Bigfoot News Holidays 2015 Edition


Honestly, I do not have the foggiest idea what that is. But the more I look at it, the more I think that is a Sasquatch. Look at that thing. It has no neck!


This is from Maine. The Tom Pasanen photo. Whatever it is, it sure is weird.



The Tom Pasanen photo from Maine.



A closer look at the bizarro Pasanen photo. Do note how the hair coloration of the thing matches the foliage perfectly.


fake bigfoot

A fake by hoaxers associated with the JREF scum, I do not know what that is – is it a statue, a costume? I think it is statue.



What in the Hell is that?! Shot via a trailcam and entered into a contest. I am not sure if it won or not. I have no idea what that is. If that is a wild animal, would someone please prove it? That doesn’t look like a bear. Nevertheless, part of me thinks this is an animal. I always thought that this is one of the weirdest Bigfoot pictures out there.



Three photos here of three Sasquatches. The first is from the Go-cart video. Boys racing go-carts in Pennsylvania had a Go-Pro camera on their go-cart and shot a video of this thing. They did not even see it at the time and only found out later when they looked at the footage. If you see the video, that can be nothing other than a Sasquatch. I believe those boys, and I do not think they are sophisticated enough to pull off an elaborate hoax like this. In fact, I doubt if anyone is. I have never seen a hoax that matches the quality of this video. Photo 2 is apparently from the Turkey Hunter footage. Is that correct? Someone correct me if I am wrong. I do think that the Turkey Hunter footage is genuine. However, the Turkey Hunter video is also one of the most flat- out weird Bigfoot videos I have ever seen. The last is I think an old one from Alberta Canada, but I am not sure. That sure looks like a Sasquatch to me.



Ok, that is just weird. Someone tell me what the Hell that is? Look at how long that thing’s arms are. It looks like a gorilla. But compare it to the very first photo at the top. Same scene, right? The first photo is the thing when it stood up and the second photo is the same object crouching down. If it’s the same creature as the first video, that’s a Sasquatch. I believe that the man who shot this pic and some other related ones is known. What do we know about him?



This is up there with the craziest Bigfoot photos of all time. We have seen these things carrying deer in the Turkey Hunter video, and now we see a Bigfoot carrying…yes, you got it. A cow. Apparently a dead cow, unless the Bigfoot just killed it. A completely baffled farmer in Indiana submitted this pic, which was taken with a trailcam. He has no idea what this is a picture of. He doesn’t seem to be the type to fake a video, and where do you get fake cow carcasses anyway!? Note the corn to be harvested in the foreground.



A much larger photo of the Bigfoot with the cow. Note the huge foot on that thing! No way did some humble farmer buy a fake cow carcass and dress his farmer friend up in a suit, put on the biggest clown clown shoes I have ever seen and shoot this with a trailcam, of all things. That simply did not happen. Have we even seen a trailcam hoax yet? I don’t believe the hoaxers even try to do those. Would be nice to get a better backstory on this.


Sas Ontario other BFt

Sasquatch Ontario capture of a Sasquatch. Probably genuine.

Brave Hunter Films Massive Bigfoot! Utah 2015. This video is getting ripped to pieces by the skeptards, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that I really do think this is a Sasquatch. It doesn’t move like a man. No man can move like that. It’s not possible.

Do you see how it goes down on all fours a few times? See how many times it hides behind trees and peeks from behind them (tree peaking). Notice how it moves through the forest like a cross-country skier, gliding as it walks? Humans can’t walk like that. Also look at how it gracefully goes up-down, up-down when it walks. Humans don’t walk like that, nor can they.

Notice also the way it grabs trees and brush as it moves through the forest, using the foliage almost as one might use ski poles? That’s how they move through the woods. At one point in the video, you can clearly see that that thing has no damned neck! Furthermore, its shoulders are simply massive.

And a number of times you can see its head and face in profile. Look at the bone structure of that face. That’s not a human face. Human faces are not shaped like that, and you can’t put a monkey mask on that gives your face a different shape. Have we seen a Bigfoot hoax yet with a mask so fancy that it actually changes the shape of the wearer’s face?

It has a browridge. A coned head. How many hoaxes have we seen with coned heads and bony browridges? Notice the weird way it walks hunched over. That’s not a human being. Humans don’t walk like that.

