Conservatives Are Stupid (But You Knew That)

A 2010 study using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, for example, found that the IQs of young adults who described themselves as “very liberal” averaged 106.42, whereas the mean of those who identified as “very conservative” was 94.82.

An 11.5 point gap is pretty serious stuff.

Now of course anticipating the usual (retarded) rejoinders in the comments to come, I must point out the obvious: many conservatives are smart, even very smart. However, I must say that most geniuses that I have met (including my own family) have been more or less pretty liberal people.

I had one brother who was always sort of a conservative Democrat. He later married a Republican Vietnamese refugee (all Viet refugees are Republicans) and started voting Republican for a while, much to my family’s horror. He recently has come back around and voted for Obama twice. I expect that there are probably a lot of conservatives out there with genius IQ’s though; it would not surprise me one bit.

But of course we are talking averages. Duh. So on average, your average conservative is much stupider than your average liberal. What is truly frightening about this is that obviously a lot of liberals are Blacks and Hispanics. Now obviously Black and Hispanic liberals are going to have fairly low IQ’s due to race. And even with all of the lower IQ liberal Blacks and Hispanics driving the average liberal IQ down, liberals still have a massive IQ gain over conservatives! Now that just an appalling statement about how dumb conservatards are.

Incidentally, this is not the only study that has found this. A number of other studies have found that smarter people tend to be more liberal than conservatarded people.



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  1. Latias

    So Republicans are about as intelligent as the average Hispanic?

  2. Gooood damn it’s been a while since I posted here. But I found a video talking about epigenetics, nutrition, and behavior. Maybe that black guy from france was onto something.

  3. Kareem

    So all the SJWs are extremely high IQ?

  4. Jason Y

    Many, maybe most, blacks and latinos might be socially conservative but economically liberal, but the economic part takes power over the social part.

  5. Santoculto

    There are a sort of subgroup of conservatives, moderates and liberals. This contest to know what is the ideological group who are smarter by psychometric criteria seems varies country by country. In Sweden seems moderate conservatives are on average smarter probably because too far left wing extremism about feminism and anti native Nordic propaganda AND literal subsequent consequences. In Brazil, seems a study reveal that moderate conservatives are smarter while extreme left are little below standard average IQ.

    What look pretty obvious. Humanities are overwhelming on the left because there are a smart-female preponderance, specially in psychology and education, while stem and engineering’s are very less liberal and specially to this second. Medicine and other non-humanities look balanced between the groups but with most people half apathetic/half conformist many of this self declared left-leaning can be just by current self identification. Remember that average’s people without a touch of more expanded self awareness tend constantly operate at mechanic approach, express their cognitive-organic-vital shape because their animal evolutionary imperatives.

    The average left is at university student level of humanities while the real average conservative is a religious while the second preponderant group among them are literal bible readers. Of course even inside bible readers AND believers seems have a difference. My fathers for example was created into a religion-emphasis cultural landscape and of course they have reciprocal trends to internalize and routinerized this cultural approach. A very smart couple who are bible believers. Those who are obsessed with bible words (and contradictions) despise nervous atheists trying to find counter arguments or theologicians tend to be less smarter than those who just believe in the bible, my opinion of course, but as usual, it’s make sense.

    Most of ‘smart” people that I know, who are more academic and intellectual leaning are on the left, they are like the new hypothetical masses on the future, more cognitive smart, more prone equality, prone individual but less instinctive. Interesting that the smart mouse WHO are created in the laboratory showed LOWER ANXIETY LEVELS that probably have a relative causal effect in the learning speed while this new shape have a probably decisive costs, because this mouse become less worried about your own predator. Other interesting thing to note about domestic animals is how they are vulnerable to the attack of others because they tend to be very friendly, not so much different than liberals. Liberals on average are like domestic dog while conservatives are like the dog who are “used” to protect sheeple in the farms, still a domesticated, a primarily useful, exploitable if have utility and no have consciousness about their own importance as a phenomenon of existence.

    Left leaning seems correlate more with greater verbal intelligence but lower spatial/mathematical intelligence if predominates where this cognitive profile is more required.

    Conservatism clearly correlates with animal logic: Competition, survive, reproduction, the basis of sustainability of logically organized life ( and not rational). Childless liberals, seems most-to-many them are what some thinkers use to define European man, a man without nature. But seems a lot of people seems implicit opportunistic, really adapt or conform based on the current wave movement.

