How Common Is Sex among Siblings among Teenagers and Young Adults?

Sammy writes:

“Brothers and sisters fuck quite a bit, as teenagers…”

Really? Brothers and sisters who grew up together from day one in the same household? How do you know of this? I’ve heard of it happening between step brothers and sisters, but never heard of it happening between actual “blood” brothers and sisters who both share the same parents and grew up in the same household. Percentage-wise, how often would you say the latter happens (and what are you basing this on)?

Unfortunately a lot of this falls under the category of “child molestation,” but it usually isn’t. A lot of teenage boys have sex with their vulnerable younger sisters. With the sisters, it is often more or less consensual. Childhood sex play often involves brothers, sisters, cousins, and their friends. The age ranges of childhood sex play can range from six all the way up to 15 for both sexes, and it is possible that all ages can be involved at the same time. For instance, scenes, often with brothers, sisters and cousins, can occur with groups where the age ranges from 8 all the way up to 15 and can include both homosexual (often lesbian) and heterosexual conduct.

Not only do brothers and sisters have sexual experiences particularly in adolescence, but sisters have a lot more sex with each other than you could possibly imagine. Young teenage sisters around the ages of 13-15 who are just discovering the joys of masturbation (as almost all teenage girls are nowadays at a very early age, typically 13) have lesbian sex with each other, mutually masturbate each other, etc. I would say that maybe 5-10% of sisters in this age group engage in this activity. All of the cases I saw involved girls with a predominantly heterosexual orientation. So most sisters who are doing this are not lesbians. Instead they are straight or possibly bisexual.

I discovered a lot of this activity when looking through forums where younger teenage girls were discussing sexual issues such as onset of first pubic hair and sexarche, onset and frequency of masturbation, and some other sexual things. It is from these forums that I derive my 5-10% figure because ~5-10% of the girls on that forum admitted to having sex with their sisters. The age range for this sister-sister sex was 13-15.

Sources: I work as a counselor, and I hear stories of childhood sex play from clients constantly.

Teenage boys having sex with their younger sisters is extremely common as we can see from recent famous cases. It is typically brushed under the carpet, as it possibly ought to be.

Arrest in these circumstances is just wrong, and in California, other than rape, all sex between juveniles of all ages is legal. You simply cannot arrest two kids for doing consensual sexual things with each other. If there is a serious age discrepancy with a teenager (usually a boy and typically a brother) doing sexual things with a young child (usually a girl and typically a sister), the teenager must be told that this is unacceptable and must stop, and they should have to undergo counseling.

Generally this sort of thing is handled by Social Services, social workers and therapists in California and not law enforcement, which is how it ought to be. In extreme cases of teenage boys serially molesting young girls, they may be remanded to the juvenile justice system, but they may not be tried in the adult system. At any rate, clinically this behavior means little as according to the DSM, pedophilia cannot be diagnosed in people age 16 or younger.

There are videos on the Internet of brothers having sex with their sisters or at least of people claiming to be brothers having sex with sisters. I have no idea how old they were, but they appeared to be older teenagers. I felt that they were genuine.

To give you an example of how common this activity can be at least in certain circumstances, in Egypt, due to a housing crisis, young people are not able to move out of the parental home, so young adults of the same family are often living under the same roof. Not only that, but living conditions are so overcrowded that these late teens and  young adults are often sleeping in close quarters in living rooms, etc.

A recent article in the US press noted that there is an extremely high level of sexual activity among brothers and sisters occurring in urban Egypt in these circumstances. The brothers and sisters engaging in this activity were ~16-23. Egyptian society didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything about it. I assume that this behavior was either denied, brushed under the carpet or dealt with in the family, probably by silence and willful ignorance. Law enforcement was not getting involved.

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  1. Jason Y

    I couldn’t even stand the thought of my adult family naked, much less having sex with them. So much for my adult family going to a nudist camp. Note, most of my family are “stereotypically, as society would falsely say”, beautiful looking. Nobody is fat etc..

  2. Vid

    This is pure sick. I dont think it is that common esp in close-knit families. Usually this kind of behaviour is observed when there are a lot of family issues like divorce, domestic violence, rape etc are going on. In muslims I dont know, but in many religions this is completely prohibited and it is parents fault if something like this is ever caught.

