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What’s Really Causing the Crisis in the Venezuelan Economy?

The whole Venezuelan mess has been caused because the Venezuelan capitalists decided to blow up the economy. You as well as I know that there is no such thing as a shortage of anything that can be made or imported in a market economy. Bottom line is the whole economy is run by the capitalists. There are shortages of everything and tremendous demand for all of these products.

Well shit. If I were a Venezuelan capitalist, I would try to import as much of those things for which there is a shortage as possible and sell as many of them as I could! Well the capitalists are sitting on tons of money and all they have to do is make more of the shortaged products or import them. Easy peasy. But they refuse to do it because this is another one of their coups. The “economic coup!” And in case you are wondering the capitalists always do this in all democratic transitions to socialism. They did it to Allende, they did it to the Sandinistas, they did it to Mugabe, they do it to everyone.

If you wonder why revolutionary Leftists say that the peaceful road to socialism is crap and that those who advocate it are parliamentary cretins as Lenin said, this is the reason. There is no peaceful road to socialism. This is what happens every time you try to do it. This is why the revolutionaries say “power never gives up anything without a struggle” and why they even advocate violence in the first place.

Keep in mind: all they have to do is make more of the products under shortage! How hard is that! The capitalists are refusing to do so! Not only that, but the government keeps finding huge warehouses full of shortaged products all over Venezuela! These are products that the capitalists made that are being kept off the market in warehouses to deliberately create shortages.

Alternatively, the capitalists could simply import the shortaged products as they refuse to manufacture them. If something cannot be made, surely it can be imported, no? The capitalists lie and say that they have no money to import anything. The government knows they are lying but can’t do anything. So they play along. The government wants to cooperate with the capitalists so they have been giving them many many US dollars to use to import products because you generally need to use dollars to import things in Venezuela. See fiat currency for more.

Well, the capitalists take those dollars and invest them in the US in real estate and stocks and bonds! They waste most of it in purely speculative capital investment in the US apparently because they think they can make more money that way. This is the case really in all Latin American countries.

I know in particular that in Peru, the oligarchs or elite or rich take all of their money and ship it out of the country. They refuse to invest it in the country. They take all of their money and put it in stocks, bonds and real estate and other forms of rentier capital in the US. In other words, they make almost every nickel in the country but they take every penny of it and secrete it away in the US in the forms or rentier speculative investment. Result: no investment for the Peruvian economy! Which leads to: Peru, another Latin American basket case.

They government finally had enough of the Venezuelan capitalists wasting the dollars the government gave them on rentier investment in land and equities in the US, so they started restricting the amount of dollars they were giving to the capitalists, which of course led to a new problem, “government won’t give the capitalists any money to import the shortaged products.” The evil government ruining the economy once again. As you can see, you can’t win with the Venezuelan opposition. Everything you do is wrong and is set up to fail. There’s nothing you can do fix these problems either.

The capitalists do import shortaged products to Venezuela. However, fully 1/3 of these products are immediately shipped to Colombia where you can sell the same thing for a higher price. Much of the rest of the imported products are quickly diverted to the black market. Of course, due to the artificial shortages, a black market for just about everything sprung up as they always do in these cases. You can see X shortaged product for $X on the real market or you can divert it to the black market and sell it for maybe $2X the market value and double your sales income.

Of course, the presence of a black market and the artificial shortages are causing inflation. Inflation always happens with demand exceeds supply. It is an iron rule of economics. The government has taken tremendous measures to reduce the inflation but these also have come under withering critique by the Chavista-haters. First they blame the government for the inflation and next they blame the government for the measures taken to reduce the inflation! I told you you can’t win with these types. This is what happens when you go against Pax Americana.

Ever since Chavez won his election, mysterious shortages of all sorts of products have mysteriously appeared in the month or two before the election. In 95% of cases, these artificial shortages were not enough to throw the election, but it looks like the last one did.

Inflation has been a chronic problem in Venezuela dating back may decades, so the inflation in the Chavista era is nothing new. It’s just typical Venezuelan inflation, a structural feature of the economy. If you want to know the source of the inflation look up “The Dutch Disease” and there you go.