    In my family, my fathers are very moderate in the political spectrum with very mixed point of views and my father is more leaning to utilitarian emphasis, a capitalistic man with some good rational trends but not enough to make him a complete wise man. My mother, verbally gifted, a master on Portuguese grammar, as a teacher, have more left orientation but with mixed feelings. My older brother is a proto libertarian, the middle is very left oriented “but” with “tons” of stupidity.

    Interesting to note that people who score higher in IQ tests are little minority is not? Then, the demographic proportion of lefties among those with 120 scores don’t will be translated as real demographic preponderance. What seems happen with atheists. Higher % then among those with above 120 IQ scores but equally higher among those with lower scores, thug life and autistics?? But majority of atheists still will be among the average because a higher % in both of extremes seems will neutralize their respective preponderance. What is the echoes/impact of this reasonably palatable preponderance?? I mean, what is the influence of higher statistical preponderance in the proportionally tiny demographic fraction into a average. Look to the loop shaped graphic of lefties and atheists will see a STATISTICAL preponderance but in the real demographic reality “Half of 2% of population” will look less impactant what graphic show. Well just a possibly wrong observation.

    Conservatism seems badly (always) for men than women. Or you sculpt their body muscles or brain muscles. Body energy seems negatively (relatively or not) complementary to the brain energy. People who think a lot don’t need use their energy in physical activities because their brain overuse compensates. My case, I’m very lazy, my routine is dragged by thought and ideas. I’m look over lazy but I’m brainily hyperactive, 💪 👋

  6. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    What matters politically is not whether people are bright but whether they are right. People who are convinced that races are equal and that diversity is a blessing are on average brighter than those who are convinced of the opposite, but they are also wrong. Marxism and libertarianism are two ideologies that are mainly wrong but that have attracted, and are attracting, a lot of high-IQ individuals. High intelligence provides no immunity to political stupidity, and low intelligence does not preclude political good sense.

    Regards. James

    • Jason Y

      eople who are convinced that races are equal and that diversity is a blessing are on average brighter than those who are convinced of the opposite, but they are also wrong.

      It’s not really a matter of saying “All races are equal” which is obviously sugar coated nonsense, but it’s a matter of saying “Can low IQ be raised to a decent degree for the majority of a certain population?” People like me would say yes.

      Well, of course you can’t say “All races are NOT equal” cause it’s bad for business. It hurts people’s feelings and cost votes as nobody is going to vote for some motherfucker who called them stupid (or buy from them). Plus acting like a Nazi nowadays is unfashionable and weird.

  7. Jason Y

    IQ is very changeable. Stopping polygamy and incest can change it over a few generations. Also, an individual can increase his IQ, as i said in another post, by simply working thier brain.

    Considering how changeable IQ is, it’s ridiculous to place humans in categories of fixed IQ, as though they cannot be changed. It’s like saying, “Oh he has an IQ between 90 and 100” so he will be a plumber, or “He has an IQ between 80 and 90, so he will wash dishes etc..”

    • Santoculto

      People finish to choice what group they fit better or conveniently. If you are in Rome act like a roman??

      I hate “humanitarians”. Humans are far to be reasonable moral parameter. Just throw in the trash this humancentrism. Now if we really want evolve we need put this centrism in their correct place, in the place of forgetting.

      Humanitarians said rigidly that all individual human are important. Yes based on ultra evolved philosophical perspective ALL lifes should be relevant. But they put this imperative above all other vital necessities to operates philosophically, really philosophically, searching and following the path of harmony/rationality. As usually happen dogmatards just don’t know their own weaknesses. They explain absolutely why the hell is full of good intentions. The weakness is our “evil” and people who just engage wrongly even when they have very good intentions will planting the germ of absolute universal evilness, the chaos, the destruction, what really no have chance to breathe, to life flourish AND the living consciousness start to reflect the existing consciousness.

      • Jason Y

        No, in reality your cruel way of dealing with the world only makes your problem worse. For instance, typical Latin American right wingers favor neo-liberal governments, or at least governments to some degree reactionary. The end result is massive feudalism and the massive population growth which goes a long with it. A population of low IQ peasants.

        On the other hand, a socialist regime improves everything for the people, hence massively lowering the birthrate, as well as increasing the IQ of all the people via a massively improved environment. (Plus I’m sure silly IQ lowering things like incest or pologymy would go away as the people became more modern.)

