Anti-Communist Lie: “Limousine Liberals” in the West Are Communists Who Want Everyone to Have the Same Income

EPGAH writes:

The Limousine Liberals though do NOT want to part with any of THEIR OWN wealth to make everyone equal! Ask them if they want to be equal in wealth with you or me. If they say no, they expose themselves as hypocrites. If they say YES, you’re in for a serious windfall – if they’re not trolling the hell out of you.

The number of limousine liberals who actually support a Communist system where everyone has the same income is about zero. “Liberals” don’t support Communism, contrary to hysterical conservative lies. In fact, Communists dislike or even hate liberals, since they say that liberals support capitalism. They call them “reformists.” It’s true, liberals do support capitalism. They are also reformists indeed who just want to reform capitalism to make it work better. It sure would be nice if conservatives would quit PMS’ing their lies about liberals being Communists, but they’ve been saying it so long that they are probably incapable of changing.

However, the first sentence is not true. I will hand it to limousine liberals: let’s face it – they are operating against their own economic self-interest, and that’s pretty hard to do unless you are a working class American White male who votes Republican, in which case it is dead simple.

However, it is always much easier to get poor people to vote against their economic self-interest than it is to get rich people to do so.

Limousine liberals almost all want to raise their own taxes and therefore take a pay cut in order to redistribute some of their wealth downwards. Now that’s hard to do, and few rich people want to take even a one nickel a year pay cut, and even fewer believe in redistributing one thin dime of their fortunes downwards. Let’s take our hat off to the limousine liberals for their altruism and generosity. It wasn’t easy for them to make that decision. They could just as easily have been ordinary rich porkies, and in fact, their class interests would seem to logically propel them in that direction, but they chose another path, and a very Jesus-like one at that.


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27 responses to “Anti-Communist Lie: “Limousine Liberals” in the West Are Communists Who Want Everyone to Have the Same Income

  1. Tony Swagger

    ” they are operating against their own economic self-interest’

    Great. You hit this one straight out of the park.

    • EPGAH
      The Great Anti-Capitalist, SUING to get HIS tax-break…But tax-breaks for rich people are evil, it says so in his movie!
      I am pretending as hard as I can to be shocked by the hypocrisy!

      • TAL

        M.M is not “suing” Michigan to get the tax break. Correct yourself. It’s not clear what’s happening, but it seems as though any film made in Michigan is eligible for this tax credit.

        Nowhere does it say that M.M. “asked for it.” Sure, he should refuse to accept it. But he is not in the same league as the big studios- sounds like the credit is meant to encourage investment, and maybe to encourage small film makers…not clear from the article.

        If you’re getting your news fro CNS- watch out…I subscribed to CNS for a long time. Entertainment more than real facts.

        • EPGAH

          Actually, he’s not ASKING for it, he’s DEMANDING it. Michigan wanted to withhold it from him because his STATED views.

          If you don’t like CNS, do a quick search for it, and watch Michael Moore’s Tax Hypocrisy. Why doesn’t he make a movie about that?

  2. Santoculto

    Communism is itself a lie.

    Not so “high brow”

    Communists are even WORST than liberals limousine or gauche caviar.

    Just lies lies and lies

    It’s compulsive.

    Defend totalitarian regimes like Maduro in Venezuela or Castro clan in Cuba look “smart” just for borderline lunatics/mattoid on “””humanities”””.

    And I’m a vociferously anti capitalism, I live in savage capitalistic country. Absolutely primitive, nasty and disgusting government type/style.

    “talk about wisdom but…”


    Wisdom is not this magical and wonderful expanded awareness what you think, is very very simple and contextualizing do today one of the most simple wise thing to do is to look for enormous Chain of not just similarities to the North Korea to Cuba, exactly the same that black dysfunctionality or even homosexual dysfunctionality, the second caused fundamentally by promiscuity and not by homo itself.

    The same way you have around the world black dysfunctionality at visible/explicit levels you also will have a worldwide communist dysfunctionality.

    Dictatorships, just it.

    Exactly what right dictatorship to do, left dictatorship also to do with very little differences.

    Not so high brow Lindsay

  3. Santoculto

    And still defend this human shit “gauche caviar”.

    You’re a fraud.

    Very easy, wisely speaking.

    If you call yourself as “pro social justice” but is or become rich and don’t use your money to help other beings, “expecting state to do something” or worst, using the usual excuse that common people (aka slaves) use to justify enormous money give to “””””celebrities””””, “their money is by private enterprise and not by our taxes”, you will be a fraud, or absurdly stupid to connect very explicit dots or absolute hypocrite, what psychology define as psychopath, spiritually sick.

