Why Do Very Smart People Often Tend to Be Quiet?

The original question was, Why Are Some Extremely Smart People Extremely Quiet?” You can read the thread here on Quora, incidentally one of my favorite sites.

A lot of answers are given, but many of them are the usual stupid PC Cultural Left crap –

“Some people are this, some people are that, some people are everything. Some smart people are quiet, and some are very loud. Some dumb people are quiet, and some are quite loud.”

What stupid answers, huh? But every time you see a question about intelligence on Quora, you see an endless list of the same type of retarded PC answers.

The reason is that the Cultural Left absolutely despises the idea of intelligence, especially true intelligence such as brain speed, brain efficiency and memory capacity. This is the sort of thing that is measured on IQ tests. The Cultural Left hates IQ tests with utter fury, and furthermore the very idea that there is such a thing as intelligence drives them into utter conniptions. In fact, the PC crowd tends to say that there is no such thing as intelligence.

This is probably because the Left is addicted to the insane idea that everyone is equal and everyone has equal abilities. Certainly everyone is born with equal abilities. The former commenter on here Swank actually made statements like this countless times. It is incredible how a very bright and highly educated person like Swank could actually believe such a thing, but Leftism is more about suspending belief than anything. Like religion, a lot of Cultural Left precepts must simply be taken on faith.

In addition, once we start talking intelligence, the conversation might drift into some uncomfortable truths like differing intelligence among races and ethnic groups and until recently among the genders. Furthermore, intelligence has an obvious genetic component, and the Left hates the idea that any human behavior is genetic with a fanatical passion. They don’t want to hear about any of these things, so they would just as soon shut it all down.

Anyway, some people did give sensible answers.

I would agree that highly intelligent people tend to be quieter than those who are less intelligent. The loudest people of all seem to have intelligence of maybe 100-115, I am thinking, but you are free to guess on your own.

Introversion: This is because as intelligence declines, extroversion tends to increase. As intelligence rises, especially beyond a certain point, people tend to become increasingly introverted. People with very high IQ’s of 160+ are often extremely introverted, even pathologically so.

Living in your head: We all live in our heads to some extent, but no one lives in their head more than extremely bright people. I imagine if we could look into the brains of very smart people, we might be amazed at the content in there. Very bright people are often having conversations in their head frequently of a question and answer type. The content of the inner conversation often changes rapidly, so as soon as they are ready to say something, their mind may have moved on somewhere else, or it may not be an appropriate thing to say anymore, as the conversation has moved on.

Face it, you’re either thinking or talking. You can do both, which is what smart people try to do when they talk, but it doesn’t really work very well.

As if it wasn’t obvious to everyone already, people who are yabbering all the time have for the most part shut down their brains, assuming they had one in working condition in the first place. The more you think, the less  you talk because you tend to do one to the exclusion of the other. Very smart people spend a tremendous amount of time thinking, much more than less intelligent people. Since you can only do one or the other, people who think deeply all the time are likely to talk a lot less. Also smart people are likely to find the notion that one must partly shut down one’s brain in order to talk away to be outright terrifying and even a bit dangerous.

Weighing what to say: Although very bright people are often regarded as social retards, I doubt if there if there is much good evidence of this. For instance, for perhaps every ten things I think about saying to people as I move about in public, I might say one or maybe two of those things. All of the others are censored out as unacceptable, unlikely to go over or more likely to fall flat or bomb out.

This is because before they say something, bright people often weigh it in their heads quite a bit from all sorts of angles to determine whether it would be an acceptable thing to say or not, whether it would fall flat, bomb out or be seen as weird, crazy, offensive, too familiar, out of context, too forward, too personal, or too sexually oriented for the situation.

Bright people tend to be inhibited because in the course of their lives, they have seen countless comments by themselves and others fall flat or worse  due all of the above things. Of course all people experience this, but extroverts might not care so much, and I doubt if they weigh their words so carefully. Bright people are often shy and sensitive, so it hurts them when their comments fall flat, bomb out or are regarded as weird, crazy or offensive. So very smart people often choose their words very carefully if they have any social skills at all. This is why I regard the idea of the brainy social retard as a bit of a fraudulent cliche.

Being extremely observant: Most people don’t realize this, but bright people are often observing everything around them very carefully, and in many cases, they are trying to figure out, analyze and put the situation in front of their eyes together in the most sensible ways. They are searching for patterns, making hypotheses, and yes, engaging in a lot of generalizations along the way because if you are in the habit of pattern recognition, you must be generalizing constantly. Indeed the wisest man of all is the one who has figured out the most patterns in life and has made the most and most accurate generalizations about the patterns that he has seen.

That in effect is wisdom right there.

Inhibition: This can be thought of best as recognition of and being chastened by the notion that one can open their mouth and make a complete ass of themselves, hence caution about speaking. One of the problems of being very bright is that one observes a world full of people saying and doing stupid, irrational, and just flat out wrong or incorrect things all day every day.

Continuous exposure to obvious human error is very chastening, humbling and a bit frightening because the bright person realizes that by speaking or acting too hastily, they risk saying or doing stupid things of the sort that they painfully observe day in and out. Hence the notion of “Better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt” is often floating around in the back of most bright people’s minds like a flashing warning sign on a highway at night.

Caution: Smart people tend to be cautious. As IQ declines, people become less and less cautious. Indeed, an argument can be made that “Life is an IQ test.” Careful studies have shown that more intelligent people quite simply make fewer mistakes and do fewer stupid things than less intelligent people. As a result, they have fewer health problems, and they actually live longer.

And believe it or not, as IQ lowers, the rate of accidents increases. That is, less intelligent people tend to have far more accidents, both nonfatal and fatal, than brighter people. The more cautious someone is, the more likely they are to think carefully about what they say so as to be more likely to say things that go over well and make fewer conversational flops and failures.

Most conversations are pretty stupid: Most bright people would agree with Robert Frost:

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.”

The smarter someone is, the more likely they are to think of a typical conversation in public as consisting of a bunch of not very smart people talking about a bunch of idiotic and unimportant things. Indeed, most conversation can be thought of as akin to grooming behaviors among our primate cousins. Dumb pointless conversation is like picking nits out of your loved one’s fur: it works to bring people together and make people feel closer, warmer and more friendly towards each other. In other words, it is social WD-40 – a lubricant to enhance human bonding and socialization.