        What is there to argue here? It’s as plain as crystal. White nationalist reactionaries create thier own hell.

        • Santoculto

          Intelligence without wisdom no make sense. Your intelligence no make sense. The idea that white nationalists

          Are reactionaries, literally speaking

          And guilty (again) by this situation is one of the most stupid thing I ever read..

          Always with extra energy to say bullshit is not?? 😉

          WN is more boring than to live in a tiny city in South Dakota. The few try to react that they engage by now like in golden dawn Greek, “they” was expectable. They really don’t know who they are “fighting”.

          White nationalism movement as force against Jewish evolutionary strategy already is dead when they have a religious cult where their god is Jewish.

          When you postulate something explain why.

          Just few sentences will not be enough at least to convince people who no share a predominance of your point of views (in this case, lunacy).

        • Santoculto

          As usual by your part you always will over generalize people on the right as if wn’s were exactly as capitalist bourgeois man. White nationalists seems on average simply desire exactly what supposedly socialists desire, a equalized nation just with ethnic homogeneity. Of course there are a lot of wn’s who are pro capitalism but many them have their collectivistic approach, us and them, like people on the left. The major difference is the transcendental emphasis. Socialists emphasizes ideology while wn’s emphasizes race, still a kind of ideology too, but centralized around race/ethnicity stuff.

          The only thing that I can agree with you is that wn’s don’t be really focused in the complete improvement of white people, just based on their partial version of reality. And continue using Christianism as ideological support really will not help whites to evolve.

          Capitalistics are individualistics par excellence but prone-individuality. Individualism is a selfish approach while individuality is a self approach with or without the f”fish” as complement.

          Hitler improve the standard of life for almost Germans, a socialist party on the right??

          Even socialism on the left or on the right are not completely wrong, much better in the theory than exploitation system that consist capitalism, to capitalize.

        • Santoculto


          Capitalists are individualistics and seems pro individuality but without the self experimentation and more emphasized on individual TO COMPETE.

        • Jason Y

          No, santo-culto. Robert himself said all the things I was talking about, with stats to back up what he was saying. Reactionary regimes like the ones you support, and don’t deny it, create a hell in the third world, as well as massive over-population.

        • Jason Y

          Correction, Robert didn’t say anything about incest or polygamy, those are my ideas. Nonetheless, the other stuff he said.

        • Santoculto

          I don’t support any “reactionary” regimes and the OLIGARKIKE COLLECTIVISTIC REGIMES, repeat with me, OLIGARQUICIKE COLLECTIVISTIC REGIMES are absolutely far to be pro-evolution, JUST in their idiotic mindset that it happen.

          You’re a adapted schizophrenic. “culture”, “ideology”, all this tardism are just the other name that we habitually coined as schizophrenia, believe in illusions.

          No have any excuse about complete fail by you to simply don’t understand even the people who you are debating since a long time. You continue repeating the SAME WRONG THING about me because your arsenal of name calling finish. Your mind can’t operate this pseudo contradiction. How a guy can be or declared himself as socialist and the same time to be full pro-white cause??? Shared reality generally will not the same than perceived. You don’t internalize what you see but what is shared inside your environment. Look very simple to see most of things that wn see. Jewish double standard, Jewish fundamental role in the current situation, racial differences in behavior “and” intelligence. Of course they are not super observers, commit many mistakes and don’t quote the lunacy on the right. Conservatives are just like other animals with competitive evolutionary imperatives. To compete you need understand other competitors, the otherwise, you will loose this “race”.

          Conservatives at least have reasonable consciousness (knowledge) about behavior differences at superficial and general level. Left and right again are complementary.

        • Santoculto


          I read and comment in this post.

          You forget??


        • Jason Y


          You don’t favor Robert’s thoughts as mentioned in the article I gave. Therefore, your views will not promote the ideal solution to third world problems. Instead, your just going to advocate some form of a white nationalist solution to the problem, even if that solution differs from what you might commonly see on Stormfront.

          Robert in his article was not blaming the third world poor. You DO blame the third world poor, just like typical white nationalists you claim to hate. Just like them, you heavily blame race as the source of third world misfortune, rather than oppressive neo-liberal regimes.

