HBD Is Politically Irrelevant Now and in the Forseeable Future

Jason Y writes:

Quote by Robert Lindsay:

2010’s: Global recession, currency wars, scapegoating of minorities, mass refuge flows, refugees turned away from safe havens, rising rightwing populism, ultranationalism and rightwing extremism.

No offense, but don’t you think the spread of “race realism”, an ideology which fails to take into account the environment, would fuel the fire of right wing extremism?

Of course, this is the reason that the Left tries to shut down this debate every time it rears its head. The Left fears the consequences of what will happen if it becomes widely known that there are differences in intelligence between the races.

They fear it will lead to an increase in racism, it will give the Far Right a shot in the arm, and that it will lead to the dismantling of a lot of social programs and possibly even the reversal of anti-discrimination laws and other forms of racial progress. The Left is so terrified of the consequences of this knowledge that they work overdrive all the time to shout this whole theory down and they try to destroy anyone who voices the hereditarian view.

Personally I think this is paranoid and hysterical, but try telling the Left that.

Most people do not seem to give a damn about IQ or HBD. In fact, most people seem to be hostile to the very idea. Here in the US, there is extreme hostility against IQ tests and IQ scores and in fact, this country has an extreme anti-intellectual mindset and has forever now. I did an experiment and told a few people the reality of race and IQ who were not aware of it. At first they were stunned that Blacks scored lower than Whites, and then they said, “Well, of course…” Then they all basically said, “Yeah, well, Blacks score lower. So what?”

Then they all went off on a jihad against IQ scores and tests and the very idea of intelligence. What I got from all of them was that they could not care less about this idea.

Go out in public sometime among even White people and try to talk about IQ scores and tests. See how much hostility you get. Then try it with college educated types. You won’t get a better response. Americans are extremely hostile to discussions of IQ scores, IQ tests and the very notion of intelligence itself. Considering how hostile most Americans are to the idea, I doubt if HBD is going to catch fire politically anytime soon.

In fact, there is not one country on Earth where race and IQ or even IQ period is a widely discussed political issue. I am not aware that IQ figures into government policy in even one nation on Earth. So you see, most people on Earth are either hostile to or care about as little about this issue as Americans do.

I do not think we need to get paranoid about HBD giving a shot in the arm to rightwing extremism anytime soon.

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107 responses to “HBD Is Politically Irrelevant Now and in the Forseeable Future

  1. Jason Y

    Of course, it’s not that I view IQ tests as wrong either a lot or somewhat, it’s that (as I mentioned in other comments) it’s only measuring the ability of people with natural advantages. Of course, the assumption by the far right is that we should accept those those with natural advantages, and to hell with those who don’t have them (People who would require help.).

    Note, as I said in other comments, much of the world will not help those with natural disadvantages, and people with such handicaps have low esteem, hence they won’t help themselves. In other words, if they see they’re bad at something, they won’t keep at it.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry for 2nd comment. Trying to not overpopulate the blog. However, I forgot to say “Usually, IQ tests measure those with natural advantages, who also have an environmental advantage”.

      That’s because a naturally smart person might do bad in a terrible environment.” In fact, there is a good chance a person raised in a terrible environment, despite a genetic advantage, might do bad.

      On the flip side, a terrible environment for someone without a genetic advantage would be something that is ALSO very difficult to overcome. In fact that situation might be worse, but rest assured, it can be overcome. In other words, a lower IQ person can learn a lot, but only in a good environment and at a slower speed.

      A person with a genetic disadvantage raised in a great environment might actually learn a lot despite the handicap, of course. However, usually it isn’t the case that lower IQ people are raised in a good environment.

      • EPGAH

        BUT their own actions determine(d) their initial lot in life.

        “Truth be told, it is all this bad behavior and not the color of their skin that causes so much racism against Black people. If Black people looked exactly like they do now but acted like Norwegians or Japanese people instead of how they do act, I do not think many people would hate them simply based upon the color of their skin or or the way they look.”

        The best efforts of me and people richer and arguably smarter than myself for over 400 years have not made much of an improvement. Robert Lindsay elsewhere on this Site claims that culture made a nearly magical improvement in “Beyond Hobbesian” savages.

        BUT I still see savages raping, robbing, murdering, and burning down whatever they can’t steal. Which continent am I talking about? Does it really matter? And instead of putting these savages in their place, there’s a Code of Conduct for their betters to avoid being raped or murdered by the savages!


        This WOULD be a farce, except REAL people are being hurt and killed!


        As to refugees turned away, we’re not, we’re turning away the terrorists. Unless you believe “orphans” have beards and “widows” have vests (Suicide or Kevlar? YES!)

        The Christians–the ones we SHOULD be saving–are left behind.

        Remember, the savages make their environment horrible — in their own countries AND in their betters — so blaming the environment is ignorant at best, disingenuous at worst!

    • Jason Y

      Sorry for 3rd comment. Will try to limit myself after this one:

      quote by Robert Lindsay

      In fact, there is not one country on Earth where race and IQ or even IQ period is a widely discussed political issue. I am not aware that IQ figures into government policy in even one nation on Earth. So you see, most people on Earth are either hostile to or care about as little about this issue as Americans do.

      It’s because high IQ isn’t needed to make money. You can make 100,000 USD a year on a 85 IQ. In addition, people resent high IQ snobs anyway. Think about it, who likes the school brown-nose or show-off? As with the rich, the high IQ are hated by common people.

        • Jason Y

          We all have seen the movie Arthur, at least original in 1980. The grown up boy who had never earned a penny of anything he has. He was given the best education, money could buy, but he still has never has manned up. I think that movie is an exxageration. Probably, the rich would want thier sons to be real tough.

          I think W. Bush was real macho, not like Arthur at all. However, may not have been as smart as Vanderbilt or Carnegie. He had mental issues, hence why he couldn’t hold a job, as it was shown on the movie W.

      • Johnny

        Ha, yeah. I saw the Arthur remake and despite generally liking Russell Brand (his Trews videos are entertaining) that movie wasn’t so great. However, the message is there are many factors ultimately in terms of success and IQ. W is a great example of someone who lacks intellectual curiosity. He might have the ability to learn, memorize and analyze data, but if he does I have seen little to indicate it. That’s the problem ultimately. Some people get a free pass and the obvious visible poor minority groups receive scrutiny and ridicule from certain circles. Other than ego, to what end? Hell if I know, but I’ll say this, the Inheritance Tax (aka the Death Tax or Double Tax or whatever the GOP is calling it this week, thank you Frank Luntz) needs to exist and it needs to be very high (with exceptions for things like family farms, which are fewer and fewer every year and take into account income). IF you’re even slightly intelligent you should be able to turn your parents’ fortune into something substantial. If you’re not, oh well, good luck being middle class.

        • Jason Y

          I’m not sure. I think Bush’s calling was to run a major league baseball team. However, running the nation is a different matter. Knowledge on sports might not translate into knowledge about politics. Also, the “aggressiveness” to get to the World Series, might not work when say dealing with Saddam. W. Bush’s basic anger with his father was that he didn’t have “balls to go after Saddam”.

          Yes, I think people need to earn the right to have things, but maybe not. Sometimes people don’t really know what they’re good at until given a shot. Someone on affirmative action might be in a position to make things happen, which wouldn’t have happened otherwise, mainly cause he/she would have never got the opportunity.

          Nonetheless, the problem is that a lot of people aren’t getting a shot, cause they don’t have any disability, or minority status. However, liberals will argue that the “normal people” can get jobs easier, hence they can pay for college etc…

          Finally, a lot of the haters of affirmative action, have failed in life, mainly due to bad choices they were responsible for. However, they want to play the “white card” and say affirmative action is giving others an unfair advantage, and explains thier own failure.

        • Johnny

          What school is that?! Sounds like this place:


          I’ve always had a healthy don’t care what others think of me attitude. People pick up on it and generally won’t mess with you and will likely want to interact with you regardless of your academic acumen. Plus, chicks like it!

      • Johnny

        Oh I’m not saying W was smart, I’m just saying he might have been smart in some ways, but I never really saw much indication of it. Funny thing I recall was Tony Snow, who worked for W as his media guy, once put out that Bush had a prodigious intellect and was currently reading the Stranger by Albert Camus. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show responded with, “So we’re in the middle of a controversial war with an Arab country and you think you’re going to impress people by telling them that Bush is currently immersed in a book about someone who kills an Arab?!” I’m just saying, intellectual curiosity is usually evident and you don’t need a press secretary to make you like look you’re a avid reader.

        I think we all need some form of general safety nets in society, but my point is that success is often conducted by individual drive. We all have different goals, some people just want to do as little as possible and get wasted and others want to change the world.

