Commenter Steve’s New Blog

A Bee in My Bonnet.

It only has one post so far, one about the deplorable sex attacks in Cologne and other cities in France on New Year’s Eve. Steve’s one of the best commenters on here, and if he keeps it up, the blog might be pretty good too. You are welcome to check it out, and if you want to come back here and comment on the German sex attacks, you can do so in this thread.


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14 responses to “Commenter Steve’s New Blog

  1. Femalefukwit

    Good grief! That site is just Britain First with longer words.

    • I wouldn’t know. I’ve never paid any attention to Britain First. Just calling it as I see it. I’d be happy to discuss any particular points of dispute. In any case, it’s probably just a one off blog entry.

    • Incidentally, the same sexual assaults occurred in Helsinki too. Here are two quotes from the telegraph article which corroborate my article:

      “This phenomenon is new in Finnish sexual crime history,” Ilkka Koskimaki, the deputy chief of police in Helsinki, told the Telegraph. ”We have never before had this kind of sexual harrassment happening at New Year’s Eve.”

      “We had unfortunately some very brutal cases in autumn,” he said. “I don’t know so well other cultures, but I have recognised that the thinking of some of them is very different. Some of them maybe think that it is allowed to be aggressive and touch ladies on the street”.

      • Femalefukwit

        You see the thing that bothers me, like MASSIVELY, is that I keep seeing examples (Britain First being a prime example) where white men suddenly start pretending to get protective towards white women when they hear of brown men abusing their white women. However the abuse, rape and murder of women incurred at the hands of white men is in epidemic proportions. But you really dont seem to care. All you anti immigration freaks cheer on someone like Trump ignoring the fact that if he becomes president, it will possibly be the worst news ever for western women as Trump is very much pro the whole women hating thing. But hey, you dumbasses think any white woman abused by a white man is acceptable as they were probably behaving like whores or feminists right? But what do you all fucking care. Its the same with child abuse. A ring of muslims abuse teens in a northern British town and you all jump up and down with rage prenting to care, yet Westminster is publicly known to be hiding a violent pedophile ring of elite christian white men for decades. This is far more dusturbing.

        You see, here in the UK, on average 13 women a month are murdered by (mainly white) lovers and now our refuge centres are being cut by the government. You see mate, the problem isnt brown men, its MEN.

        I am not a man hater. I love men. But we are heading for complete armegeddan and its all pretty much down to the faults of greedy white dumbass men.

        • I do care when women are abused by their white male spouses. I have a family member who is professionally exposed to it so I’ve heard some stories of brutal men and it’s fair to say I’m not favourably disposed to them. I might sometimes question whether accusations are true but when I am convinced that they are, I tend to get quite vengeful, though I try to temper such instincts.

          The thing is that in any society, there will be psychopathic abusers. It’s like a constant. If there is a way to eradicate psychopathy, I’d like to know it. Psychopaths do account for the most nasty and brutal abusers I think.

          But that happens behind closed doors and it’s not a threat to women walking the streets, like my sister, for example. An influx of men who are disposed to serious intimate groping does potentially make the streets unsafe for my female loved ones. And why shouldn’t I be particularly offended by gangs of Arab men coming into my country or other European countries and acting like this? they are an existential threat and they could change the nature of our society.

        • You at right in a way that it’s not just about the women. I’m also against foreign invaders (these ones certainly behaved like conquerors openly molesting women in a town centre) and offended by their behaviour and attitude for its own sake,

        • Optimus Prime

          Steve, congrats on your blog. You seem to be slowly treading in the path of conservatism.

        • Femalefukwit

          Yes but Steve, you have to ask yourself where its coming from. Its a much wider picture which you are not seeing.

        • Steel Toed Boot

          If it makes you feel any better, I’m so disgusted with the human race that I don’t care if women get raped no matter what the skin color.

          Murder is the only thing I’m really against. Murder is impolite.

          … and armed rape too. Armed rape isn’t a fair fight. If you’re going to rape someone, use your bare hands like a gentlemen.

  2. Kareem

    Honestly, the current state of immigration (especially in Europe!) is completely indefensible right now.

  3. Wow thanks Robert and thanks for the compliment. I’m not sure if I will leave it up forever or continue it. I just wanted to have my say on that.

  4. Jason Y

    Of course we all hate political incorrectness and elitism. However, it’s inevitable as some cultures come together cause they’re not compatable. How can we treat all people the same, when some people act bad, and they seem to form a distinct group (generalization)?

    Of course though, some places, like the USA, have very harsh populations unoffically segregated in certain areas. Finland etc.. does not. For instance, in the USA, your not going to run into a rough crowd, unless you go to a rough area. But we can’t say all black and Latino areas are rough areas, and good blacks and Latinos also wish to avoid bad places.

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