Repost: Human-Bigfoot War, Oklahoma, 1855

I am reposting this classic post because it continues to get linked around a lot, and a lot of you have probably never read it and you might get a kick out of it. I have no idea if this story is true or not, but it has a lot of obscure details, and there are quite a few other Indian stories along the same lines. Whether its true or not, it sure is a great story! Wouldn’t this story make a good movie? The original story, which is actually much better written than my version, is here.

Too weird.

The giants in the story appear to be Bigfoots.

Choctaw territory in Indian Territory was in SE Oklahoma, which is Ground Zero for Bigfoots in Oklahoma.

Interesting story. The Bigfoots (only referred to here as the giants) had been raiding human settlements on SE Oklahoma and Arkansas for some time, mostly stealing vegetables. They had also been stealing human children and apparently eating them. A Choctaw search party was organized, led by Joshua LeFlore.

This man actually existed. He was born in the Choctaw Nation in 1797 and died in Indian Territory in 1855. So apparently this story, if it is true, is from 1855. It must be later than 1838 because Indian Territory was only established in that year. It references Arkansas, and that state was let in in 1836. There was not yet a state of Oklahoma, not to come into being until 1907. So the story must have taken place from 1838-1907.

A hunting party tracks the Bigfoots down and finds a giant mound with the bodies of 19 human children the Bigfoots have been kidnapping and eating. The Bigfoots are covered in hair, and the bad smell of their shit and piss is everywhere. Most of the humans’ horses rear up and throw their riders, which is what horses do when they see Bigfoots.

The humans attack the Bigfoots, and LeFlore empties his revolver at one, but it’s useless. The Bigfoot kills LeFlore’s mount with a single blow and then tears off LeFlore’s head. The rest of the Indians open up with .50 caliber Sharp’s buffalo rifles (designed to drop a buffalo) on the beasts, from experience aiming at their heads, as this is the best way to kill them. Two Bigfoots drop. A Choctaw Indian hunts down LeFlore’s killer and finishes it off with a hunting knife. Then he decapitates it for good measure.

The Indians bury what’s left of the kids, then bury their leader, giving him a 21 gun salute. Then they make a bonfire and burn the Bigfoots on the fire. They ride home, heading for bad dreams, maybe lasting a lifetime.

Wild story! The giants certainly seem like Bigfoots. Many Indian tribes describe Bigfoots as highly aggressive, stealers of men, women and even children. Young women were apparently taken for mates. Bigfoots would descend on Indian villages with whistles before raining rocks down on the Indians.

Many Western tribes describe areas of their territory that were totally off limits, and the Indians refused to go there, for these were the territories of the Bigfoots. These territories were full of game, but the Indians were so terrified that they avoided them like the plague. Why would Indians avoid a forage-rich area area due to creatures that don’t even exist?

Probably the Bigfoots were more aggressive against Indians because the Indians did not have good methods for killing them. Power comes from the barrel of a gun after all. Bigfoots are highly intelligent and appear to have a language. Our guns are very powerful, much more powerful than the Indians’ weapons. Bigfoots have probably learned to fear and respect us due to our weaponry, and that is why they are much more pacifistic than they were in the Indian era and even during the early era of White settlement of the West.

Most animals figure out who the apex predator is and leave it alone. In North America, humans are the apex predator par excellance. I would imagine that most animals figure this out at some point, or there is some race memory due to genetic selection. For instance, grizzly bears that are highly aggressive are rapidly killed by humans, and the surviving bears that pass on genes are the most passive and avoidant ones.

There is a precedent for stealing children. During times of famine in Africa, chimpanzees are known to raid human villages, steal human babies and eat them.

Who knows if the story is true, but it sure is cool!

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9 responses to “Repost: Human-Bigfoot War, Oklahoma, 1855

  1. Even if that’s not true, its a great story lol.

  2. Bears do not really walk upright. What do you mean “they are bears that walk upright?”

    • that’s really fucking weird to see. eerie

    • Nobody who sees one thinks it is a bear walking upright. They think it is an “ape,” a “gorilla,” a “prehistoric man,” or a “wild man.” It walks like a man, not a bear on two legs and it looks nothing like a bear at all. The face looks like an ape or a man and the body looks like body of a man.

  3. What is the Bigfoot fascination? It’s a Cali thing?

  4. I live in California. California after all is the home of the Patterson-Gimlin film, the greatest Sasquatch film ever made! I know several people right here in California who have seen these things and a couple have filmed them right here in this state, mostly in the Sierra Nevada. I also know a guy who says he shot and killed two of them. I believe him implicitly.

    There is a lot of activity around here and even when there is not, Californians go to other states like Washington and Arizona and do research there. There are many Sasquatch sightings right here in this state including a number of shootings, killings and body discovery stories. I imagine there are quite a few of these things running around here, especially in the Sierra Nevada and in Northwest California.

    Main thing is I KNOW THESE THINGS ARE REAL. I am 100% certain that they are real or as close to 100% as anyone can be. As long as I am that certain that these things are real, I will continue to write about this subject. I KNOW that these things will be discovered for real by science one day. I may be dead before that occurs, but I know that it will occur sometime in this century. This is the story of the century, and I and all of my fellow believers are right in the middle of it! It is an exciting time and place to be alive.

    • Robert, Did you hear anything more about the other independent study that had the same results as Ketchum? I hope they do come forward and back her findings.
      I am also looking forward to the findings of the peruvian skulls she tested/testing.
      You should do a story about the other species of hominids they have recently found, that fit into Ketchum’s timeline over the last couple of years. None of the scientist actually analyzed her data,
      they rejected the study by saying that her theory does not fit into the hominid timeline, which i believe was a terrible argument for rejecting her findings.

      • Yes there have been two studies. The first one was not even a study at all, but instead was more or an armchair analysis.

        In that one. a famous geneticist named Dr. Swenson took a look at her data and ran one of her chromosomes. He was stunned. He said it came out exactly like she said, as some sort of an unknown non-human hominid! They asked him if that proved that Bigfoot is real, and if he believed in Bigfoot now, and then he backtracked a bit and said nothings even proven in science. He paused and then he said, “Let’s put it this way. I am 100% certain that there is an unknown animal in the Pacific Northwest.”

        I was confused but apparently there was ANOTHER study, this one by a whole team, and they unlike Swenson conducted an actual study. I am not sure if they ran some of her material or if they just BLASTed her raw data, but they came out with the same thing when they BLASTed the whole genome. They said basically Ketchum’s conclusions are 100% correct and this DNA is definitely from a hybrid between a human and an unknown hominid.

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