        Affirmative action should shift to an economic basis. The conservatives have ruined it in terms of p.r. and it will forever be seen as a handout to minority groups. Hell, I remember my first week at college and waiting to pay tuition and this kid in front goes out loud, “Oh I thought only minorities received financial assistance!” The black kid next to me goes, “What kind of idiot would reject financial assistance?!”

        Interestingly though, AA has helped with the gender gap so that’s pretty positive unless you don’t like women I guess.

        • Jason Y

          At my own university, C students are heavily resented for some reason. People pick on them claiming they blow the teacher etc.. A lot of the struggle in school is proving to others your not a “posuer”, that you really deserve to be there,

          Gays are also hated, but that’s another topic.

          In the math and science field, you run into a lot of psychos. I even had to nark on some cause they were starting crap with me.

  2. Ed

    This is actually a very good point. The strange thing about the whole “HDB” thing is not the racial angle, its the idea that people really value intelligence.

  3. Kareem

    The average person doesn’t value intelligence for it’s own sake, but only for the utility it provides. They like the doors smart kids can make by doing well in school and getting a good job. They like the smart people who made their iphones and computers and write the scripts to their favorite T.V shows and movies. They don’t care for people who boast about their intelligence with no achievements to back it up.

    Politicians don’t give a fuck about IQ since it’s completely against their self-interest to discuss it. Discussion about it will isolate a good chunk of their voting base.

    In academia it’s completely against their own self-interest to acknowledge intelligence differences. Colleges wouldn’t be anywhere near as full as they are now, because most people aren’t in the IQ range really needed to do well. Nowadays colleges are less about educating the brightest people and more about making as much $$$ possible by allowing in as many people as possible.

    Bottom line is IQ Is that that explains why things are the way they are, but is pretty much useless in modern day politics.

    • Great comment Kareem. Are you new here?

    • Santoculto

      Iq don’t explain, exactly, correlate well. Iq explain partially what happen in a bureaucratized, unilaterally (scholastic, chrystallized enphasis) hierarchized society. But the reality is not just the society where we are, but everything.

      Government fix a reasonably good parameter about what is needed to be ”succesfull” and people associate it crudely as ”intelligence” or FUNDAMENTALLY as intelligence.

      Still is a flea circus, still is a crazy race, still is a idea of ”everyone is equal” and equally capable, ”just” equalize the circumstances, a ”universal” parameter about cognitive potential IS what hb-d and iq ideology believe BUT intelligence varies enormously both in qualitative and quantitative ways, even inside the ”quantitative” department, will have greater sub-varieties.

      Of course, there are a bunch of correct paths to understand (capture) the scope of human (and non-human) intelligences because their natural and obvious diversity (of course, some populations can have little diversity than others but it doesn’t prove that intelligence can’t be qualitatively diverse), the occam razor should be incredibly precise to reduce synthetically this diversity in few words or sentences. Other problem, i thought i already said it here, iq don’t measure the mutual influence between personality (intrinsical and ”extrinsical’ motivations) and cognition. Again, my quasi-marxist idea that iq and other visible bureaucratic ways to measure inherited and not-so-inherited skills, are metaphorically as analyse the health of slave in pelourinhos,

      good teeths = good scores** the cognitive potential of workers to work in certain contextual parameters, yes, is undeniably part of intelligence, because their relative coverage, correlates reasonably well with the REAL g, the good judgment, but what i’m talking since a long long time, iq is not a concept of intelligence, in other words, is not conceptually causative to intelligence,

      what is anger** just look for anger faces

      what is ”sadness”** facial expressions express very well what is emotions.

      you can have a person with lower iq who are very smart, with very good judgment. It’s fundamental.

      I know that intelligence is not ”just” it, but still will be fundamentally the capacity to understand the reality, basically substantially important part of wisdom. ”The natural path” of ”smart” lives is explore the universe, really is** Who define it as absolute, imperative necessity**

      Iq seems correlate strongly with chrystallized intelligence start by certain unilateral parameters.

      Iq is like a man driving a boeing, it’s humane and liable to commit errors. We have scholastic men and women determining what is intelligence by their own perspectives firstly. of course, they ARE NOT completely wrong IF they don’t determine this types of intelligence as the only one… what seems many them to do. Intelligence concept sometimes look so vague that every behavior who result in some positive result should be treated as such.

      The christian middle age brazilian ladies, who writes badly in portuguese in facebook communities, indeed, are super morally smart when they decide take dogs and cats from the dangerous brazilian streets.

      What is underlying in all this debates about intelligences is the wisdom, the good judgment. To commit bad judgments but based on bright mental gymnastics is not just extremely possible but, damn, very common. just look for (a)occident today… well, just look for humanity in all their ”history”.

    • Jason Y

      quote by kareem

      In academia it’s completely against their own self-interest to acknowledge intelligence differences. Colleges wouldn’t be anywhere near as full as they are now, because most people aren’t in the IQ range really needed to do well. Nowadays colleges are less about educating the brightest people and more about making as much $$$ possible by allowing in as many people as possible.

      People can do well in certain subjects, but not others. Once you get out of humanities and into math and science grades start falling into the C, D and F range. Of course, maybe history is an exception. A lot of people are horrible at it for some reason.

      Of course, letting in as many people as possible isn’t a bad idea at all, assuming the standards are kept high. However, sometimes professors break thier own rules showing too much mercy, or they might show bias toward “pets” or physically attractive students.

      Nonetheless, in the science and math departments it’s nearly impossible to do such things. You either know it or you don’t. Those who don’t will fall. That is, unless they’re making the tests easier or the courses shorter, but be rest assured at most US universities and community colleges they are not ! They do show mercy by using take home tests etc.. But that stuff still weeds out the totally dumb or lazy.

      • EPGAH

        Entitled kids feel they DESERVE good grades, even if they don’t EARN them–and now even “Safe Spaces” without “challenging ideas”!

        • Jason Y

          One more thing sorry to flood up comments. I don’t think the policy of letting in any student literally (open admission) is a bad thing, cause, ultimately, bad students get weeded out anyway. That’s why they can do it.

          I had one professor made a smart-ass comment about how how the “English” system of admissions was better, but he said that cause of frustration for all the lazy students. Nonetheless, REST ASSURED, the lazy students become either “borderline C students, which is disgraceful (the dicksucker label)” or they just fail and drop out. Note all kinds of people do drop out of college. I think it’s a huge amount.

          Note W. Bush was a C student and he got a lot of flak for that after becoming president.

          In my own opinion, they shouldn’t have C grades. They’re a disgrace and a joke. I mean imagine someone graduating with a C average. It’s a big thing of shame (sad face).

      • Kareem

        Colleges want to allow in as many people as possible purely to line their own pockets. So many people have these huge college loans. It’s all a big scam at this point for most degrees.

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          Entitled kids feel they DESERVE good grades, even if they don’t EARN them–and now even “Safe Spaces” without “challenging ideas”!

          No, I don’t really think so. Even in humanities classes where it seemed like a “piece of cake”, in reality, I was getting by on my “encylopedia like” ability to aborb knowledge.

          Also, in math, chemistry and physics courses etc. it can be said you can’t make a B without mastering the subject. (Note if you get Cs and everybody knows about it, some will accuse you of being a “brown nose borderline student” or a “dicksucker etc..” lol to be vulgar.

          I don’t really understand where ep-gah is coming from this, or maybe he’s thinking blacks and stuff are getting free grades for oppression etc..

          quote by kareem

          Colleges want to allow in as many people as possible purely to line their own pockets. So many people have these huge college loans. It’s all a big scam at this point for most degrees.

          A scam degree? Not sure. College students pretty much know certain degrees have more jobs. Nonetheless, they might go for lesser degrees cause they might be under the impression any degree will land them something (say a government job etc..). However, that often isn’t the case.

          Ultimately people don’t want to go for tough degrees cause they’re cowards. They figure it is just too hard for them. However, an easy degree (which is really false cause humanities can be as tough as math) can land a job, if your willing to go toward the masters or Phd.

          Of course, it would be nice if people could major in what they’re good at, or have an interest in, but considering reality, people have to worry about paying the bills etc..

          Looking at it this way. The competition for English majors would be huge, though there are jobs, but the competition for math majors in non-existant. They literally have to recruit students to major in math, often offering them free scholarships, or paying thier transportation, lodging etc.. in school.

        • Jason Y

          College professors are under HEAVY pressure to look tough, not like a pussy. They don’t want to be seen as soft. Therefore, in what Iv’e seen, they do give breaks sometimes, but they don’t lower the standards.

          It’s kind of like in the military. The drill instructor is under pressure to look tough and weed people out. Seems to be the same in college. Wimpy colleges where students suck cock to get grades, or teachers lower standards are a myth created by conservatives.