Nevertheless, many bright people react in horror to the idea of sitting around with a group of not real smart people talking about inconsequential things.

In males, it’s gossip, sex, women, the weather, sports, fishing and hunting or whatever.

In females, it’s gossip, who’s fucking who, cute guys, clothing and makeup and that’s about it, not necessarily in that order.

Smart people tend to be bored out of their skulls in these situations unless they are so high on booze or dope that nothing matters anymore. Smart people tend to recoil from the notion of a few hours of shooting the shit – to them the people who love to do this seem more like ultra-evolved baboons than sophisticated Homo sapiens.


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  1. I pretty much have all of these traits, though If I would organize them from strongest to weakest it would be

    Living in my head, 2.being observant 3. Caution 4. Inhibition 5. finding most conversations boring.
    The difference in activity in one and two for me is borderline trivial sense they often overlap for me.

    Caution is a trait that isn’t too defining in regards to my character, but still prominent compared to the average person probably. Inhibition is sort of weird, in which the dominance of that trait shifts depending on whether I with friends, sense a moment to be funny or clever, or when I can comprehend moment where seriousness in required.

    As for 5 I fortunately don’t really overhear others conversations that much, though I do notice comments and behaviors of those that appear less intelligent.

    • However weighing in things to say is one thing I like to do when giving verbal explanations, especially with distinguishing synonyms.

      Likely- I feel this term is used best in the context when the answer isn’t definite, yet analysis leans towards a particular outcome.

      Probably- I feel this works better in the context when making an educated guess, or better yet a hypothesis, based of an observation.

  2. Indeed, most conversation can be thought of as akin to grooming behaviors among our primate cousins. Dumb pointless conversation is like picking nits out of your loved one’s fur: it works to bring people together and make people feel closer, warmer and more friendly towards each other. In other words, it is social WD-40 – a lubricant to enhance human bonding and socialization.

    Robert, this is one of your masterful posts.

    So much to comb through here. Thanks!

  3. Tulio

    I think you hit it out of the park on this post. While I’m not uber smart by any means, I can completely relate to these things at some level. I just left a birthday party and there was a lot of having to chat with random people about random shit. Honestly I was the first one to leave. I was bored, I’ve had a long week, I hate making extended small talk and having to force myself to be extroverted and pretend to care about much of the stuff people are talking about. Every now and then in these situations I’ll come across someone that I genuinely vibe with and we just have a great conversation and they become memorable to me. But that is very rare.

    I’ll add that I’m not so sure this is an intelligence thing as much as it is an introvert/extrovert thing. I know some pretty smart extroverts that can chatter away about nonsense all night.

    I don’t find most conversations with people to be fulfilling. It’s just me trying to be polite by being sociable back and at least humor them a bit so that I don’t come across as cold and aloof. During lunch breaks at work, I avoid grabbing lunch with others. If I have to spend my lunch break socializing it doesn’t even feel like I took a break. My break means a break do get away from people. So I opt to just go take a walk alone somewhere to think, daydream and ponder the future.

    Oddly enough, I’m sure most people that know me would think I’m quite sociable. But they don’t know that there is aloof introvert hiding below the surface that is yearning for a genuine human connection that isn’t getting it through small talk and your typical N. American extrovert-centric socialization style we have here.

  4. Latias

    I usually get bored of normal conversations. Although I am a woman, most of the men I know do not care much for sports. I watch the NFL more than they do. I cheer that often when I watch a game (since I do not root for anyone), unless something spectacular happens. Football just captures my attention: I like quarterback sacks, quarterback runs, long field goals, and uncommon safeties. I could not even connect with men on that, even.

    What do you think of this. It is an NFL player that I feel sorry for.

    • Latias

      I was hoping that Aaron Hernandez would be acquitted when I was following the trial, and I was upset that he get a first-degree murder conviction.

      I am autistic, and I cannot read social cues, but still, regardless, most conversations are boring.

        • Latias

          Whatever you call it, but I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with autism.

          Oddly enough, I cannot connect with men by even talking about sports or even military history. I wonder how many men know of the Thirty Years War, the Russo-Japanese War or the Battle of Trafalgar.

          “In females, it’s gossip, who’s fucking who, cute guys, clothing and makeup and that’s about it, not necessarily in that order.”

          I have no interest in these things.

  5. Optimus Prime

    Great post. Cosign everything you wrote. This post just made my day.

  6. Kareem

    Extroverted + High intelligence is the best combo to have.

  7. Santoculto

    A half Lindsay is no the same than a full Lindsay the same way a iq tests is not a full intelligence(s).

    Iq would have more sense to me if wisdom don’t exist but you can have a person who score very higher in iq tests but without great trends to give good judgment and damn, it’s happen all the time!!! Humans are not a perfect organic ”machine” where the complex will be more efficient and correct in their internalized thoughts and actions.

    Real human evolution is made by good at very good judgments and not by nonsense or brutal ”clever” (astute) pre-conceptions and subsequent actions.

    You can have a man with bigger pennis who is like a horse in the bed and a little warrior (Fly* Dragon Quest**) with a tweezers but very efficient to give cinestesic pleasure, 😉

    Well organized brain architecture will result in a predominance of a good judgments** Or generally in a good conformative ”adaptation’** As Terman found in their termites*

    The relativistic unsubstantied common arguments made by lefties are not complete wrong, just incomplete, i mean, very incomplete.

    Of course, by (gay)lord, that there are quiet people (less Bjork) who are brighter, average and below average, BUT what’s matter is the proportion of this trends and seems reasonably logical pre-conclude that people who think more before act will be, proportionally or average(ly) smarter than those who act without give good judgment or at least inside a spectral and specific probabilities of good judgments.

    Metaphorically, brighter people tend to capture more associative and reasonably rational perceptions (and not just feel the reality like living beings tend to do firstly) than others. The world for bright and morally brighter is like a greater proportion of (moral) landmines.

