Rightwing Economics Is the Economics of the Rich

Rightwing economics is the economics of the rich. It’s only good for the rich, and it’s bad for everyone else. It is also good for the upper middle class. If you are in the top 20% of the income bracket, rightwing economics is good for you, but you are still getting screwed a bit, as the top 1% are getting way more than you are. Anyway, it’s a good deal. If you have an income above $75,000/yr, by all means, vote conservative. Help yourself to as much as you like.

But for most all working people and even for most middle class people, conservative economics is a raw deal. They are better off voting for a more Left economics – even Eisenhower’s would be fine.

Under Bush and Reagan, the entire top 20% of Americans gained money. The entire bottom 80% of Americans lost money over 12 years. Conservative economics involves a mass income shift from the lower to the upper.

In Chile, the bottom 2/3 of the population lost a dramatic amount of money under Pinochet, but the top 1/3 did very well. What Pinochet did was massively transfer wealth from the bottom 2/3 upwards to the top 1/3. In the US, Chilean economics would involve a massive transfer of wealth from people making under $62,000/yr to people making over $62,000/yr. If you are a Chilean, and you are not in the top 1/3 of the income bracket, you are nuts for supporting Pinochetism. Chilean economics would be a bad deal for most Americans too.

Everywhere on Earth that neoliberalism has been tried, especially in the 3rd world, only the top 20% of the population has benefited. This was the case in Latin America after 20 years of neoliberalism. Only the top 20% had benefited, and the bottom 80% had lost a lot of money. This is why Latin America turned Left recently. Rightwing economics had caused nothing but decades of failure.


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  1. Johnny

    Hell, we can even cut them some slack and say that some of the rich do good things. It’s not as if there aren’t some very good rich people out there. The problem is so many not only do very little to truly contribute given their wealth, but many even meddle in the political process (i.e. money equals free speech, a point that ignores the fact that some people are then given more or all free speech than others). Sheldon Adelson is a great example of this. A casino mogul who has a huge hard-on for a Greater Israel and will throw his money around to bend politicians to his will. His industry has negligible social value, but I’m not against regulated vices at all. I’m just not a fan of those people then trying to interfere in our lives and political process.

    The stats are very damning. The top 1% will soon have more than the rest of the planet: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30875633

    It’s the unfortunate result of decades of Cold War and then a malaise and incorrect assessments from people that the US had “won” as if this means anything. Yes totalitarianism sucks, no doubt about it, but you can’t conflate communism, socialism, totalitarianism, social democracy and liberalism into one thing. And I’m the first to agree that there are flaws in all of these isms, but I would prefer a discussion that comes up with solutions rather than the rightwing faith-based worldview (faith in an organic market that doesn’t exist, religious fanaticism disguised as people of faith who just want to help the rest of us find Jebus, and a need to combat “evil” as if the world is some black and white battleground) of conservatives here in the US (and many abroad, especially in the Anglo-sphere who have learned the worst things from us).

    I really just want some data and results if we’re to take GOP and conservative talking points seriously. If their ideology is so amazing, rather than touting energy rich Texas, why not explain why Wisconsin is worse after Walker and the Kochs scorched Earth policies (and attack on teachers even after they agreed to all of his demands!): http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/presidential-campaign/247539-a-closer-look-at-wisconsins-economy-under-gov-scott

    • EPGAH


      Communism is even MORE faith-based.

      As to the 1% having more than the rest of the planet, given that the majority of the breeding is from Third Worlders who make nothing but excuses, more of themselves, and excuses FOR making more of themselves, that’s not really saying much, is it?
      By the end of the century, AFRICA ALONE will have the population of the whole WORLD in 1994!

      What’s “Jebus”? Is this another hilarious slam on the right?
      The Third World–especially the Moslem Cult–IS Evil, as evidenced by everything from theft to rape to murder, to shit in the streets.
      Ideally, we could reform them. Richer, more patient, possibly even smarter people than me have tried. It failed to an extent they need to invent new words for.
      Letting massive numbers of this scum into our countries and trying to upgrade them that way has done nothing for their temperament, but HAS made accessing their victims easier! This is not a good thing!