In addition, I have seen so many videos of these damned things by now that I can almost spot a Sasquatch half a mile away blindfolded. They have a certain profile about the bodies. It takes many different forms, but I keep seeing those forms over and over. And no human has a body profile that looks like that, nor can they fake one.

That’s also real fur. You can see that in the very beginning of the video when the sun is shining on the object.

Also if that is a guy in a monkey suit and a mask, there is no way he could move through the woods that fast. Also the mask is going to get so hot towards the end of the video that he is going to have to take it off or else he is going to die.

The hunter’s reaction has been criticized, with people saying that he seems calm. Like Hell he does. You can hear him breathing hard right from the start of the video. He’s hyperventilating. You don’t breathe like that when you are calm.

First video evidence of a Sasquatch at the Alberta Habituation Site! In the video below, we see an episode of Survivorman where Survivorman is looking for Sasquatches up in Todd Standing’s research area, which is the Alberta Habituation Site (wherever precisely that might be) last time I checked. I am pretty out of the loop with regards to the AHS, though I have sent a couple of guys out there looking for it. I definitely know the general area of the site within 25 miles or so.

Anyway, whether or not Todd is still at the site, I know for a fact that the Survivorman episodes where Survivorman is romping around searching for Sasquatches with Todd Standing were absolutely filmed at the AHS in the last couple of years.

This footage is fascinating. Apparently at the time the video was shot, neither Todd nor Survivorman had any idea that a Sasquatch was  spying on them in the distance of the footage.

In fact, it was not until the footage aired on live TV that viewers looking closely at the footage noted what appeared to a Sasquatch spying on Todd and Survivorman from a couple hundred yards in the background. Todd and Survivorman apparently had no idea that this Sasquatch was in the footage until the episode aired on TV! This makes me think that there is no way that this is another Todd Standing hoax.

If it’s a hoax, how come Todd even know about it himself? And why would Todd secretly put a hoaxed guy in a monkey suit in the footage and not tell anyone about it? Todd’s too much of a narcissist and a loudmouth. If he thought there was as Sasquatch in his footage, he would be yelling so loud you could hear him in outer space.

Anyway, my last sources in Canada told me that the word is that Todd is done with hoaxing. There’s no need to hoax anymore, as he has a primo habituation site with real live Sasquatches running around. So why hoax?


Todd Standing’s Early Sasquatch Video. Yes, this is one of the famous ones that people talk about a lot, but you hardly ever see it. Before Todd started hoaxing the world with his made-up stories about the Land of the Lost in British Colombia (a place you can only get to by tunnel) where he was surrounded by Sasquatches one night in his camp. Remember Todd made a movie out of that?

Before Todd’s infamous Tiki dolls that fooled so many otherwise sane people. Remember the puppets made of Todd’s face morphed into a monkey man by his special effects artist sister?

Yes, before then, Todd shot 2-3 very blurry early videos that caused a lot of controversy. In the case of this one (possibly the first video), I think that is actually a real Sasquatch. For one thing, that looks like real fur, not a costume.

Anyway, that slope on the other side is so remote and steep that I don’t understand how the guy in the monkey suit even climbed the mountain in the first place. And that does look like a Sasquatch. And it moves like one. And the people filming seem genuinely excited (rapid breathing, etc.) Anyway, I do think Todd got one here.

Frightened farmer films massive Bigfoot. North Georgia 2015. Another new one, and yes, I like it a lot. Look at the way it glides through the forest. Look at the way it moves backwards to get behind that tree. Look at how huge it is when it finally stands up. Doesn’t it remind you of that Provo, Utah Sasquatch filmed by the college kids camping out for the weekend?

Notice it has no neck. Notice the coned heard. Note the massive body. I also believe once again that this is real fur, not a costume. And yes, you can tell the difference. There are certain things about real fur that have been impossible to replicate with costumes. And there are a couple of other things that the hoaxers never get right that I will not reveal.

Bigfoot Caught on Fisherman’s Video. I like this one too. Another new one from 2015. The fisherman didn’t notice it at the time, and he only saw the Sasquatch after he got home and was looking at the footage. I also think that is real fur, not a costume. The costume makers have never gotten the fur thing right because they can’t.

