Sexless Marriages Are Everywhere in the West Nowadays

Spamby: I don’t understand how you can rape your wife. If she’s your wife then you have the right to have sex with her don’t you?

RL: Actually in the US and UK you cannot. There are lots of sexless marriages over here. It is quite common in the US, Canada and Europe for wives to just give up sex and refuse to have sex with their husbands anymore. The cases that I am familiar with are in the US, Canada, Germany and Romania.

The women are usually about 35-50 years old and they have had a couple of kids, but in one case I know of the couple is in their late 20’s to early 30’s with a kid, and boy is he angry about it. He is resorting to having affairs which I do not blame him for at all.

One common denominator seems to be kids. The woman is 35-45, the couple has a kid or too and then she cuts off the sex. A variety of reasons are given including that kids take up all your time, they are very stressful and exhausting, etc. I also assume that a lot of women are not attracted to their husbands anymore. I would assume that any normal woman who was highly attracted to their husband who screw him about as much as he wanted it. Most women are rabid nymphos whenever they get with Chad Thundercock or any Alpha for that matter.

All of this is starting to make me feel really good about not only never marrying but even better yet not having kids. Even if the marriage is fine sexually, apparently she pops out a kid or two, and the sex is pretty much over.

I am also laughing so hard at all my idiot married man friends who used to chide and insult me that I was not married, implying that either I wasn’t getting enough or wasn’t getting any. They made it a big point to tell me that they were getting tons of sex, often every night. I think they were jealous of me though because sometimes I would get a girlfriend, and usually whenever I have a girlfriend she is a nympho for some reason and we are screwing like hours a day so much that I start worrying I am going to permanently damage my dick.

My idiot married friends would hear me drowning in sex about it and get very uptight, challenged and upset, and then they would come back saying that, “Yeah, but married guys get it every night, single guys don’t.” Which was usually true with these guys who were in their late 20’s to early 30’s.

That is the worst age for a man – men at this age are the most arrogant and insufferable of men of any age. My basic feeling is that not enough bad things have happened to them yet. By the time most people are 40, not a whole lot of folks are arrogant anymore. No matter how special you are, by age 40, you have already had about a million really lousy things happen to you, and most folks find that a humbling experience. People who are still arrogant and highly narcissistic after age 40 are generally bad cases, and it’s a sign that there is something seriously wrong with you.

Even when I have a girlfriend, I am usually not getting it every day except for maybe 1-2 week stretches.

Now I am finding out that marriage is not exactly the sexual wonderland it is said to be, especially after you have those glorious kids that put the stake in the heart of the married sex life if the wear and tear of the marriage has not already done the bedroom in.

Not having kids. Which was another stupid thing that these married weenies were always chiding me for never having.

I stayed single and never had kids, and nevertheless despite the typical feast or famine bachelor life, often had at least one woman in my life and led a life full of wild head over heels movie-like love affairs of the century, had a ton of awesome sex with more attractive to beautiful females than I can count.

Yay for me!

Even if I never have sex again, which is possible at my age sadly, I can still die happy tomorrow. I’ve already done everything I wanted to do, and honestly it almost doesn’t matter if not one good thing happens to me for the rest of my life because I can just coast on my memories until I drop sometime in the next few decades.

Staying single and never having kids! Yay! Two of the smartest decisions I ever made.

Spamby: Well, I mean you don’t have to be rough. You can just feel her up gently and then fuck her couldn’t you? Or do they just shut down all sex completely?

RL: I do not know. They shut it down, get really bitchy and angry, and if you try to get something going with them, they say “Ew,” get mad and push you away. When they cut you off like that, you are not going to charm her into giving it up. Sometimes the cutoffs are temporary, but often they last a long time. She typically cuts you off for a long time, and a lot of guys just quit asking for it. They often take separate beds or even separate bedrooms. The woman might have her own bedroom downstairs for instance.

Sometimes they ration it out, but it’s usually starvation rations. A girlfriend of mine had a girlfriend about age 42 who said she gave her husband a blowjob once a year on his birthday. They slept in separate bedrooms, and he retreated to his mancave at night where he did a variety of things, including smoking pot, drinking, watching porn and jerking off. He was not very happy about this situation at all.