  3. Marilyn

    I think it occurs more often in families where the children are not properly socialized outside the family, and within the larger extended family, and not educated in a spiritual faith to make them aware that this is not acceptable behavior. Exploration of your own body is not prohibited, but a mutual sexual experience between siblings is not healthy for them emotionally, aside from the immorality of it. Incest may have been allowed years ago but time has proven this to be an unhealthy and unwise attitude toward sex.

    • Tony

      I agree. My first wife was the youngest of a family of six children, three girls and three boys. In the course of our 10 year marriage, she occasionally mentioned that she was very close to the oldest boy in the family, and gradually I was able (often with the help of alcohol!!) to get her to go into more detail.

      It was soon obvious that they had both been intimate with one another and had had oral sex. But some time later when my wife was very aroused and a little drunk, she admitted that she had had full sexual intercourse with him a number of times. I asked her how she felt about it, and she told me straight that she had really enjoyed the experiences and would certainly do it all over again if she had her life again. It clearly didn’t do her any harm at all, and I would go as far to say that she was a terrific lover who enjoyed sex immensely and made it very good for me too.

      In comparison, my second wife who was a Roman Catholic Convent Schoolgirl was and continues to be hopeless at sex, with so many hangups that I have had to quietly go elsewhere on occasions for relief. I would certainly have left her a long time ago if I didn’t love her so much!!

  4. Doesn't matter

    In native reserves in Canada it’s pretty much a guarantee that brothers will sexual molest their sisters once they start puberty. I’ve heard stories of parents putting locks on their youngest daughters door. Incest is huge in Canadian native reserves, but a lot of the time it’s not consensual. That’s at least what the girls I’ve dated said, but part of me thinks it is sometimes. Usually it’s forced at first i think, then it becomes consensual, but I can’t be sure about this. I know the girl I was talking to about this was in tears when talking about her experiences. I just find it hard to believe such rampant sexual incest is all not consensual. If it’s happening that much, some it has to be consensual

    • What does an aboriginal Canadian girl say after sex? Get off me Dad, you’re crushing my cigarettes.

    • Kirsta

      What is wrong with you? It may be consensual SOMETIMES, but sex that is “forced at first” is NOT CONSENSUAL, it is ALWAYS RAPE. And guess what, rape does happen “that much”.

    • Justin

      I think you are confusing consensual with resigned and no longer resisting. If girls are molested over and over again and nothing they do seems to make it stop, many just lay back and wait for it to be over.

      • A teenage boy cannot molest a teenage girl, even if it’s his sister. It’s simply not possible. It’s just sex. You are confusing little girls getting molested with teenage girls who have sex. By definition, a teenage girl cannot possibly be molested by anyone, not by a man, not by a boy, not by anyone.

        There is such a thing as no. If you are letting someone do something over and over to you and not resisting, by definition it’s consensual pretty much. You have to resist, say no, fight back, something in order for it to be real rape. It’s not rape just because she doesn’t want to do it. She has to say so.

        • shockey19

          You don’t know what “molest” means. Anybody of any age or gender can be molested. Molesting doesn’t just mean sex, molesting covers any kind of sexual contact. So obviously, by definition, anybody can be molested, because anybody can be touched. It makes no sense to say otherwise.

          It also makes no sense that resisting or fighting back is required for it to be rape, those things are completely irrelevant as to whether or not it’s rape. Rape is sex without consent, period, end of. If she doesn’t want it, it’s rape, the end. If somebody is doing something to you that you don’t want, and you don’t have the ability to stop them so you don’t try or you stop trying, it’s still rape. It makes no sense whatsoever to say otherwise.

        • Rape involves force or the threat of force. No force or threat of force, no rape. Period.

          Of course only kids can be molested. When it’s an adult, we use different terms.

        • shockey19

          Sex without consent is rape. Period. The use of force or the lack thereof is completely and totally irrelevant. Period.

          Molestation is molestation, age has nothing to do with it. Anybody can be molested at any age, it’s describing an act, not an age.

        • The definition has always been force or the threat of force. And really if there’s no consent, you’re probably forcing yourself on her. If she’s not saying no or fighting back, how the Hell are we supposed to know if she wants to do it or not. If she’s not consenting in her mind, well, fuck that. No one can observe that, and there’s no way to determine her lack of consent.