      So we need to either contain or kill the scum. Preferably before they rape and murder us…more than they already have, I mean.

      Forget Scott, we need to change the whole educational system back to what WORKED! Start with worrying about FACT rather than FEELINGS, and order in the classroom–this does NOT mean “Room Service”!

      • Johnny

        This assumes that we need to compare Totalitarian Communism to say the US in the 1960s. Totalitarian states do require loyalty, but this doesn’t mean people support the system based on faith. In contrast, everything the GOP espouses is faith-based. Religious fundamentalism, worship of the market, an idealized American warrior fighting overseas and on down the line. More faith-based is thus relative.

        You’re ignoring the income inequality here in the US in order to blame it on population growth in sub-Saharan Africa? How does that correlate? How are they costing us anything? This once again ignores the fact that a tiny fraction of the planet’s people are receiving more and more of the wealth, which in US terms is about as bad anyway: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/nov/13/us-wealth-inequality-top-01-worth-as-much-as-the-bottom-90

        Jebus is what Homer Simpson calls Jesus. Yes, I’m ridiculing the religious right, whom I view as very negatively. Not gonna deny it. Again, what’s Islamic fundamentalism have to do with us? Are they trying ban abortion and commit violet acts against places like Planned Parenthood: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-abortion_violence#United_States

        For us living in the US, the bigger threat are Christian fundamentalists (not all Christians such as those very well meaning Nuns on the Bus for example) or political Christians who largely populate the GOP. Their boy was in-charge and led us into the Iraq war and appears to slipped up and claimed it was some sort of crusade at times. Indeed, that was a very hilarious administration.

        Okay, you need some stats to indicate that we are letting in “scum.” I agree this country can’t just take a ton of people without adverse consequences, but I don’t think that’s the case. And we now have a decline in illegal immigration: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/11/19/5-facts-about-illegal-immigration-in-the-u-s/

        Also, in terms of percentage, illegals cause fewer crimes than US citizens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegal_immigration_to_the_United_States#Economic

        You might want to take a step back and just look at some data. You’re throwing around words like rape and murder without some data to back it up. And hey if you want to go to jail for murder, be my guest. I imagine you’re prepared to kill women, children or the guys mowing my neighbor’s lawn?

        The education system is something I’ve studied for years. US students historically don’t do well at standardized tests, which is a red herring of “results” anyway. The US has more noble prize winners than any other country, has experts in every field and has a higher research output than entire regions. The system isn’t broken. That’s another false meme as part of the attack on the Teachers Union because they sided with the Democrats (given the GOP desire to inject religion ala school prayer and discarding scientific theories like evolution and the big bang). Low education is linked to poverty and a bad home life. You can put Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society in every school and you still won’t motivate some kids. Poor neighborhood schools need more funding to reduce class size, not less. They also need after school activities and some form of affordable job training that some states have experimented with as part of private public ventures. Education is not in decline, it’s just that more and more jobs require specific training and education has become too expensive. In this, the GOP has been half right in that student loans should probably be done away with except for a living option perhaps. This probably would drive the cost of education down if people couldn’t borrow to go to expensive private schools. Then you have to expand public universities and make them free or extremely cheap. These are the harsh realities people who claim to be education reformers don’t want to accept. And yeah Walker is a failure. The teachers agreed to his demands and he went after them anyway. Clearly, this is an ideological jihad rather than anything remotely resembling reform. He’s relevant because he represents the GOP mindset in this country with regards to education and how to run (and ruin) a state.

        • EPGAH

          Shunt those not interested in education to tradeschools, where their physical superiority/mental inferiority could be put to good use.

          I disagree sharply with you that the system isn’t broken, as teachers are fired based on SENIORITY, rather than EFFECTIVENESS, but in either case, trying to teach idiots who don’t want to learn has been warned against by religious and secular gurus alike. Get them out of the system and let the system repair itself.

          I’ll see your Simpsons ref and raise you a Seinfeld ref. Putting these idiots who don’t want to learn in with kids who DO is like using a deli slicer on shoes!