          If a student does brown nose the teacher, of course, he might get a C, but to get a real grade to be proud of it requires it up the ass 😆 No just kidding. A real grade would require hard work beyond a lazy amount.

  4. Only if racial IQ differences were proved to be for genetic reasons would it have further impact and the implications become a mainstream discussion. Then it might give a boost to anti-immigration or anti-miscegenation movements.

    • EPGAH

      The thing is, it HAS been proved, but noone really CARES, they don’t want to favor the smart or wall away the stupid and violent.
      Noone argues the book was right-on, it’s just “racist”, therefore “forbidden”!

      Now they find out it can even be linked to INDIVIDUAL NATIONS, not just broad-stroke races! THAT would really boost anti-immigration FROM CERTAIN COUNTRIES!
      Robert had written an AMAZING article a long time ago that our problems aren’t due to IMMIGRATION, it’s due to UNFILTERED immigration! If we filtered it better, we’d have no more problems.
      Only thing that would need to be changed to update the article, would be take out the “One gets the impression that almost no other country on Earth would put up with this sort of insane bullshit.”, UK, Germany, Sweden are CLEARLY putting up with it–and calling Hungary or Austria “Nazis” for trying to block or even filter the incoming shitstorm!

      Maybe if we had smarter people, history WOULDN’T repeat itself? Only the intelligent notice–or even CARE–that history is repeating itself, and try to avoid that instead of steer right into it!

      Kareem had a good explanation–it really IS all about the money!

      • it hasn’t been proved. There are thousands of allelles that affect intelligence. Only a small number have been discovered. Scientists are only at the beginning of making these discoveries. The genetic architecture of intelligence is mostly still a mystery, leaving A LOT of room for doubt. If it is proved in the future then it will be accepted by scientists and get into the mainstream.

        • EPGAH

          The Bell Curve has been proved. Race affects IQ. Noone doubts it anymore. The only question left is what do we DO about it?


          Do we keep coddling minorities as they behave worse and worse on a nationwide, or even GLOBAL, scale? IF they’re low IQ they really DON’T know any better, right? But then why keep giving them self-determination?
          Do we treat them as the equals they claim to be, or at least claim to WANT to be, and give them EQUAL punishment under law and listen to them bitch about “oppression”?
          Preemptive punishment, like walling ourselves off from them, is the SAFEST course, although the most “unfair”– if we consider them equals.

          Except the extreme PETA crazies, MOST people want dangerous animals enclosed away from humans, whether iron bars or a pit, or whatever. And if someone takes one of these dangerous animals as a pet and gets mauled, Darwin’s Will Be Done.
          Strangely, a lot of people cannot bring themselves to apply that same logic to those who LOOK human but cannot ACT human!
          From the lowest Twitter SJW to Susan Dlott!

        • Nobody doubts there are racial IQ differences as shown in the race/IQ bell curve. That’s the phenotype- the manifested, measurable trait. The disagreement is about whether those differences are due to genetics (ie differences in the genotype) or purely the environment.

        • Jason Y

          quote by steve

          t hasn’t been proved. There are thousands of allelles that affect intelligence. Only a small number have been discovered. Scientists are only at the beginning of making these discoveries. The genetic architecture of intelligence is mostly still a mystery, leaving A LOT of room for doubt. If it is proved in the future then it will be accepted by scientists and get into the mainstream.

          Considering we don’t have enough information about genes, we shouldn’t allow white nationalists and like minded people to have power. We saw how the Nazis intruded into people’s personal lives, spreading false science and hate, killing people.

          Personally, I think we should never allow such wackos into power, no matter what science shows. But since science is so sketchy, as steve says, we definitely should not take the chance.

      • Professor Steve Hsu writes:

        “If only a small number of genes controlled cognition, then each of the gene variants should have altered IQ by a large chunk—about 15 points of variation between two individuals. But the largest effect size researchers have been able to detect thus far is less than a single point of IQ. Larger effect sizes would have been much easier to detect, but have not been seen.

        This means that there must be at least thousands of IQ alleles to account for the actual variation seen in the general population. A more sophisticated analysis (with large error bars) yields an estimate of perhaps 10,000 in total.”

  5. Ben, question.

    If you were to apply Eugenics towards say, a race like Blacks, would you keep a function fraction of them in consideration or would you just eliminate all of them?

    • I supposed IQ would be typically a good way to filter undesirables, however I’ve been doing some observations and I think it is better to, if currently possible, to filter based on evaluation overall behavior.

      My reasoning comes from this, in Africa among the highest IQs are, aside from immigrants carefully selected, likely the Local government……..need I say more?

      Granted, I technically have no real data to my knowledge aside from Ghana’s Capital population scoring 80 compared to the typical 70-60 range of the general populace based on Lynn’s findings, but my point is that I believe that racial differences such as behavior still persists even if controlled for IQ.

      Now, if you can find correlations for IQ and behavior trends for whites and prove they are transferable to Blacks then I find you assessment to be fine but for now I think it would be better to use tests based on overall behavior rather than strictly IQ in the case for Blacks.

      Now, by NO means am I saying that IQ isn’t Significant, I’m only putting in forsight. Hell, chances are with the correlation between Functional behavior and IQ the mean would still increase significantly after selection.

      And lets say tat We do select Behaviorally for Blacks but the IQ range isn’t completely desirable, then we would have the cognitive elites obviously in control with Blacks selected for diligence and comprehension under them in a no aggressive manner of course.

      Are you aware of some form of metrics that would indicate what I’m suggesting?

    • Jason Y

      Again HBD is an asshole philosophy, especially considering 85 or so IQ can do a lot of jobs, and can easily make $100,000 USD or more (at least in a lot of western natons, I’m sure they can do quite well in the third world also.)

      As Robert said, it’s all a scheme to get rid of vast social programs and reduce western natons to modern versions of Victorian England. Of course, in that case, churches make take up the role of helping the disadvantaged, but I doubt it. They didn’t do much in Victorian England.

    • http://www.unz.com/pfrost/polygyny-makes-men-bigger-tougher-and-meaner/

      One could performs tests similar to those used in the cited studies to break tem down.

      Also, https://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/the-genesis-of-black-minority-problems-in-a-non-black-society/#comments
      Look for my MAOA-related comments. My original intention was medication since such exists, but if things calls for eugenics one could just measure for levels of unstable MAOA variations and possibly tests on certain individuals with concerning variations on there ability to control impulses.

      BTW, I am aware that the indication would be to INCREASE serotonin absorption in the case of medicine, that was a mistake I made when interpreting the phrase “Breaking down” as disposing old material rather than absorbing a chemical.

    • Jason Y

      Last comment on this one, cause I don’t want to be rude or narcissistic.

      However, we have to also note that social programs lower the birth rate. However, keeping the status quo, as HBDers would like, only promotes feudalism and overpopulation in the third world. In that case, the hellish 3rd world invasion you all hate will only keep expanding.

      What’s going to lower the population of Africa and Latin America? Nuclear weapons being dropped? Nothing will and they will keep coming at the gates of the first world, no matter how many walls you build.

      So looking at this in retrospective, I have to say that neo-liberal governments and thier horrible capitalism have to fall, in favor of left wing regimes which care about the people.

    • https://notpolitcallycorrect.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/response-to-daily-stormer-article-black-africans-are-genetically-closer-to-bonobos-than-to-white-humans/comment-page-1/

      Also, based on the opinion based on both experience and available data of this individual, Church Blacks can act as a filter for black with IQ around 100.

    • However, If we select for Behavior rather than just IQ and the mean only goes from, say, 85 to something like only between 85-95 for example, the mean may’ve not been too staggering as far as the IQ gap goes, the distribution could be better.

      You may be aware that the 85 isn’t homogenous and that Black southerners score 80, again I believe Lynn found this, and Northern Blacks being 90.

      With a better distribution the population with the range I used as an example then that would still be a significant gain in raw functionality of the society.

      To be honest I’m actually not very well read on the mechanics of IQ means outside of some basic concepts including the effects of heritability and it’s variance between races, so if I made an error in this idea please feel free to correct me.

  6. Jason Y

    quote by phil *(Oh gosh I really don’t want to comment again … But…)


    Also, based on the opinion based on both experience and available data of this individual, Church Blacks can act as a filter for black with IQ around 100.

    Have you even wondered why church blacks might have a higher IQ? I bet it’s not because of eugenics. It’s probably because of a massively improved environment due to Christian discipline.

    • Or possibly that they have behavior already innate that makes them more prone to participate in such culture?