Melba Ketchum’s DNA results independently replicated by another scientist! I ran this one a while back based on a video Melba made in which she said another team had replicated her results, but I did not know the details on it. I also said that another “scientific team” replicated the results because that’s how I understood the story. However now that I have more details, I can report that it was not an actual scientific team; instead it was simply another scientist who sequenced the genome on his own in his own lab based on Melba’s data.

The other scientist’s name is Dr. David Swenson, and he is a very famous geneticist along the lines of the rather infamous Dr. Sykes in the UK. Swenson is not as famous as Sykes, but who is? And how famous are even the most famous geneticists? Walk up to the average person on the street and ask them to name a famous geneticist. I bet they cannot name even one.

Anyway, Swenson is pretty well known in the scientific geneticist community because he was the first person to sequence the genome of the Staph Aureus bacteria. He has authored over 125 peer-reviewed papers in scientific genetics journals. That is a very impressive record.

Swenson was interviewed by Joe Rogan in the video below.  Now what Swenson did was he took Ketchum’s raw data and sequenced the genome himself based on that. He focused on a single chromosome, chromosome 13.

He was able to completely replicate Ketchum’s results based on just looking at that one chromosome. He said it had a mix of human and nonhuman characteristics. He described it as a hybrid, and he said that at one time, some other creature must have bred with a human being (he felt that the other creature had to be a male, and it had to breed with a human female).

Rogan, incredulous, asked if it was possible that the results were faked by Ketchum. Swenson shook his head and said “You can’t fake DNA. There’s no way to do it. DNA is DNA.” As Swenson notes, this Sasquatch genome contains much genetic material that is completely unknown to man. You can’t fake that. You can’t make up new genetic sequences. There’s no way to do it. It’s utterly irrational, and it’s not even possible.

This however is the argument that the retards in our community (99% of the Bigfoot community is retarded) have been making. Yes, that is their argument: Ketchum faked the results.

The other retarded argument that they make is that the results were contaminated, but Ketchum has conclusively proved that the results were not contaminated. Anyway, even if they were contaminated, you would not get a result like this.

If, say, the results of the Sasquatch samples were really of bears, contamination would result in a finding of human + bear. So even if Ketchum’s material was contaminated, the results would just be horse + human, bear + human, racoon + human, etc. You follow? So the contamination argument is about as retarded as the hoaxing argument.

At one point, Swenson said, “There is an unknown mammal in the Pacific Northwest.” A stunned Rogan again asked Swenson later in the interview, “So is this proof that Bigfoot is real?” Swenson started to answer but stopped himself. He paused a bit and said, “Well it seems like it is, but as a scientist, I will not believe these things are real until one tries to bite my hand off.” In other words, Swenson is so incredulous of his own results that he still wants a body.

Unbelievably, the few skeptards who have heard about this new evidence from Dr. Swenson have mockingly laughed it off once again. They don’t care. They simply do not believe these things exist no matter how great evidence we throw in their faces. They, like 85% of the US public and nearly 100% of the scientific community, will not believe us until we show them a body.

All of their arguments about “no credible evidence” are crap. We have excellent video and photos that cannot be faked.

We have over 40,000 documented sightings including some by scientists, university and college professors, psychologists, police officers, wildlife biologists (we have several from them), park rangers, firefighters, forestry officials, and medical professionals. The skeptards laugh all of this off mockingly and say that all of these people are either lying, hallucinating or seeing other things and confusing them with Sasquatches. That argument is so preposterous that it is stupid, but this this is the received knowledge, believe it or not.

We have audio recordings that cannot be faked, hair, scat, footprints, handprints and recently teethmarks. Apparently all of this is either from other animals se we faked it. Recently we even acquired blood and even tissue. And now on top of all of that, we have have good hard genetic evidence. And still they laugh us off. What more do we have to do to prove these things exist to these folks?

Incidentally, Swenson, like so many other well credentialed believers, said that before he sequenced this genome, he had thought that Bigfoot was a hoax or a fraud. He no longer believes that.

Rick Dyer fails to come through. Dyer released two interesting videos recently, supposedly part of a three-part series on the San Antonio shooting incident, in which he apologized for all of his shenanigans and asked forgiveness of everyone for his endless bad behavior. This is par for the course for Rick, and it is nothing new.

He also explained in detail what happened on September 6, 2012 when he allegedly shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. This is also interesting, however since Rick has not yet offered any evidence that he committed this deed, this video was not very important in that sense either.