    ”Down syndrome (people) deserve to be genetically eliminated.”

    Average and many higher-iq ones agree with this sentence.

    Brighter people look for a bunch of morally correct associations about ethics, philosophical existential stuff like ”what’s matter is the essence”, the value of a life, to be against the ”appearence”, to put in the place of down syndrome people, etc, etc, etc…

    Psychopathy and ignorance made civilizations.

    Europe is a full of beautiful churches but their natural environment was significantly extincted.

    Build a beautiful churches to pray for a crap ”chosen ones” story is ”better” than create a harmonic long term interaction with the natural world where you are absolutely correlated.

    The most beautiful continent resemble ”a past” of stupid beliefs and mass exploitation of men and the non-human animal.

    • Santoculto

      Castles today are for tourism, in the past (specially in medievo) was like a senzala for semi-slave whites.

      • Jason Y

        And of course slavery for whites was bad. Right Santo-culto ??

        • EPGAH

          I don’t know, but if you know anything about history–let alone a “deep knowledge”–whites are still the only ones who abolished it!

          Or if you want to make it a cynical joke, it was expanded to include everyone?

    • Jason Y

      ”Down syndrome (people) deserve to be genetically eliminated.”

      Average and many higher-iq ones agree with this sentence.

      Brighter people look for a bunch of morally correct associations about ethics, philosophical existential stuff like ”what’s matter is the essence”, the value of a life, to be against the ”appearence”, to put in the place of down syndrome people, etc, etc, etc…

      Psychopathic Nazi scientists should be eliminated. NOW on the spot.

      Can you believe these statements?

      • EPGAH

        So you don’t believe it’s cruel to keep people alive when they’ll always be lower than everyone else?
        From street-shitters to Down’s Syndrome, all life has value, even if they’re guaranteed a life of squalor and ridicule?

  8. Guy from Montréal

    Amongst people of average IQ I become somewhat introverted by default and only weighing in my two cents when the conversation has something relevant for me, with people of high IQ my extroverted side comes out because I connect more naturally with them and feel more relaxed and at ease. People of low IQ I avoid at all cost.

    • Tulio

      Great comment and observation. I totally agree. I behave in similiar fashion but hadn’t quite noticed until reading what you wrote.

    • Tulio

      And another thing, even though I’m an introvert, I can definitely be an extrovert if I’m around the right people. I think there’s a misconception that introverts don’t like talking. I think we do(at least some of us). We just don’t have the energy for a endless small talk. Many extroverts just love the constant ball busting and back and forth banter. Like people I know who were in fraternities for example, that’s how guys are there. They don’t have anything deep to say, it’s just endless ball-busting. But when I do very rarely encounter that person I connect with naturally, it’s invigorating. I cherish it because it’s rare.

      • Jason Y

        Actually ball busting is rare outside of a fraternity. Anyone trying that at work or school with a stranger might risk a fight or some other trouble. Seems like real llife people are being incredibly polite, maybe out of fear of losing face.

        Most ball busting done outside of a circle of friends is real harassment. In other words, the person really hates your guts. Your being bullied etc.. If such a situation happens in a classroom or workplace, as I said, it can lead to a fight.

  9. AC in NC


    Thanks for this post as well as the one on wisdom. It was another like this one (The one about where it’s almost impossible to talk to someone where a 30 IQ point differential exists) that drew me to your site.

    Great portions of this resonate quite profoundly with me perhaps only being a little too quick to speak without thinking. However, I also initially hesitated to post as I wondered if what I posted would not be worthy of the insightfulness I read here. Also, I will out myself as a conservative albeit one that deeply understands the failing of the right and dismayed that there is no obvious manner to synthesize the best of the right and left into something democracy won’t destroy.

    To the Wisdom piece I’ve always self-identified in my descriptions of myself to others as a “pattern recognition engine” and a “puzzle figure-outer”.

    As I think back over my life I find some mild regret that I didn’t do more with my intelligence. I recently read that IQ is more stable throughout life where I an thought it tended to regress with age. The only time I was tested in 5th grade with a one-on-one interview test I tested at 158. I kind of feel I was just left to figure out on my own what to do with it without really understanding the significance of how rare it was and more overwhelmed by not understanding how to navigate the “social politics” of influencing others.

    Your thought that the loudest people fall about 100-115 on IQ reminds me of something I’ve been thinking recently. If wisdom is about observing and accepting reality and if those with the least to say are those who say it most loudly, then I’m led to this thought. Perhaps it is the low IQ person that just accepts what is and gets portions of “it” right intuitively. However, there are those (100-115) with just enough intelligence to be dangerous. These folks create specious constructs on which to base their views that insulate them from ugly realities. I just see an awful lot of cases where the common man with low IQ (without being able to understand why) has more wisdom than a man with intelligence enough to create constructs that he adapts reality to rather than adapting the construct to reality.

    Thanks for all you do.

    AC in NC

  10. Lin

    I found that Jews, said to have high IQ, tend to be ‘politically correct’ in attempts to carry ‘Often Tend to Be Quiet’ to the extreme in order (I suspect) not to be targeted. The only exceptions among them are the Hasidic Jews, many of whom are quite racist. That’s why you can find hi-profile ‘pro-Palestinian’ Jewish intellectuals like Chomsky, and it’s much harder to find pro-Zionist Muslim counterparts.

    It’s comical that the conservative Arab Muslims and Hindus take a ‘politically correct’ stand on that IQ thingie. If one raises the IQ question to an Arab or Hindu, he or she will response angrily with the case of Steve jobs or some Hindu American hi-achievers. On the surface they claim IQ is bogus or at most environmentally driven, but deep inside they take it as racial. For them I propose to replace IQ (intelligence Quotient) with IQ (Islamic Quotient) and IQ (Indic Quotient).

    As a low-IQ Chinese, we should learn selectively from the Jews. I’m also quite glad that Chinese usually don’t brag on the IQ thing. To me, an IQ test is just an aptitude test for school kids, no more.