The Venezuelan capitalists as well as the capitalists in Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil are all on record saying to interviewers that they would blow up the economies of each of those countries in order to throw out the Leftist governments. Coups have been attempted in all of those countries except for Brazil and Argentina and in Brazil the PT heavily caved in to neoliberalism so there was little need for a coup. The capitalists made not one but repeated coup attempts in Venezuela to try to get rid of the Chavistas. This latest one, the economic coup, seems to have been successful.

The vile US media has played its usual sick, lying role. They have never told the truth about one single thing in Venezuela since Chavez took over. it’s been nonstop basically wartime propaganda for a decade and a half now. Consequently almost everything Americans “know” about Venezuela is a smoking pack of lies.

All of the coup attempts were blamed on the Chavistas! This latest one, the economic coup, has sickeningly been conflated with “failed socialism” in order to smear the Bolivarian experiment. The truth is that the Venezuelan economy remains a capitalist one and the capitalists make or import much of what is sold in the country. The government only runs a few “commanding heights of the economy industries.

The government has been buying large quantities of all sorts of products from food to furniture to kitchen accessories and has been selling them for cheap in state stores. There are long lines to get into these state stores to get the deals. They did this because the Venezuelan capitalists typically jack up prices so high that 90% of the population can hardly afford to buy anything. So in order to make foodstuffs, furniture and household and kitchen items available to the masses, state stores were set up. These state stores have caused zero economic problems. Their only effect was allowing the masses to buy all sorts of things they could never afford and discounted and affordable prices.

Admittedly, command Communist economies where the state ran all industry and sold everything in state stores caused all sorts of problems. But that is not going on in Venezuela at all because nothing of this sort is occurring. Yes products are sold in state stores, but those products are purchased on the capitalist market and sold for discounted prices. Shortages and poor quality are not typical problems in those state stores because the products are coming from the capitalist market rather than state industries in a planned economic sector.


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Game/PUA: What Country Has the Most Beautiful Women?

I would say Thailand. They seem to have more beauties per capita than in any other country. That is, if you like Asian women. They look extremely exotic, even much more exotic than the Japanese, Korean and Chinese women with whom we are most familiar. They are a mix of native Paleomongoloid types with quite a bit of Indian in them that came in quite a while ago. Also very long ago, about 900 years ago, a massive infusion of Chinese flooded into Thailand, contributing a huge part to the gene pool. So they are native Paleomongoloid (maybe Malay type) overlaid with an  old Chinese layer and a rather smaller but still significant Indian layer.

The Indian element is interesting and combined with the Paleomongoloid base, probably contributes to their extreme exotic looks. However, the Indian element should not be ignored. Some Thai women almost look like Caucasians. But if they do, they often look like Indian Caucasoids. They look like a Punjabi or high caste woman for North India, very fair and light but with that Indian phenotype.

Sometimes I think these Thai men were geniuses deliberately breeding their women like livestock, culling the uglies and selectively breeding various strains of beauties to create a variety of total knockout gorgeous strains of women. There can be no other explanation for why they are so hot.

But Thai women are exotic as Hell. Even the total knockouts look very exotic and even a bit odd to a Westerner. Asians in general sort of look like aliens to us, but Thai women look the most alien of them all.  But if Thai women are aliens, then they came from the Planet of the Beautiful Women!


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Game/PUA: A Few Words on Friends with Benefits or FWB’s

That’s Depressing writes about this article:

That is so disheartening to hear. It sounds like there’s no way to have truly fun sex other than to go for prostitutes.

Forget about “girlfriends”, how about that kind of relationships called “friendship with benefits?” Can’t you get those going without it being stressful the way you describe?

Life is stressful period! All the way through and it never lets up til the end.

Also there is a down side to everything my friend! Even dream lifestyles such as in the above case, every man’s dream, often have massive downsides.

I suppose FWB’s stuff can work out pretty well, but it just that I haven’t really explored it too much.