      Go to that link’s article mentioning culture and it’s relationship with IQ.
      I’ll be honest, I’m not ENTIRELY opposed to the idea that environment could affect behavior in SOME way, but even then studies leave me currently to believe that even in such a case I tat genetics would play the larger role.

      My current belief is that behavioral trends follow a continuum, and that there are people how could be an intermediate that could have traits to descend to negative outcomes but can be influenced to better ones but that would still require a desirable GENETIC component even if correct.

      • Jason Y

        Or possibly that they have behavior already innate that makes them more prone to participate in such culture?

        Actually a lot of church going blacks were terrible people before they became “Jesus freaks”. In fact, the whole pool of black Christians come from a group littered with “bad people”.

        The sad truth that HBDers don’t want to hear, is that when Christian discipline is applied, people can focus. They can do things they couldn’t otherwise do without the discipline.

        Of course, there are lazy black Christians as well as white ones, but then agaiin, not everybody takes the religion seriously. Not everybody follows the rules even at 80 percent. However, note there could be literally retarded people in a black church, but the improved environment could overall possibly improve the IQ of the whole group over time, and it has.

        • “Actually a lot of church going blacks were terrible people before they became “Jesus freaks”. In fact, the whole pool of black Christians come from a group littered with “bad people”.”

          That doesn’t contradict my claim.
          “My current belief is that behavioral trends follow a continuum, and that there are people how could be an intermediate that could have traits to descend to negative outcomes but can be influenced to better ones but that would still require a desirable GENETIC component even if correct.”

          Your confusing phenotypically expression with genetic potential.

        • I’m sorry, “you’re”

        • Jason Y

          That doesn’t contradict my claim.
          “My current belief is that behavioral trends follow a continuum, and that there are people how could be an intermediate that could have traits to descend to negative outcomes but can be influenced to better ones but that would still require a desirable GENETIC component even if correct.”

          Your confusing phenotypically expression with genetic potential.

          Then what’s the point of converting “bad people” ? This way of thinking is as ridiculous as Presbyterians finding the “elect”. In other words, according to Presbyterians, some are “predestined to hell” no matter what they do (double predestination). It’s about the stupidest theological doctrine Iv’e ever heard, and as unjust and illogical as HBD.

        • “Then what’s the point of converting “bad people” ? This way of thinking is as ridiculous as Presbyterians finding the “elect”. In other words, according to Presbyterians, some are “predestined to hell” no matter what they do (double predestination). It’s about the stupidest theological doctrine Iv’e ever heard, and as unjust and illogical as HBD.”

          Technically there’s is a difference. Based on what you’re telling me about Presbyterians, even sincere converts can’t beat predestined fate if it is their afterlives in Hell.

          By HBD Rule, it is purely whether they have an innate ability to change that matters.

          Is HBD standard on that really unjust. Oh, and while religion is being discussed

          You should really cut out that creationist strategy of making out a scientific idea into a “belief” system.

      • Alpha Unit

        Clearly environment affects behavior. Every day all of us make judgements and decisions based on what’s going on in the environments we’re in. In addition, environment can affect things like gene expression, as I understand it, and testosterone levels. I don’t get people who act as if environment doesn’t affect us. Maybe someone could explain.

        • It’s not so much as the Idea of environment making any contribution, it’s when alleged contributions are incoherent with established or revealed significance of genes especially in it’s over glorification in modern society.

          Now, I also want to add that my discussion with Ben and eugenics is just hypothetical and even if implemented would try to obtain voluntary participation from the subjects.

          I don’t mean to come off as being against human rights when discussing this and, despite what it may appear in how I speak, I do not wish for you to think that I say these things without any emotional toil.

          To submit to the findings of HBD isn’t what I simply WANT to do, but rather the data supplied by them hits appropriate precision and I’m sick of ignoring the facts ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t mean that things are impossible when they aren’t.

          So if I seem too deep in my discussion on genes and functionality, please do NOT confuse it for my own passionate agenda, fore if it were environment the whole time and it shows progress through legit studies I would put them into consideration.

          I’m just simply laying out the facts as I know them.

        • Negroess Negroess

          Spot on alpha.

        • Santoculto

          The final decision is always made for us. It’s very obvious that environment have a impact, we no live in a non-place, 😅

          People generally believe that when bad “environmental factors” are eliminated everyone will can operate at rational levels. Of course a very vague pre conception.

          First, most people are not even predominantly rational.

          Second, this differences are caused obviously by genes and boosted badly by circumstances, great part of time,

          Third, we express our specific “shape”. Behavior is a expression, like a echoes of our biological structure.

          Fourth and again, what made humans more complex than other animals is that we have delayed instinct. Is easy to note that dogs have inherent instinctive system to live/act/react. Is little more difficult for humans, just little, because while dogs always act and react directly or instinctively, humans can suppress partially their instinctive responses. Delayed instinct OR expanded self awareness give for us a tiny spectrum of choices, very tiny, while for most of other animals this potential to choice will be predominantly-to-virtually nonexistent.

        • EPGAH

          Because the “environment” excuse is a copout! Who makes the environment? The people who move in change the envrionment to something they’re comfortable with with their behavior on a micro scale and their voting on a macro-scale. My parents grew up in Detroit when it was kept peaceful. Could you imagine a 9-year-old girl walking down a street in Detroit, unmolested? Unarmed and unharmed?

          It was possible back then. Who elected a corrupt Black Mayor who abolished the STRESS Units and replaced most of the police with thugs who would either ignore crimes or help the criminals?

          What turned South Africa from a peaceful country that invented human-human heart transplants into the Rape Capital of the WORLD?

          What turned Ferguson from a no-account city into a flaming inferno of thugs who thought–correctly as it turned out–they could rampage without consequence?

          And what, short of time-travel or direct Divine Intervention, will put these environments back to what they were…I don’t know, 50 years ago? Pick a number of decades, I’ll sign off on it. We’d have to shoot a number of the thugs–the “Bad People”–in that area, to make the environment better and make it “stick”, right?

          Environment believers think we can somehow fix the environment WITHOUT shooting the thugs that made that environment shit in the first place. It hasn’t worked. Or rather the thugs trash the fixed environment the same as they did the old one.
          If you can tell us how to make it stick WITHOUT killing the bad element, you’ll be the most famous sociologist EVER! Otherwise, you’re just another SJW who doesn’t want the scum killed. Telling the victims to “suck it up” and/or that they “invited” it somehow is optional.

        • Alpha Unit

          For once, Epgah, could you stop being hysterical? I asked a question because I’d like to understand where people are coming from with their beliefs about environment. I’m not any kind of SJW. If you can’t get a grip and actually respond to what I say, don’t respond to me at ALL. This is a warning to you.

        • EPGAH

          I am not being “hysterical”.
          Behavior changes environment.
          Ghettos are not dangerous or dirty or rundown because some kind of booby-traps, but because of the inhabitants.
          You can blame the environment all you like, but it used to be a good place to live.

        • EPGAH

          Conversely, thugs do not really seem to make judgments or decisions based on environment, they seem to turn the new environment into the same Hell they left. And then complain when they succeed in making it just as bad as the old Hell.

          Let’s pretend we have a good neighborhood, with nice houses, a school within walking distance, police protection, and a store nearby that not only sells them Needful Things, but also provides jobs, if they’re of a mind to work!

          Thugs don’t take care of anything, so their houses get rundown. If someone OTHER than them is paying for it, this process is accelerated.

          Thugs behave no differently in the Hallowed Halls of school than they do in their “Hood”. Environment doesn’t affect them, they affect the environment.
          Any kid that doesn’t want to get beaten and/or robbed, persuades their parents to move to a better neighborhood. Less kids and UNDERPERFORMING kids=less funding.

          Thugs demand to be left alone by the police who are “oppressing” them–but are actually trying to bring a measure of safety to that neighborhood. Then when they get their Wish and the cops DO leave them alone, they complain about that instead! Do not wear shoes worth any more than $6 into that neighborhood, you might get killed over them.

          Thugs rob a certain business to the point it leaves a hostile environment, even if they don’t torch the place, then they complain about lack of goods or “Economic Opportunity”. (I think that’s code for jobs?)

          So let’s see, we started with a good neighborhood, now we have rundown houses, dangerous underfunded school, lack of police protection, have to drive way out of the way to get what they need, PLUS no jobs.
          They didn’t let the environment affect them and shape up, they affected the environment. They turned it into the Hell they wanted, now they complain about it!

          If the environment affected them, they would’ve learned to behave within the laws. The neighborhood would still be good.
          This is not hypothetical, this what I have seen happen to a neighborhood called Commercial Street. My parents saw something worse happen to Detroit.

        • Alpha Unit

          This is all well and good, but I didn’t ask anyone to explain to me how thugs turn good neighborhoods into bad neighborhoods. Or how and why thugs do anything.