          Yes, the US has more Nobel winners than any other country, and higher research output, but that’s because of UNIVERSITIES, not the Public Educational System. So that doesn’t prove the system isn’t broken, it proves that Universities run on a better system.
          And now from Yale down to Mizzou, THEY are being held hostage by tantruming SJW idiots! Luckily, MIT, which is the center of our research, is uninfected–YET! So our public schools valuing FEELINGS over FACT DOES cause problems, which might mean it IS broken?

          Full Disclosure: I was INVITED to MIT, but they didn’t offer the MONEY to back it up! My 4 year degree took less money in a local college than ONE SEMESTER of MIT would have!

          Your Wikipedia article says that our “declining economy” is what is warding off the illegals, not our 167-year “Your Evil Is Unwanted Here” campaign. They’re not getting the Message, they’re leaving because there’s not enough here to be worth looting anymore! Once thieves are done picking an area clean, they DO move on, but I don’t count that as “Victory”!

        • EPGAH

          You know, it’ll come as no surprise that I am a Computer Science graduate. And I worked MY OWN way through college.
          But I had a classmate whose PARENTS were paying her way, she was in Computer Science program, but all she wanted to be was a Welfare Mother–her own word for it, I would call it Welfare Breeder.

          What a waste of college resources, teacher’s time, time that could’ve been used for ANYTHING computer-related, wasted on fashion bullshit!
          But it DID inspire me to write a song!

          All I wanna do is pop out a legion or two of Useless Eaters!
          Useless Eaters!
          All of the time, breed on someone else’s dime.
          More Useless Eaters!
          My face smeared with soot, pregnant and barefoot.
          More Useless Eaters!
          Just give me a chance, won’t need to wear pants.
          More Useless Eaters!
          Won’t do anything useful, get bred by several different bulls.
          More Useless Eaters!

      • Jason Y

        quote by epgah

        By the end of the century, AFRICA ALONE will have the population of the whole WORLD in 1994!

        And that would be the fault of right wing economics of course, cause only backward feudal nations have a high birthrate.

      • Jason Y

        quote by ep-gah

        By the end of the century, AFRICA ALONE will have the population of the whole WORLD in 1994!

        And that would be the fault of right wing economics of course, as only feudal nations have a high birthrate.

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          As to the 1% having more than the rest of the planet, given that the majority of the breeding is from Third Worlders who make nothing but excuses, more of themselves, and excuses FOR making more of themselves, that’s not really saying much, is it?

          Again, right wing opposition to progressive socialism is causing the situation, yet these same conservatives want to blame the “victims” of right wing economics.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, it’s our fault, we didn’t sterilize them. Happy now?

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          Yes, it’s our fault, we didn’t sterilize them. Happy now?

          😆 Typical idot response.

        • EPGAH

          Well, how else could it be our fault? Idiots like you claim America is running right wing economics, and we’re not breeding out of control!
          Therefore maybe blaming right wing economics is the “Typical idiot response”? If it works for us, the only reason it doesn’t work for them is “You’re Doing It Wrong”, right?

          Please remember, most of Africa used to be countries under Civilized World control. They were good places to live, so it’s not the land, it’s either the people, or what they’re doing!

          Special consideration needs to be given to “Zaire”, now “CONGO”.
          It wasn’t a Hell full of atrocities when it was Zaire. WHY?!

          Like I said, Dunning-Kruger effect, writ HUGE!

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          Well, how else could it be our fault? Idiots like you claim America is running right wing economics, and we’re not breeding out of control!
          Therefore maybe blaming right wing economics is the “Typical idiot response”? If it works for us, the only reason it doesn’t work for them is “You’re Doing It Wrong”, right?

          Please remember, most of Africa used to be countries under Civilized World control. They were good places to live, so it’s not the land, it’s either the people, or what they’re doing!

          Special consideration needs to be given to “Zaire”, now “CONGO”.
          It wasn’t a Hell full of atrocities when it was Zaire. WHY?!

          Like I said, Dunning-Kruger effect, writ HUGE!

          The USA isn’t really right wing. It’s a mixed economy. If it were really right wing we’d be a hell-hole like much of the third world. No, you can’t say some dumb “master white race” thing is at play in making America better than other countries.

