A Look at Some Anti-Communist Lies

Epgah writes:

The Limousine Liberals though do NOT want to part with any of THEIR OWN wealth to make everyone equal! Ask them if they want to be equal in wealth with you or me. If they say no, they expose themselves as hypocrites. If they say YES, you’re in for a serious windfall – if they’re not trolling the hell out of you.

And don’t forget in Communism, there was no reward for working hard vs. hardly working. Look up the old joke, “We Pretend To Work, They Pretend To Pay Us”.

Members of the right party or the right school get the goldmine, and everyone else gets the shaft.

If Communism is so great, why were and are there so many refugees from it?

Let me take these apart one by one. In the next four posts, I will take apart all four of these very common anti-Communist lies.


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5 responses to “A Look at Some Anti-Communist Lies

  1. JJ

    Robert, I googled’ why is india such a piece of shit’ , there you were. Thank you for saying shat ee all have observed. I have never met such a crewed up culture anywhere else in my extensive travel. Horrific people, with an inhumanity unparalleled. I was not a racist before. With disdain, I believe a parking lot would be a better plan for the country. Thats harsh,I realize but I can see no hope for this waste of air and limited resources. They refuse to evolve. Thank you, sit. Respectfully, JJ

  2. JJ

    India IS the sphincter of the world. Disgusting, inhumane and vile in every aspect. If you want to see poverty and filth at its pinnacle, there’s your place. Do not take your daughters or babies unless you want them raped and/or killed. AT&T ‘Steve’ is everywhere and the’ servants’ steal anything and everything near them. There is No Hope for this shit hole except a good natural disaster. Add that to the list of stupid shit to worship. Disgusting people and place.

  3. Johnny

    Do Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg count? These three are probably more corporatist than anything else, with Buffet being the most liberal given his public comments. They all are giving away their wealth through public projects, something I don’t see the likes of Mitt Romney, The Donald, the Kochs and others doing. Again, they amass vast sums of money and leave it largely inactive. A pointless economic exercise and then we have their political shenanigans to deal with as well.

    The problem with this conservative meme is that doesn’t take into account that we require a COLLECTIVE effort to reduce the debt (which is more of a waste rather than a crisis given the simple fact that the US controls most of its own debt and has the most stable currency on earth) and claiming to be fiscally responsible will cutting taxes on wealthy and raising defense spending is just irresponsible. Nearly every GOP candidate as well as the various budgets of Paul Ryan (who when asked calls his budgets revenue neutral which means really nothing: http://www.cbpp.org/research/the-ryan-budgets-tax-cuts-nearly-6-trillion-in-cost-and-no-plausible-way-to-pay-for-it) create more deficits and debt for no reason. I can understand infrastructure spending and so forth, but simply allowing the super rich to hoard more money in order to choke social security and medicare etc is extremely irresponsible and disingenuous. Yet the rightwing media promotes phony information and madeup states on a regular basis to claim that they are fiscally responsible when none of their states (Wisconsin to Texas to Arizona: http://news.yahoo.com/facing-1-billion-deficit-arizona-sharply-limits-welfare-202816912.html) are not doing very well in this regard. For years the conservative echo chamber media has touted the success of Texas compared to California (an arbitrary comparison, but one meant to create a conservative success vs liberal failure propaganda meme), while we see that currently California is doing significantly better with a budget surplus while Texas continues to lag in education, infrastructure and every other indicator (despite the good work largely “liberal”-run cities have done). Add to this silly social value policies like closing Planned Parenthood (again based on misinformation that even leads to domestic terrorism that people like Fiorina refuse to take some responsibility for since they have riled up people) and attempts to limit voting and this entire agenda seems simply destructive. All in the name of “freedom” that is so vague that one can only come to the conclusion that the GOP utopia is one in which everybody is a small business owner (no need for science after-all!), is a devout Christian, gun owner and supporter of the military industrial complex. No need to pay any attention to the environment for example. Just look at how the conservative view of the cover-up in Flint, Michigan’s water crisis is according to Fox: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/01/19/blame-game-erupts-over-flint-s-toxic-water-dems-target-gop-gov.html

    And then there’s some reality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_water_crisis

    Snyder deserves to be lambasted for his handling of the water crisis, but the conservative media simply ignores his actions (and inaction) and focuses on the critics. No need to discuss how the EPA (the agency the GOP wants to dissolve) tried to get this resolved behind the scenes or how Snyder’s administration appears to have falsified information and denied the problem.