          Only children can be molested because all sex with children is assumed to be nonconsensual due to age. Molestation in a sexual sense simply means an adult having sex with a small child who cannot consent.

          Teenage girls are not children of course, so of course you cannot molest a teenage girl. What we call molestation in children is called illegal intercourse in teenagers.

          An adult cannot be molested and illegal intercourse is not possible with an adult. Sex with adults is either legal or it is sexual assault or rape.

          What are you, a male feminist? You said like a fag. Male feminists are FAGGOTS.

  5. abcde

    i think if there is consent between the siblings and they are enough mature to understand the physical pleasure, its not a bad idea

  6. Hank

    If it is consensual, neither is under age, and if they take all precautions to pratice safe sex to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, the question is: why not? Under such conditions it is a victimless “crime”. They may fulfill in the physical and emotional needs of both. Inter sibling sex is common in many European countries (France, the Netherlands, Russia, the Scandinavian countries), often with the knowledge of the parents (who in many cases will even assist their son and daughter to practice safe sex, and have ample opportunities to be alone together). There it is no big issue and incest is not a crime.
    With the advent of HIV and STD’s, and with reliable safe sex methods, inter-sibling sex is a good alternative to high risk sex with others. Besides, society’s attitude towards sex has changed over the years: it is no longer practiesed mainy for procreation (breeding, such as in the animal world) and practised for recreation and mutual enjoyment.

  7. Paule

    I am here because my partner has recently disclosed to me that he has had a sexual relationship with his older sister while they were “younger” (assuming teenagers, also 5 years apart). Now I have only been seeing him for the past 12 months, but what I can tell is that his whole family is close and functioning. My own family is more dysfunctional then his. He is 40 and seems to be unaffected by it. He also understands that sexual relationships between brother and sister are considered “taboo”.

    I am a very nonjudgmental person, but this I find this concerning, so I’m basically trying to understand it. Is it because I believe it to be unnatural that I find it hard to understand his calmness about it?

    • Of course that is why you cannot understand his calmness about it.

    • Dee

      I too care about someone who had an almost identical situation, I’ve wondered how it’s affected him as an adult, I don’t think it’s a positive thing. I know he feels guilt and it’s affected his sexuality. At this point I can only offer to have an open ear and let him speak when he feels that he has something to say about it. He seems to have a pretty normal relationship with his family members now. Some things are best left in the past and forgotten…

  8. Jason Y

    Finding a 2nd or 3rd cousin hot isn’t abnormal but should be massively discouraged anyway. However, there is some inborn resistance to seeing one’s family naked. However, among nudists for some reason they don’t seem to care and of course going beyond nudity is incredibly disgusting.

  9. Justin

    When I was growing up in the 1980s, I knew of several cases where an older brother had been sexually involved with a younger sister. They were not exactly open secrets, but the girls sometimes talked to their friends and there were a few pregnancy scares. To the best of my understanding, the girls preferred not to be in sexual relationship with their brothers. Excluding the clear cases of forcible rape, they were pressured into it in various ways by their brothers who usually had a lot of influence over them as an older sibling. They consented (though I would think the the words “submitted” or “relented” would probably be more appropriate) to the sexual contact for a lot of reasons. Either they thought that was normal, they didn’t want to get their brother in trouble, they didn’t think anyone would believe them or take their side, or they were emotionally dependent on their brothers because of emotional or physical neglect by their parents or guardians and had sex with them to keep from being rejected by them. The only case I personally knew of where the girl supposedly had no problem with the sexual relationship she had with her brother, she had a personality disorder and boundary issues. I don’t know if her problems stemmed from the relationship with her brother or from other things. She also slept with other people of both sexes from an early age and worked as a stripper.

    You can make all kinds of excuses for that kind of behavior, but I’ve never known anyone who had been in that kind of relationship who ever said it was healthy or who didn’t regret it. This kind of thing messes people up and they have problems developing healthy relationships.

  10. Zak Zhango

    Reading the bible it is clear that the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve must have had sex together so how about that for setting an example?