        • EPGAH

          HBD is proven, even in an earlier article of this blog.
          Just because YOU don’t believe it, doesn’t make it false.

          If it’s NOT about who makes the country, why didn’t the savages make America before the Civilized World got here? Why did Haiti go from the richest colony to a Third World Hell and another source of illegals, that even the Dominican Republic wants to keep at bay? Why is there not a single First World country in all of Africa, now that they’re not under Civilized World control?

          If it really is about a mixed economy, why wasn’t America a Third World Hell before 1913, when Welfare started?
          Or are you going to say it was, we just didn’t recognize it as such?

        • EPGAH

          We’re only mixed because we keep letting in Third Worlders, who promptly vote for the same policies that ruined their country.

          Political Correctness is Minority Rule, but I’m more afraid the minority becomes the majority as we subsidize their breeding program.

          Whatever else you want to say about whites, we make more peaceful, and more prosperous countries, which is why white countries today make up the Civilized World, and the rest are either raging Hells or totalitarian nightmares.

          Prove me wrong! Show me a country whites built, savages took over, and it stayed a peaceful, law-abiding country. Nigeria is NOT law-abiding, although they cleverly turned their aggression outwards, and used tech they stole from their betters to con their betters.

          How can you still deny HBD? Or do you think it takes more than intelligence to make a successful country?

        • EPGAH

          How do you explain that areas–even in America–infested with Third World people, become Third World Hells?

      • Jason Y

        quote by ep-gah

        Forget Scott, we need to change the whole educational system back to what WORKED! Start with worrying about FACT rather than FEELINGS, and order in the classroom–this does NOT mean “Room Service”!

        Yeah, I totally agree. We need tough classroom rules and standards. That’s why we have so many bullies, school shootings, and schools performing so poor academically.

        However, if we kill all the non-whtes, then how can we help them after they’re dead?

      • birth rates are only high in Africa, not the rest of the third world.

        • Jason Y

          One way to make room for new populations would be to take the unwanted ones like prisoners and send them to Mars. If you provide massive incentives you might get other people to come a long also.

          Actually, poor Africans who live in a horrible existance might volunteer to go to Mars, especially if they got free land and food.

        • in other words, make Mars the new Australia. I think they will want the best people for Mars, not the worst.

        • EPGAH

          Birth rates are too high in all Moslem Cult countries–and the terrorist “refugees” infesting the Civilized World now!

          If you have proof to the contrary, please post links.
          All you have to do is go to the Website, copy the address, and paste it here.
          Like this!

          Or this!

          Even Wikipedia says that the terrorist population will grow twice as fast as non-Moslems

          Jason believes the savages are breeding normally, and the good people are just holding back.
          Moslems have more than 5 children per family. The people who belong in those countries are paying their bills, so they can’t afford to! That’s not THEM holding them back. Noone who isn’t at least a Senator can support TWO families, even if they wanted to!

        • Jason Y

          quote by steve

          in other words, make Mars the new Australia. I think they will want the best people for Mars, not the worst.

          Well, people can change, and they’re thousands of miles away from Earth. Why not send prisoners? We don’t need them. They use up too much food here, especially considering the world population increase.

        • EPGAH

          What if they get loose and hijack the ship? Or use the rocket fuel as a potential bomb, holding the launch area hostage?

          Given the expense of launching ANYONE into space, I think they would pick the Best and Brightest.

          Remember Amistad, the actual historical event, or the movie that took quite a bit of liberty with it? If savages can hijack a ship, so can criminals.

        • EPGAH

          Also, did Hell freeze over? You’re actually ADMITTING losers use up too much food?

          How would they have enough food to support their gluttony on the trip or when they get to Mars? To say nothing of their inability to keep it in their pants!

    • EPGAH

      Is this what you meant by the economy growing?
      This actually shows the DEFICIT growing as a PERCENT of the economy!

      • Johnny

        If you read my posts I don’t claim that the deficit is an important issue in this regard. The GOP does and yet has continued to promote policies that balloon it. If you actually think it’s a problem you shouldn’t advocate tax breaks for the super rich and a defense spending hike when we outspend the next 7 countries combined.