The only problem with those is one of the parties, say Party A (often the man!), often starts to fall in love with Party B (often the woman!), and then Party B (woman) either ends the FWB thing or completely flips out and has something like a panic attack. Looking around, I have noticed that FWB’s seem to turn into love affairs on the part of at least one of the parties after a bit. It’s often the man who falls in love with the woman, and the woman who only wants sex! How how is that for a turnaround of stereotypes?

Another problem is Party A (often the woman) starts to fall in love with Party B (often the man), but doesn’t exactly come out and say it explicitly, and is quite duplicitous about it. Party B (man) notices Party A (woman)  falling in love and points it out to Party A (woman). Party B (man) is often starting to fall for Party A (woman) anyways, but he might be holding back cautiously to see if things will be reciprocated. In this case, Party A (woman) angrily denies that they are falling in love even though they are, freaks out in something like a panic attack and angrily ends the relationship. For some reason, it is often the woman who is in denial about being in love.

The women in the two examples above are often modern young women. These women often have intimacy issues, and it is common to hear them say that they have never been in love. They often also cannot reach orgasm during sex, even though they can easily reach it with masturbation.

Both examples seem to imply an intimacy fear or issue with intimacy. They have fallen into a FWB lifestyle of somewhat uncomfortable and slightly awkward loveless sex, and there are ups and downs to that. One of the downs is a near-phobia of commitment that results in a life without love but with plenty of sex along with a lot of orgasm-less sex compensated for by orgasm-rich masturbation sessions of which the latter mainly serve to painfully accentuate the former. I have read a number of articles about young women nowadays who display these characteristics. I suppose it is some societal trend.


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Narcissism and Simple Egotism: Some Distinctions

Anonymous writes:

Also, a while ago, I have examined various self-esteem tests and found this one as very “thorough” (I don’t think I can put it any other way):

Supposedly my only issue is that I have too much self-esteem to the point where there is some narcissism going on, but not so bad that it is NPD. I had another therapist for four whole years and he never called it narcissism. Instead he said I had egotism going on, but his attitude was like, “So what!” And there was also a suggestion that he might have had some egotism going on himself. Anyway, he didn’t seem to think  that simple egotism was a bad thing.

This other guy was more of a stickler on not being prideful, and he was a bit wrapped up in narcissism being unhealthy. He said that I think I am “special.” The implication is also that I have some entitlement about me, and I deserve special privileges.

That is not the case at all. I do not think I deserve to be treated in any special manner. Hell, most people are not even all that nice to me. If I could even get people to have nice to me and treat me halfway decently, I would be perfectly happy. Special treatment? You’re kidding. I will never that from my fellow humans whether it’s owed to me or not, and I doubt if it is owed to me.

I had most of the narcissism taken out of me around 40 when I finally realized that about a billion really horrible things had happened to me in my life, including so many Failures that Failure should be my middle name. This was a very humbling experience and frankly it is normal. No matter what they were like before, life is very humbling and most people over age 40 no longer believe that their shit doesn’t stink.

I told my mother that the therapist had said I was narcissistic, and she fell out of her chair laughing, and then she shook her head. “Tell him to meet “Jeffrey.” Jeffrey is a member of my extended family who us around a lot. He is a classic textbook case of pathological narcissism to the point where he has full blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD. At this point, narcissism can quite a nasty little beast or a massive asshole, depending on how you want to look at it.

They are not fun to be around and there are some very ugly and nasty things about them that make you want to avoid them at all costs. They are arrogant and insulting and have zero interest in whatever is going on in your life or frankly you as a human being except when they are not wrapped up in crazed, sometimes violent pathological jealousy towards you. You are either a pathetic mouse who needs to be squashed or you are the envied rival who is so threatening to you that he needs to be destroyed at all costs. You can’t win with these types.

I do not think there is even a lot of narcissism. I am just your typical vain, conceited, egotistical, self-impressed douchebag. You know who they are; you have been seeing them your whole life. Just walk into any busy nightclub to witness this interesting species in its natural habitat. Sort of like the “Paris Hilton” personality except that is also shallow. I hope I am not shallow. Paris Hilton is a bit of a shallow and silly person, but I rather like her. She definitely doesn’t seem like a narcissistic little shit.