  4. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    I agree 100% with you. Limousine liberals are often irritating snobs, but they are being generous in a political sense. It is easy to be an abolitionist when one doesn’t own any slaves, but it is admirable when slave owners themselves advocate abolition of slavery. People with high incomes who advocate steep progressive taxation are not hypocrites but altruists. Of course, limousine will not end up being poor if their policies are implemented, but they will become less rich in order to make some fellow citizens less poor. Good for them.

    If a guy with a high income is willing to part with a large share of his income in order to help less fortunate citizens, why should we care if he drinks French wines, likes opera, speaks a foreign language, watches foreign films, listens to salsa, practices yoga, and so on? Yet, Republicans are able to get votes from poor Americans by holding someone like him up to ridicule.

    Now, it is true that leftists are often people with the following approach to voters: We will despise your religion, mock your lifestyle and laugh at your nationalism, but you have to vote for us anyway because it is in their economic interest. That doesn’t work. Economics isn’t everything, and leftist who are intensely ideological themselves should know that.

    Regards. James

    • Santoculto

      Generous in political sense…

      A bunch of Blanche type here.




      Palavras, apenas, palavras pequenas, palavras, ao vento…


    • Jason Y

      White nationalists are as snobby as it gets, mocking mixed raced people, saying thier ugly and an abomination, calling the poor classes of the third world and America lazy parasites, hypocritically calling the gay lifestyle a sin against God etc,,

      Occasionally a white nationalists will idealize some semi-poor viral redneck who likes guns, small government etc.. lke Joe the Plumber (Ironically Joe wasn’t even semi-poor, but a business owner). Next the Republcians or far right will make it seem like all the Republican voters (or white nationalists) are these viral macho studs, and anyone who opposes them is some schoolyard sissy everyone hates.

      • Jason Y

        One extreme example was this Republican guy on this internet forum. He was so anti-elitist, he wouldn’t even use proper spelling, paragraph spacing, and punctuation. He would go into a rage saying anyone who opposed his grammar style was a sissy liberal elitist.

        Of course, I make some grammar errors myself, due to carelessness and a bad keyboard. Nonetheless, that guy took the cake with lazy grammar.

      • EPGAH

        Speaking of snobs, can you GET a bigger target than Michael Moore?
        After attacking tax-breaks for evil bloodsucking business-owners…He demands one too! And fat slobs like him are what Liberals idolize, while claiming CONSERVATIVE fat white guys are evil?

        The Hypocrisy is OVER 9000!

        • Jason Y

          I’ll admit I don’t like Limousine Liberals to some extent, due to hypocrisy. For instance, the Beatles made a song called Taxman criticizing the British welfare state, while John Lennon was the biggest lefty around.

          However, I still love thier music though.

          The Rolling Stones also fled the British welfare state, but I’m not sure if they were liberals or not, probably just satanists, just kidding.

  5. EPGAH

    Hey, if Limousine Liberals are so concerned about the poor, why do they keep pushing for more Third World invaders to undercut our wages?

    Could it be that they don’t mind sacrificing a few American peons for a greater number of Third World peons who will be more grateful TO THEM, at least for a time?

    Or do they love the poor so much they want EVERYONE to be poor–except themselves, of course?

    • Jason Y

      That’s a ridiculous argument as the major companies backing free trade, the source of illegal immigration, are generally right wing, as the rich vote for what benefits them.

      • EPGAH

        And again, Free Trade is not the cause. Foreign scum being greedy scofflaw bastards is. Unless you believe Coyotes work for UNICEF instead of La Raza, they pay thousands of dollars to be led into America illegally.
        So they’re not poor, just criminals!

        If their countries didn’t have excess population, they wouldn’t have population to dump on us. Stop the baby factories.

        Do you know why Norway has never invaded anyone? Their population is only 5 MILLION! If Mexico got their population down to that number, they wouldn’t have any left to invade anymore, right?

        • Jason Y

          No, feudalism (the result of right wing economics in the third world) and free trade are the causes.

          Hey, we do have a third way out of this, Mars colonization:

          If their countries didn’t have excess population, they wouldn’t have population to dump on us. Stop the baby factories.

          No, you don’t get it. Poor peasant nations have babies. They will continue to do so until they become modern socialist ones. Right wingers are only stabbing themselves in the stomach by supporting their own political agenda.

          Anyhow, they’re not going to stop cause right wingers, whom they view as oppressive pigs anyway, tell them to do so. You would have to kill them via disease or war.

          Think about it you got a huge expanding population in Africa who hates right wing white people, who has vast memories of colonialism. Do you think they’re going to listen to preachy condescending advice?

        • EPGAH

          YOU don’t get it: America wasn’t a socialized country until recently, so how did we cut back on the Baby Factories? You keep complaining about America’s “Right Wing” economics, and TO YOU, right wing economics ramps up production at the Baby Factories, so why isn’t America’s population exploding like the Third World parasites?
          Or is it when Johnny said right wing economics “failed”, he meant it failed to make us breed like cockroaches like it did the Third World?