        • EPGAH

          Well, right now, we protect all those people, I think we should charge them for the protection they get. OR let them get attacked and salute, “Thank you for telling us you could do better without us, your military budget, though, couldn’t buy a case of good beer! Sucks to be you, I guess?”

          As to defense spending, that’s a jobs program. Most the Generals and Admirals don’t even WANT the new hardware when the old is often better.
          Have you seen this “new” fighter…get outperformed by the 40-year-old F-15 it was slated to replace?

          And you know what makes military spending even WORSE? Every PART has to be made in a different state, and if possible a different district! This is the opposite in spirit, if not in letter, of the factory system.

          Also, you can’t bitch about “policies that balloon it” if I haven’t found Word 1 against Obamacare–which turned out NOT to be Deficit-Neutral!

        • Noneofmany

          Well of course the GOP doesn’t fix the deficit.

          If they did they’d lose a hot button issue that simpletons get all riled up over.

          It’s easy for them to never even try to use their governing power to create functioning resolutions to problems since their not responsible for anything.

          When your only mandate as a party is obstructionism theirs no need to concern yourself with stuff like maintaining consistency, long term planning or effectiveness in you policies. Or keeping policies already in place working (especially if they were set up by a democrat) for that matter.

      • Johnny

        Protect them from what? They are all very capable themselves with plenty of money and resources to defend themselves. And indeed this is a case where govt creates jobs. They just aren’t very good at having lasting positive effects such as infrastructure and education or even NASA and other agencies that do research such as the NIH.

        Actually I can because The Affordable Healthcare Act did slow the rise in costs, but really it’s meant as a stepping stone towards hopefully shifting to Medicare for all or something that will not allow us to be screwed by insurance companies and hospitals.

      • Johnny

        The unemployment rate in 80s was between 7 and 10%: http://www.pewresearch.org/2010/12/14/reagans-recession/

        It is currently 5.5%. What good old day are you talking about? That’s pretty revisionist to me.

        I’d agree with a modern Glass-Steagall actually as well as other measures. The financial crisis was not that long ago and the GOP has resisted every reform to prevent something like that from happening again. It’s not just broke, but it is probably going to explode again.

        Sorry, Cruz is a joke. His budget proposal will balloon the deficit and debt and he knows it (or should). Not to mention the costs of military adventurism (sabre-ratting over Iran and his desire to do pretty much what Obama’s doing in Syria right now). Also, obstructing is not the same as problem-solving. Huge difference.Not raising the debt ceiling is irresponsible. That’s not part of the budget negotiations, that’s money already spent and owed. If you want to downgrade the US as a country that doesn’t pay its debts, have at it. Just be prepared for the consequences. Of course the GOP never accept blame for anything that goes wrong on their watch (Iraq war, financial crisis etc), but do love to complain.

  2. Jason Y

    I’m a little confused here. Ep-gah is saying all non-white nations are epanding population wise and Steve is saying only Africa is.

    Anyhow, right wing economics either way promotes immigration, as the economy back home sucks.

    • EPGAH

      Just because YOUR economy sucks doesn’t give you the right to break into someone else’s country and ruin theirs, right?

      And worse, what happens when these Third Worlders get into their betters’ countries? Don’t they make their betters’ economy suck too?

      Moslems invaders are outbreeding their betters in their betters’ countries!

      • Jason Y

        Sorry mistake in HTML (blog typesetting language)

        quote by ep-gah

        Just because YOUR economy sucks doesn’t give you the right to break into someone else’s country and ruin theirs, right?

        It sucks because free trade was forced upon them. Note we didn’t have an immigration problem in the 70s and 80s, and this was even after the 1965 US immigration act was passed.

        The only thing we can reason from this is that free trade is causing the immigration.

      • EPGAH

        We never had an immigration problem, we had an INVADER problem!

        Remember, the first Amnesty was in 1986–the 80s, where you say we didn’t have a problem!
        Eisenhower and Wilson were the reason we didn’t have an immigration problem for awhile. Why is Trump taking so much shit for OFFERING to repeat Eisenhower’s success? What’s wrong with doing what obviously worked? Why was Operation Wetback NECESSARY if we “didn’t have a problem”?