However, he did say one thing that I thought was very interesting. He said that all of the remaining footage that was cut out of Morgan Matthews’ Shooting Bigfoot movie will be released in a new edition of the movie to appear on TV  in December. He said that this remaining footage would prove conclusively that he shot and killed a Bigfoot on that day.

The fact that he was so matter of fact about it and attributed the coming footage to Matthews instead of himself is what caught my eye. I doubt if Rick is making this up off the top of his head. First of all, Rick has never been proven to have told one single lie yet about Morgan Matthews, nor has he made any wild and false predictions about him.

All of this makes me think that the release of the remaining footage by Matthews’ film company Minnow Films has at the very least been discussed if not actually planned and authorized.

It is notoriously hard to get Matthews to make any sort of statement about much of anything, and he has said very little about this movie other than some odd and cryptic statements.

Further and most spectacularly, he has refused to deny Rick’s charges that a Bigfoot was shot and killed in the filming of the movie or that those are actual Bigfoots running around in the footage at the end of the film. This makes no sense at all, and the skeptards as usual have absolutely no explanation for Matthews’ behavior whatsoever except to moronically accuse him of being a hoaxer.

Well, here it is January, December has come and gone, nd nothing happened. It would be very nice if Rick is telling the truth and we could see the rest of the footage that was cut out of Shooting Bigfoot and even nicer if it lent credence to Rick’s continuing claim that he shot a Bigfoot that day in Texas.

Rick also said that the Bigfoot body exists, but he has never had possession of it as the investors took possession of it immediately. He also promised that “this will all come out one day” and that the body would one day appear in public. I believe that if this event occurred, it makes sense that the investors immediately took control of the body.

Furthermore, Rick’s wildly dishonest behavior and scamming for a couple of years after the purported shooting makes sense if he never had the body in his possession. Let’s say the body was never in his possession. What would Rick do, being Rick Dyer? Pretend he had it and run around scamming people about the fake body for as long as he could milk money out of the con job, right? Well of course. After all, Mr. Dyer is an excellent con artist.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that there is still no good hard evidence the Rick killed a Bigfoot that night, although I believe there is excellent evidence that there were two Bigfoots running around in the woods there that eve, one running away from Rick and the other slapping down Morgan.

There is also excellent evidence that Rick was shooting live bullets at that thing with a real gun as per Matthews’ statement confirming those facts. The creature that Rick was shooting at was obviously a Bigfoot, as it could not be anything else. And it really does look like he shot the thing as evidenced by the moan we can hear in the movie. But did he kill it? This is what we don’t know. I would say that there is pretty good evidence that he wounded it though.

Also the thing that swats down Matthews, knocking him out with one mere slap of the land (!?) absolutely has to be a Bigfoot because there is no way that could possibly be a mask or a costume.

Furthermore, keep in mind that both of those things are running around in the woods at night with no flashlights! How does a human stunt man in a monkey suit do that?

So from Shooting Bigfoot, there is excellent evidence that the following things are true:

  1. The Tent Video is a real Bigfoot.
  2. The thing running away from Rick later on is a real Bigfoot.
  3. Rick is firing live ammo at the Bigfoot with a real gun (Matthews’s testimony).
  4. One of the shots appears to have hit the Bigfoot, at the very least wounding it.
  5. Another Bigfoot appears out of nowhere and slaps Matthews down onto the ground with an open palm, knocking him out.

The things that are yet unknown and unproven are:

  1. Rick actually killed that Bigfoot he was chasing with one of his shots.
  2.  Any of the events described by Rick after he supposedly shot the Bigfoot actually occurred.
  3.  A dead Bigfoot was retained, transported and stored anywhere after the shooting.
  4.  Musky Allen, whose testimony has not yet been impeached, actually saw a dead Bigfoot from the shooting at a US government facility in Nevada.
  5. Anyone at all has ever been in possession of a dead Bigfoot from the shooting, much less that anyone currently retains one.

In other words, what we are dealing here with the San Antonio Bigfoot story is once again another Bigfoot body story, of which there have been quite a few down through the years.

So far, good hard evidence of any of these bodies has been lacking, though some of the stories are quite intriguing. It is interesting that in all of these cases, hard proof of the existence of a body has not been forthcoming, yet nevertheless, skeptics have presented absolutely zero evidence that any of the body stories are untrue, frauds or hoaxes other than Rick’s two fake Bigfoot bodies.

