Am I Conservative or Liberal?

joku:vaan writes:

So how you define liberal or conservative? From the perspective of your typical Leftist liberal, guys like Robert Lindsay are pretty conservative and racist.

It depends on who you ask. I have some friends who are typical Democratic Party liberal stalwart types, and they think I am a leftwing nutcase. They call me a “Shining Path leftwing crazy” and “Maoist.”

It’s true most Leftists say that I am conservative or worse, but they call 90% of the population “reactionaries.” Some liberals also say I am a conservative or a Republican, or “You are not a liberal, Robert!” but those are more the Cultural Left liberals, and many liberals, especially Democratic Party liberals, are not with the Cultural Left.

In fact, a surprising number of Democratic Party liberals are race/gender/sexual orientation realists, and a fair number of them are even sexist or even pretty racist. You would be surprised what those people are like. They usually try to hide their thought crimes, but when no one else is around, and they suspect you are a receptive audience, you should hear the way they talk!

As far as being racist, quite a few liberals and Leftists call me a racist, and honestly that is why a lot of the liberal/Left regular commenters have left the board in disgust.

But I know some Democratic Party liberals who would say that I am not a racist. After all, I voted for Obama twice and even worked on his first campaign. How many racists voted for Obama, much less worked for him? I had tears in my eyes when he won the first election, and they were all marching to the main park in Chicago to celebrate.I was so happy that we had our first Black President that I was moved to tears. How many racists felt that way?

I am a strong supporter of the old Civil Rights Movement, and I support most of the major civil rights laws. I just think the civil rights crowd has lost the plot. They have turned into something called “modern antiracists,” and they’ve simply gone way too far for my tastes. More properly, I am like a 1970’s civil rights type or a 1970’s/1980’s Cultural Left type. Every year the antiracists and Cultural Left types move their loony Overton Window further and further to the Left, and at this point, they have gone so far Left that I cannot even support them anymore. They strike me as insane people.

Think of civil rights and even the Cultural Left as a train.

I’ve been riding that train quite happily most of my life, but instead of stopping and parking the train somewhere, they kept racing the train further towards the left end of the tracks. That’s  if there even is a left end – maybe the tracks go on forever!

At some point two or three decades ago, I thought, “You know what? I did not sign up for this. In the 1960’s and 70’s, I signed up for Liberation, not insanity.”

I said, “This is simply not the same train that I bought a ticket for back then. It’s turned into some weirdo freakshow train. You need to let me off right now. I do not want to go all the way towards your crazy destination, whatever or  wherever that is.” So I got off the train when it was halfway to where it is now.

I suppose Left and Right mostly breaks on economics. Also I am not a social conservative in the US sense. Everyone who knows me laughs when I ask them if I am a social conservative.

Sure I hate the Cultural Left, but then I go to the social conservative websites, and I am simply appalled. That’s not me at all.

It’s the same thing on race. Most liberals and Leftists are completely nuts on race, even offensively so. But then I go to more or less racist sites, and I am utterly appalled. Mainly because they are all conservatives, but also because they take the racism thing vastly further than I ever would.

As far as racism goes, I am going to say that I am not one, but that’s not really for me to decide. The Cultural Left has widened the daffynition of racism so much now that I figure the majority of White people are racists according to them. Non-Whites are even worse – even more racist than Whites – but the Cultural Left says non-Whites can’t be racist.

I also feel that Left and Right are becoming obsolete terms. Everyone is forced into this insane Left or Right, conservative or liberal, either/or Manichean idiocy. If you decide liberal, they give you a checklist of 1,000 issues with the liberal position on each one. If you fail to check even one of them, they scream and yell that you are not a liberal and that you need to leave the party and head over to that conservative party they are throwing down the street.

Same thing with conservatism. If you say you are a conservative, they hand you a checklist with 1,000 issues on it and the conservative position on each one. If you fail to check even one, they throw you out of the party onto the street and tell you to go to that wild and crazy kegger party with the live band that the liberals are throwing down the street.

People like me keep getting thrown out of both parties.

My basic position is that people should be free to be Left on some things, Right on others and maybe Center on other things. That’s not allowed in our society in which ideological conformity and purity is insisted upon.