        Now we’re up to 11 Amnesties, and more pouring in all the time! It’s like having some degenerative disease and proclaiming loudly it’s “NOT A PROBLEM”, you just need to tough it out and it’ll fix itself.

        The only thing we can reason from this, is we need to FIX the illegal problem instead of ignore it. Invaders will keep invading until they get punished. They MIGHT leave us alone for awhile after the punishment, but they WILL try again!

  3. Santoculto

    I just internalize our message now, =)

    Yes, rightwing economics is the economics of the rich…


    communistwing economics too but just for one individual, the dictator.

    He give 10% to the bureacRatz, 40% to the rest (aka, people) and 50% stay in its precious hands.

    In the typical capitalistic society 1% of people have at least 30% of GDP.

    • Jason Y

      quote by santo-culto

      In the typical capitalistic society 1% of people have at least 30% of GDP.

      Well, according to your racist ideas, that number should be due to the fact inferior races make up so much of the population, silly.

  4. Santoculto

    Capitalism defensors seems have short memory.

    Capitalism and specially in first countries are REASONABLY good just starting by XX century.

    Great fraction of people lived very bad during great part of capitalism history specially when it was combined with other shit like absolutism.

    And yes if you no have a balanced distribution of wealth, so rightwing economics is the economics TO the rich. Give almost of existencial security for the richest ones.

    • EPGAH

      Capitalism, though, is what ALLOWED rapid progress of Standard of Living.
      Wasn’t so long ago, NOONE had healthcare and now, our doctors can perform secular equivalent of miracles, but they’re expensive. However, idealists forget that last part and think healthcare should somehow be a “right”.

      Or food, they forget that starvation, not obesity, is the norm, and use the latter as somehow “proof” that we need to share with idiots whose lack of production made them starve. We have massive farms, and abundant yields, but those are the result of centuries of experimentation, and the “evil” genetic selection. High-speed sequencing and even recombinant techniques allow the equivalent of 200 years of Man-guided evolution to take place in a month. But that tech is expensive, otherwise, I’d be doing my own genetic editing on my backyard garden!

      What did it used to be called when you had the “right” to someone else’s labor? And didn’t whites–and ONLY whites–abolish such a system?

      But the worst part is, it denies people are unequal. Give one person a million dollars, they’ll squander it in a week. Another will start a company and become rich off it!
      44% of those who won the lottery…are bankrupt!

      You can’t fix stupid by giving them their betters’ money!
      Strangely, environmentalists have yielded a lot of ground, but THIS point is ignored or denied with a religious zeal!

    • Jason Y

      You can’t mix your anti-capitalist message with your love of racism. Egalitarianism and capitalism go hand in hand like salt and pepper.

      • EPGAH

        Capitalism caused a good life to be possible for ANYONE! The poorest loser in America takes for granted luxuries that Kings or Queens of medieval times–or even Third World Hells in the now-time–have no access to!

        Egalitarianism holds us back. Egalitarianism is the Luddites smashing the automated loom, the angry workers throwing shoes to break the factory machinery! (The shoes were called SABOTS, hence SABOTAGE! )

        I want America, if not the rest of the Civilized World, to stay ahead of the Third World. If they advance, we should advance far more in the same time. Otherwise, you’re letting them pull us back, like an old Hanna-Barbara chase scene!

        • Jason Y

          At least ep-gah is keeping his poltical beliefs pure. I don’t beieve in pure races, but pure ideology makes sense, and is something santo-culto hasn’t caught on to yet. You can’t mix fascism with some kind of weird angled concern for the poor that he espouses.

        • mott69


          Why are you on this blog? You just regurgitate right-wing talking points that you got from other people. This blog isn’t supposed to give that shit a platform. We’ve heard all that crap before, and we hear it every day on Fox and talk radio. Heard all the pro-capitalist propaganda. No sale here.

          Why don’t you go to a right-wing forum? Or would that not get you off like this obviously does?

      • Santoculto

        Who are you to say it***


        ”my love of racism”

        a moron quote, of course.

        in the microcephalic head of jay-son the eternal student, racism is a thing, fantasy and literal perception of the world mix in their little head all the time.

