Genes for IQ Linked to Race, Ethnicity and National IQ in New Study

Very interesting paper, once again just done recently, in this case only four months ago. I am not sure exactly what the author was trying to do in this study, but he somehow mixed a number of genes that have been found in replicated studies to be associated with IQ together to come up with a sort of “metagene.”

This metagene was then compared in frequency across racial groups of Whites, Asians, South Asians, Hispanics and Blacks. An extremely high correlation was found between racial scores for seven of the nine alleles studied and the IQ scores of the country where the person came from.

This is an amazing study if it can be replicated. They are starting to link alleles for intelligence not with races but with individual nations.

A Review of Intelligence GWAS Hits: Their Relationship to Country IQ and the Issue of Spatial Autocorrelation

James Thompson, Psychological Comments, September 3, 2015

Country IQ (Lynn and Vanhanen 2012) has become a much researched variable, and now this paper out today links alleles associated with individuals’ IQ to overall country IQ. This will begin to provide estimates of the extent to which a country’s intelligence levels have a genetic cause. A key methodological aspect of this paper is extracting a common factor from among the SNPs, utilizing unweighted least squares factor analysis, yielding a metagene – this being a term utilized in genetics to describe patterns of covariance among genes.

A Review of Intelligence GWAS hits: Their Relationship to Country IQ and the Issue of Spatial Autocorrelation

Davide Piffer, Ulster Institute for Social Research, London, UK



Published Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) reporting the presence of alleles exhibiting significant and replicable associations with IQ are reviewed. The average between-population frequency (polygenic score) of nine alleles positively and significantly associated with intelligence is strongly correlated to country-level IQ (r = .91).

Factor analysis of allele frequencies furthermore identified a metagene with a similar correlation to country IQ (r = .86). The majority of the alleles (seven out of nine) loaded positively on this metagene. Allele frequencies varied by continent in a way that corresponds with observed population differences in average phenotypic intelligence.

Average allele frequencies for intelligence GWAS hits exhibited higher inter-population variability than random SNP’s matched to the GWAS hits or GWAS hits for height. This indicates stronger directional polygenic selection for intelligence relative to height. Random sets of SNP’s and Fst distances were employed to deal with the issue of autocorrelation due to population structure.

GWAS hits were much stronger predictors of IQ than random SNP’s. Regressing IQ on Fst distances did not significantly alter the results. Nonetheless it demonstrated that, whilst population structure due to genetic drift and migrations is indeed related to IQ differences between populations, the GWAS hit frequencies are independent predictors of aggregate IQ differences.

The author says:

The average frequency (polygenic score) of nine alleles positively associated with IQ and proxy phenotypes at the individual differences level in published GWAS is strongly and significantly correlated to population, or country IQ (r = .91). Factor analysis of allele frequencies yielded a metagene factor with a similar correlation to IQ (.86). The majority of alleles (seven out of nine) loaded positively on this factor.

40 unrelated SNP’s were drawn at random and their frequencies factor analyzed for use as a control. The pattern of very high-magnitude positive or negative correlations suggests that spatial autocorrelation might be inflating the relationships between variables. That is to say, factors extracted utilizing random SNP’s exhibited very high correlations to the GWAS hits factors (r = .6 to .9) and similarly high correlations with country IQ distances.

Unexpectedly, the method of correlated vectors produced very high values also when run using the random SNP’s, rendering the extremely high magnitude and significant correlation (.99, p < .05) found for the GWAS hits somewhat less impressive. However, the correlation of IQ with the GWAS hits metagene (.89) was somewhat higher than the IQ correlation with the random SNP factors (.74).

Comparison of allele frequency means for the five continental groups from the 1,000 Genomes database revealed frequency differences that closely correspond to observed continent-level aggregate IQ, yielding the following pattern:

East Asian > European > South Asian > American (Hispanic) > African.

However, ANOVA did not yield p values that meet the conventional significance threshold (p < .05), furthermore Tukey’s test produced confidence intervals that bisected zero. The lack of statistical significance is clearly due to the very small sample size (N = 9). Increasing numbers of GWA studies will undoubtedly provide more hits in the future permitting the generation of an increasingly accurate picture of cognitive-related genetic variation, both within and between populations.

This is a very promising start, after a long review process. Once we get larger genetic samples of people in different continents it should be possible to move from country level aggregate intelligence scores to individual personal scores.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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20 responses to “Genes for IQ Linked to Race, Ethnicity and National IQ in New Study

  1. Jason Y

    Sounding like a broken record, but again, of course the populations of certain nations have genetic advantages. However, the far right doesn’t want to help nations with a genetic disadvantage, even saying they can’t scientifically be helped. In their false view, it would be like teaching a dog to play the piano.

    • EPGAH

      So are you saying the above is all lies?

      If they can’t be helped, then helping them is a waste of money at best, and at worst, a new kind of “Virtue Signaling”. And what ALWAYS happens when we try to help savages? They turn on their betters and kill us. Doesn’t matter if it’s their country or ours, does it?

      Germany could DEFINITELY be considered a white country, right? So why are savages raping their benefactors? That’s not the kind of “taking advantage” people usually mean when they say “Taking advantage of our good nature”, is it?

      I hope not!

      • Jason Y

        Not all non-whites are savages. Your referring to ghetto blacks etc.., guys who are so down the road of evil they can’t be helped.

        Anyhow, our crappy welfare system has not helped the non-white and white disadvantaged anyway. That’s why it needs to be vastly reformed. Not destroyed mind you, but reformed to emphasize education not dependence.

      • Santoculto

        “Waste of money”

        Bad words…

  2. Negroess Negroess

    The fact is if a study shows a genetic disadvantage this is not new. We see with our own eyes the disparity among nations. This, as Jason points out is a broken record.

