. For my tastes Thai are not my favorite but they are DAMN HOT none the less!

  3. Jason Y

    Well, definitely if you like Thailand, then your in for a treat, cause they have a huge sex industry and the women are fairly cheap. Also, they want to marry foreigners.

  4. SHI

    Damn Robert, you’ve never been to Bangkok but are spot on in your observations about Thai girls. Yes, many have that Indian element which renders that exotic appeal. Thai women are very sensuous and really proud of their hot bodies. If they like you, they will please you in ways white Western women simply cannot. Indian women are sensuous too but have that nasty curry smell and cooter hair that resembles Osama Bin Laden’s beard – most of them refuse to take care of themselves. If you haven’t had sex with Indian women, I’d say you haven’t missed a lot. They’re like wildebeests with obese bodies and breasts that feel squishy like jelly. You feel like shit after going down.on Indian girls. Thai women, in contrast, are extremely conscious of how they appear to men – they smell very good and don’t have any body hair. They take pride in giving you head..they’re extremely elegant ladies with lots of class, intelligence and good humour.

    My ranking of most attractive and beautiful nationalities among women – all of them will give extremely positive vibes. You’re guaranteed to feel great in their company. Every single time.

    Latin America – Colombia, Brazil, Mexico etc.
    Poland – They’re simply amazing!!
    There really is no other nationality that deserves to be in these ranks. All other countries are full of women with NEGATIVE ENERGY.

    • Guy from Montréal

      Shi, when you mention Spain do you mean the north or the south? the south are browner and more Arabesque, the northern women of spain have the typical white European look but with a subtle exotic touch to it, those are the Spanish that I like!

      • SHI

        I have been to Spain. The whole length and breadth of the country actually appears very similar to non-Spaniards but I did notice a lot of blonde women up North for some reason…in places like Bilbao.

        I don’t think Spaniard women look anything like Arab women. I’m not knocking the latter, Arab women can look extremely beautiful – e.g. Queen Rania of Jordan? But, I can always tell Spaniard women by their lovely features and eyes.

        The south Spaniard women aren’t really brown….they’re SUN-TANNED to an almost olive shade….but they’re white no doubt….in the proper light conditions, they appear like your typical brunettes. However, under the daylight sun, they appear like lovely bronze figurines.

        Even the blonde women of Northern Spain feel very different from blondes in other countries. They have fuller, kissable lips, rounder hips and really big boobs. I mean now I can even tell the difference between blondes from Germany. Poland and Spain. Not so much from photographs but direct visual inspection.

        Coming back to the big point, the main reason Spanish women are so attractive is because they have SUPERB personalities that accentuate their good looks several times. You’ll hardly find a bimbo in Spain, they’re all either studying hard for advanced degrees or fluent in 5 or 6 languages. In fact, many men feel intimidated by their levels of smart.

        Well, women can be bitchy everywhere and it’s no different in Spain. But if you’re a confident man who takes pride in his masculinity and is a proper gentleman, she will never rub you the wrong way. Spaniard women don’t play the sort of mind games you expect to encounter in the US, UK, Canada etc. nor are they cold and dispassionate like the Germans, Austrians etc. All this makes them amazing in every possible way but beware, most men really can’t handle their strong personalities. If you act like a wimpy, commitment-phobic dormouse with a Spaniard girl (which is a deal-breaker with girls everywhere BTW), expect to be shot down with intolerable cruelty while she mocks everything about you.

        • Guy from Montréal

          Yes Spanish women are special, American and Canadian women really are into mind games, I’ve always kind of noticed that on a subconscious level and only recently put my finger on it lately when I’ve read many comments on this blog attesting to that, you get that shit a lot on dating sites.

  5. Spamby

    Really? I’ve lived in Thailand several years and can speak Thai fluently and I always thought Thai women were ugly as hell and so do most other Asian/Thai men. I guess the men native to that region prefer the white-skinned Chinese/Japanese look to the brown Indian/Malay look.

    I always thought 90% of Thai women were repulsive and this is coming from someone with roots in that region.

    • SHI

      I know what you mean. I’ve been to Thailand more than a few times but didn’t live there.

      Yes there are many ugly and repulsive Thai girls but the numbers of attractive women is pretty high too. Particularly in Bangkok where I met many of these who’d pass for supermodels if given proper exposure: tall legs, curvaceous bodies, beautiful faces, extremely smooth skin almost like velvet…c’mon, they’re out there.

      Thai girls are really GIFTED in the art of seduction. They make you feel good about being a man.

      A girl I met at a hotel in Bangkok happened to be the Mistress of a Thai politician. She was like a 9.5 out of 10, extremely hot. That was my lucky night, the 31st of December, 2006— she liked me, I fucked her all the way to new year, 2007. Undoubtedly it was one of the best sex sessions I ever had. 4 hours of wild horny fucking in every damn position, not exaggerating one bit (Thai food is like my natural aphrodisiac, gives me a lot of energy). I never met another girl again who made me so horny. Damn, I felt like the luckiest bastard alive. Oh she was a very wealthy girl, while I would ride around Bangkok in Tuk-Tuks, she drove her own Mercedes Benz.