We don’t know if any of these body stories are true. None have been proven, and yet none have been disproven either. As with so many things in life, it is simply completely up in the air whether any of the shooting and body stories are true.

In order for Rick to prove his claim, he is going to have to present more evidence in the form of:

  1. Additional footage from the Shooting Bigfoot movie.
  2. A body itself retained, if at all, probably by investors and not Rick.
  3. Any other probitive evidence.

So far, Dyer has failed to present us with this evidence. Until Rick can show us the monkey, this is just another wild Bigfoot story.


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27 responses to “Bigfoot News Holidays 2015 Edition

  1. Rick the Dick

    I used to be a follower of Dyer, but not anymore. I no longer believe anything Dyer says anymore. He’s done nothing but scam, lie, fool and drag peoples names through the dirt. Nothing ever came of this story, and nothing ever will!

  2. Rick the Dick

    To be honest Robert, you should just ignore the Dyer saga.

  3. Guy from Montréal

    I think the Swenson findings are the only new thing that’s somewhat concrete, it renews my interest in BF, everything else that happens just seems to preserve the status quo, like the supplied images and videos here, sure there are some that are interesting but there’s just never enough detail to make you say with 200% certainty “HOLYSHIT THAT’S REAL!” as long as video and still photos are all taken with smart phones or from the shittiest of camcorders we’re never going to get something even near the quality of the Patterson film which still remains the benchmark of the photographic evidence pertaining to BF. The gamecam image with the supposed cow is interesting but everything in the picture is sharp except for the subject, it looks like there’s a drop of rain on the gamecam lens right where the subject is and obscurring it, I can’t see a cow but I can see that the top of the subject looks like a bear’s head in profile to me with the ear at the way top.

  4. Robert, if this is true and there are so many of them that they keep appearing on footage and stuff, why is really clear evidence like a body never ever found? why has one never been caught or shot?

    I sort of get the argument for it but I find it surprising some really good physical evidence hasn’t showed up yet if its true.

    • Ste – They are people and they bury their dead. However, from time to time bodies are found or else these things are shot by humans, hit by cars and trucks, etc. When they are hit by cars and trucks, the site is sealed off and the government comes in and steals the body. Also when they are found dead in the woods, same thing happens. Every time police get notified, the body gets taken. Also there have been some persistent stories about bodies being taken away.

      However, I know people who have shot and killed these things. Whenever someone shoots and kills one, they go to look at it and it looks like Steve covered with hair! They completely flip out and either bury it or leave because they are afraid of going down on homicide.

      Not only that, but if you ever shoot and kill one of these things, you will be so panicked and freaked out that you will pretty much in some freaked other world due to psychological shock. Imagine how you would react if aliens landed in your backyard while you were out there and got out and started interacting with you. It’s like that. You would be in a panicked out other world or almost alternate reality.

      There is suggestive evidence that one or more bodies were taken by the shooters, but in those cases, it turns into a huge legal mess with no one wanting to take responsibility for killing it due to the homicide question. One body was definitely retained in the case of the Minnesota Iceman. I am sure of that. It was put in a freezer. But Hanson guy flipped out and kept it in there because he was afraid of going down on homicide.

      We have bones too. Some are lost in university collections, are some are present even at this moment at archeological digs. I know of some skeletons present at a recent archeological dig in Illinois or Indiana. A friend went out there and confirmed that there is one or more Sasquatches buried in with all the 60 or so Indian skeletons. The Sasquatch skeletons at that site were labeled “Indian.” The bones, skulls, etc. in university collections are also labeled “Indian.”

      • I kind of believe that could all be true but I’d just think somebody would at least take a close up photo after killing one or somebody in the government or police would come forward (thought I suppose you’d risk being seen as crazy) or like one guy who shot one would have the fortitude or daring to make it public….you’d maybe risk homicide but it’d also be a major scientific discovery and you’d be famous. But not one? Its just a little surprising.

        But assuming it’s true- and I believe it could be- why do the government want to keep it quiet? Also, how intelligent are they thought to be?

        • There are photographs of dead ones. The Minnesota Iceman was photographed. There is also a photo of a dead Yeti that I think is real.