There’s nothing you can do about it. I have heard many cases like this, and none of the men raped their wives after they get cut off. But then maybe I run in some classier circles. Maybe lower class guys do just rape the bitch, so to speak.


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18 responses to “Sexless Marriages Are Everywhere in the West Nowadays

  1. Getting married gives you a 50% chance of being betrayed, losing a ton of money, and all for what? It’s a pointless anachronism. Women don’t need the protections if offers. There are 50% more women graduating from college than men. You get to pay for a super expensive party, the wedding, pay for some rings, and then when she decides to leave your ass to go play the field, you get to pay her (if you were the bread-winner) It’s seriously the most expensive way to get laid on a regular basis that exists. Sure you might get lucky and meet that one in a million perfect woman that will stick with you and make your life better, but you can have that without the getting married part.

  2. Jason Y

    With my girlfriend it’s the opposite. One reason I don’t want to move in with her is cause they’re is too much sex

    • EPGAH

      What are you complaining about? And why are you on the computer supporting savages’ destruction of civilization instead of raising a batch of stupid, nympho kids by now?

  3. Western women that shut husbands out / Japanese men that shut wives out should be given very bad divorce settlements.

  4. Spamby

    After saying all this stuff and knowing how cold-hearted women can be how can you still be against marital rape Robert?

  5. Subliminal Star

    All I can say is that the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. does not have the best interests of Americans at heart. The world is currently at a population of 7 million, and this Gestapo of an institution thinks that it’s every man’s duty to get married and begin fathering children before his twenty-fifth birthday. To give you a good example of what a bunch of bozos these people in the Family Research Council are, Joshua Duggar was in the upper ranks of their organization not too long ago until the sex scandal involving him and his family broke out into the public domain. I cannot understand why any presidential candidate would want their endorsement regardless of whether he or she is Republican or Democrat. Nothing they say makes sense.

  6. Kareem

    There is no benefit for a man in marriage. Not even sex. Why does it even exist anymore?

    • EPGAH

      I don’t know, it’s a tradition with the force of law, even queers wanted their perversion called “marriage” instead of “Civil Union”.

      It’s basically seeking validation from the rest of the world for your relationship, so to speak?

  7. SeymourTeets

    Why can’t we rape our wife? Why do western society said that we can’t have sex with our wives whenever we want.If you married to someone, you have the right to have sex with her whenever you want, even though the wife says No.To me, rape in marriage is not wrong.

    • Spamby

      I agree Seymour that’s why us men should go international and avoid western women and their bullshit

      • Going international will not help you as the nature of women is consistent across regions and borders. We live in societies (US and Canada) that hold women up to no standards whatsoever and women themselves are too solipsistic to police their own behaviour.

  8. Damn, I am 58 years old so this is definitely right up my territory, sad to say.

    Not only that, but in the last few years, I have been dating hot young women in their mid to late 20’s. Don’t ask me how I pulled that off (which is like doing the impossible) because I have no idea how I do this myself. A you can guess, young women can be pretty demanding and insatiable in the sexual arena, and I am at the edge where I don’t even understand the meaning of the phrase “Let’s do it again,” that these young women keep saying to me.

    Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

    Beatrix, how can I keep my libido up and especially how do I keep my vasculature healthy?

    Anyway, men have tongues, mouths, fingers and knees, right? Experience has shown me that all of these can reliably produce orgasm in the female. So why should it matter if a man’s penis is not in working order?

    • Lin

      I predict in the not too distant future, strap-on dildos could become so sophisticated that it could link to the female clitoris nerves endings and with rigidity&geometry likewise controlled. It means a woman could be equipped with a plug n play penis to entertain men with postrate orgasmic urge. It’ll give new meaning to hetero relation and ease the complain of religious fundamentalists

      • Damn, no woman is fucking me in the ass with a strap-on. Hell with that. That’s too gayish for my tastes.

        Although I have had women stick fingers up my ass, and one woman even fucked me in the ass with her finger. But afterwards my ass was bleeding, so I am not sure if that was such a great idea. I am not sure if it was her fingernail or what. I think they say if a woman is going to do that to you, she should wear a glove to protect against her nail.

        • EPGAH

          Damn, that sounds like an assolutely great way to get infection!
          Glad you didn’t get any infections from that!

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