Computer Hardware for Sale

Two 1 GB DDR-2 memory sticks, used for maybe 6 months. This is the modern memory that most systems are running. Selling used for $20-30/stick on Amazon and Ebay. Make offer.

Three 512MB DDR-1 memory sticks, used, good shape. Selling for $5-15/stick online (mostly $10). Make offer.

Samsung CLP-315 laser printer. Good shape, ran well for years. Looks almost new, little wear. Nice looking, does not look old and beat up. No cartridges. Selling used $140-175 on various online sites. Make offer.

USB to PS/2 adapter. Connects to a USB port and then has two PS/2 cords to connect to both a PS/2 mouse and a PS/2 keyboard. Works fine. I am using it now. Only used maybe 2 weeks. Selling new online for $10-20. Make offer.

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