          As to killing them via diseases or war, you have it exactly backwards: We have to stop SAVING them from their own diseases and wars.
          Isn’t that condescending of us to save them from their own disease and vicious nature? We need to STOP that!

          From Red Cross to Doctors Without Borders, we waste an extraordinary amount of effort, research, and drugs in curing the savages, stopping Lord Darwin from claiming the excess so they’d really NEED those spares!
          Oh, and don’t forget the Mass Quantities of food we dump on them!

          They’re not exactly grateful!

          And our troops try to stop the worst excesses of the savages, like this current thing against Assad. Why stop the savages from reducing their own population?

          If they hate their memories of colonialism, why do they still take our food and medicine? Maybe they secretly remember how much better they had it when they were ruled by those who knew what the hell they were doing?

          As to Mars colonization, if they wouldn’t listen to preachy advice to fix their own countries, why in the names of Heaven, Earth, or Hell would they follow preachy advice to go to another planet?
          We couldn’t even get more than 13,000 Blacks of America to leave America and build their own country in their homeland, how can we get them to leave THE PLANET and build a country someplace else?

  6. Johnny

    That’s one of the more striking things of the modern GOP with regards to its embrace of Christian fundamentalism. It’s obviously and American version of Christianity that strangely ignores the parts regarding helping the poor, turning the other cheek to violence etc and focuses on the wrathful deity of the Old Testament/Talmud. In an economic sense this means railing against welfare, food stamps and the like while seeking an ever growing military budget to be used for military adventurism. To what end? Again, the past is not a indicator of results. The Afghan war bungled when the Taliban looked to be on the ropes so that the Bushies could go into Iraq, which as also mishandled.

    Also, I’d say the GOP has been massively hypocritical when claiming to be fiscally responsible (this goes the Tea Party, a more extreme brand with even more regressive policies):

    Add to this debt legacy of the Reagan and Bush era compared to even the Obama era which involved the financial crisis left from the Bush and GOP led govt they inherited. Once again, deregulation is a key culprit and the answer to this from the GOP? Less regulation again as if that’s the problem with the economy. Other than possibly some measures that can eased on smaller business, big corporations in the US don’t need less regulation, they clearly need more. Especially the finance sector that has grown to massive proportions in recent years.

    • Jason Y

      A lot of churches seem like meeting places for “in the closet” white supremacists. They literally is no charity and humanity. More than likely you just hear a lot of whining about how “They” (the white people) are threatened. Even if they do go out on charity missions in the third world, they’re probably really condescending.. “Oh these dumb Africans, if only they’d go to school, they wouldn’t have flies pooping in their food.” LOL

      Oh, and let’s not forget all the gay persecution. We need to head to a Chick Fil a and show support right away !! Those dumb dicksuckers.

      • Jason Y

        But this is all to be expected, as gays push a really outlandish aggressive campaign to normalize stuff which goes against a lot of people’s religious beliefs (Note: Being gay is not the same as being mixed race.) and preys on fears of child molestation.

        Also, as the third world population keeps expanding, due to right wing economics that most churches support, you can expect that third world people will continue to be viewed more as pests rather than people in need.

        • EPGAH

          The queers push, the normal people push back.
          And now queers are doing a literal itinerant campaign to destroy Christian businesses, one after another, with lawsuits.
          Do you see Christians suing to destroy queer businesses?

          And queers DO more child molestation. You’re on the Internet, do a quick search!

          As to “Oh these dumb Africans, if only they’d go to school, they wouldn’t have flies pooping in their food.”, isn’t that about what you said to dismiss claims of whites getting their job stolen by Third World mega-breeders?

      • Jason Y

        I see churches more now as being social KKK clubs for snooty white people. Basically, the people are just going to have some laughs, talk about how they are going to school to better themselves, and compliment each other on their good looks.

        Unfortunately, non-white churches, with their emphasis on money and with all the homophobia are rapidly becoming like them.

        • Jason Y

          But that’s not condoning the current Roman Catholic church, as it’s gone too much in the other direction. I don’t see that the Bible backs liberation theology, but rather takes a middle ground.

        • EPGAH

          Everything’s KKK to you, isn’t it?

      • Jason Y

        “Oh why doesn’t that worm get a job?” 😆 Maybe he’s gay. Well, he’s not welcome at our church. Anyhow, he isn’t funny.

  7. Jason Y

    John Lennon gave some good reasoning as for why he was a limousine liberal. He figured out it was foolish to give out money, unless that money was going to change the system. Because unless the system is changed, year after year, you will continue to see the same poor people with their hand out.

    Of course it does seem like a “grand excuse”, cause well the system isn’t going to change, so that means he kept being ultra-wealthy until he was gunned down.

    Perhaps Lennon could have funded some Communist revolutionaries, but that would have easily been intercepted by law enforcement.

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