I actually suspect that most folks are some mixture of Left and Right, but that’s not allowed in the US, so they cop out and become an ideologue of one side or the other because that’s the only thing you are allowed to be.


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12 responses to “Am I Conservative or Liberal?

  1. Kareem

    This is probably the biggest issue with identity politics right now. You have people from all walks of life, perspectives and experiences defined purely superficial traits that they were born with.

  2. You are are an American, you think so. But really? What are you?

    The fact is: American was founded from Europeans (not the best people): They killed millions of Indians, put slaves out of Africa (for long time), Chinese people were destroyed (to build your rail). America was build of blood! America was the greatest enemy for the whole world! Don’t forget this!!!!!!! And now they would be the police of the world? No! The Americans has never won a war, they came every time at the end, when the enemies are on the floor…Super! America has lost in Korea, in Vietnam, in North Africa…and in Europe. They are present…ok… that’s all. Nothing else.

    This America is so less between Europe…it’s so down, when Europe keeping on on strong. And (maybe) we are working together with Russian, who are you? America is destroyed in 3 days. Don’t forget! Europe, Asia, that’s the world. America is an island…peace in rest! And we will you destroy you…one time. That’s a fact. The strongest will survive, human or animals. That is life. In the 2000’s, Germany is the 4th-Reich. Nobody knows, but is real. Looking at the world: no country can handle Europe like Germany does. What is the fact? Ok, Germans are a restricted nation. You think so…But…Germans has history in their minds and hearts…maybe the history has made an iron heart…but a a heart full of soul. And thats the power, in body in soul…nobody has this. Not even the Americans.

    Today, war is a technical war. But (please). Germans are much higher than the Americans. Our 15-17 years old hackers are able to break into the CIA, (White House), the whole USA. Mr. Obama knows that. He is kissing the feet of Merkel. What is the truth? If Germany, France (Europe) and Russia come together, that would be the new world…against the USA. Obama knows this. Putin knows this. Time will show. USA is (maybe) a hundred years of history…A state that will die. The Future: Eurasia, West Europe with Russia and all other countries which were infloriened – the rest of the Soviet Union…together with Germany and North Africa. The strongest community on Earth. The USA will be the slave of Europe!

  3. Stary Wylk

    The original intent of flags was to help soldiers find their own fellows during maneuvers and battles so they wouldn’t, in confusion, fight for the wrong side. The labels “Left” and “Right” are just flags.

    The two main political parties in the U.S. are primarily organizations to elect individuals to public office. There are ideological alliances within each party but the real intent is to take power rather than to promote ideological goals. The ideological goals are espoused to aid the taking of power. In practice the goals can be discarded.

  4. Toe Jam Football

    To Ernest Beckmann:

    But (please). Germans are much higher than the Americans.
    Yes, I’ve heard they have good hashish over there.. more power to them.

    Mr. Obama knows that. He is kissing the feet of Merkel.
    That’s a weird visual, have a video..? On second though, maybe not.

    This America is so less between Europe…it’s so down, when Europe keeping on on strong. And (maybe) we are working together with Russian, who are you? America is destroyed in 3 days. Don’t forget!

    All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

  5. Jason Y

    The far left has gone wacko, and of course the far right is wacko. (Oh doesn’t that sound like Waco, Texas, right in a bell?)

    Of course, the far right as well as being a heartless extremist philosophy is also dead end one. As I said in another post, the population explosion in the third world won’t stop without ending third world fascism (something the far right definitely won’t go for). So unless they can devise germ or nuclear warfare (which BTW could easily be also used against whites), then the hordes of non-whites WILL invade “all white lands”, no matter what walls are built.

    As far as the far left goes, it can make life hell for ordinary guys. For instance, I might want to check out a girl, but then I go to jail cause of the “thought” police.

    Nonethless, some of the things the far left hates, I hate also. For instance, I don’t like people making fun of the disabled, people of other races (to an extreme), mixed raced people, or fat people. If I see one of the other in public, I’m libel to pick a fight.

    I guess I have libertarian views of sex, but not really on free speech in general. Unless, it’s obvious harassment, like guys grabbing a waitresses’ ass at IHOP.