          I know people who have shot and killed these things and trust me, they are terrified of going down on homicide. That’s why they are covering up the evidence and I believe they may also have hidden the bodies away, never to see the light of day. The hidden bodies? Who knows? Suppoedly there are homes with mounted Sasquatch heads on the wall. A very rich man supposedly uses one of the skulls as an ashtray for his exclusive club.

          The bodies probably get set on fire or thrown into the ocean or maybe sold to some millionaire in China, who knows. The rumor is that the Smithsonian has bodies of 4-5 different species of relict hominids hidden away. I have also heard that the US military has a few in storage, because a few have been shot and killed when they went onto military bases.

          If you look at all the insanity surrounding the Rick Dyer shooting, and I am 100% sure that he at least wounded the thing, that is probably pretty typical for what happens to a body, assuming that a body was obtained. The word now is some very rich people have possession of it and who knows what they are going to do with it.

          Police officers have come forward, but always off the record. We have records of their testimony too. One Ohio policeman said that one that was killed by a car was taken away by the government. A black van came and men dressed in all black came out and took it away.

          We also have quite a bit of anonymous testimony from US government soldiers who have seen them on bases.

          A woman in Oregon saw two of them walking along talking to each other in some sort of language. She reported it and soon after two men dressed all in black came to town and took a hotel room. They came out to talk to her and they told her that they worked for the government studying these things. They said the government wants it covered up because “people will panic.”

          Another dead one was picked up by armed men dressed all in black who came in a black helicopter.

          In case you think the black vans, men in black and black helicopters is insane, it does make sense because all black vehicles, copters and uniforms are often used by US military intelligence.

        • Amazing. I read a book by a western woman who became a Tibetan Buddhist nun and lived in a cave for 12 years (Cave in the Snow: a Western woman’s quest for enlightenment). She was somewhere quite remote in the Himalayas and she wrote that she saw one and that the locals knew about them.

          This is the most convincing argument for them I’ve read:

  5. also that statue has to be the worst attempt at a bigfoot hoax of all time.

  6. SHI

    Hey all, Robert is back with Bigfoot stories. Damn!

    Q: What happens when the Abominable Snowman meets a female Bigfoot?

    A: They raise Abominable Bigfeet at the Bronx zoo.

  7. tulio

    Bigfoot? I thought you’d be posting about David Bowie today.

  8. Johnny

    I’m only interested in this topic if there’s some discussion about the Six Million Dollar Man!

  9. The photo from Maine, is Legit, imho, BF’s will always have a large white nose, Just like Patty, and a bunch that I have Pics of. If you want to see the best evidence, visit my youtube channel 🙂

  10. Joerg Hensiek

    Hi Robert. Good overview. However, I think you are wrong about Swenson. If it would be him alone, Ketchum would have had no problems to confirm by now that he is the one who has verified her study results. Swenson is one of the very few scientists who came forward three years ago to say her study is legit or should at least taken seriously. In the video he says that he has checked just a little part of her DNA results and not all the results, which would be needed to confirm her whole study.
    I guess – IF she tells the truth! – that it is really an independent lab and therefore a whole team behind the verification of her DNA results. Ketchum wrote to me, that THIS LAB has already written a paper and will now submit it to top ranking journals. And, she added, THEY checked her results with the help of “super computers”. Until now (the time of writing to me) she is/was not allowed to name the institution. Again: IF she tells the truth!
    And thank you for the great Bowie tribute!

      • Joerg Hensiek

        By the way: If you have the time and interest, a phone call at the Discovery Channel should bring some light into the newest Dyer allegations. On his website he claims that Discovery will broadcast a docu called “Death of a Myth” in 2016 and in a video shown on fb he states that a production company for Discovery has bought all the rights for the bigfoot shooting sequences not shown in Shooting Bigfoot from Morgan Matthews.

  11. Carl R

    Some interesting photos and commentary. There is only one that I feel like I have a sufficient background to comment on, and that is the sixth one down, the black and white trail cam photo, the caption of which begins “What in the Hell is that?..”

    For what it’s worth, I have worked as a ranger at a park known worldwide for its bears, and have spent many hundreds of hours in the wild in close proximity to both black and brown bears in the wild. I also spend a lot of time sketching them, which forces you to observe closely. I’m pretty certain that is a bear in the photo, albeit a rather thin one. The upper to lower leg proportions, slight inward rotation of the foreleg discernible from the angle of the elbow, the relationship between belly and chest, proportional relationships between fore and hind legs, and a number of other things look very strongly like those of a bear. The relationship of the elbow to the ribcage would be odd for either a cub or a full adult or a fat fall bear (the elbow is fairly low in relation to the bottom of the chest), but I have seen it in thin subadults more than once.