        • EPGAH

          You claimed that environment affects behavior. If that were true, thugs would behave properly in a good environment. But they don’t.

          Instead, bad behavior turns a good environment into a bad environment.

          If you really want to go the OPPOSITE direction, America itself was caused by extreme GOOD behavior taming a savage land and savages ON the land, and turning it from a place that’s too dirty and dangerous for delicate sensibilities into a place EVERYONE wants to come to!

          If environment caused behavior, Americans should have gone savage instead of creating a civilized country.

          About the only place you can claim environment affected behavior is a place like Australia, where the sudden absence of guards should have made the criminals there act like the savages.
          Robert gives us a hint as to the savages’ behavior.

          But instead, they gathered together, fended off the savages, and built a great country. Although was that really the environment affecting them or “Shape Up Or Die” Syndrome?

          I never got this “environment” idea because except in B horror movies, civilized act civilized and make improvements wherever we go, and savages act savage and wreck the place wherever they go. But that just means sufficient torture can turn a civilized person back into an animal. Is that really “environment”? So environment is meaningless.

          Robert had an article awhile back that good people make good culture make good countries, and bad people make bad culture make bad countries. I can’t find the link anymore.

        • Alpha Unit

          OK. So you believe environment is meaningless.

        • EPGAH

          There are a FEW people who act decent around decent people and thuggish around thugs, but in order to switch to “Decent Mode” there has to be some part of them that is decent TO activate!

        • Alpha Unit

          OK. Environment is meaningless.

        • To Alpha, I would say it’s less that environment is meaningless as much as it is that innate potential is important.

          IN such a scenerio would environment would be important would be if someone would be an intermediate like how I describe but can be prone to bad behavior if not with the right influences.

          However, displays of of inner conscience would be completely absent in this character in times of adversity but it when and how such actions are done under certain knowledge and circumstances.

          However, this is a limited argument and probably isn’t the predominate reason. Even if it was predominate, they deserve to be punished.

        • To Alpha, sorry for me repeating “would be if” multiple times in my last comment.

        • Jason Y

          quote by alpha unit

          Clearly environment affects behavior. Every day all of us make judgements and decisions based on what’s going on in the environments we’re in. In addition, environment can affect things like gene expression, as I understand it, and testosterone levels. I don’t get people who act as if environment doesn’t affect us. Maybe someone could explain.

          Yes, I totally agree and that why, and not trying to “white knighing”, but mercy is the best way to deal with many things. Of course, some things can’t be help, like say ghetto gangbangers way down the road of evil, but a lot of other people can be helped. A society can also change things so people don’t become bad to begin with.

          However, and this it the part ep-gah and others don’t understand, is that our society is utterly opposed to really helping. In other words, yes, we have a welfare system, but it doesn’t really help enough, and it needs massive reform.

  7. Tulio

    HDB is very much a niche interest with a small but very dedicated group of followers. Like MGTOWs/MRAs. People outside of that community generally don’t care much about the ins and outs of it.

    • Jason Y

      True, but this small group influences the far right which is gaining momentum in North America and Europe. Of course, I don’t think the far right, especially in America (with Trump), is going to advocate a hardcore far right platform, but it will be enough to cause massive problems.

      You can’t have hardcore racism in America and probably Europe either cause the population doesn’t like it, and won’t tolerate it. Mainly cause they see it as unjust and also cause it isn’t fashionable (Jim Crow, Aparthied, and other ridiculous aspects of racism widely tolerated in the past)

      • Negroess Negroess

        Paranoid Jason y. Tulip is right outside of a small niche sector on the Internet HBD is irrelevant.

        • Jason Y

          Actually I was watching the movie “Hating Obama” and it was interesting to see the dramatic rise in racism after Obama became president than before. Actually before Obama, only a minority of blacks thought the US was a racist society. After Obama, it climbed to 71 percent.

          It’s not paranoia, there is a rising tide of racism and it’s fueled by a foundation of stuff like eugenics, HBD etc.. It all has more credibility with whites now, as they feel threatened with a black president and a rising tide of illegal Latinos, as well as what they preceive to be an anti-white academia, entertainment industry etc..

          In other words, some whites feel they’re the bitch now, as silly as that sounds. They’re the victim. They want people to pity them. Despite the fact, thru US history, they were the top dogs bossing everyone around most of the time.

      • EPGAH

        It gains favor and/or importance, however, when someone “important” gets raped or murdered by savages. Who had to get hit for the “Knockout Game” to get national attention?

        And what “massive problems” do you think it causes? Increased attention to crime and stamping the crime out, I see as SOLUTIONS!

        The population has been CONDITIONED to think racism is “bad” and we’re all equal, but you’ll notice even the most bleeding-heart Liberal is a lot more comfortable when they’re away from the thugs. Why ARE Gated Communities so attractive? All of us try to send our kids to better schools…and what makes a school “better”?

        You want a better environment without getting rid of the thugs that make the environment bad. Best of luck, but it’s not happening. In fact, I’d say “the environment” gets WORSE the longer the thugs rampage unpunished!

        From tantrums on campus to riots in our streets and malls, to rapes of our innocent, even children, America–and white countries in general–put up with a lot of shit that would’ve been put down HARD in any nonwhite country! Or even in America 50-some years ago!

        • Santoculto

          Real racism is bad, the problem is don’t see this differences, decent than dangerous people of all races.

          Real racism is always against inocent ”people” OF individual(s) and nothing against those who deserve real punishment.

          BUT what is more important,

          accuse the race as the guilty or see the criminal jailed or better, sterilized**

          The problem about generalizations is that spill always happen with people who belong to criticized group. When someone talk about certain group most of individuals who belong to him will feel as if s(he) had said about them.

          Divide and conquer, increasing the distance of mutual understanding between the two political spectrum sides.

          meanwhile in a such ”holly” land…

        • Tulio

          I think you need to watch a video like this to put things into perspective: https://vimeo.com/128373915

          We truly do live in the safest and most non-violent era in human history. Despite public perceptions, crime has fallen sharply since the early 90s. Our society is not becoming more dangerous, it’s becoming more safe each decade. Fewer people die at the hands of other humans than ever before.

  8. RJ Moore

    As someone who borderlines a kind of nihilistic Libertarianism and right-wing extremism, I often find it interesting that the USA has never had a hardcore Rightist movement. Jonathan Bowden, the art critic and hate speech master, occasionally mentioned the anarchic, militaristic individualism of American culture right down to the open admiration people give to the Punisher (who is kind of a murderous, hate-driven vigilante sociopath, even if he murders the ‘right’ people) and the fact that American states have at least thrice gone to war with the FedGov over cultural and racial autonomy.

    Yet here we are, potentially the most rightwing anarcho-fascist Aryan culture still existing, living in a centralized egalitarian cult which (when it still acknowledges religion at all) is obsessed with a Jew suicide as the apotheosis of morality.

  9. MIkoled

    In fact, there is not one country on Earth where race and IQ or even IQ period is a widely discussed political issue.

    PISA scores are discussed as a proxy with the belief that this IQ proxy can be improved through better schooling.

    • That seems believable but even then how WIDELY by the public. Social environmentalists scientists I can believe along with pc science communities but what about the “average joe”?.

    • Jason Y

      Well, for one thing, we don’t know if better schooling will improve IQ, cause our schools for non-whites, in general, are bad schools. That’s the irony of all this stuff.

  10. Santoculto


    ”jews’ have on average a leaning-psychopathic mindset OR have a greater % of sychos individuals like happen among black africans, generically speaking. They know about logical and human level reality more than ”goym’. So, they create realities where the stupid goym will be fall in love, mimic what shamans generally to do in all human tribes. Jews need convince the host that they are just like everyone else. When they finish the first part of this very long term S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y, they start taking the power and attacking the ”white cells”, aka, the sentinels.

    Sychos have a animal predatory perspective, instinctive, logical (not rational), objective, no ‘god’, no morality, just the opportunity to be well succesfull whatever how. You have a certain kind of people, those who follow rules, those who don’t follow rules AND inside this second group, those who manipulate rules, a sofisticated ”criminal behavior”.

    White europeans are since the end of roman empire praying for a jewish god, NEVER lived in real fair societies, their recent ”evolution” wasn’t strategically thought.

    Indeed, jews ‘are” calculator, you can be a morally good calculator, they on average aren’t like that, but this difference is crucial because they or at least their intellectual (tribal) elite have thought a lot how conquered the hearts and souls of europeans and their diaspora, not so difficult. ”They” were the hard part, why two global wars with epicenter in Europe*** Why the half lie holocaust**

    Just to do good things all the time using their intellects and in little time, every young european will be eternally grateful!!! Voi la, the perfect love political theory will make you a god to the sheeple AND of courrse, will be continuously rational. But not…

    This big circus probably because ”they” have their ”god”*** i was hearing good** human ”history” is just a big and vulgar circus with a mad clown.

    satan or just a metaphorical way to define the divine wind of storm** No border, no respect, a eternal aggressivity, invasion.