    • Rus

      When trying to generalize something statistics is a key. Population A has had extra-smart persons, but their number is minuscule (say, 0.1%), and there is no significant number of simply smart and half-smart people. Population B as well has had extra-smart people, but their number is more significant (say, 1%), and there is a large class (say, 20%) of simply smart and half-smart people. Obviously Population B is smarter than Population A, even if the latter has had smart people. Arabs and Hindus might have invented many good things in the distant past, but the percentage of average scientists and engineers has been much larger in Western countries for the last 300 years than in any Middle Eastern country or in India, they must just admit this simple fact. Just one example, Arabs and Hindus might have dozens of bright mathematicians in the past, but since Fibonacci the number of great Western mathematicians is countless.

    • Tulio

      You don’t sound low IQ to me. It sounds like you’re at least of average intelligence. I don’t think low IQ people would even be interested in a blog like this in the first place.

      • I have nothing against the half of the population that is on the down side of 100 on our bell curve, but they’re simply not the intended audience for this blog. I know a couple of people with IQ’s of 94 and 96 who are regular readers though and one was a regular commenter. And we had one very promiscuous though wildly biased commenter, now banned, with an IQ of 91. People with IQ’s around that level can be smarter than you think.

        • Jason Y

          Whenever I hear IQ I cringe. What do they mean, the abiilty to do Calculus? Most people can’t do that. As far as social science goes, any fool can have an opinion. Just read some books, go to university and spout off your opinion. What IQ is used there?

          Who knows what IQ the average welder or car mechanic has. Since there not academic elitists, and dress in dirty clothes, many assume they’re dumb when they’re not.

        • Jason Y

          There are a billion poltical science degree people (well fake ones that is) on Facebook. Everyone has an opinion on Obama, for or against, among other things. What IQ is needed to spout off monkey like hate? To say common cliche statements?

          Perhaps to a have a deep understanding of history, you’d need to read a lot of books and that would take a lot of IQ. But if most people don’t do that, then can they form real opinions about politics or even vote wisely?

        • EPGAH

          Jason, you can’t complain about opinions without a deep understanding of history, if you still believe in the human skin lampshade HOAX!

  11. Rus

    People in the past, very long before any Cultural Left came into existence, perfectly knew that some persons are born smart and others are born stupid, though it was not called “genetics” then. Even brothers and sisters of one family can have different traits such as intellect, because of genetic variability. Cultural Leftists simply deny reality, a basic common sense knowledge that has been known for centuries if not millenia.

    And I’m sure that Leftists do not deny that all breeds of domestics animals are born with specific traits. For example, everybody knows that some dogs are smarter than others, and when smart dogs breed with other smart dogs they start a breed of very smart dogs, so subsequently every dog born to that breed is smart. But when such a simple law of nature is applied to humans, Leftists fail to admit it, for them evolution is not applicable to humans, period. Surely, Cultural Leftists and Creationists must be a perfect match. I wonder what other nature laws are not applicable to humans in Cultural Left Science.

    • Santoculto

      Leftism is very feminine, politics is nothing with intelligence, even wisdom, is just about hormones.

      Women and many-to-most efeminate men believe in horoscope. Believe in magical thinking seems very common among women than in men.

      I like leftism if were coherent but is agonizing… and on other hand, we have the cavemen human cultural type.

      I want to be like Switzerland in global politics, neutral with all this bullshit. But while i search by my own comfort a lot of absurds happen against innocent living beings.

      Humans are, on average, beasts and the best.

    • Jason Y

      Leftism is very feminine, politics is nothing with intelligence, even wisdom, is just about hormones.

      Women and many-to-most efeminate men believe in horoscope. Believe in magical thinking seems very common among women than in men.

      What a load of crap !! The Communist you hate so much are hard-core atheists and materialists.

      • Santoculto

        Dictators and geniuses with moral insanity ARE not REAL (utopic) socialists. The average liberal are less traditionally masculine than conservative, it’s obvious.

        But seems just a question of nomenclature.

        “hard core” communists are psychopathic manly the same way hard core conservatives, they are just very hypocrite than the second group to admit that what they really want is POWER. They use the mean to justify their goals, just the POWER.

        the average western leftist tend to very diverse, even more than conservative ones, but more lefties are “effeminate” than average western rightists and with more women who are more attracted by this propaganda. It’s interesting that more women are conservatives but in the little universe of leftoid minority they are more common as well homosexuals by obvious reasons.

        The new left is a political strategy created to infiltrate in the western society. Their psychopathic geniuses (as well happen with capitalistics) think about the groups who are opressed in western societies

        the minorities and women

        Women are more attracted by leftist narrative as well effeminate men because self interests first, always is like that.

        Lgbt rights and sexual equality.

        Of course the left dictatorship in every place where they were was very patriarchal and authoritarian.

        In the end, the human primitive world can be summarily divided between “elites” and “people”.

        • Santoculto

          To be a ‘divergent” centrist is to be against both insanity, social Darwinism on the right, sophisticated lunacy on the left.

          Is to know that both have correct points.

          Divide and conquer is not just to divide society into a many groups as well to create greater alienation among this groups. Much more easy to create hate among them, among people.

          Right need left and left need right, they are part of same body.

          It’s like macro autoimmune attack, specially by the left and right as crescent entropy, aka, death, the “inevitable death” as ” inevitable hurt/ exploitation of individuals”. What capitalists love to say to justify habitual monstruosities constantly commited by capitalism.

        • Santoculto

          What some interesting pieces to note is that thanks to the communism that east Europeans become less socially liberal at same western Europe standard. Or eastern European men are manly than western European or communism was the principal responsible to foment neonazi crowd among masculine population there, just look for eastern Germany.

          Is very interesting to note or to ask if communist government in eastern Europe don’t made the same effective holocaust and diversity indoctrination in the heads of eastern Europeans that happen(end) in the west!!!

          Holocaust narrative substitute Jesus Christ story and become a new mass cult, a continuation of jewnism, the goym cult to the chosen ones. Like the slavery in Egypt, the expulsion of “holy” land, holocaust, fake or not, is being used as a continuity of crap jewsus mythology. Well, classical Greeks also believed in mythology is not?

        • Jason Y

          No, it has nothing to do with being “pussy” or less masculine, it’s about having humanity. Conservatives, and especially far right ones, have less humanity.