        • Jason Y

          You see santo-culto ignoring the articles Robert wrote, which I gave as evidence, instead focusing people’s attention on this “schizophrenia” and “feeble mindedness” he claims I have.

      • Jason Y

        I hate “humanitarians”. Humans are far to be reasonable moral parameter. Just throw in the trash this humancentrism. Now if we really want evolve we need put this centrism in their correct place, in the place of forgetting.

        Is santo-culto a progressive race realist or a satanist? Inquiring minds want to know.

        No, thanks, if I need a speech like this I’ll just tune into some old Vincent Price movie, preferably the “Masque of Red Death”.

  8. Shawn

    According to that study Republicans are smarter than Democrats. I believe it.

  9. Kareem

    All those SJW far left liberals don’t seem all that smart or thoughtful.

    • Optimus Prime

      Sample size for such studies is very important before coming to a conclusion.chances are that lots of people would fancy themselves as flaming liberals when they are not, just as a style statement.

  10. Ben shows something that is important.

    The reason being why the Data Robert shows an 11.5 Gap is likely because Left wing ideaology attract more outbreed altruistic people who would also have higher IQs, while right wing would attract more clannish people.

    However, there IS sub groups between these two groups where the 11.5 gap would likely not persist in comparison.

  11. Jason Y

    santo culto accuses me of being schizo, yet he sounds like a robot when he talks, and the English language barrier isn’t an excuse. I have no idea what he is saying.

    I suppose he favors some kind of Hitler socialist state. However, how is he going to get rid of the millions of non-whites in Latin America to make way for one? Anyhow, like many white nationalists, of which he claims not to be a member, he focuses on race, when the problem lies with the third world capitalist government.

    Latin America can’t get rid of millions of non whites, nor can India get rid of millions of lower caste people. I can’t see any other way these “white nationalist fanboys” can get thier fantasy Hitler socialist state (as santo-culto speaks of) without slaughtering millions.

    This guy reminds me Pablo Escobar’s right hand man in Colombia. He was a fan of Hitler and had some twisted ideas about getting back at the USA for imperalism and also murdering Communists. I’m sure such bozos with such “bad boy” thinking are a dime a dozen in Latin America and India.

    • Jason Y

      No I would not favor deportation of millions of non-whites from Latin America to make room for these Latin American “bad boy wannabes” fantasy Hitler-lands they want to set up. You couldn’t do it wihout there being massive violence. Honestly it could never happen.

      Finally, in retrospect, how is Santo-culto’s left wing Hitler regime anything special, or different than the typical stuff people on Stromfront bring up? I mean anyway you look at it, it’s still genocidal hardcore racism, even if some kind of “socialism for whites” is practiced.

      Can anyone describe Santo-culto’s future dreamland in English, not stereo instructions?

      • Santoculto

        Same thing all the time

        ad hominem
        wrong 👎 interpretations of other people OR…

        One of the des-service of psychiatry is to establish a ARBITRARY border between mental I’ll and non mental I’ll people just by current behavior. What is normal now will not normal in the future?!

        Abnormal thinking style is universally common among human-kind and jay-SON is just a example of it. In the Little head of this sub human anti- real philosophy the absurd of human World, grotesque common mistakes, is interpreted calm and “civilized” OR the trash weirdo, in a histerically wrong way. To jay-SON to be mature is just to be a niilistic apathetic nice guy.

        He simply don’t know who he really is. This is one of the most fundamental parameter to lunacy, the lack on self knowledge. Why this guy to do it?? He is not good to do it??!!! 😆😇

        jay is not good to think but nothing change your mind.

        Schizophrenia is not just a physiological-mental condition but also a cultural condition, when idiotic people are convinced that fantasy is the reality. Poor jay. He don’t know he is very stupid and probably he will die without know himself. Their self is just to having fun.

        • Tony Swagger

          Jason, why do you deal with half breed subhuman mongrel Santo. Do you get any of his points with his garbled language and U turns as far as the stands he takes. He uses words which he has no idea about and keeps hitting the same drum vociferously again and again. How can a half breed queer consider himself a conservative and a hardline WN is beyond me. Those WN crowd he keeps sucking, will not accept his faggot ass. He has the behavioral traits of a man who grew up in a favela, and yet he denies it. You know most of the vomit he regurgitates is copy/paste from far right websites.

        • Jason Y

          quote by TonySwagger

          Jason, why do you deal with half breed subhuman mongrel Santo.