    • cher

      That’s because the children of Adam and Eve had no other options, they were the only people on Earth, you idiot. That was so different than now

    • J.D.

      it’s not in the regular Bible but in the LOST BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT all that is explained. Both Cain and Abel had twin sister. The master plan was for them to trade sisters. Satan got to Cain and convinced him that God was punishing him (Cain) by giving Abel the HOT sister. Another reason that Abeil got dead. Also there is much discussion that Cain MAY have been Satan’s son.

      Eliminate ‘apple’ from the discussion, even kids of 8-9 can figure out that Satan had Eve eat something quite different from an apple. Unless, of course, apples are long and very flesh toned.
      So Cain snuffed Abel and took his own sister and bolted for Nod. Which left ‘Abella’ an old maid. Then Adam and Eve tried that sex thing again and along come Seth. Then they had to wait for him to reach-because of need-precocious puberty. They needed him to breed ASAP.
      The concept of swapping siblings was intended to diversify the blood line as much as ‘humanly’ possible. But if this new hypothesis is true, it didn’t matter.
      S’n e way, Yes, incest is 5778 years old. Later, when the humans had evolved to become more human than Proconsul, and the need for them to develop into something above the Bonobos and rely on intelligence more than gang warfare to protect themselves and families, The bloodline had to dilute. Ergo, In Leviticus, Adonai (one of many Hebrew names for God) laid out the “who you can’t have sex with. BTW cousins are NOT included in the ban. Rememb er all those guys that were sent back to their mother or father’s tribe to get a cousin to marry?
      They had to stop ‘devo’ into drooling ape like beings and become human to survive.Still you find a few males who felt it necessary to get close to a sister. As you know the only thing those ‘tribe’ had to barter with for a dowry was their sister/daughter’s virginity. In home activity was limited to a little huggy back, kissy face and and taste testing.
      But, again, I say, “but” I do believe that all that taboo stuff like inter-famial sex was abolished along with the other 6oo + laws. Yeppers folks, the Jews had 603 laws in addition to the Mosaic laws.
      Adanoy (another Hebrew name for God) laid down the law that Yeshua (Jesus real name) reiterated to Peter(?) “love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, soul, spirit and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself” No more mention of incest.

      Yeshua said, “I came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it””. .A common practice then was for Pagans et. at., to sacrifice their first born son.Ergo, although not Pagan, El (yet another) had his Son sacrificed to reinforce his dedication to having his “chosen children” honor his motive.
      Therefore, if I am reading this information correctly, if you treat everyone else the way you want to be treated, you’re in ‘good hands’. I believe that would include zoo and necrophilia (one of those is a very popular and private sport. I’ll leave you to decipher it.
      Sermon is complete, Can I get an Aymayn? oh, read carefully ‘most\ of the kids in my ‘hood’ had sex with a sibling of opposite sex. Ofttimes exchanging sisters (or younger brothers) with the neighbors or on sleepovers.

  11. Lance

    I would try it if my sister was hot but both are NOT at all hot. Still the idea is a turn on, I bet there would some kind of repercussions. Lance

  12. LPC Counselor

    When does sex play and discovery become a problem? Brothers and sisters often show and ask each other how this works and what does it feel like. Since parents fail to educate children when they are ready to listen, the sibling older or younger becomes the resource to ask. Continual sexual contact after siblings become older is not appropriate, but without parents being involved, the limit becomes distorted.

    It happens and it does not always cause social problems. Without my older sister, I may never have known about sexuality. Parents never talked about sex. In fact my mother never knew she could have an orgasm til she was finished having children, and her daughter asked her about it.

  13. Joe

    I’ve been attracted to my sister since I was 7 or 8 years old, and at 13 that’s when I became very attracted to her. She is 2 years younger than me and did flirt with me back then like giving me the eye, etc., but we never touched unfortunately.

    But I believe if the feelings are mutual between brothers and sisters of a similar age and it becomes physical, it can be tremendously beneficial for both. Just think about it. If you have a partner who loves you whatever happens, it can be mentally and physically helpful, especially through difficult times like your teenage years at school and university.

    The only drawback I can see is the law and cultural attitudes towards it making it hard and thus destructive to both people. I think only in a few cases is it ever abusive, and these are the ones that get the publicity. Unfortunately the majority where the brother is the oldest, he wouldn’t think of hurting his sister because it will reflect on him for the rest of his life and damage him mentally if he had any morals. I believe these brothers who do hurt their sisters have mental health problems or have some form of brain damage or inherited disorder.