          Actually, some conservatives, ironically, are pussies. They’re used to being waited on hand and foot, like most of the rich, and are limp wristed as a result. Then these same people have the nerve to call non-whites parasites and lazy and “bleeding heart liberals” pansies.

        • Santoculto

          Stalin have “humanity”??

          To be efemminate at eyes of others is not being automatically pussy.

          Look at primitive binary thinking that those on the left just love to accuse on the right to have.

          “immigrants ARE not parasites”

          Not so different than

          ” immigrants ARE parasites”

          On the left like you no have “humanity” with white working classes. They were used. Now with immigrants, they no have more utility. Psychopath mode. Use people because people is not their goal, but power.

        • EPGAH

          Jason, Liberals have NO humanity or compassion when it comes to American working class, and presumably natives of other countries.
          You PRETEND to care about wage gaps, but then push to bring in more foreign scum to undercut our wages still further.

          Conservatives have less “humanity” (Do you mean sympathy?) FOR THE ENEMY, but want to CONSERVE ourselves. We want to keep our country ours, and by doing so, keep it better than what they turned their country into. We don’t want to bring in the population that made that country worse, but worse than that, we don’t want to bring in people that those other countries DON’T EVEN WANT!

          That’s humanity for ourselves. If the host isn’t strong, we can’t support foreign parasites AT ALL, let alone what it will do to our country’s quality, or more quantifiable, Quality Of Life!

  12. Jason Y

    Most conversations are pretty stupid: Most bright people would agree with Robert Frost:

    “Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.”

    The smarter someone is, the more likely they are to think of a typical conversation in public as consisting of a bunch of not very smart people talking about a bunch of idiotic and unimportant things. Indeed, most conversation can be thought of as akin to grooming behaviors among our primate cousins. Dumb pointless conversation is like picking nits out of your loved one’s fur: it works to bring people together and make people feel closer, warmer and more friendly towards each other. In other words, it is social WD-40 – a lubricant to enhance human bonding and socialization.

    A lot of what people are saying is gossip or humorous gossip. You see it all the time on social media. That’s one reason it’s wise to get off of there. That’s one reason I don’t do well on Facebook. I’m intelligent. That’s why I was unpopular on there.

    Of course, even the intelligent can get on the “gossip wave”. That was also my problem on social media. My intelligence soon turned to opinions and some were sort of preachy and not so intelligent. 😆

    Of course, some would say all the low IQ can do is gossip and hate. I don’t think that’s true, and also I believe the intelligent can get caught up in gossip and small talk.

    Ultimately, people gossip cause they’re too lazy to talk about intelligent things, and even when they attempt stuff like politics, they only spout off common popular hate. There is no unique ideas. For instance saying, “Obama is a queer loving gun hater.” etc…

    Also, note “gossip pride”. If they knew I was saying this, I’d be crucified, cause they don’t like a “bitch” who doesn’t like thier gossip.

    • Jason Y

      Note RobertLindsay once said, “It’s fun to hate.” Yep, it sure is, But this hate is so narrow-minded and coming from monkeys, it’s laughable. People aren’t saying anything interesting, but they are saying something, and usually it’s gossip. Normally they’re saying it cause they’re bored, they’re looking for drama, and it’s fun to hate.

      The good PC response, would be to sue them to make them shut up. A anti-bullying platform is a good call here.

  13. Jason Y

    There was this redneck good ole boy on Facebook. Somebody straight out of the swamp or some Lynard Skynard Song. He said “I don’t care what anybody thinks” But should he? 😆

    Note this guy is massively intelligent, delivers pizzas for a living (I mentioned him before.)

    Yeah, should we weigh in on things before saying things? Supposedly the high IQ will do this while the low IQ won’t usually. But it seems to me, to be more of a case of mental instablity rather than IQ The redneck guy I mentioned is a mentally unstable wildman let loose on social media.

  14. Jason Y

    Some of the rednecks, maybe it’s low IQ or maybe not make me vomit. Smoking tobacco around children and babies. They never stop. Now thier children think smoking is a good thing saying “It’s bad for kids, but not for adults.” What redneck brainwashing LOL

    Sometimes I’d like to shove these smokers faces in a toilet.

    • Jason Y

      I suppose I would lose though. These rednecks are tough and can fight. Nonetheless, at least I took a stand against child abuse.

      • EPGAH

        Congratulations, you took a stand AGAINST smoking! I thought you’d be the “I See Both Sides Of The Issue” type, or maybe “Smoking is a RIGHT” type!

  15. mott69

    Very good post! Jason keeps asking what the “extra” IQ points are used for…

    Answer: Not everyday life stuff. Intellectual stuff, and abstract spatial and philosophical stuff. Seeing meta-patterns in things. Higher IQ people shut up also because they don’t think regular people want to hear about the stuff they think about.

    I was introduced to two white guys close to my age the other day, The first thing one said was, “You know what really, really, sucks? Pretty soon, no more football!” He lost me right there. Later, he said, “Yeah, she’s one of THOSe. One of them know-it-alls. Intellectuals…that’s what they are…know-it-alls…” I knew that I wasn’t going to be getting along with this guy, who then proceeded to regale us with his infinite wisdom about cigars and other stuff…what a douche!

    He’s not a know-it-all? And no, not all “intellectuals” act like “know-it-alls.” Just some. The two words are NOT synonymous..

    • Jason Y

      Try being a know it all on Facebook or in a college humanities class (at least some of them), you get bashed all to hell, called a pussy etc.. It’s because they think anyone with an opinion has an attitude, is a bitch, so to speak. Everyone has to be quiet because your just a lowly maggot who has earned the right to speak.

      The other kids are saying “Who the fuck are you? That seems always to be the case.

      • mott69

        That’s yet another reason for “smart” people to keep quiet. They’ve been called/accused of being “know-it-all’s” which no one likes, etc.

        Yet I’ve found that dumber people can be just as bad- they THINK they know it all, or they know about things that really matter, etc.

