Repost: The Indian Personality: Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Intertwined

This is a great article from a ways back that neither slams Hindu Indians nor venerates but instead simply objectively describes what is going on with them. We talk about India and this subject in particular on here, so I thought this piece would be germane to the discussion. Plus, a lot of you have probably not read it. Hopefully it will stimulate some discussion.

A fine new Indian Hindu commenter named Janardhan has appeared on our blog, and he repeats some of the same things that other insightful Hindus such as ILOR, Rahul and Pranav have said. This shows us that not all Indian Hindus are bad people and that some of them are capable of looking inwards and trying to better their society. I consider both Rahul and Pranav at least to be strong Indian patriots who simply want the best for their country. As they see it, getting the best for India is going to require some massive changes, hence their critical patriotism.

Hindus have a strange mix of superiority and inferiority complexes. Deep down they massage their ego about how their civilization was ‘da greatest’ with a total ignorance about other civilizations and their achievements. According to Hindus, Ancient India compared to the rest of the world is equivalent to comparing the city of Vienna during Mozart with highlanders in Papua New Guinea. As if Ancient India was like this huge Vienna while the rest of the world were primitive.

But during the last centuries they were first enslaved by Muslims from Central Asia/Persia (whom they consider savage bloodthirsty barbarians ignoring the intellectual side of Islamic civilization which itself was plagiarized to a good extent from Greek learning) and then the Europeans.

One difference was that in the case of Islamic invaders they could hide under the carpet the invaders’ intellectual side, and they are thus dehumanized as savage bloodthirsty monsters (this label is justified though as the Islamic rulers were quite brutal). But when the Europeans, especially the British, came, they could not ignore their obvious technological superiority with their steam engines and telegraphs.

Thus the conflicting superiority/inferiority complex feelings.

They were as per their myth Numero Uno Civilization in the world, but now they are nearly at the bottom. White people with their strange but seeming superior looks and behavior give us an inferiority complex. Besides, even the Japanese/ Koreans are way ahead of us, and now the Chinese are racing ahead. Mainland Indians just cannot accept the rise of China: “Those Chinkis like the Chinkis of Nepal and North Eastern Indians going ahead of us, not possible,” we say.

Thus the desire to prove ancient India being as technologically advanced as the modern world since the modern technological world is 90% a White creation and we cannot fathom a people other than us could have done so.

I think this is same with the Arabs with their Islam. Islam, the last word of God and having an Arab as its last and greatest prophet, has fallen behind the White nonbelievers. Oh, the horror.

Blacks, well most Indians consider Blacks as some savage monkey people anyways.

I would say we Indians are some of the most racist people in the world, but our racism is very subtle.

As someone who works in mental health, I would like to point out the obvious. A person with both a massive superiority and inferiority complex going at the same time is a common creature. This is typical for Cluster B personality types: especially Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders. But it associated more with narcissism than anything else.

In fact, all proper analyses of narcissism begin with the supposition that what is going on in narcissism is often a huge inferiority complex which is apparently being compensated for by its opposite, a huge superiority complex. My view is that the worse the narcissist’s inferiority complex, the greater their superiority complex must be to compensate for it. Whereas if one feels only a bit inferior, one has only to feel a bit superior to compensate as all human beings are trying to equalize things and get at what I call the “zero state” of perfect equilibrium where everything is ok.

Many analyses of the Indian personality on this site have noted the profound narcissism apparent in most Indian Hindus. In many cases, this also looks like solipsism, but then narcissism and solipsism tend to go together anyway (Look at the Jews, the most solipsistic people on Earth).


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20 responses to “Repost: The Indian Personality: Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Intertwined

  1. Jason Y

    South Korea as well as many European and Asian natons are the same. They think they’re superior, but the facts say they aren’t. For instance, many 1st world nations are dominated by the US military etc.. despite the snobby feeling that American culture is barbaric, inferior.

    Also, many 1st world nations are just as snobby, snooty toward the third world poor, yet at the same time they complain they, the 1st world nations, are colonized by the US and whine about it all the time.

    • Jason Y

      Meant to say “Also, many 1st world nations are just as snobby, snooty toward the third world poor as the USA, yet at the same time they complain they, the 1st world nations, are colonized by the US and whine about it all the time.