      I love Thai women, man!

    • Rob

      A lot of the models in Thailand and the Philippines have Chinese ancestry or in the case of the Philippines Caucasian. They are not native.

  6. Tulio

    I’m not partial to Asian women in general, but I don’t think Thai women are anything special in the looks department. I’d say they are average. If you look up “Thai beauties” you get a lot of images that look like this:

    But as someone that has been to Thailand, that is not what a Typical Thai woman looks like. Maybe the top 5% of them.

    I don’t really even recall seeing any real stunners while walking through the streets of Bangkok.

    In their favor though, virtually none of them are fat, all seem to be under 120lbs and they are some of the most traditionally feminine women on earth and believe in taking care of their man. Thailand is a good place to find a wife if you want to escape the feminist women of the West.

    I think the best looking women are white or near-white and their descendants around the world. I’d say Colombia probably has the best looking women in the world pound for pound, but mainly it’s the ones heavily of Caucasian ancestry. I think white with some “other” background makes for very exotic women. Like say 80% European and 20% Amerindian that a fair-skinned mestiza might be.

    Come to think of it, maybe Ukraine is the best place pound for pound. I’ve not met a ton of Ukrainian women, but the ones I have were all at least cute. Can’t think of any Ugly Ukrainian women I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.

    Scandinavian women are highly stereotyped as being blonde and hot, but it’s just that, a stereotype. Most Scandis are brunette, and quite a few of them are chunky and mediocre looking. Just flip through the site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  7. Lady Boy Sarah

    Are you aware that you might be looking at men when your looking at women in thailand? Plastic surgery is huge in thailand, so much so, that people travel all over the globe to get it done there because its so dirt cheap. I suppose they are the most beautiful in the world however, because you can get surgery over there for nothing. Veneers, whatever tickles your fancy.

    • I was looking through the Thai women on one of the most popular dating sites in Thailand, and the guy who owns the site supposedly does an excellent job of weeding out the ladyboys and keeping them out of the women’s section. They have a whole section for the ladyboys alone. There are few if any ladyboys infiltrating the women’s section on that site.

      • SHI

        I feel the whole “ladyboy Thailand” myth is blown way out of proportion by basically two categories of people:

        1) Religious idiots who casually dismiss all Thai women as prostitutes and all foreign men who travel there as perverts and pedophiles. Most of them have never been to Thailand themselves but it’s important for them to judge others for their so-called sins.

        2) Feminist pricks, some of whom may have actually traveled to Thailand, only to find out that suddenly, the tables have turned and NO-ONE will tolerate their bullshit any more. I had seen white western men openly say “fuck you” to their wives, as if gathering the courage for the very first time in their lives. A lot of on-the-spot divorces happen in Thailand, Western men casually walk away with Thai girlfriends while their hapless wives cry alone inside the 5 star hotel rooms. Thailand is a burial ground for entitled, feminist women, they suddenly find themselves no longer in control. Even overweight, balding, ugly and repulsive Western men are not paying attention anymore – it really shatters their fragile female ego in a big way. Some of them take off with Thai men to get back some lost territory but Thai women are really so awesome that their men don’t want to look elsewhere.

        Beautiful or ugly, all Thai women have been manufactured to be SWEET-NATURED, GENTLE and FEMININE and I’m talking of the non-prostitutes, the normal women. Yes, at least 95% of women in Thailand will feel insulted if you compared them to prostitutes.

        Thai women are very beautiful, they realize this fact but will not allow it to go over their heads. They will never back-chat, will not act bitchy and unfriendly and smile at you without a second thought. It doesn’t matter if you’re a old man or a young man, a Thai girl considers you ABOVE her because men are supposed to be superior than women in Thai culture and a woman is culturally expected to be coy and submissive. Now as a believer in gender equality, I don’t myself agree with such a mindset but hell, as a dude, what’s not to like about the fact that practically every girl that meets your eye, is ready to throw herself at you. Man, the kind of ego boost it gives you is something you won’t find in any country of the whole world.

        Any dude who has returned from Thailand is going to be perceived as the most confident player in town for at least a month while the hangover lasts. This feeling of CONQUEST is surreal and EPIC, man. When in Thailand, you have suddenly fall in love with yourself all over again, you start thanking God for blessing you with manhood and you’re really beaming with so much confidence that people can spot it from a mile!!

        Moral of the story: Anyone who hates on Thai women is basically JEALOUS of the fact that they are the best!!!!

  8. MariconPower

    Oh so you noticed some Indian women look Caucasian. You’re correct. you They have 18-24% South Indian/Negrito admixture.

    They are roughtly 7-14% South Indian/Veddoid/West Eurasian with 9-10% Negrito admixture.

    and many of them look like these ( you can clearly see the signficant negro/South indian like admixture on their faces )

    I’m not saying they don’t belong to the Mongoloid race but they are definately far from pure. The reason why many of them look East Asia is because 14% of them are Thai-Chinese but in northern thailand they make up 50% of the population.

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