Marital Rape in India

SHI writes:

Robert, I recently attended a workshop on marital rape and feeling absolutely terrible. I interacted with victims, usually young women who were repeatedly raped by their husbands without concern for their genital health and overall well-being. In places like India, almost 50% of men consider it their right to rape their wives and use them as an outlet for their sadistic, lustful desires. Burn marks, cigarette smoke marks, profuse bleeding in and around the vaginal and anal areas and a heightened sense of trauma is the lot of these women.

Most of them bear this treatment silently with no legal recourse. If they go to a police station to lodge a complaint, they’re simply told to “adjust” with their rapist husbands and forget about it. The government of India simply refuses to make marital rape a crime fearing social disorder and anarchy, although there is a lot of pressure from human rights groups. Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) considers the forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below 15.

Developed countries like the US, UK and Australia had criminalized marital rape right in the 1970s or something. Even Thailand and Turkey, an Islamic nation, have criminalized marital rape.

But two-thirds of the world still allows inconsiderate husbands to rape their wives including China, India, South Asian nations, several places in Africa and Middle-East.

This is an excellent subject for a post. You should not be able to rape your wife. No, no, no, no, no. This is one thing that you just cannot do. I have never in my life actually raped a girlfriend. I have never actually raped a date anywhere.

At times they required a bit arguing and debate about whether we should fuck or not or whether she should go home with me or not.


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16 responses to “Marital Rape in India

  1. SHI

    ,i>This is an excellent subject for a post. You should not be able to rape your wife. No, no, no, no, no. This is one thing that you just cannot do.

    Touched a raw nerve there. A majority of Indian men wouldn’t agree with you (or me!) on that point. This illustrates one of the most basic differences between backward cultures like South Asia and Western thinking.

    The topic of marital rape in India is a Pandora’s box that can rip existing social structures of that country to shreds. Think about it, most Indian men wouldn’t get laid, whatsoever, if they were legally prevented from raping their wives. It begs believing if most Indian men are products of rape themselves (marital rape, that is) and are strong carriers of the rape gene. Very interesting research, it argues that nearly 40 percent of the risk of committing rape is determined by genetics. The idea is that a propensity to rape might be transmitted genetically, because someone who rapes who would be more likely to pass on his DNA than a nicer guy.

    Here, the Indian government is actually rising to the defense of men who rape their wives

    “It is considered that the concept of marital rape, as understood internationally, cannot be suitably applied in the Indian context,” Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary said in a written statement to India’s upper house of Parliament.

    Damn, I knew India was always kinda a backward hellhole but the more I educate myself on sensitive topics like this, I am disgusted beyond choice of words.

  2. Subliminal Star

    If these men in India cannot get their act together and stop these atrocities against women, then corporations here in the United States of America shouldn’t be sending American jobs overseas to that country. (They shouldn’t be doing so anyhow because of unemployment here in our country, but you get my point.) Sending American jobs and money their way only sends the message that our country condones this type of sordid and abusive behavior.

  3. Spamby

    I don’t understand how you can rape your wife. If she’s your wife then you have the right to have sex with her don’t you?

    • Actually in the US and UK you cannot. There are lots of sexless marriages over here. It is quite common in the US, Canada and Europe for wives to just give up sex and refuse to have sex with their husbands anymore. The women are usually about 35-50 years old and they have had a couple of kids.

      • Spamby

        Well I mean you don’t have to be rough you can just feel her up gently and then fuck her couldn’t you? Or do they just shut down all sex completely?

        • I do not know. They shut it down, get really bitchy and angry and if you try to get something going with them, they say “Ew” and get mad and push you away. When they cut you off like that, you are not going to charm her into giving it up. Sometimes the cutoffs are temporary but often they last a long time.

          Sometimes they ration it out. A girlfriend of mine had a gf about age 42 who said she gave her husband a blowjob once a year on his birthday. She cuts you off for a long time and a lot of guys just quit asking for it. They often take separate beds or even separate bedrooms. The woman might have her own bedroom downstairs.

          There’s nothing you can do about it. I have heard many cases like this, and none of the men raped their wives after they get cut off. But then maybe I run in some classier circles. Maybe lower class guys do just rape the bitch, so to speak.

  4. A lot of Japanese men also completely and permanently shut their wives out of sex nowadays. Their doctors prescribe them lots of anti-depressants and sleeping pills to help them cope with the lack of sex.

  5. What can we do about sexless marriages? At least divorce courts should take refusing sex quite seriously. We can’t go back to legal marital rape, and it’s bizarre that it was legal everywhere until the sixties. But, the dread of a sexless marriage scares people away from marrying.

  6. Jason Y

    Some women don’t like sex or touching that much, and some do. Of course, the problem though might be the women who don’t like it, don’t really love their husbands. If a woman really likes their partner, as with mine and it’s overkill lol, then they’ll want it 24.7,

    Could it be women are forced into marriage with piggish men they don’t really love? It could be mainly due to a family arrangement.

  7. Sorry, wrong post! I was caught up writing a comment for your post on Jared Taylor and I forgot that I had clicked on this post. Time to eat some food, LOL.

    Robert, if you don’t mind, is it possible to delete this comment here and move it over to the recent post on Jared Taylor?

  8. SHI

    Robert, on a side note, have you dated black American women on a long-term basis? How was the experience like?

    For me, it’s been a forbidden fruit so far. Does that make me a bit racist? Maybe but I would hate that label. I mean I hang out with black guys all the time. One of my black friends from Amsterdam is coming down to my place in April and he’s absolutely adorable. He’s a Rastafarian, one of the most relaxed, down-to-earth and cool people I ever met.

    Among black women, I find plenty of them very hot: Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Georgianna Robertson, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys, Pam Grier (in her 70s pics) or Naomi Campbell. I have heard stories of anger

    I did go out on a dinner once with this African girl from Gambia. Nowadays in India, black people aren’t a rare sight – nightclubs, restaurants, sports grounds and offices. And from what I heard, they don’t face that much racism as in the past, I mean nearly not as much as North-Eastern Indians (the so-called “chinkies” do). They’re mostly surrounded by Indian friends who tend to be over-protective so that they don’t face any racism or harassment. But, generally, they’re fine. It’s becoming very common to meet black people in office buildings.

    Well I have to say this, most people I know of kinda love blacks, rap music and black celebrities. In fact, every black dude that can jive is a mini-celebrity here.

    But yes, it’s still frowned on to date or form long-term associations with blacks. Privately, many Indians still use the word “nigger” and “negro’ to describe them.

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