    However, the problem is at the individual level. What does an indivual who is poor, beautiful and white in America do?

    What does a simian Indian with fine eyebrow in the slums of Mumbai do?

    The individual beats the brunt of the problem of his own genetic imprint when it comes to key variables of which the most important is intelligence. The nation leads to the individual and sometimes the indivual can surprise us. This variability among indivualuals always produces a surprise or two for the WN/HBD crowd.

    Still sadly the intelligence of nations does indeed impact on national their wellbeing. Comparing Somalia and Finland we see have the extremes of being blessed and being at the bottom of the genetic, cultural and civilisational deck of cards.

    • EPGAH

      Deck of cards?! It’s not all random! I’d even say it’s not random at all on the national scale.

      What DO poor whites do? They don’t riot, that’s one thing. People are more willing to help someone who behaves, than someone who behaves like a spoiled brat! Compare Ferguson, to the poorest, most backwater, hyuk-hyuk redneck places in America. Why aren’t the whites looting and burning?

      Somalia was a thriving port under Italian control. What stopped that?
      It’s now a haven for pirates, scum and villainy from Shakespeare!
      Savages would LITERALLY rather be independent than prosperous.

      And yes, there are mutants or hybrids in a population with higher intellect than normal, BUT it’s only high enough to make a successful REVOLUTION, not high enough to run a successful COUNTRY afterwards!

      Then they DEMAND help from the Civilized World. The proper response (to me) would be “You kill our people, overthrow our country, and NOW you want our help? SHOVE OFF, LOSERS!”

      But instead, the Civilized World usually says, “SURE, we’ll help! But now that you’re an enemy–er–independent country, it’s gonna cost ya!”

      And before you say something “clever” about America being a product of revolution too, the difference is, the people revolting were the ones who had built everything, NOT a bunch of savages who wanted to steal what their betters built!

      And as Phil pointed out, the savages could always accept that they’re retarded and focus on behaving in a sympathetic way, rather than behaving like a bunch of rampaging Orcs that need to be killed before they kill us!

      • Jason Y

        Ep-gah says savages are orcs. Could the Hobbit have some kind of subliminal racist message? Is it on purpose? Not trying to be over-sensitive though and read conspiracies into everything though.

    • Jason Y

      Negroess Negroess bought out a good point. Even the poorest white guy has huge advantages over some lower caste Indian in Mumbai. Nonetheless, many poor white guys whine instead of work. They blame other people for thier problems. That seems to be the white nationalist way.

      quote by santo-culto

      “Waste of money”

      Bad words…

      I don’t think welfare has to be a waste of money. It can be vastly reformed.

  3. Jason Y

    quote by ep-gah

    And yes, there are mutants or hybrids in a population with higher intellect than normal, BUT it’s only high enough to make a successful REVOLUTION, not high enough to run a successful COUNTRY afterwards!

    The environment is horrible, a neo-liberal hellhole that nearly every US government has supported. Plus, there may be curable factors playing a role like incest or polygamy. Closed fuedal socities like in the third world might have a lot of that going on.

    Note as I said before, that neo-liberal hellholes have populations that produce too many people (which threaten the west), as opposed to socialist ones with moderate growth.

  4. Jm8

    Piffer seems to have reanalyzed his data and calculated somewhat higher scores for Africans in both height and iq (if my reading is right). How significant the difference is between corrected and uncorrected iq projections, I cannot tell..

    “I computed two polygenic scores (mean population frequencies): ancestral and derived. Then I created a composite score by averaging them. This gives equal weight to ancestral and derived alleles (Piffer, 2015b).The end result is that populations with higher baseline frequencies of derived alleles (such as Africans) obtain a higher score after this correction, because more weight is given to ancestral alleles.”

    “We can see that the ranking of corrected polygenic scores for height and IQ gives higher scores to Africans compared to the uncorrected scores…”

    “Derived alleles,corrected polygenic scores and height”

    • Jm8, I won’t lie, out of all the commenters I’ve seen on sites that talk about this stuff, you are the best contributor on the side of Blacks.

      NEVER have I seen you pull any Afrocentric BS tactic, and you managed to play by the book so far. I feel like I should comment because I try to do the same but you managed to stay updated better.

      • Black people have no finer advocate on this site than Jm8. He is very bright and most of his rejoinders are at least plausible. Further he focuses on science unless most liberal/Left critiques of race and IQ. I am very proud to have Jm8 on this site to advocate for Blacks on this difficult race/IQ subject which is pretty depressing for the Black side of the equation.

        You are Black, correct, Jm8?

        You’re great too, Phil. Black people need more defenders like you and Jm8 and fewer like the present morons, who mostly support Blacks by lying like crazy about them. 😦

        • Thank you Robert. I feel my tactics aren’t particularly common among Blacks online who participates in this stuff, however in my humble opinion Jm8 is the better.

          Mainly I try to play it “safe” by going along the lines of HBD while making some fair points, commonly talking about subgroups and understanding the mechanics of black triats and how the contribute to problems and ways to deal with them rationally.

          Jm8, on the otherhand, is more bold in terms of his position towards HBD and Blacks though honest in his arguments.

          Did you see that e-mail I sent you about the Igbo?

    • Tank you Jm8. It is an honor to have you on my site making science based advocacy for Black people, who definitely could use some of this.

    • Jm8

      In his preceding entry at “toppseudoscience” , Piffer finds that
      “A discrepancy with IQ estimates is that East Asians lag behind Europeans and that South Asians and Hispanics don’t perform better than sub-Saharan Africans, a finding that is difficult to explain at present.”

  5. Jason Y

    I wonder if the following story has to do with race or gun control?

  6. MutherPhucker

    I think I remember reading that and seeing a chart in the article was kinda inconsistent.

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