          Nobody on Earth is sub-human, unless it’s having a subhuman heart. That sounds cheesy and politically correct, like saying, “The only losers are those who quit.” or “God doesn’t make junk”, but a good saying nonetheless.

          I think a lot of this stuff is getttng back at parents. On the other side, a person could just as easily get back at a racist society or parents by being overly-anti-racist, saying stuff like, “Oh I love and would hang with all black people, including gangbangers.” or “I don’t believe in punishing gangbangers cause it’s racist.” or “We should ban all guns” (cause his hated daddy was in the NRA)

          Let’s take a middle road at not getting back at extremist parents and areas.

        • Jason Y

          Of course santo-culto is picked on by blacks and lives in a dump, or maybe he lives in a better area and still blacks repulse him (cause Brazil, overall, has a huge poverty and crime problem). So he thinks being a Nazi will solve the problem. (Of course, in Latin America being a Nazi doesn’t have as much a taboo on it as in the USA.)

          However, regardless of santo-culto’s reasoning for his political choices, his idea of a future won’t work in Latin America. The only way to help out the vast majorities of non-white and white poor in Latin America is by getting rid of right wing regimes. That’s assuming you want to help everyone.

          Of course, whites in Brazil could huddle themselves into a certain area and create a Hitler state and build walls around it. That’s true, but it would be like Israel surrounded by jealous hostile Arabs. Of course, most parts of Latin America are so non-white that a small Nazi white state among them would only invite an “ass kicking”.

          Anyhow, aren’t whites in Latin America are secluding themselves from non-whites anyways, at least from poor non-whites? Aren’t whites doing the same in the USA?

          Of course note, I have sympathy for non-white poor who aren’t into being gangbangers. It would be nice to improve things for them, but first they’d have to be taken out favelas, projects etc… Or they could just bring in the army and stamp out the gangs, but they won’t, cause I bet the government is in on it (no matter what nation).

        • Jason Y

          Schizophrenia is not just a physiological-mental condition but also a cultural condition, when idiotic people are convinced that fantasy is the reality. Poor jay. He don’t know he is very stupid and probably he will die without know himself. Their self is just to having fun.

          That’s a joke. White nationalists and whatever weird group santo-culto telling me, I live in a dream-land? That’s a good one.

          All your doing is talking down to me, like you probably do to your other enemies, in a condescending fashion to make yourself seem superior, as though I’m a child and your an adult.

        • Jason Y

          Santo-culto is like that nurse on “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” movie (speaking of schizo). He’s just a mind fuck. Actually, he’s a pretty sick minded evil person. His screwed up mind is worse than mine, cause at least I’m nice.

    • Santoculto

      I thought anyone ask for you to say it or other thing. You’re just a “mature” that distort every word that other people say.
      You’re very far to be at “high brow” level.

      I will not repeat my other comments. If people desire understand what I have to say they will try. Is not difficult. Just stupid people who will use this excuse as you of course. When you aren’t having their lunatic-establishment narrative rampants boringly all the time in this blog you are trying manipulate what other people is saying or to do amateur psychological observations like this.

      If you were a decent mature guy as you self claim, you have shame for this role a la swanky you are doing here.

      • Santoculto

        Pro white cause is fundamentally survive of their people. Of course this zombie simply ignore completely and still absurdly defend Israel!!! … If this shit ignore. The new nazi Germany and our lovely”injustice warrior” simply can’t OR don’t want to be realistically correct and support the end of historical subsequent revenges among peoples. What expect from a moron?? 😆

        • Tony Swagger

          A Subhuman talking about a dead philosophy. Hitler would be spinning inhis grave if he learns mongrels and fags were using his theory

  12. joku:vaan

    So how you define liberal or conservative, from perspective of typical leftist liberal, guys like Robert Lindsay are pretty conservative and racist.

  13. Actually, liberals are in complete and total denial, and want to mess around with nature.

    It’s natural for a man to be with a woman. (Liberals talk about gender fluidity…um, what!? You are either born male or born female, there is no in-between!)

    It’s natural to prefer someone of your own race. (Even limousine liberals want nothing to do with ghetto dwellers, preferring their gated communities. NIMBY!)

    It’s natural to protect your child. (Liberals are fine with murdering unborn children and try to frame it as a matter of choice. Newsflash–We all have the right to choose. It’s a matter of right vs. wrong choice!)