        In a college class, they only person who is allowed to be a know-it-all is the professor. I always erred on the side of being very reserved when I was called on in class, lest I risk the wrath of the other students and the professor…

        • Jason Y

          Yeah definitely some college professors are “know it alls” Some are some of the most smartass pompous SOB s you can think of. The level of abuse would rival a Marine Corps drill sergeant LOL

        • Jason Y

          Yeah it’ always ironic a college professor can “blah blah blah” all day in class, while a “little wormy worthless student” cannot do the same without being mocked, often being told “blah blah blah” by other students.

          So the phd or masters gives people a special right to be a douche ??

        • EPGAH

          They pay to hear the professor, they don’t pay to hear the other students!

          That said, I have attended a number of classes where the students kept heckling and interrupting the professor!

          What gives THEM the right to be a douche?

          As to humanities classes, there are a number of posts by Robert about the soft sciences not really being sciences, as qualitative statements–not verifiable–replace quantitative statements–verifiable, reproducible, etc.

  16. Santoculto

    I read that people who score higher on verbal intelligence but not in performance are more overthinkers, worriers than others, in other words, also with “social anxiety”. Aspegers that very tend to have this profile come to my mind.

  17. Johnny

    Better listening skills to process information perhaps? I would add that the group that isn’t introverted sometimes make for great showmen like Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Cox (who had a really interesting show regarding race and artificial on the Monkey Cage recently: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00snr0w/episodes/downloads

    Or they are smart enough to know not to join a pointless conversation that has no discernible value for them (this is the cynic in me speaking) maybe?

    • mott69


      Right on target- the students are PAYING TO HER THE PROFESSOR. And, yes, it is NOT the students’ platform to pontificate…you “earn” the platform when YOU graduate with your degree and get your credential etc., to become a professor, professing YOUR infinite wisdom to a captive audience…

      And yes, soft science classes have plenty of room for opinion, argument, discussion Student input is welcomed and sometimes considered mandatory.

      And yes, you can say anything you want to the class, at your own risk…Here’s the rule of thumb…. BE VERY CAREFUL what you say to the whole class…always make it clear when something is merely YOUR opinion, state your source(s) if any first, and DO NOT come off like you are making a definitive statement of fact, unless you can REALLY back it up, telling the class and prof that you’ll bring in your proof for them to look at, etc. DO NOT direct contradict the prof or the textbook, unless you want your grade to suffer, or to be forcibly ejected from the class…

      And yes, Jason, an M.A. or PhD IS A “LICENSE TO BE A DOUCHE BAG”! That’s exactly what it is- and you earn it when you get one!

      • EPGAH

        Student input is NOT welcome in soft sciences, especially if you bring up an elephant in the room!

        • mott69


          I said it is welcome and sometimes an important part of your grade (I graduated in 2012 w/ soft science degrees). HOWEVER- I did say that speaking out in class was very, dangerous. Like walking a tightrope in a minefield. Be careful what subjects you bring up- yep- and DON’T ROCK THE BOAT much. That will get you the evil eye from the prof- and the other students will attack. You will be labeled the crazy guy.

          I always watched my mouth- very carefully- – when I spoke up in class.

      • EPGAH

        Try bringing up fake rape accusations, or the odd lack of SJW outrage over the gender skewing of sewage workers, but PLENTY of outrage over those sexy engineering jobs–that women seem to have zero interest in, but want to be hired in anyways. They don’t get that it’s not like SIMS, you can’t switch jobs on a whim, you have to be QUALIFIED.

        Or just try bringing up that “equality” doesn’t necessarily mean 50-50.
        If there are more Men interested in a given category of jobs, women WILL be underrepresented there. But that’s their own choice/fault, right?

        SPOILERS: They will NOT calmly say “We Don’t Think So”. Make sure there are no throwable objects in the room before making such a statement that would be obvious to anyone without an arts degree!

        • mott69


          Yeah, in any public university or college, assume that anything not PC will be welcomed like cholera. At best, you will be told to gather your sources and put your argument into your next paper. The classroom is a “free speech area” only for the professors- not the students.

          At a right-leaning private or religious college, your views might be welcomed if they’re anti-PC.

        • EPGAH

          If it wants to be taken seriously as a science, it needs to be the search for TRUTH, even if the TRUTH is unpopular.
          Otherwise, stop charging for it and offer it as an extracurricular club!
          Put it right next to the Vintage Kung-Fu Movies Club, because it respects reality just about as much!

  18. Jason Y

    quote by RobertLindsay

    This is probably because the Left is addicted to the insane idea that everyone is equal and everyone has equal abilities. Certainly everyone is born with equal abilities. The former commenter on here Swank actually made statements like this countless times. It is incredible how a very bright and highly educated person like Swank could actually believe such a thing, but Leftism is more about suspending belief than anything. Like religion, a lot of Cultural Left precepts must simply be taken on faith.

    The problem with Robert’s assertion is that once you become obsessed with difference in IQ and whatnot, your humanity diminishes (for most people) and then soon you become an elitist. An elitist desires an unequal society, However, an unequal society is exactly the failure we see in India, Latin America and the rest of the third world.

    Note, also that true Communism isn’t saying everyone is equal. It’s only saying everybody should find a job that suits his abilities to the max degree, and that would overall help society. Of course, that isn’t an endorsement of a caste system etc.., as that would contradict Marxism.

    • EPGAH

      Communism doesn’t SAY everyone is equal, it tries to force equal OUTCOMES! The lazy get taken care of just as much as the industrious.

      What is so “bad” about being an elitist? Better people make better cultures make better countries.
      Also, inequality between industrious and lazy SHOULD help the lazy get their rears in gear, or just die off.

      And don’t forget EVERY Communist country had an upper caste–a “nomenklatura”–that got things the rest of them didn’t, from better food (Or in NK’s case, food at all!) to mansions and whores!

      Of course, it’s always justified because “Someone Has To Administer The Equality”™, right?

    • mott69


      Nope. Being aware of, and “believing” that IQ exists and makes a difference is not equal to being “obsessed” with IQ. Common assumption of people who aren’t “into” the IQ thing.

      There are tons of high-IQ people who do not “desire an unequal society.” Every limousine-Liberal Democrat could be included here- people like Sean Penn and Brad Pitt have very high IQs, and they ARE “elitist”- but they espouse an egalitarian philosophy.