Anyway, all of the symptoms of the Paris Hilton Personality so common among celebrity types are also found in narcissists of course. The problem is that the Paris Hilton Personality only barely scrapes the surface of narcissism.

Real true hardcore ugly narcissism is pretty nasty stuff, and it goes way beyond these surface symptoms.

I do not even understand why this is a problem. Yeah. I like myself. So what! This is supposed to be a problem? Why? Look at all the people around you with low self esteem. That is far worse.


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Game/PUA: What Is It Like to Have More Than One Girlfriend At Once?

I will tell you what it is like. It is a great big hassle, one of the biggest hassles you can get yourself into in life. In addition, it is not all it is cracked up to be, and not only that, but like many things that seem like dream lifestyles, there is a huge downside to it that not many talk about.

Basically a woman, especially a hot one, is a full time job.  So many men want hot women, but the hotter they are, the more of your time they consume. High maintenance means more than money. These women are also high maintenance in the emotional department.

I don’t have statistics on it, but back in the day, I used to try to regularly run 2-3 women at a time, except when I only had one girlfriend, which was more common than you think. I don’t really do this too much anymore as I am getting old, and honestly I simply do not have the energy to play this exhausting game.

The goal was to have three girlfriends at once, which honestly is the closest thing to Paradise I have ever experienced in life. But the weird thing was I could never really have more than three at once, and often I could not even run three because even running three was damn hard. But once I got over three, the situation not only got even more hectic and insane, but I would very quickly drop back down to three again. It is like for me anyway, three at once is the upper limit. Any more than that is just not doable.

One more thing, running all sorts of women like that is incredibly time-consuming because if you practice this stuff as an art form, women can take up an unbelievably number of hours of your time. It takes a Hell of a lot of work just to keep one relationship not only going smoothly but going at all. Now imagine doing that with more than one at once or an ever-changing revolving door of females.

Living like this also requires incredible people skills, and you have to know females inside and out and six ways from Sunday because there is a right and wrong thing to say and do with any particular female at any given time. Not only that, but there is not a lot of spontaneity in your life because just about everything you say and do has to be done in a calculated manner. You have to think carefully about most anything you say or do. So it basically turns you into a calculating, somewhat sociopathic fuck, or at least into a great big phony.

In addition, you are pissing people off all over the place.

Females’ boyfriends or girls’ fathers are flipping out or at the very least looking at you very carefully. You are getting regularly threatened by other males whose females you are basically stealing, and it’s hard to stay out of confrontations, especially fistfights, with other males. “Hey, that guy says if he ever sees you again, he’s going to kick your ass,” is something you start hearing a lot.

Although you are having a blast, there is also a lot of emotional negativity going on as females are screaming at you, swearing at you, threatening to hit you, making all sorts of insane threats to you, ringing your phone off the hook to berate you, or calling you periodically just to cuss you up and down. You start losing friendships because you are getting involved with the sisters or female friends of your friends. When things go sour, at least your female friends in these cases start to think you are a major shit.  Your male friends in the same cases either think it is entertaining, or they are proud of you.

It is unbelievably time consuming. When I was running three at once, it honestly seemed like it was a 40 hour a week job and a very stressful one at that. You are running around here, there and everywhere all the time, on the phone half the time, usually taking lots of drugs (actually, often you are actually dealing – don’t ask me why) and drinking quite a bit.

Most importantly, you are lying like crazy to just about everyone all the time, which is tough because you start to forget your lies and get them generally all mixed up with each other. People catch on after a while, and you keep getting busted for switching your lies around. Soon most people, even your friends, are regarding you dubiously as some sort of serial confabulator whose words are not worth much of anything, and you come to be regarded as a pathological liar, which you are anyway, so there’s the added pain that the insult is actually true.

People (usually females) are often screaming at you, telling you what a lowlife, scum and piece of shit you are, and if you have any conscience at all, you can start to feel pretty guilty. People are also insisting that you hate women, which generally isn’t true at all – if anything, the opposite is true. It’s like accusing a kid in a candy store of hating candy because he wants everything in the store.