    • Peter

      I think that many brothers and sisters go through a young hormone induced flirtaceous period starting around puberty. You could call it experimental. In my case it started at 16 with the same age difference as Joe above. In our case it was consensual and she did touch me and I can say it was very beneficial to both of us at the time. There was no forcé and it was almost a daily occurence for many years. It was extremely pleasurable but I do have regrets and guilt but not at the time. We decided to end it because it was a relationship that had no future and we knew it was wrong but to me very exciting.

      • Rob Nally

        It was almost exactly the same with my own sister. Yes it was very pleasurable over more than a 10 year period but we had to end it for the same reasons.

  14. Joe, surely the real drawback is that if there is a baby born from brother and sister there is more of a chance that an undesirable gene will be present in the baby as there is insufficient diversity of DNA from the parents?

  15. How would this effect someone’s self image or self esteem? In later relationships would these memories be repressed. Certainly would not be a topic of conversation. Would you encourage continuing this behavior? Would you remain neutral? Would you pursue “why” ?

    • Um, I would not encourage such behavior. Instead I would remain neutral. But I would make it illegal to carry an incestuous baby to term. If you don’t abort it, you are both going to jail. I do not see why it is a problem other as long as they do not have kids.

      I am absolutely stunned at the numbers of brothers and sisters who fuck each other, even off into adulthood. It’s mind-blowing.

  16. Mimi

    How could anyone be turned on by their sibling??? Wrong and disgusting!!!!!!!!

    • Zak Zhango

      Please tell us more Mimi – just why is it wrong and disgusting? I can understand that social conditioning from childhood may make you believe that but with an open mind as an adult why would you believe that?

      • Mayur Varshne

        It may not be entirely unnatural to get physically attracted to one’s sister but the very same person can pretty well get physically attracted to his mother or his daughter.

        An individual can not be allowed to get carried away with every single whim and fancy of his.

  17. Meg

    I am VERY sexually attracted to my half-brother but we were not raised together I’m also very sexually attracted to my birth father who did not raise me. Can’t act on it though 😦

  18. jason voorhees


    Typical Redneck Behavior.



    • Zak Zhango

      Robert, did you discuss having intercourse with your sister and decided that it was wrong or did you or her not want to do it?

  20. It never occurred to me. My sister is nine years younger than I am.

    When I was 13-18, my sister was 2-9. At age 20, my sister was 11 years old. We were never that close anyway.

    Besides that, I am not saying she is not attractive, but I am not attracted to my sister at all for whatever reason.

    Now my girl cousins on the other hand…Wait, let’s not go there…

    • Zak Zhango

      Quote Robert:
      “Now my girl cousins on the other hand…Wait, let’s not go there…”
      Oh go on!

      • It’s part of history now, never to be repeated. I can’t be talking about those times on here. They might read this blog and if they find out I am talking about that, they will literally murder me. And most of my family knows nothing about it either. Could be scandalous. Let’s just say I was extremely close with at least one of my girl cousins and leave it at that, ok? Let your imagination run wild!

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  22. flav

    I also had a sexual relationship (oral sex) with my younger sister when I was 14 and she was 10. It was part of a game that we played together several times. Although it seems that both of us enjoyed it, I have felt guilty during my whole teenage years (I was scared of each car coming to our home, thinking it may be the police) until nowadays (I’m 29). We never talked about it, but I definitely would like to. So for me it was a pleasure moment followed by loads of remorse.