    It’s natural to want to protect yourself and your family. (Hey libs, gun-free zones DO NOT make you safe!)

    Liberals deny that there are differences between the genders, as well as among the races. (No, it’s not just the “plumbing” and no it’s NOT just “skin color.”) They’d much rather hole up in some SAFE ZONE, where the truth can’t reach their sensitive little ears.

    Feelings matter? Well, I’d say that’s the crux of the problem. Liberals based their flawed ideology on emotions and feelings. And it gets to be really amusing when their ideologies clash! (A woman is far more likely to be raped by a black man than a white one. Oh, and white-on-black rapes…virtually ZERO.)


  14. Jason Y

    quote by alexandra

    It’s natural to prefer someone of your own race. (Even limousine liberals want nothing to do with ghetto dwellers, preferring their gated communities. NIMBY!)

    It’s natural to protect your child. (Liberals are fine with murdering unborn children and try to frame it as a matter of choice. Newsflash–We all have the right to choose. It’s a matter of right vs. wrong choice!)

    Of course, liberals and even sane blacks want to have nothing to do with ghetto dwellers. Why is there all this childish generalizations of non-whites as being “ghetto dwellers”.? I know. It’s cause they want to portray ALL non-whites as being garbage, worthy of death or deportation.

    Looking at it from another POV, would anyone enjoy seeing whites all generalized as trailer trash, or being pseudo-intellectual creeps like Joseph Mengele?

    What has unborn children got to do with anything? Plenty of Christian people abound who abhor abortion as well as racism? Plus abortion of whom? You mean whites of course. Aborting non-whites would be just dandy.

  15. Jason Y

    An agreement can never be made with santo-culto or most white natonalists cause they don’t want to help out everyone, only whites. So they want to seclude themselves among people of thier own kind. But that’s not new. People do that now, unoffiically.

    Yeah, white people secluded among themselves in a snotty/snooty suburb can make a great community and even make the community better over time.

    However, take note, and this is interesting: Even if white people create all white lands, they’re not going to be able to stop the population explosion of the third world. So, though this may sound cheesy 😆 BEWARE, they will knock down your walls. no matter how large, and come in eventually.

    The only way to stop the third world population explosion is by getting rid of right wing regimes. Because those regimes promote feudal conditions which encourage population growth.

  16. Johnny

    What’s funny about this is there’s something else at play here. Perhaps a variation in people who prefer to act through emotion rather than ignoring or trying to control emotion. I’ve got a few conservative friends and one that is something of a racialist (and yet will interact with any attractive female so his level of discrimination is arbitrary at best) and we argue often. He’s not stupid so much as consumed by emotion. In this case specifically rage. It clouds his thinking and judgment. With that said, I think it’s important to engage people and talk to them to better understand why an ideology can suddenly shift into science denial and embrace dogma at nearly every level. Part of it is a small group that is dominating the political scene thanks to redistricting. When you have few competitors all you have to do is go into the echo chamber and yell the loudest. Thus, I think there’s something else that would account for general IQ variations. But as others have noted AfAms and Latinos (who are a bit divided with Cubans as a divergent group) are socially conservative so this can’t really be all that neat and tidy.

    • Jason Y

      Most people around the world are socially conservative as it holds a culture and people together. Nonetheless, white nationalists are too socially conservative, to the point of being cruel and evil. I mean it’s one thing to hold slightly negative views of blacks, and another thing to view them as eo-gah does.

      • Johnny

        Also, many people are afraid to contemplate certain things that to them are nihilism. When you question everything you have a good chance of developing some form of critical thinking and even empathy rather than just becoming an inhuman monster as so many religious people seem to believe. It’s not always an abyss to contemplate one’s existence.

        White nationalism isn’t that different from the other forms. Usually you place a high regard with your own group and ignore the worst aspects that make us all mortal and human, emphasize symbols and abstractions more than statistics or data and education becomes selective. Yeah now that’s just it, actually saying out loud that you support genocide is a far cry from when it really happens. There’s also some measure of safety for people who are tribal. No need to again think about your lack of significance in a massive universe that science can explain better than any ideology I’ve seen thus far.