      I’m not sure you understand the communist “from each according to their abilities” thing, or the idea of Marxist equality.

      Equality: Marxism just says that people should be monetarily and socially equal from birth- no inheriting titles, positions or fortunes. (Of course this is often not practiced in reality in some “communist” countries- like North Korea, etc). Also, realistic Marxism just suggests that MOST people should be RELATIVELY equal financially- an almost universal middle class. I never heard anywhere that brain surgeons and nuclear scientists got paid the same as ditch diggers in Russia or China. They didn’t.

      The “from each according to abilities” thing just means that under Marxism people with IN-BORN talents and inclinations will be sought after and identified by the state, which will then foster, support and help train that person in what they excel at. Under capitalism, money, class, luck, who you know, who you fuck, etc. all determine what people wind up doing, not just natural talent and drive to succeed at something.

      Capitalism says “you’re on your own!” to everyone- but the rich and well-connected are not “on your their own.” Capitalism says that the state and society won’t help you. Marxism says that they will.

      • EPGAH

        The Limousine Liberals though do NOT want to part with any of THEIR OWN wealth to make everyone equal! Ask them if they want to be equal in wealth with you or me. If they say no, they expose themselves as hypocrites. If they say YES, you’re in for a serious windfall–if they’re not trolling the hell out of you.

        And don’t forget in Communism, there was no reward for working hard vs. hardly working. Look up the old joke, “We Pretend To Work, They Pretend To Pay Us”.

        Also, unless Communism turns humans into robots, who you know STILL DOES outweight what you know!
        Members of the right party or the right school get the goldmine, and everyone else gets the shaft.

        In both systems, the State helps SOMEONE at the expense of others, all that changes is who gets helped and who gets taken from.

        If Communism is so great, why were and are there so many refugees from it?

        • mott69

          Easy there, Caveman. I mean Eegah.

          Limo Liberals in general, I’m positive, give a (relative) shitload of money to charities- for the tax write-offs and for their do-gooder consciences.

          So, you can’t say that they “don’t give up their wealth.” They do more than most.

          Do they give all, or most, of their money away to charity? No, but that’s just a LAME conservative maxim- “Left-wingers/Commies MUST give all their money and possessions away- or they are hypocrites.” Nah. Right-wingers with money want the left to have power and no voice- so they tell everyone that B.S. Left-wingers need and like money as much you or me or any right-winger. They just don’t like poverty and vast inequality.

          Limo Liberals also advocate higher taxes on people like themselves. That means they would like to surrender more of their wealth, not just “other people’s wealth.”

          You’re very wrong about communism. You know nothing of Marxism. Ever read Marx?In communism, working harder, or being “better” is supposed to be rewarded. Olympic athletes, scientists, and others were rewarded with money and perks equal to money. And yes, Communist Party officials lived much better- in Russia and China. But it wasn’t supposed to be like that. That was, as you said, human nature creeping in.

          You said “in both systems, the state helps some.” Huh? Who does the state help under capitalism- other than the capitalists and those with money and status? That’s the same as helping everyone realize their potential (the Marxist ideal)?

          Why so many refugees? So far, communism has developed mainly in the countries that were terrible before communism- Russia, China. People were fleeing them in droves before communism. Communist regimes tend to forbid people to leave, which only makes leaving more desirable to more folks.

          Thousands of Americans and others fled the U.S. to live in the new Soviet Union in the 30s. So did thousands of other Europeans. Yeah, they didn’t stay forever, but flee they did.

          Re: Refugees- where are all the refugees from all the commie countries? Most of the ones here from Russia, China and the East Bloc came here after the capitalist takeover. Are they (the refugees) those Mexicans from Mexico? Are they the ones fleeing the Middle East? Whoops,no, those “refugees” aren’t fleeing communism. Whoops.

        • EPGAH

          Here’s Michael Moore, The Great Anti-Capitalist, suing to get the tax-break… ON A MOVIE SAYING TAX BREAKS ARE EVIL!

          And Moslems really are refugees, fleeing their fellow terrorists, to avoid getting raped and murdered…
          …Until they come to the Civilized World and rape and murder the people gullible enough to let them in!
          Really, we should let the terrorists be each other’s problem, rescue Christians and Jews, even Atheists FROM the terrorists, rather than let in a proven snake and feign confusion when it bites us!

      • EPGAH

        Aldous Huxley described it very well “There are three kinds. Idealist with an exceptional gift for self deception. Either they don’t know that it is organized hatred, or else they genuinely believe that the end justifies the means, genuinely imagine that the means don’t condition the end. They form the majority. And then there are two minorities. A minority of people who know the thing’s organized hatred and rejoice in the fact. And a minority that is ambitious, that merely uses the movement as a convenient machine for realizing its ambition.”

      • Santoculto

        Nope, communism as happen with capitalism USE people, exploit, and not this supposed perfect societies that you are talking about.

        Communism don’t create a UNIVERSAL middle class because still exist a super powerful class and power corrupt most of human beings.

        At least capitalism in their relative balance create a gradual social differentiation while all communist societies create a abrupt social differentiation, politics and bureaucrats as gods and the most important, zero free speech, dialogue and cooperation to improve a nations.

        Cuban people if really like Castro government are absolutely similar to American working classes. For poor people no have requirement. Just put higher smart people in the middle of the favelas in Lagos or in Rio. Most of smarter are quintessentially problem solvers. But humans conform and the poor and “stupid” even more. Minimal comfort and most them will be happy.

        What capitalism become in their last stages communism establish in their beginning, a abrupt social differentiation, but with the maquillage of the working classes homogenization.

        Lies made and engaged by white trash useful idiots, the servile/psychotic European man, by all classes, social and cognitive, right and left.

        • TAL

          I’m speaking about what Marx envisioned- it’s a theory, a philosophy. I’m not saying that that is what came to fruition in communist countries like Russia and China (a “vast middle class”). What happened is more like a vast lower class and lower middle class, with some favorited ones who had it better, and of course the Party officials, who lived better than the rest.

          Sorry, I would comment on the rest because I can’t grasp your English, Santoculto.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, but that’s explicitly the problem, it’s a great VISION that goes against human nature, economics, and everything else.