  23. Joe

    Any study of various animal group behaviors will indicate, as did exclusive breeding of specific “bloodlines.”
    The Christian belief of creation from Adam and Eve doesn’t leave us very much to interpret or question. However, the idea that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman, the fact that God put indemnity between them. Adam forced to till the earth, Eve to bear children, one could misunderstand that God wanted to punish them. Rather, the punishment was WORK! And not living in the paradise of the Garden of Eden.
    I like to put it in this context, as a child of the “cloth.” The Roman Catholic Church was notorious for separating children from parents at birth, or giving the wrong child to the wrong parent, or the parents wanted to arrange a marriage. Just imagine your parent’s lying to you. You fall in love with your “sister,” AND SHE’S NOT! Talk about psychological abuse!
    You make love, but you feel guilty because years after, you unjustly thought you committed incest. Then the community you live in shuns you, your “friends’,” abandon you, you literally want to die.
    If the state you live in will let second cousins marry, as does the Roman Catholic Church, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?
    In Judiasm, there’s the story of Ruth and her father. Which kept the blood line of King David. It wasn’t uncommon for the daughter of the father to have her way with her father or brother. This behavior wasn’t entirely shunned, but when religion, holy text, or the “moral system,” based on the previously discussed religions’ holy texts has codified what sexual behavior is legal or illegal…..REFER TO ZOOLOGY AND THE BEHAVIORS’ OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.
    This “argument,” can lead to heated discussion questioning Monagomus Relationships’, or any ” regulation,” of sexual behaviors’.
    Also, sexual behavior between jueveniles’ 16 years and under, its exploratative nature should be consider part of the natural progression from adolescence, to early adulthood, etc…

  24. Mikee Adkins

    I am a man who has struggled with very overwhelming sexual desires for his younger half sister for years now and even though i could never do anything to hurt or harm her in anyway, my sexual desires and urges for her continue to affect me today. I have dated and slept with numerous beautiful, sexy women over the years, that i’ve been aroused by and wanted sexually but not once have i experience the type of overwhelming sexual desires that my half sister continues to ignite in me, and i truly believe that these desires can never be fulfilled.

    I try my very best to see her as my sister and even though i do love her as a brother should, i still struggle with these desires that i can’t even begin to express. I know how wrong and crazy this all sounds but everything in me, my entire being, tells me that she and i together,engaging in such a forbidden act, would be a sexual awakening for us both. For whatever the reason i somehow know that our bodies together would produce a pleasure unlike anything she and i have ever experienced, which is something i think about often, but i fear if it were to ever happen that she and i would not be able to stop or have a normal sex life because of our lack of fulfillment, only felt when were together.

    Perhaps i’m crazy and need help, i’m not sure, but i do know for certain the way my body responds to her is unlike anything i’ve ever felt before and this alone causes my sex life to struggle because of my lack of sexual fulfillment that my body craves so desperately, telling me that her alone is the only person capable of producing this type of sexual attention. Perhaps in time these feelings will subside and fade away but if that is the case, i still worry that i will continue to seek out a pleasure that my body tells me, only she can give me, which i know will continue to cause me problems in life…

    • Wow, what a comment. Thanks Mike for letting your hair down and pouring it out for us. I don’t have any advice to give you, but you sure have an interesting story to tell about a part of your psyche. The world is full of very interesting people, and you are one of them.

      Thanks again for the confession. Hope it gave you some release.

  25. Jenn

    I was the instigator with my younger brother in our teenage years. he was 16 when I was a few months past 17. Feelings, emotions, anxiety, and hormones were influencing me then but I grew more mature during 9 years in the Air Force and understood myself only much later on. The things we did were exploratory but also satisfied, some, of my curiosity and ‘passion’, more than I understood then. I wanted to try things. I didn’t have anywhere to go. We were together that way eight times.

    I read what Justin said up above, and likely back then, I was pressuring him into it. It didn’t seem that way at the time. I didn’t have anyone else in school I trusted to go all the way with. We kept our secrets as Dad and Mom never found out. We talked about it a few months before my wedding. Said to each other that we shouldn’t feel guilty any more, that we are family, that we have to support each other for the rest of our lives. So it is in both of our pasts where it belongs.

  26. I it happens in our world i have this thing it is real

  27. kuaku agbemor

    Please i flirt with the same 2 sisters after I have Have burning sensation in my penis. Is it sexual transmitted desease or it was the act of the sex. Please help me out.

  28. Heidi Brollin

    This article seems to be pretty presumptuous. Although I can tell you that I have experience in this area.

    When I was 14 and my Brother was 19, we started doing it practically daily. I was actually the curious one, and I pretty much initiated things. My Brother hesitated in the beginning, but soon we screwed constantly. Not even taking precautions at times, it was a miracle I didn’t get pregnant considering there were times when he ejaculated inside of me.

    Having told my story, I don’t believe this kind of behavior is that prevalent between biological siblings.

