Game/PUA: What Is It Like to Have More Than One Girlfriend At Once?

I will tell you what it is like. It is a great big hassle, one of the biggest hassles you can get yourself into in life. In addition, it is not all it is cracked up to be, and not only that, but like many things that seem like dream lifestyles, there is a huge downside to it that not many talk about.

Basically a woman, especially a hot one, is a full time job.  So many men want hot women, but the hotter they are, the more of your time they consume. High maintenance means more than money. These women are also high maintenance in the emotional department.

I don’t have statistics on it, but back in the day, I used to try to regularly run 2-3 women at a time, except when I only had one girlfriend, which was more common than you think. I don’t really do this too much anymore as I am getting old, and honestly I simply do not have the energy to play this exhausting game.

The goal was to have three girlfriends at once, which honestly is the closest thing to Paradise I have ever experienced in life. But the weird thing was I could never really have more than three at once, and often I could not even run three because even running three was damn hard. But once I got over three, the situation not only got even more hectic and insane, but I would very quickly drop back down to three again. It is like for me anyway, three at once is the upper limit. Any more than that is just not doable.

One more thing, running all sorts of women like that is incredibly time-consuming because if you practice this stuff as an art form, women can take up an unbelievably number of hours of your time. It takes a Hell of a lot of work just to keep one relationship not only going smoothly but going at all. Now imagine doing that with more than one at once or an ever-changing revolving door of females.

Living like this also requires incredible people skills, and you have to know females inside and out and six ways from Sunday because there is a right and wrong thing to say and do with any particular female at any given time. Not only that, but there is not a lot of spontaneity in your life because just about everything you say and do has to be done in a calculated manner. You have to think carefully about most anything you say or do. So it basically turns you into a calculating, somewhat sociopathic fuck, or at least into a great big phony.

In addition, you are pissing people off all over the place.

Females’ boyfriends or girls’ fathers are flipping out or at the very least looking at you very carefully. You are getting regularly threatened by other males whose females you are basically stealing, and it’s hard to stay out of confrontations, especially fistfights, with other males. “Hey, that guy says if he ever sees you again, he’s going to kick your ass,” is something you start hearing a lot.

Although you are having a blast, there is also a lot of emotional negativity going on as females are screaming at you, swearing at you, threatening to hit you, making all sorts of insane threats to you, ringing your phone off the hook to berate you, or calling you periodically just to cuss you up and down. You start losing friendships because you are getting involved with the sisters or female friends of your friends. When things go sour, at least your female friends in these cases start to think you are a major shit.  Your male friends in the same cases either think it is entertaining, or they are proud of you.

It is unbelievably time consuming. When I was running three at once, it honestly seemed like it was a 40 hour a week job and a very stressful one at that. You are running around here, there and everywhere all the time, on the phone half the time, usually taking lots of drugs (actually, often you are actually dealing – don’t ask me why) and drinking quite a bit.

Most importantly, you are lying like crazy to just about everyone all the time, which is tough because you start to forget your lies and get them generally all mixed up with each other. People catch on after a while, and you keep getting busted for switching your lies around. Soon most people, even your friends, are regarding you dubiously as some sort of serial confabulator whose words are not worth much of anything, and you come to be regarded as a pathological liar, which you are anyway, so there’s the added pain that the insult is actually true.

People (usually females) are often screaming at you, telling you what a lowlife, scum and piece of shit you are, and if you have any conscience at all, you can start to feel pretty guilty. People are also insisting that you hate women, which generally isn’t true at all – if anything, the opposite is true. It’s like accusing a kid in a candy store of hating candy because he wants everything in the store.

If you have a severe conscience as I did (now eroded by time and massive cynicism), you was feeling guilty a good part of the time. Everyone’s telling you you’re a bad person. If you’re a bad boy, an asshole or a true sociopath, maybe maybe you can handle it or even think it is a compliment, but if you are a regular guy with some morals, it starts to really hurt.

Despite my behavior, I still thought that I was basically a good person. And I was with the exception of the Woman Question, but it hurt my feelings so bad that everyone was telling me what an awful human being I was. I can’t describe how bad I felt. I started to feel like a major shit, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

What I am trying to say is that there is a massive downside to being a manwhore, and most people do not realize that.


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6 responses to “Game/PUA: What Is It Like to Have More Than One Girlfriend At Once?

  1. DHL

    If you ever would become an Martyr you would get 72 beautiful Virgins in Paradise.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t really understand why you chose or choose to succumb to your sexual desires.I am quite surprised to read this because it contradicts my beliefs that people with higher IQ tend to be more or less celibate. I did not think that it made people more prone to polygyny (and yes I realize that you most likely did not have any marital relationships). I have never bothered to take an IQ test (and I don’t plan to), but I have reasons to believe that my IQ is above average ( I don’t know by how much, and I have come to the conclusion that for me, at least, it doesn’t matter). But, after observing many human relationships, I have come to the belief that celibacy is the best way of living.

    I must admit that I have not read your posts on issues concerning procreation, making this one my first (obviously).

    Side note:
    I am not trying to antagonize you for your way of living, but I am just curious.

    • I hate the idea of being a sexless brain/nerd. It is devastating to me. Also a lot of other stuff. These experiences are why my self esteem is as good as it is. They literally gave me the self-esteem that I have had all these years and little else did. They really are the source of my self-esteem and they are a big part of why I like myself so much.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting, well thank you for the input. Actually, I wanted to ask you a few days earlier if you could write some book recommendations. It is a very nerdy thing to say, but I have been searching for something good to read. A

        Also, a while ago, I have examined various self-esteem tests and found this one as very “thorough” (I don’t think I can put it any other way):

        Be disgusted with me if you want, but I take Psychology, and I have been interested in human behavior at a greater “level” than usual. Take it if you want or ignore it. I don’t care.

  3. that's depressing

    That is so disheartening to hear. It sounds like there’s no way to have truly fun sex other than to go for prostitutes.

    Forget about “girlfriends”, how about that kind of relationships called “friendship with benefits?” Can’t you get those going without it being stressful the way you describe?

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