          I would love to be able to shut off gravity at will, to have 5 cent per gallon gasoline like my parents’ myths, to have our whole country safe and peaceful without needing cops to shoot thugs, and to have the Moslem Cult peaceful without having to pare away 75-90% of the terrorist population.

          All great “theory” or “philosophy”, but it completely ignores reality, history, physics, etc.

          We need to form policies around the world as it IS, not the world as we’d LIKE IT TO BE!

        • Santoculto


          A philosophy that deny reality is not a reality but a ideology, a sophisticated cult. Philosophy is the search by the wisdom and nothing more.

          Most of people who self-declared ”philosophers” just because their diplomas are not real philosophers but

          ideologues (majority of them)
          phenomenologues (those who study specially the phenomenology of life and existence).

        • Santoculto

          yes, i agree.

          I told that capitalism in regions where people are better to manage it with more responsibility like in Scandinavia or better, a non-savage capitalism, there is a gradual social hierarchy and with more potential equalization to use the power while in virtually all communist nations happen a abrupt discontinuity where higher middle classes would be essential to equalize it.

          Dictator eliminate middle classes and lowered the standard living of most people, of course, those who are very poor in most of this countries seems had lived better but this ”better” is not so ”better”, it’s just a mediocre ”better”.

          The poor russian lived very bad in the tzar era. In the Stalin era ”he” lived with minimal of dignity. Minimal is mediocre, is not enough for someone who persecute the perfection of well being.

          The penultimate sentence look easy to understand ”what capitalism become…”

          And the last sentence was a outflow about your, the european goym, people who continue to follow the imposed reality where non-contradictions become contradictions like be cautious about ”racism” word but quasi-left histerical with ”homophobia”. It’s look contradictory but is not because race and sexual lifestyle are not the same thing and specially with this two modern classical examples.

          About poor people i told that even if cubans like Castro government it’s doesn’t mean that Castro government is good, specially if average cubans were like american working classes that loved american government.

          Castro, Maduro, Lulla, all of them are limousine liberals or pseudo-socialists, a psychopaths like Bush and Merkel but with different strategies to take the power and inflict their spiritual sickness against most of US.

  19. mott69

    Sorry- all. My first comment seemed to not register, so I re-typed the same stuff. Now, the first comment appears…weird!

  20. Latias

    Oddly enough, I though professional sports have some social and cultural value because it at least provides an opportunity for people to have some shared experience, and people could talk about it.

    But there are some people would be Monday morning quarterbacks and referees would think they could do everything right under pressure.

    Steve Sailer takes about sports, but Robert Lindsay rarely does. I feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez.

    • EPGAH

      Lately, I just see it becoming a contest to win, cheat, take steroids, bribe the judges or opposing coach.
      In the jocks themselves, it breeds the idea they can get away with anything as long as they get the results. From beating the girlfriend in an elevator to MURDER!

      Why the sympathy for a murderer? There have to be consequences!

      As to Monday quarterbacks, we have the same thing with our police, who get fired for doing their damn job and killing a thug–or sometimes not even KILLING, just dragging one out of a classroom kicking and screaming–literally!

  21. EPGAH

    Smart people are very introverted except on the Internet, because we want to talk about economics, politics, the threat of the Moslem Cult, or something else that really MATTERS, not the latest Kardashian bullshit, or which celebrities’ birth-control failed THIS time!

  22. Kareem

    Smart people tend to only talk when they they have something meaningful to say. Average and not so smart people are more likely to talk just for the sake of talking. They talk because they are bored and have nothing else better to do. Nothing wrong with this, but they simply have no conviction regarding anything that they say.

    • mott69

      Yep. With not-so smart folks, no subject is too “dumb” or trivial. To be fair, though- they’re not interested in “smart” stuff. And vice-versa with smart people.

  23. Belle

    As a former Quoran who tends to score in the top 2 percentile on IQ tests, I believe some of what you observe has to do with socially ingrained impulses to maintain the status quo. I met my closest fellow “genius” friends on Quora some years back and I admit, the moment IQ is brought up, there is this almost robotic autoresponse any one of us will rush to repeat to remind one another (or the masses) that “IQ isn’t everything”…deliberately understating the correlations between IQ and critical thinking abilities or pattern recognition.

    I believe this is because those of us with higher IQ’s have been humbled repeatedly by the “average” many times over via social scorn and rejection. One genius might know more than and be beneficial to the group as a whole (more so than all the other members combined, even) but being driven by base instincts. Instead of intellect, the rest of the group has proven (throughout history) that they don’t care how much they might need the insight of a person who is more intelligent than they are; they’ll settle for reassuring lies that reinforce their limited worldviews over inconvenient truths coming from a more intelligent person anytime they wish.

    Look at Trump; perfect example of the sheer power a massive group of really stupid people can have.

    Intelligent people aren’t necessarily impervious to social conditioning. And the stupids have made it loud and clear that making others feel inadequate in any way is social suicide.

    Also…(because it must be mentioned) there is a history of people using perceived intelligence as an excuse to deny others basic human rights or to justify genocide.

    And yes, IQ tests can be biased. The most recent one I found three perfectly justifiable patterns in one question; it wasn’t multiple choice. I left a detailed explanation for three justified answers and was thanked for pointing out this flaw.

    Imagine all the people before me who may have noticed one of the three patterns I saw and didn’t get the “question right”. See what I mean?

    • Great comment. Great thinking especially coming from a woman. Women are just as smart as men. The old 4 point edge has vanished on the recent Ravens as women have become highly proficient in visuospatial intelligence, but they don’t think the same way we do, so we undervalue their brains and think they are stupid. I love a woman who can “think like the boys” and “put it all together.” Putting it all together is exactly what you are doing here. I love this type of thinking, and I think most men do too.

  24. ROBERT

    Even men who are married to women who work in research labs or NASA probably did not marry her for that reason.

    Women marry because they want a man to have sex with them and vice versa.

    This is why the children of famous geniuses are not that smart like Marlon Brando, who had sex with his fans and his maids. His kids are junkies and idiots. None of them will be a great actor.

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