    • Jerry

      I’m finding it is.. When I was 9 and two sisters 12 and 14.. we were home on a Saturday evening alone. (older was babysitting). They came into bathroom when I was in the tub . They said they were suppose to check if I was clean. They had me stand up in the tub and with the bar of soap rubbed me all over including my butt crack and all around my erect penis. They said it was all right, they had seen it many times when I was little.they used their hand on my shaft and said it had to be rubbed to get it cleaned.. I remember how it felt so good, I all of a sudden said I was going to pea. They said it was ok, do it (because they knew what was going to happen) white goo squirted out and I said what was that? They said now I was clean. That was the start of sex play..We may have been trailer house trash, but we played. For my 13th birthday, my the 18 year old sister let me fuck her pussy with a condom.

      • Wait. You ejaculated when you were nine years old? I’m calling bullshit on this, bro.

        Nice story though! Love the pedo/incest theme. You tackled two ferocious taboos in one paragraph. Shout out!

        “Now you’re clean” lol. I always said that Lolitas had a great sense of humor. Those are some of the funniest females out there. There’s not many females funnier than a 13 year old girl, although college girls are pretty damn funny too. Like most of us, females become less humorous as they age.

  29. Sandy

    I agree that incest is pretty common. When my cousins would visit, my oldest cousin would sleep in my bed. She would lift up her night gown and dry hump me and after she was done she convinced me to do it to her. I knew it was something we shouldn’t be doing, but it felt good. At some point my best friend and I started dry humping and we did it almost everyday after school. We would take our clothes off to do it. Eventually my younger sister caught us and we would do the same or masterbate each other. We stopped doing this early in high school when I started dating.

    In college, when I started dating my husband, we did what probably most everyone does, and talk about our experiences. I told him what is did. He said his sister started dragging herself on his leg when they were young. They would play house and when it was “night time”, they undressed and would lay on each other and rub. Their parents were really strict about dating and basically didn’t allow them to. They continued until she left for college. It took me a long time to ask if he actually had sex with her, he admitted they did.

  30. Mike

    I was 13 and my sister was 19. The summer after her Freshman year in collage, she would shower downstairs in the bathroom next my bedroom. She would leave the door slightly opened like 2 inches. So when she was out of the shower I would “accidentally” walk by , getting an amazing view .Many nights after her shower , she would come in my bedroom with just a nighty on and no undergarments, it was thin and almost see through, and she would sit on the bed to chat. Her breast would slide out and she would act like she didn’t know. Some nights she would then get up and and before leaving, check my breath to make sure I brushed. We she would do that bending over, her perfect C breasts would be dangling, and I am sure she saw me checking them.

    One week before she went back to collage she came in and was sitting on me and got me aroused, knowing it she starting sitting on my hardon , with me under the sheets separating us, while talking. When she left , I got out of bed and masturbated on the spot. When I went to the bathroom to get a towel , I saw her walking away from my door saying ‘good boy”.. I masturbated a lot over her, she was hot, but there was nothing more then extreme teasing from her. But for your 19 year old sister to spy on you masturbating, then saying “good boy”, that turned me into a sex freak that I struggle with now.

  31. SaraLina

    I’m Sara 27yrs and My Sister Lina is 25yrs this year.

    I have been in love with my cute sister since I was a kid.
    We both grows closely which Ties Us with a very Special & Unique
    Bonds which makes Us grew even more closer from the small age of me at 6yrs and my Sister at 4yrs.
    As We grew even older, Our Closeness turns playfully to Intimacy and Stopped when We both were so readily waiting to Make Real Sex as we bout to turn teen.when My Sister hits her Puberty. She refuses to talk to me till she finishes her high school and then leave to Russia to continue her studies.
    She just got graduated and came back home, unfortunately i’m not staying with parents anymore as I’m working away from my house.
    I’m so desperate to meet her and gets reunited back to have incest consensual relationship again with her.
    I just want to make love with my sister and keeps her happy.
    My Sister is My First Love & My First Fuck.
    She’s my Baby Princess and I’ll always Loves You even though We’ve stopped making Love since i was 13yrs and she was 11yrs

    My Love is always there for You for My Dear Sister, Princess Lina.