    • Santoculto

      hard way and not part

      mild adhd, =(

    • Jason Y

      The Jewish thing is over exxagerated and so is the IQ thing, especially considering simply working the brain could push the iQ 10 points higher. That’s why I would be cyncial about HBD.

      • Santoculto

        I don’t think is exaggerated. Is wrongly emphasized by iq stuff. But hb-d believe that the Jewish intelligence is JUST a good thing. Is not because “they’ use it very callously. This kind of intelligence and subsequent use is just useless, purposeless and imoral. We are back to the jungle.

        Recently Peter Frost write that he dislike people who talk a lot about jew stuff. Hb-d is quintessentially Jewish. Just white trash crowd slave-minded who don’t note this. This problem of “appear moderate”. At wisdom approach to this context to be “moderate” is like to be apathetic with all sort of injustices and stupidities who are being commited against innocent individuals. Is far to be morally correct and wise. Is just to be a “animal”. Hb-d quintessential ideology is exactly like this, a scientific-like Sparta, humans are animals, just leave them (us) in their own 🍀. This plant is too rare.

        The nervous center of hb-d is protect Jews about mature and extremely needed criticism. In other words continue to be a child tard who defend “angels”.

        • Johnny

          That’s a very wide net to throw out there though with regards to one particular group. The analogies to Sparta aside, Jews have adapted to survive for a long time, but many have also assimilated and been absorbed (here in the US many people are turning away from Judaism and the mixed marriage rate is high and they are shrinking). Also, I’d be very careful when painting millions of people with a single brush. Some are fanatically devoted to Israel (and I’m no fan given their human rights record and the simple fact that they’ve refused the Arab League peace proposal which would give them peace in the region if they would revert to the 1967 borders; this tells me they want land over peaceful coexistence) and their allies here in the US (rightwing Jews as well as some moderates as well as most Republicans/conservatives especially those with a Christian POV) and increasingly throughout the Anglosphere, France and so on are enabling this conflict. Also, some Jews are quite critical of Israel and their faith so I’d tread a bit more carefully with regards to a group that varies form cultural identity to religious to fanatical. They aren’t a monolith.

        • Santoculto


          “Jews are not a monolithic”

          Prove it

          They are genetically inbred. Muslims are not a monolithic but even the moderate Muslims don’t have “moderate” point of views.

          Almost of Jews on the opposition don’t look honest enough to put their people in the center of all this situations. Mature??

          Maybe is correct to say that at surface they are diverse but they seems to be very unite by now and every little criticism, correct criticism and many them overreact.

          Jews are very ambiguous mindset, I don’t know most them but seems many them, enough to cause many problems.

          What made me disgusting is that they are the most well successful in capitalism. A good thing?

        • Johnny

          Disproving a group is monolith is pretty easy since your position requires 100% compliance whereas my contention doesn’t. Here are numerous examples of non-complying “Jews”: http://dissidentvoice.org/2010/04/jewish-critics-of-zionism-and-of-israels-treatment-of-the-palestinians/

          Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Tony Kushner, Natalie Portman (being critical in Hollywood is brave) and on and on.

          They’re human beings and became good at capitalism because that’s what Europeans forced them into. If you can’t do traditional occupations and are left with usury (a sin for many Christians centuries ago) what do you expect? Also, while many Jews have been great at capitalism, let’s keep in mind that people Leon Trotsky have existed to oppose it. It’s not just all black and white and good and evil. And they aren’t that inbred. Many have been siphoned out of the group through intermarriage and genetic studies on the Ashkenazi confirm a founder population of Levantine Jews (similar to modern Palestinians) moving to Rome and taking Italian wives and fanning out into Europe, eventually settling in German lands where Yiddish originates. A very mixed population that is sometimes overwhelming European (like 90% with some people) so yeah I can’t call them a monolith.

          I’m not a fan of the worst in people and the fact that many involved in the recent financial crisis were Jews doesn’t make me see them all as a monolith. I can’t think that way because I know many of them, dated a few and at least the ones I know are very critical and even say things I wouldn’t like how they control Hollywood (more like influence it I’d say in a disproportionate manner) and the media (they definitely scare the media to paint Israel as a benevolent peaceful state which is far from reality). So yeah they’re not a monolith at all. Just people.

        • Santoculto

          Ultimate opposition today is to be pro- white cause.

          Chomsky and co. Are just a left ones.

          Opposition against Israel and pro Palestinians are used as trap, a lot of anti racists, specially anti-white racists…

          French people was a monolithic at collective surface instead they are diverse, when France invade part of Africa and Asia.

        • Johnny

          I’m for the “pro” all of humanity cause so I imagine we differ on just about everything. I’m not sure what use the term monolith has here. It’s a form collectivism to herd (and condemn) people together whether they like it or not.

        • Santoculto

          I’m for the part of human “kind” who are threat to be brutally extinct, dear.

          If you were other lefty zombie, yes, we have greater differences.

          Leftoid lunacy is their heart, essentially anti white and subsequently anti particularists.

          I could be pro globalism if it weren’t constructed with lies and (more human style) lunacy.

          Non- super wealthy Jews are at the best apathetic about white genocide.

          No have excuses or contexts to stay indifferent.

          Seems many to most of American Jews are left AND pro Israel. This obvious double standard seems very common among them.

        • Johnny

          Name-calling doesn’t denote deep understanding to me. If all you can do is label people in standard political ideological terms and not discuss the specifics with facts then you haven’t made your point. We’re all going extinct. It’s called being mortal. Nothing lasts forever and neither you nor I know what the future holds.

        • Santoculto

          Dishonest piece in their last words…


          relativized JUST because we are talking about whites.

          If the factors were other, the order would be other too.

          If i had talking about extinction of black people you become histerical and name-political calling against me.

          This ”mental manipulation” is boring, super repetitive, porposeless and completely irrational.

          Be honest

          What do you think about mixing race, very lower fertility and mass immigration in Europe**

          I wait your anwer.

          I live in a country that lived with waves of mass immigration, by amerindians first, africans (slavery, forced) second, europeans and others…

          Is not because a chains of mistakes were commited in the past that we can approve REVENGE against ”””’whites”””’, aka, today living white individuals.


          is exactly what leftoids to do all the time…

          lefties have a huge mental coherence AND memory problems.


        • Johnny

          Really? So we’re not all going to die one day and humanity will likely disappear? Do you understand what dishonest actually means?!

          Actually, I don’t care what phenotypes survive simply because I have no control over it (no one does and if you think you do you’re delusional) and we are all changing so what humanity will become remains a mystery, albeit one people love to speculate about.

          You can call black people or any other group whatever you like. It says more about you than me. As far as my posting has gone have you read any hysterical post from me? Yeah I don’t do hysterical.

          So you’re stepping back from the generalizations of calling groups monoliths or are they monoliths because you don’t agree with how they vary?

          You mean race mixing that has been happening since humans have existed? I don’t think about it because again I have no control over it and I believe people have a right to do whatever they want to. If they don’t want kids or like someone that is outside their group, fine. I’m just gonna live my life and die one day so I don’t care. Strikes me a waste of time. Birthrates are dropping all over the world. Also, people have been declaring the end of whites since the 19th century at least.

          Mass immigration to Europe has largely been positive I’d say. It helped Germany’s industrial resurgence for example. The real error was multiculturalism as official policy. Leaving that out of the equation and simply absorbing new arrivals would be the smarter move. With that said, what people choose to do on their own is on them. Again, I don’t worry about things I can’t do anything about anyway. And even if I could I’d surely not condemn millions of people I don’t know and have never met. I mean come on. Step away from your grand plan for humanity for a second and consider how this impacts your life.

          I don’t know where you live so that just describes the Americas to me. I’m guessing English is your second language so somewhere in Latin America? What revenge are you talking about? Who against whom? Do you really think masses of people are just sitting around plotting some sort of vengeance? Most people I know just live their lives so I have no idea what warzone you live in, voluntarily or otherwise.

          Leftoids isn’t a word. Make your point. I realize English isn’t your first language and thus much of what you say doesn’t make sense to us who are more fluent. Mental coherence and memory problems? Yeah I don’t know what that means. If you mean cognitive dissonance and memory as in history then I still have no idea what your point is other than making generalizations for which you have no data to speak of. Other than your own point of view, which you may believe is insightful and brilliant, I’m not seeing anything here other than long declarations.