    What makes the photo odd, and is the one thing that gives me pause, is the lack of ears on the head. Bear ears are, of course, quite prominent. With gorillas they can be surprisingly hard to see. At the angle of this photo they would normally be visible on a bear. I can only think of two explanations. The first is that the movement of the bear at the time the image was taken blurred them. I don’t know how probable that is. Others with more experience with trail cams would have to comment. The other possibility is that both ears are missing. That may seem odd, but last summer I spent many hours observing a well-known bear where I was working who had gotten an ear bitten cleanly off by another bear. His whole face was pretty grim around mid-summer but by fall you only noticed that he was missing an ear.

    If I had to bet, I’d say that photo is of a bear, but I wouldn’t say I’m certain. If it’s not a bear, it would have to be either a hoax or a large primate on all fours.

  12. Rumferlife

    Now that was the best bigfoot compilation of 2015, what is Todd up to now? My old friend went off the radar so I’m thinking there’s something in the works,I’ll just have to be patient, he’s a powerful guy so I won’t be pestering him.

    • Rumferlife

      If he wants to reach out to me, that’s fine and welcome so there that is, I’ll even make a fresh attempt at it to see for myself

      • I do not know. I fell out with all of my contacts about the Alberta Habituation Site (where Meldrum saw his Sasquatch), but I assume that is still his area and I know that the Sasquatches are still there. They ain’t leaving that place and no pesky human is going to drive them off.

  13. Dudlow

    Sorry R. L. but I don’t buy any of the still photos for a variety of reasons. Either sufficient detail is lacking to make a reasonable guestimate or the biomechanics of the long bones (intermembral indices) are too human to pass for a Sasquatch; which will screw up a hoax every time you put a man in a monkey suit. Also a couple of the photos appear to show fabric bunching at the ankles where the ankles should taper to the feet.

  14. I’ve always wondered why ants weren’t first called littlefeet.

  15. Big G

    Ive had a personal conversation with melba recently and there are some very good things coming up with her. Todd standing mentioned in his last survivorman video that he felt that the group at the habituation site was exterminated save for one juvenile. Todd said he heard a lightless chopper fly into the area one night proceeding hundreds of rounds going off. an inspection of the area 1 mile away showed footprints of many men(up to ten),
    and hundreds of rounds of spent cartrages. Imediately following that night he saw no signs of the group. However he did see signs that a juvy survived and kept its distance. Ive seen or heard nothing from todd since.

  16. Steve Byrne

    So sorry to have to chime in again… The tent video was faked. I believe it was a handheld prop or top of a costume, because there is a guy right next to the “subject” in a short video that I saw, where they seemed to be adjusting camera positions and angle. I’ve received nothing except ridicule and anger in response to talking about it.

    It’s incredibly ironic, but now I understand the witness experience much better than I could have any other way. It’s possible that the attacks were the result of paid trolls, but Mr. Lindsay is included. It has now been 3 1/2 years of being called a liar for describing video of a hoax done by Rick Dyer.

    Belief is a funny thing. We still don’t know why anyone would choose to believe rick, and it is certainly a choice, if not a lie in its own right. Knowing is pretty empowering. When you know a thing, you get to measure people’s positions against the truth. Their vanities, loyalties and shenanigans become visible. The integrity of their other work may be questioned, even good work that wasn’t previously under any scrutiny can be discarded.

    from 2010-2012 this website was a defacto hub for bigfoot research. The late, great Richard Stubstadt, posted regularly, as did many other well known researchers. What happened and why is still a mystery. This site and Facebook Find Bigfoot were both driven off a cliff, largely by supporting Rick Dyer in a hoax that was obvious on so many levels that it was surreal.

    It was also very damaging to the entire field of research, along with Melba’s revelation of 18 modern haplotypes in the DNA of 22 specimens. One might be persuaded to wonder if it was all intentional, as though some agency of foresters or government were behind the two assaults.

    Please tell us THAT story.

    P.S. Man in suit carrying cow suit is my favorite photo yet. Thanks for that!

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