    If you are brother sister incest lover like me then please do write to me at

  32. Roger

    My younger brother and I (both male) began having sex when I was 14 and did it every single day. We still occasionally get together.

  33. Most of the stories here are pointing to the boy being older than the girl, but in my case, it was the other way round, and it started very young. My sister is 13 months older than me, and it was always her who instigated sex. It started when I was about 7 and she was 8 just showing each other our private parts, and in those days we took baths together on a Friday night (yes Friday was bath night, believe it or not) and mum used to leave us to soak while she went about doing whatever she had to do.

    Well, we sat facing each other in the bath, and I think it started accidentally when our toes would go between each others legs and make contact with our privates. My sister was more forward than I was, and she was the one who always started putting her feet between my legs and making my cock stiff. After a while she would move close to me with her legs around the outside of mine so that I was between her legs, and she would push forward so my stiff cock would contact her pussy, and we would wriggle against each other like that.

    It felt good but we knew it was naughty and not to tell anyone. Obviously for my sister just once every bath night for a rub of her pussy against my cock wasn’t enough, and I remember coming home from school one day, and mum was still at work, we always changed out of our school clothes, and while we were changing this particular day, my sister asked me to lay on top of her before putting on our old play clothes; which I did, and she guided my cock between her legs and positioned it so it rubbed up and down between her slit; it didn’t go in, but being so young, of course I thought I was fucking her.

    She let me do this for about 10 minutes and then she started to buck really hard, and after she said he had got a “feeling.” Of course I didn’t know what that was at the time, but she always told me to get off and that was enough for now. Of course later on I realised she had an orgasm, and when we did it she told me she always got the “feeling.”

    One day while fucking her without penetration of course lol she had her feeling and was bucking under me like a wild stallion, and then she told me she had had enough and to get off, but this particular time, I couldn’t bring myself to stop, my cock was starting to get the feeling too although I didn’t realise that at that moment what was happening, she told me again to get off, but I kept going, and POW, I got the feeling, and I told her I had after I got off of her.

    I felt strange and thought somehow I had broken my cock. After that I started playing with my cock in bed, and sure enough I could make myself have the “feeling” There was no cum of course. My sister and I did that until she was 17 and I was 16, but we never put my cock inside her, although it nearly slipped in a few times, but she knew how to move her body to a different position and made it so my cock just slid up and down her slit.

    In all the times we did that, I only got the feeling twice, and both those times was before I started making cum. I was 13 the second time it happened, it was a quickie up against the back wall of our garden shed and she came quickly and again told me it was enough, but I was too far gone and got the “Feeling” while she was telling me to stop.

    We stopped doing it once she got a boyfriend, and I always use to jerk myself off after we “fucked” but not in front of my sister. She never saw me cum. The reason why we did it? Well, you can come up with all the little reasons that people come up with, but the reason why we did it was because we loved it, we loved the feeling of my cock sliding between her legs, and there was no underlying reason such as the way we were brought up, it was simply because we loved the sex side of it.

    We both went on to get married and have children, and it hasn’t effected our relationship, It was a good time in our lives, and I don’t regret it, and if I had my time over again, I would do it again, but this time I wouldn’t be so passive and be so dominated by my sister. I would take control and fuck her until I got the feeling too. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

    I am grateful for this website, as I have never told my story before, and now I am glad that I have. Oh by the way this started when I was about 7 or 8 and way back in the 1950’s when this sort of thing was really taboo and not spoken about. I am now 77, and she is 78. Thank you for listening to me. I am glad to get it off my chest finally.

  34. Sam

    My sister was 18 and I was 14.. Just like Mike said, she teased me a lot. Walking around in her nighty before bed with no undies. Picking things up and her ass checks would peak out. Breasts hang out a bit. I had a bedroom in the basement, kind of not finished, but since I was the only bedroom downstairs, I had no door. Wasn’t need I guess. I was masturbating over her shortly after her teasing me again, and I saw her peaking.. I whispered what are you doing, and she came walking in and said sorry. She said she had watched me a few times already and was just so curious and excited about sex. That night we started masturbating together. First we would do it watching each other at the same time, then we would do it to each other. When she came back from collage she had a boyfriend and we never did again. Felt hurt and not worthy.

  35. tom

    I had a sexual experience with my blood sister

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