    I don’t think limo liberals are the problem. The problem is this silly idea that nothing needs to be regulated because somehow “people” (i.e. corporations) will take care of things without govt interference. This is simply a fantasy and a utopia that is very much dystopian in practice.

    • EPGAH

      Wait, Liberal-run cities=good automatically? Do the warzones of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore mean nothing to you? What about the Sanctuary Cities of California, where murderers and even child molesters cannot be touched because they’re not citizens, and can’t be deported because the cities refuse Federal LAW, although they still suck Federal MONEY?

      What about the EPA CREATING disasters, rather than fixing them?

      Or the massive loss of jobs due to EPA regulation gone stupid?
      SPOILERS: The EPA did not fine, nor even investigate themselves. Did you really expect they were going to?

      These are unelected bureaucrats, no accountability to the people they’re supposed to serve, although given the above, there might be some confusion as to who is the servant and who is the Master.

      I’m sure that if anyone ELSE started a forest fire by irresponsibly burning shit from their boyfriend, they’d be in jail for life. But apparently, Government is above the law.

      The problem is a silly idea that everything needs to be regulated and Government cannot do anything wrong. Apparently, being appointed automatically confers sainthood and absolution in one?
      This is a fantasy and a utopia very dystopian in practice.

      • Johnny

        No, I’m referring to the specific conservative model example of Texas, a very poorly run state frankly. Yes, cities like Austin and Houston are better run than the state, mostly because they have to be. This is cherrypicking if your examples are Detroit (suffering from a decline the auto industry and flight of people) and Baltimore that also suffered the same fate. With the flight of people it went into a decline that has nothing to do with its leadership in this regard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltimore#Economy

        If you can provide a link that shows that Democratic policies created this decline I’d be happy to read it. Also, let’s compare Massachusetts to Mississippi then. If you’re reading stuff like Breitbart, The Trumpet and watching Fox News you are getting either half a story, obfuscation or outright lies frankly. Their idea of investigative journalism is cherry-picking (as this EPA discussion illustrates) and looking to catch people saying something that denotes their character or something. They don’t care about the actual acts or political corruption, which I’m reminded of every time I watch Fox News.

        You’re not seriously claiming that the EPA causes disasters are you? They are human and make mistakes. They don’t DELIBERATELY create and ignore problems. Do you really believe people who MAKE money from pollution are going to regulate themselves? That’s just nonsense and illogical. They have to be regulated. Which of these did the EPA cause(?): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_disaster

        If you’re listening to the conservative media, whose central tenet is that nothing really needs regulation, then of course you’re going to look for one or two errors by regulators (and then pretend this applies to all of them) and then ignore the decades and long list of disasters the EPA has prevented (including the good work they were doing in Flint that they didn’t politicize even though they easily could have). I mean come on that’s just patently silly to claim that the EPA causes disasters. You might as well tell me that trees cause pollution (a Reagan meme that is hilarious to ponder since it displays a gross misunderstanding of natural fires and those caused by human activity).

        Yeah I can’t take anything from The Trumpet seriously. They are making an ideological argument in that piece rather than looking at the entire record. The simple fact of the matter is that the oil industry in the US pushes a phony series of memes about the environment in the US. The Kochs even funded a study that backfired on them, which is hilarious: http://www.businessinsider.com/koch-brothers-funded-study-proves-climate-change-2012-7

        Add to this the Exxon cover-up: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34750196

        I can go on and on or we can talk about what some govt officials do sometimes. I’m gonna go with these disasters being SIGNIFICANTLY worse.

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