    Gay and transgender rights? I’d rather they stay in the closet cause thier world is a bit weird and causes massive social problems.

    • Jason Y

      Basically I’m opposed to persecuting people on things they have no control over, stuff they were naturally born with. I don’t think gays were naturally born gay, but of course, mixed raced people were born mixed (and that’s beautiful like with pure people).

  6. I tend to be left on economic matters which includes 1) how to organise a society economically and 2) more practical concerns like workers rights and the welfare state.

    On social issues I tend to be drawn more to conservative commentary. I find it more realistic ie reality based. On identity politics and issues of race and sex, the left just annoys me and comes across stupid, narcissistic and scientifically illiterate.

    • On foreign policy I’m more on the left too. That’s why one of my intellectual heroes is Chomsky- he covers economic issues and foreign policy. Yet at the same time I’m interested in HBD and I read social conservative commentators a lot.

  7. Johnny

    Rejecting the labels is often a good way to arrive at better answers. Even then we’ll probably all drift towards the orbit of one of the two ideologies (and differ on some topics). With that said, I can’t think of many things I agree with Trump and the GOP on (as the primary conservatives of today, Rand Paul aside). I mean there’s almost nothing. I don’t get their jihad against gay marriage and abortion, it’s silly and archaic. Their constant need to confront “enemies” all over the planet is also costly in every almost every way and makes little sense given the bad track record this country has had since Vietnam (with a few success stories, but only those that involved many other countries) with regards to nation-building. Just to interject, on this the left view of not wanting to interfere in local “culture” is dumb (feels at times like the Star Trek prime directive or something) because modernity isn’t a cultural thing it’s a science and rational thinking thing that takes into account more than tradition when it comes to wanting a just society where the individual gets at least some semblance of equality to the community (or usually the ruling class). At any rate, if you’re going to invade countries to alter regions as with Iraq and then occupy it you need to incorporate everyone (strike one, the Baathists i.e. Sunni Arabs). You also should learn what’s going on in the region and the main players and adapt. Thus you create a govt system more akin to Switzerland or Belgium as opposed to giving the Kurds special autonomy and leaving the Shiites to exact revenge on the Sunnis. Here to, conservatives seem to loathe the input of academics such as those who know the Mideast and speak the local languages.

    In terms of science, the GOP/conservatives again fail as they wrongly believe stem cell research is somehow murdering babies or something, refuse to accept the evidence of anthropogenic global warming despite evidence (not just 97% of peer reviewed studies that look at everything from carbon and other greenhouse gases but also the most conservative govt this country has ever had concluded that it’s real after two studies:

    We move on to the bizarre opposition to the teaching of evolution and the big bang theory by conservatives because it conflicts with some fundamentalist Christian views. Goodbye biology and astronomy! Plus, the desire to rewrite history in Texas which is at times comical (such as replacing Thomas Jefferson with John Calvin, yeesh):

    Then there’s the opposition to unions and any kind of alleviated worker rights and overall situation regarding income disparity. Universal healthcare in this country is nearly twice as expensive and doesn’t cover anyone and yet it’s touted by cons as the best on earth. A relative term if most people can’t afford the best care (without going into massive debt that can ruin their lives anyway). To taxes, which are slashed for the rich in-general creating deficits that are blamed on social security and medicare etc. (despite reports showing that both are solvent for years to come and even if they aren’t it beats having a bunch of homeless elderly walking around). No accounting of the wars or a defense budget that dwarfs the next seven countries (with billions in contrast to 320 million) combined:

    Comparatively speaking, the Obama administration (despite it’s right turn on certain things like civil liberties with regards to the Patriot Act, the drone wars which appease hawks at the pentagon but don’t seem to be doing much stem the tide of new fundamentalist recruits) has been significantly better with regards to much of the above. May not be saying much, but seriously can anyone give me one positive about conservative philosophy in its current state? I get the old school types who revered the best of Western civilization and were fiscally cautious etc., but this group since Reagan? Don’t get it.

    • EPGAH

      Since Reagan, everyone who wants to claim to be Conservative uses “I’m Not Regan” as their rallying cry.