        • EPGAH

          If you truly believe that your life is insignificant in the massive universe, then by all means, let scum of the Earth kill you, but most of us want to keep ourselves alive and kill our enemies. Some philosophers even believe a thing is only alive if it fears its own destruction. Therefore, nihilistic or indiscriminately empathetic Liberals are not really alive.
          (And the savages they show empathy for usually help with that, see Amy Biehl!)

          Why show empathy for scum that want to rape and murder you? Protect yourself from it!

        • Santoculto

          Leftism = williams syndrome or stockholm syndrome.

        • Santoculto

          Leftists are on average femeninely smart while conservatists are on average manly smart.

        • Santoculto

          like the german couple who are devoured by a bear (and not a beer, ihehehe.. no)

  17. EPGAH

    Speaking of stupid, why does Noam Chomsky keep bitching about America’s war against those who disrupt the peace, but make MILLIONS from DEFENSE CONTRACTS?!

    Or Ford and Ben&Jerry supporting anti-Capitalist anarchists like Black Lies Matter, while they made shitloads of money off of Capitalism? Noone buys cars or ice cream during a riot.

  18. EPGAH

    I got this in E-Mail and found it germane.

    Before you read it, who believes good and bad people or just quantifiable smart and stupid are equal, or even SHOULD be equal? Do we call them Liberals, or marginalize them as SJW scum?

    Put bluntly, who pushes meritocracy, and who pushes forced equalization?
    Who is ACCUSED of being anti-intellectual…and who actually is?

    All spelling and capitalization mistakes belong to the original sender!

    The problem…is it a problem? Depends on what side you are on. These are all things everyone knows. ANCIENT WORLD was elitist. Not only were leaders the smart educated people, everyone else had a hard time getting any education at all. ANCIENT WORLD, was meritocracy. The MASTER HUMANS enslaved the dumb humans. They did maintain power with slavery by chains or religions. They did maintain power by the sword and torture.

    This had ups and downs. While they treated shit humans like shit, they also made all the wonders of the world. They made all the progress. People today want to tear it all down and have EQUALITY. This idea is…people with a 65 IQ can be important. It would be “racist” and “naughty” to stop a black with a 65 IQ from being a politician, a school teacher, a police officer.

    Across the board…RUNNING NASA no longer requires a prodigy…the world is prodigy where IQ does not even apply. NO AMOUNT of IQ can equal this hyper prodigy. Today, you can lead NASA because you are a homosexual who takes it in the ass, because you are a woman. The issues are MUCH LARGER…fundamental to TRUE EVOLUTION.

    What evolutionary TRAITS will lead to success in this environment? EMOTION, AGGRESSION, AMBITION, VIOLENCE, TREACHERY, NAME CALLING, MOB VIOLENCE…basic evolution…SMART HUMANS can only protect SMART HUMAN AS A EVOLUTIONARY TRAIT by the mass sterilization or extermination of lower humans.

    This is not a secret. This is what the “BAD” PEOPLE are accused of.
    Eugenics. You help us out of stupidity to mass abort the lower humans to kill them off – do what you are told.. have no clue WHY.

    Ultimately, this choice is already made…300-1,000 years of DARK AGES COMING Idiocracy where in the name of equality. UNINTELLIGENT humans will be handed the keys to positions of importance. Rome will fall…This plan to make CIVILIZATION based on 90 IQ and not 145 IQ…will have predictable outcomes…as this itself proves…LIKE NOW! 90 IQ people are not even capable of understanding what I just said…

    Idiocracy is an AWESOME IDEA.. to idiots…you already do know…what a Central African civilization is and does and is capable of…it will take time…for the COLLAPSE to fruition…but you have not seen anything yet. Your barbarism level will RISE STEADILY for generations…Dark Ages are coming.
    People wanted to hate ELITE humans…and replace them with dumb humans…you will get what you get. The problems you see are at 5%. FAR worse to come

  19. EPGAH

    I just read a scientific journal looked at brain scan differences Republican and Democrats which suggest that quite a lot of Dems (most likely the SJW ones) are actually incapable of discerning right from wrong in any consistent manner. Instead they’re mostly governed by how they FEEEL about an issue in the moment.

    Only question left is, does this let them off the hook, or does this mean they need more supervision, as well as to be kept out of power?

  20. Another William Playfair Web

    The response that Waltem guy gave recently was some shitty study.

    They think that one opinion piece from “Obummer is a Muzzie” or a “knowledge” test refutes all the research on the subject. It’s honestly quite amusing.

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