        • Santoculto

          90% of their comment can be correctly summarized as relativistic.

          And you, as well always happen with left-”leaning”, lost completely ”your” point when you said that immigration was ”positive” for Germany.

          Increasing of criminality, social atomization and cultural problems are not positive in any way, in any perspective.


          Nope. Immigration was positive for Brazil because people who are hard working and smarter than ”natives’ immigrate here. Immigrants that immigrated to Germany was predominantly positive, at best relatively positive but not because their qualitative value but (SUPPOSED) necessity of CHEAP labour. This ”immigrants” were to be temporary like i though you know.

          We are no debating the better grammar or english fluency here, just ideas AND correct observations. My english is very far to be good but still is understandable. Just people without argument use it against me.

          Just manipulate meaning of words and not explain their arguments.

          Jews what many evidences suggest, have higher % of psychopathic types and based on their narrow population (it mean, lower probability to mate different kind of individuals and reduce intensity of behavioral traits) there are higher heritability of dark triad personalities among them. Even , psychopathy were a minority among european jews, still the average jew is likely to be more psycho or psycho-leaning than for example, the average swedish. Same happen with many black populations and specially among men who are much more behaviorally diverse than women.

          I’m open to the idea of ”pink&brain hypothesis”, two very marked kind of jews, those who are very similar with white leftists and those who are very machiavelic, of course among the secular.

          The idea of monolyth maybe can mean ”complete identicality”, of course, they are not a human group of clones. This obvious that i don’t want to say that they are all the same but, every human population tend to be very similar than what we had imagined.

        • Santoculto

          Leftoid is neologism.

          toid as a mark for ”disorder”.

          I could call myself as a lefTIST, those who are against MOST part of ”right point of views” BUT NOT the most crucial, vital, important and correlates with BIO-LOGIC, in other words, a truly socialist but without mental disorder, otherwise, i’m so rational on a comparative and descriptive perspectives that i’m likely to ”have” a ”personality ORDER”.

          A great part of time people like me just need to say the obvieties that moronically inconscious ones become progressively blind to accept.

        • Santoculto

          You think i just got back to the stormfront forum, lol…

          every piece of their comment is to justify the ”sofisticated” genocide against millions of living and fragile INDIVIDUALS who belong to a certain race.

          Anyone need a enemy when you have this kind of person.

          Look exactly like my leftist brother and their girlfriend, what Lombroso call ”moral insanity”.

          Negligent is a very good adjective for seems many-to-most of leftoids.

          Unfortunately, Lombroso himself was a morally insane but it doesn’t invalidate its observations.

        • Santoculto

          ”i’m not against MASS immigration… ”just” POLITICALLY correct”


          i have to hear it.

          I defecate on a cross, ”is not” possible to be!!! =(

          MASS immigration is a QUAASI the same thing than invasion or occupation, just in the low motion.

          Based on ”their” COMMON sense ( i heard this ”explanation” more than three time made by leftOIDS) is likely that i really be a ”brilliant and insightful”, different than you feel (specially because i no have similar ”beliefs” like you**) but not i’m just wise, two feets very on the ground.

        • Santoculto

          Dishonesty is just or essentially contradictions. What you to do in their counter-response.

          Atomized, coward, selfish individuals or individualistics can’t do nothing about nothing include things like slavery. What some people said about (unfortunately) SHEEPLE.

          Very strong groups can to do, yes, they can.

        • Santoculto

          Where is the parcimony**

          With me.

  11. Jason Y

    One thing overlooked that I mentioned in the “brain size” post, is the fact that a worked brain, as opposed to one watching non-educational TV all day might grow 10 points or more higher.

    Of course, a 10 point difference say, 70 to 80, 80 to 90, or 90 to 100, could be a major difference in employment, educational opportunities, overall national stability, and maybe even violent criminal behavior.

  12. Johnny

    I agree that anti-intellectualism appears quite widespread, but how to measure such a thing with accuracy? IQ tests help, but there are still other factors to consider that aren’t quite about HBD. I mean why do so many people believe aliens built the pyramids of Egypt or that ghosts exist in this country? Hell, Discovery Channel and even Natgeo have gone a long ways in helping with the dumbing down process, although it looks like Discovery Channel is headed back in the right direction and will get rid of the “fake” shows: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/09/discovery-channel-fake-shows_n_6445982.html

    See now that’s the thing, can people handle the “general” variations and not assume everyone they meet from a group isn’t a token hire? I’d say not as long as the rightwing fear mongers, no. I accept the variations between groups AND individuals without wanting to condemn them to castration. On this point the libs are right, so what? Or more accurately what next? Regulate human behavior? Not allow people to interact with whomever they want? It’s pointless because in a free society this stuff really doesn’t do much, but is interesting to study to perhaps find ways to address the disparities long-term. Technology and even genetic engineering might be scifi solutions of the future, but for now there’s not much to be done other than talk about it. I agree that being afraid of information is silly, but from a political standpoint it insults key demographics you want voting for you. Probably add something about the IQ disparity between rural and urban sophisticates here then?

    • Jason Y

      Yeah exactly, why can’t they leave the retarded, mixed raced people, or whoever else they don’t like alone?

      But as we saw with the Nazi regime, as soon as these wackos come to power they start sticking thier noses into people’s personal lives, for thier own good of course, castrating people etc.. spreading hateful, misleading and false propoganda etc.. (For instance, saying mixed raced people are ugly etc..)..

      • Johnny

        Probably because it suits some people’s worldview. You’ll rarely see someone step up to the plate and say, “Hey man, I suck in every way. I’m dumb, I can’t do anything athletic and frankly all I’ll ever be is a janitor’s assistant’s assistant. I shall remove myself from society in every way!” Also, I really have to wonder about some of the people who claim to be geniuses themselves. Who decides who isn’t intelligent? I’ve taken the IQ tests, the SAT and GRE, but many people haven’t. Now what?

        The mixed race thing is silly to me too because it varies on a case by case basis. If you have Neil deGrasse Tyson reproduce with Paris Hilton what are you going to get? Possibly a genius because apparently Paris Hilton is quite successful.

        The Nazis were so bizarre and selective. They kicked out the smartest people, the Jews, and gravitated to phenotype so I’m not even seeing any consistency here. Which is it? Tall blondes or people with high IQs? It’s just all so damn arbitrary. Why not just say you have a fetish for whatever group you like and leave it at that? Not like most people will care anyway so long as you aren’t breaking any laws.

        • Jason Y

          Why do we need a society with all 100 IQ anyway? Some people below the 100 mark don’t cause massive damage to a society. Seems like other factors, mostly enviornmental are causing the “lower IQ crime, violence etc..”

          On phil’s website it said that whites mating with lower races helps the lower race? Well, so what? Why is that bad? See the people that run that site HATE non-whites, that’s the motive of website.

          Are they saying matiing with lower races hurts the higher race? How?

        • If you have an IQ over 140, you are technically a genius because that is the name for that IQ category on many IQ tests. It’s just a name for an IQ range, like 132-140 is “gifted.” That’s all it means. It doesn’t mean you are Einstein.

          I have never met a person with a genius IQ who didn’t already know their score. Those people get flagged pretty early by the school system and their parents usually get told the kid’s score, or sometimes the kids themselves get told. My counselor told me my score when I was 14 years old. Curiously, one of my best friends had the same score!

          I don’t know why people get so freaked out by the word genius. If your IQ is over 140, you have the right to call yourself a genius, or better, say you have a genius IQ (sounds more modest). What’s wrong with that? Why does everyone flip out when someone says they have a genius IQ? It’s saying how tall you are or how much you weigh. So what. Why does it create so much fury and outrage?

        • Santoculto

          Nazis were supposedly the jew-like aware gentiles. What Jews to do on their intimacy Germans try to do during the nazi era with the difference that while Germany is a territorial fixed state Jews is a international bio-logical and cultural organization, marked by genetic similarities on their behavior and long term collective goals.

          Lindsay said that “IQ genius level mean you are a genius” because what always or quasi-always happen, people project themselves first and develop their subsequent point of views.

          Lindsay had believed that IQ scores are full of meaning of cognitive nature while in their right precise balance IQ scores are very relative still correlative. To IQ level genius = genius, IQ should be causal, a perfect concept and literal prove to genius. But not, personality have a huge impact even at average and/or normal levels.

          The same way I have all of personality traits that correlate with giftedness, less IQ scores what I know will be unbalanced, higher verbal, lower performance than verbal and a math deficit. Intelligence is not just what you see in Sat or IQ tests.