      As to the military budget, it’s a huge jobs creator, and those next 7 countries have low military budgets is BECAUSE they let us handle it. They take none of the risks of lives or money, but feel entitled to bitch about how we do it. Not ONE will pony up the money&manpower to show us how it’s done. If we DID cut back, we’d have enormous layoffs, and those countries would be left in the lurch. Ask the Ukraine or Egypt how it FEELS for America not to come to the rescue!

      It is funny that you consider Texas to be politicized and inaccurate, but you never question the INHERENTLY political nature of proposed “solutions” to Global Warming and the harm those could do.
      More taxes on energy sources? GREAT! Hope you’re not poor in the winter!
      And where will that extra money GO?
      Turn 50% of crops into biofuel! GREAT! Hope you like starving the masses!
      Except, of course, Third World mega-breeders who are Sacred Cows and must NEVER be allowed to starve, even if that would save the world in the future, if not the present!

      If humans really ARE causing Global Warming, let’s cut off the Third World from all tech. No more polluting farming to feed them, no more Civilized World meds to save their lives, no more cars or Internet! (Vis. Facebook’s push to bring Internet to starving, war-torn Sudan. Insert your own jokes about First World Problems!)

      As to the Drones, congratulations on killing, what, ONE terrorist a week?
      The only way to make the enemy surrender is to kill a LARGE amount of them in a SMALL amount of time. Killing ONE with a Drone per week is the exact opposite.
      We can discuss Sun Tzu’s “Noise Before Defeat” if you like?

  8. I will submit one certainty I have come to : Israel doesn’t control the USA. No. Let us state it otherwise. Israel is the soul and the US its physical body. The USA never had any soul of their own but Israel, long before both countries were actually extant on the political map, and Israel appeared when it became impossible for America to hide its soul which was up to then very elusive. Lobbies such as AIPAC serve very little purpose actually but the lobbyists’ personal greed, America would obey Israel even better without them, like a body the impulses of the brain without any specific need of costly contraptions. America is nothing technically but New Israel since the very day it gave up being called New England as a whole. Israel is the soul, for the better and for the worse (when Israel was a hopeful social-democratic country despite its contempt for the neighbouring Arabs (which was then by no means worse than that of any Western country) it was wonderful for America, but Israel has chosen the worse and America having no soul of its own just follows. America is by itself, as all travellers have concluded to, a soulless country, the only master collective soul an individual soul can refer to in America is called Israel.

  9. Celsus

    It is called “dialectics”. I have called myself a “reactionary socialist” for years. Hell, I think Jared Taylor is a Democrat…really, but he wants the era up to FDR (a guy who he has said is a hero) to be the Democrats…then run against them and build a blue collar base and debate Hillary and Bernie (who would be covering his mouth on how much he agrees with Taylor at times).

    Dialectics is how they control. The capitalists create “Communism” (and bastardize Marx/Engels), and then needed a dialectical opposite, Gliber…er, I mean Libertarianism. To me tribal spirits cannot be denied, but for the weak, the collectivism of the American Constitution is just the evolution of liberalism.

    That, my friends, is the difference of 19th century socialism vs. Marxism.

    I think “Cultural Marxism” is a demeaning term to Marx/Engels. They both would would be making faces. Liberalism is all it is. Serves them right for saying capitalism was a positive development compared to the rest of the socialists who knew the liberals were death. The same liberalism that the dying feudal aristocracy used to merge with the merchant caste and their city walls to create the bourgeois (aka the NWO, sorry, the lefties are right on who controls global politics).

    Then as liberalism evolved the bourgeois needed to expand their economic enterprises to new markets which needed racial separatism and puritanical bullshit to end. I have always said the sexual revolution was just bourgeois evolution. Some didn’t like the changes and became “paleocons” and “neocons”. Eff, all of them are globalist bourgeois leg-humpers. I am looking at masonry frauds like Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan (Knights of Malta). America is not a “traditional Christian country”. America is about making money (which homosexuals do very well as the Russians pointed out).

    Am I a conservative or a liberal? I am a conservative, a “pagan” and a socialist!!! Put on the black sunglasses. Make their heads hurt!!!

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