        • Spadesofgray

          Subhuman Brazilian faggot keeps desperately trying to prove himself to be intellectual. Go home queer, wear ur pants down buddies are waiting in favelas.

        • Santoculto


          This dogmatics love project themselves is not?? 😉

          I’m “desperately” to throw trash people like you in the correct place, trash.

          Other “friend” of jay, 😇

        • Santoculto

          This trolls show up by nothing, attack you with popular name-callings, “favelas”, “queer”, subhuman is a new and copied of course.



          Just the hysteria of a primitive caveman. 😆

          People who live in favellas are 99,99% amazingly vibrant. What the prejudice??

          Queer?? What I’m. Well, better than a complete loser like you, a existential loser, someone who born to be nothing even for yourself.

          The first king that people need give reverence is those who live inside and you have a vacuum of inner grandiose, 😢

        • Santoculto

          Teach me grei!!!

          I’m a pseudo intellectual!!!! 😚

        • Santoculto

          Faggotishitsm is a disease!!!!

          Help me!!

          How I have to proceed???


        • Jason Y

          Of course you love racism. Everyone obsessed with race realism loves racism. It grows on you. Just like the love of money grows on a capitalist.

        • Jason Y

          Let’s not try to pretend racism is some cliche word. No doubt, race realists are racists. Give me a break, Of course they are.

        • Santoculto

          Try again “true intellectual”.

        • Tony Swagger

          Sometimes I wonder if Santo understands the gibberish he writes in here. Obviously, english is not his stronger point and all the regurgitated so called right wing philosophy he espouses every now and then with his garbled language makes no sense whatsoever. He rates himself so high, anyway whatever peels that faggot’s banana.

        • Santoculto

          ”right wing philosophy”

          just a real subhuman left-zombie who could to say (summarize) this shit….

          exactly like my moronic left brother

          this idiotic people have too much energy and absolute lower reasoning capacity to believe they are, on average, intellectuals.

          moronic left is just the otherwise mirror of the right where the right hand is their left hand, just it and nothing more.

          better be a faggot than a carrot.

          I’m a REAL socialist, leftoid retard are just disgusting zombies with moral insanity. a moronic loser who don’t understand reality can’t be never in your life a intellectual.

          and always the same boring excuses about my english, even for name-calling people, this complete idiotic are not even reasonable smart…

          Virtually NO arguments…

          is very simple TONY SLUTTISH,

          refutate my arguments if you can…

          IF NOT, SHUT UP, 😉

        • Shadesofgray

          Santo my nigga, why are you so upset. Didnt ur bichas in ur street give you a fuck for the day you seem so angry

        • Tony Swagger

          Gaytoculto, what are the arguments you are making. You’re just reiterating the made up bullshit in right wing websites. Most of it are lies and not worth responding to. Robert has dealt with those pathetic bullshit for years now. Being a half breed mulatto do they accept your brazilian queer ass in any of those golden websites where’re your copying your stuffs from? You’re better off discussing kinky porn stuffs which is widely prevalent in your shitbrazil. Leave the discussionsfor now. Adults are talking.

      • mott69

        “Egalitarianism and capitalism go hand in hand.”

        Now Jason, you know that makes no sense. Pure Capitalism has always operated on racism (slavery- a capitalist venture, and only the worst jobs for minorities) sexism (no women allowed to compete until recently) and imperialist exploitation of the labor and resources from the “inferiors” of the third world.

        Sure, since the 60s and 70s, capitalism has let in the women and minorities somewhat. Unfortunately, the capitalists in doing so screwed over the average working-class white dude.

        Classic Marxism preaches equality of races and sexes. But, it’s perfectly OK to advocate one and not the other- no law against it.

  5. Jason Y

    in the microcephalic head of jay-son the eternal student,

    What are you saying, I’m an eternal student cause I can’t pass, or I can’t get a career in the real world? 😆

    Maybe so, but so what ???

  6. Jason Y

    Santo-culto calls me schizo, yet his political beliefs are more twisted, contradictory, and full of fantasy than a typical LSD acid trip.

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