    • Jason Y

      So as with India who is vastly superior to everyone, as commonly preached but the upper castes, yet they can’t deal with the obvious fact they were colonized and humiliated,

    • That’s human nature….herd/sheep mentality to believe they are the best thing to have happened to Earth but the difference between them and the majority of Indians is that they aren’t so in your face and deluded like every Indian out there. This shows a psychological need to be liked, approved. Just go on youtube and see how many moronic Indians post videos asking validation about their culture by foreigners.,

  2. Interesting article.
    Hindus of India are a curious bunch. The biggest handicap these people suffer from is a distinct and remarkable lack of Pride ( the inferiority as the article comments on ) . They claim that they have been ” enslaved ” by both the Muslims and the Europeans. What kind of a self hating , low life subhuman openly admits that his ancestors were enslaved by a foreign power. It’s like they don’t have even a semblance of shame or Pride. This is in direct contrast to Germanics or even the Muslims/East asians.
    Particularly the Germanics . What a prideful bunch of people. It didn’t matter if it was the goths going against the romans or Nazi Germany going against everyone else , their belief in their superiority is unwavering. If you believe you are great , you will end up doing great things. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. Can you imagine a bunch of Hindus conquering an entire continent and then developing it into a powerhouse like North America.
    I see this distinct lack of pride in the Hindus of USA everyday. Meek , docile , pathetic little creatures walking around with an apologetic aura around them. No backbone , no ballz. Nothing. It is shameful really.

    • Very happy to have on board my Indian friend. We have a number of Indians on here just like you. Make yourself at home. I enjoyed this comment BTW.

    • Rishi Jha

      What are you talking about? Lack of pride? If anything they are the proudest most boastful bunch on this planet. I often wonder how the Irish or Americans are voted as the most patriotic…Indians need to validate their patriotism or the sun doesn’t set. Here in India morons swear by India on anything and everything. It’s sickening.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but they were enslaved by Muslims and Europeans. In a sense, the self hate of many nations is understandable. It’s just very annoying to listen to when you go over there. Of course, on top of this realization and whining, is the fact they try to tell tall tales about how they (the conquered nation) are superior to everyone.

      I gotta an idea. Maybe nationalism is BS. Maybe people should be just thinking in terms of people and not tribe. One can say I made it in this world and it’s a tribute to me, not my tribe.

  3. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    While I agree with much of the interwined ‘superiority’/inferiority, unlike the Muslims, Hindus have the added hilarity that they kept very poor historical records, thus make bragging easy.

    Much of their superiority claims are on fragile grounds. I suspect India is the only country on earth where elite bullshit regularly without shame.

    Besides Mr. Modi’s claim ancient Hindus invented xeno-organ transplants, now Indian school kids are taught that Ancient Hindus invented stem cell tech, motor cars, televisions and what not….Overall, it’s a ‘pride manufacturing’ process to compensate for the lack of real pride.

    Incidentally, US, the lone superpower, has no ancient civilization, the German were once considered barbarians by the Romans and Greece, and the ancient cradle of old Euro culture is now an economic basket case.

    If someone said u’re in a shit pit, u’ll try to grab a straw, if the straw isn’t there, u’ll pretend there’s a straw.

    • Jason Y

      Generally speaking, pride in what you can’t prove is sure way to be hated at a university or in real life. Students pick on such students without mercy. The response is, “Oh really?” lol Usually the response is much worse and littered with vulgarity and assults on one’s manhood.

  4. Lol. How did you figure out I am from India…?

  5. This is a test prompt in an attempt to get myself un-banned. Thanks, Will Hyres

  6. SeymourTeets

    Robert, please write a post on how to become more intelligent.Thank you.

  7. Jason Y

    Does anyone think the .us domain extention or for that matter or .in is a good idea or is it a sign or narcissism and other negative things? Note, despite American pride, the .us extention is not the most popular doesn’t have as much value as a .com or even a .org

  8. Jason Y

    quote by Halal

    Incidentally, US, the lone superpower, has no ancient civilization, the German were once considered barbarians by the Romans and Greece, and the ancient cradle of old Euro culture is now an economic basket case.

    But Mexico, that hated nation of illegal immigrants, does have an ancient civilization, the Aztecs.

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