        • Santoculto

          Seems there are a diversity of genius type where is likely that many-to-most of people who score very higher in IQ tests will be a one type of genius, generally like seems to be, geniuses with higher crystallized intelligence. We have based on this spectral perspective, those who will be very good at fluid intelligence in many aspects of life, the qualitative value to the intelligence/behavior, those who will be very good at balanced skills fluid and crystallized ( my tip, where live wisdom) and crystallized. Of course that just IQ scores is not enough to give a full and correct/precise psychological and cognitive analysis.

          Genius generally will be measured by level and quality of achievements or some potential of intense obsession/passion for some interests. The problem about predict genius is that he (or she) express herself just as achievement. Genius is a new path nurtured by intense intrinsic and highly brighter motivation. This “new path” can manifest or not, but generally will be reasonable to see that this force/necessity to self expression/ solve-mitigate-prevent problems is so strong that is quasi impossible avoid this “call”. Just some thinkers said, genius is so intrinsic/intuitive that he don’t know how he to do it while the “man of talent” know. It’s instinctive, what I thought Bruce Charlton said, genius is what most people are but in social skills, genius is very profound skilled in non social/intellectual/scientific subject. And just accuse IQ as perfect prediction will be at the best premature.

        • Jason Y

          Always we have to be aware of “a genius in what?”. Some are good at some things, but might seem like morons at something else.

        • Santoculto

          Intelligence and behavior are quasi the same thing, of course there are ”mal adaptaTED behavior” (as well, ”mal adaptative, but life itself is a complete failure, life is a construction of something possibly great mediated by consciousness evolution .. yes, i believe slightly that human evolution may result in super awareness (at psychic stuff), we are mirror of universe consciousness, we are just but significantly the self-dancing encapsulated energies) … but… generally, in my opinion of course, intelligence concept have three ”dimensions” or perspectives, quantitative comparative, qualitative comparative and just conceptually descriptive (where intelligence and smart behavior connect more deeply). Generally creativity and wisdom or convergent creativity, re-create new harmonic points to the life sustain and flourish itself, seems fit in the qualitative comparative cognitive perspective. Quantitative is their (generally) accumulation potential, what iq measure relatively well but seems broadly. You can be a polymath or a super-walking encyclopaedia for some narrow subjects.

          jews are the smartest for themselves, in other words, specially for us, the contextual outsiders, is not just bad but very bad that they are these very machiavelian and selfish type. Jews, in the hbd sphe(a)r desire to pass as the most universalistic of all but not, because they use other populations, namely whitey, as guinea pig. ”Jews’ generically speaking, know very well and more precisely, their intellectual elite, how work human mind, they know what its clientele like. The merchant need understand their market and it’s mean in summarized words, ”psychology”.

          Psychology is very useful for capitalism and measure people while their functional potential TO cooperate or work and not just (also) themselves. Capitalism is just like a natural selection operating sophisticatedly inside human societies but with self-actualizations where the crucial problem, capitalism itself, is never solved, just ”improved”, as a semi-slavery regime. And pseudo fake socialisms are grotesque ”otherwise” of it, which are created by bankers to win the opposition, kill it in their birth. It’s explain why almost of ”socialist elite” (a super contradiction) to be composed by psychopaths.

      • Johnny

        Not like we can control what the average IQs are going to be anyway. I agree that most people who have lower IQs are not only not doing any damage, many do work that us white collar types don’t want to do (not proud of this, but I quit every job that involved physical labor in my late teen years). Or so I imagine. Funny thing is one of the guys I worked for was big on ancient Greek stuff so we had a few interesting conversations. Also, as an aside, I worked at a Best Buy type store when I was in my 20s and this teacher came in and quizzed me on some things. He was surprised that I knew the circumference of the earth for some reason, which was random. The guy I worked with was like, “what just because we’re young and work at this place we’re all supposed to be dumb?” No offense to my co-worker, but he probably wouldn’t have had any answers to the questions this guy was asking. He also missed his intent as he appeared to be almost studying us to see how much schooling we kept while we were laboring as mindless drones!

        I imagine whites or Asians then help uplift other races? It’s already selective if it’s only whites and also which whites? The smartest ones or someone like Louie Gohmert: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louie_Gohmert? Seriously, his name is practically the same as Gomer Pyle for crying out and what a dummy! Yeah I’ll take Charlie Bolden over Gomer anytime: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Bolden

        It’s mostly fear and OCD. People like planning things kind of like a social architect. Thus, you survey society and complain about it and propose things that can’t happen in a free society. You still make the case based on dubious “science” that leaves out individual variation (while I do agree that genetics plays a role in intelligence as the studies are out there and pretty compelling) and focuses on racial or ethnic averages.

        I do wonder why people who believe in white supremacy are so hung up on purity other than again OCD. Logically you absorb the smaller groups and the phenotype remains primarily white (in North America with the US and Canada I mean). Like I said it’s a fetish for whatever that can’t really be cloaked very well with dubious claims. I mean if you are a eugenics type then you really want to get rid of all the people who are dragging society down include many whites. That’s left out of the equation because you like the phenotype but don’t want to appear superficial.

        • Jason Y

          All this is so ironic as so many with a high IQ are starving artists etc.. They cannnot make money to save thier life. Meanwhile, there might be lower IQ people with better connections, street sense, who are making all kinds of money and can hire the high IQ to sweep the floor. 😆

    • Jason Y

      quote by Johnny

      I agree that anti-intellectualism appears quite widespread, but how to measure such a thing with accuracy? IQ tests help, but there are still other factors to consider that aren’t quite about HBD. I mean why do so many people believe aliens built the pyramids of Egypt or that ghosts exist in this country? Hell, Discovery Channel and even Natgeo have gone a long ways in helping with the dumbing down process, although it looks like Discovery Channel is headed back in the right direction and will get rid of the “fake” shows: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/09/discovery-channel-fake-shows_n_6445982.html

      The learning environment of many people is incredibly poor. They fill themselves dull entertainment, only interesting enough to keep them from boredom. Given such a crappy environment, perhaps we are over-estimating the role of genetics in IQ. Really, it would be like a guy going to the gym everyday, but only spending 5 or 10 minutes pushing really low weight.

      • Johnny

        Yeah I think that’s another factor, exercising one’s brain. At any rate, I won’t deny the genetic factor, but I think we’re talking about smaller populations and even individuals at times. Bringing up Jews is interesting in that that has to have a lot to do with environment given their genetic similarities with Italians and other Europeans as well as input from the Eastern Med (talking about the Ashkenazi). Jews were kept out of various occupations and had to become money lenders and other middle men, which paid off later (and made them targets in modern Europe in particular).

  13. Johnny

    Yeah I’ve only reached the gifted range on most of the tests I’ve taken (and the scores vary and I took for fun, sometimes at my old job with other people). Thus, my resentment towards geniuses like Einstein and Dr Doom! Kidding aside, they’re kind of a lot of work, gotta focus and there’s no admission to college or grad school after damn it all! In contrast, I cracked the 90 percentile on the GRE on all the sections, but today’s tests are different since I took ’em back in the day. My SAT score got me into a pretty good UC since my grades were hovering around the B+ range.

    Oh I’m not saying I got anything against geniuses per se. I’m talking more about people who want to liquidate the lesser mortals but are themselves usually not quite so intellectually (or otherwise) gifted. I think people with higher intelligence should be encouraged to do things that use that potential to the max. Preferably science research as opposed to working on Wall St.

    True, you do. However, keep in mind most people don’t like show-offs. I got a funny aside on this one, I met this really hot girl a few years back. We got to talking, real obnoxious and bipolar though, but sexually aggressive too, which was weird. Anyway, I mentioned something about a book this guy was reading and she goes into how she’s a genius and claimed to have an IQ of 150! The fact that she thought Iran was a country somewhere in the Mideast raised some doubts for me, but maybe she just didn’t apply her ability, right? Long story short, I doubt she was a genius, but I did find it pathologically odd that she’d bring it up just because I was critiquing a book someone was reading.

    People are weird these days. You correct them on something and they think you’re being a know it all. I actually ask people about things when I have no clue. It’s partially to do with how people have changed. Everyone believes they are intelligent and capable and don’t want to feel like they aren’t equal. Of course we’re not all equal and I realize that, but I guess the outrage has much to do with egalitarianism as a universal concept. I mean I actually studied poli sci at the graduate level, but my views on politics aren’t going to be necessarily viewed as more correct than say the guy who is attending a Donald Trump rally. Personally, I like people with higher IQs and/or intellectual curiosity. They usually have the most interesting things to say!

  14. Kareem

    Most Americans are a paycheck away from the street and have no savings.


    The good majority don’t have patience or time learn about mean IQ and behavioral differences.

  15. Ultra Cool

    Only a very tiny fraction of people care about racial IQ and at least 95% of them are nazis, this is why I agree HBD will never be relevant in any country.

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