If you have a severe conscience as I did (now eroded by time and massive cynicism), you was feeling guilty a good part of the time. Everyone’s telling you you’re a bad person. If you’re a bad boy, an asshole or a true sociopath, maybe maybe you can handle it or even think it is a compliment, but if you are a regular guy with some morals, it starts to really hurt.

Despite my behavior, I still thought that I was basically a good person. And I was with the exception of the Woman Question, but it hurt my feelings so bad that everyone was telling me what an awful human being I was. I can’t describe how bad I felt. I started to feel like a major shit, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

What I am trying to say is that there is a massive downside to being a manwhore, and most people do not realize that.


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Good, Evil and the Inferno

Below, Anonymous (he is actually a friend of mine in disguise) has some interesting comments about Dante’s Inferno, one of the greatest books ever written. There are many translations available, but I recommend the one by John Ciardi, who is Italian himself by the way. Dante himself was a rather nasty man, extremely puritanical almost like a Christian version of the Saudi religious police. He used to stand outside and rail at the neighbors, calling them sinners. They probably were, at least in his book, but who likes a prig. He was also a stern, grim and rather mean-spirited fellow who seemed to regard most of his fellow humans with contempt as he felt they were “fallen.”

But then Shakespeare was a cheapskate, tightwad, penny-pinching, greedy bastard, litigiously fond of suing his neighbors for small amounts of cash. His own wife and children were said to not care for him too much.

But when I told my mother this, she got annoyed and basically said, “So what?” He pointed out that we do not remember Shakespeare because he was basically a bastard in day to day life with his fellow humans. We remember him for his greatest achievement, his plays with not only withstood the test of mine but possibly have not yet been surpassed or possibly even equaled.

You can make a good case that he is the greatest English writer of all time. His artistic achievement was so great that it surely outweighed his antisocial behavior in day to day life, although you might have a hard time convincing those who knew him well and suffered through his insufferable behavior of that.

Dante is similar. As a human, he was a pretty lousy. But so what? He is surely the greatest writer of the Italian language ever, surpassing even Boccaccio, and he is up there with Shakespeare with the greatest writers period of all time. He wrote in the 1300’s, but it could have been yesterday.

PS if you have not read the Inferno, you need to go read that book right now, dammit, unless you are one of those who I discussed in my piece who spends their life running from bad things. In that case, you will not enjoy this nasty little book, which is fascinating for its nine circles of Hell descending from the least sinful on the outskirts of Hell to the worst of all frying away for eternity in the boiling black heart of the first circle of Hell.

In limbo, the ninth circle, those who frittered and wasted away their lives for no reason (like me) are condemned to float in the air endlessly like a spaceman drifting about in zero gravity space. They’re the “floaters.” As the sins get worse and worse, so do the glorious punishments! It is ingenious the nasty punishments he comes up to torture these sinners for all of time. This delightful little book should be read with a wicked little glimmer in one’s eye. Be prepared to let your inner sadist out of his cell to romp around a bit as you read this nasty gem of a book. If you have the tiniest bit of cruelty in your heart, this book is plenty enough to sate your appetite for sadistic pleasure.

Purgatorio, the second book of the great Divine Comedy, is also awesome, unless you hate Catholics for their nasty little innovation, in which case, don’t bother.

Purgatory is for those who were not evil enough to be sent to Hell but nevertheless were pretty darn bad, not good enough to go to Heaven so they have to be sent to the way station between Heaven and Hell, Mount Purgatory, where they “work off their sins” in the most horrible of ways for a very long time with the slight solace that once they get through this 14th Century Auschwitz and work off their sins enough to satisfy God, they can at long last be admitted to Heaven. Purgatorio is not quite as good as the Inferno, but it is nevertheless excellent. I highly recommend it.

I have not read Paradiso. It is said to be the weakest of the three, but even a weak book by Dante is still better than 99% of the dreck floating around out there in Literary Limbo.

PS. He comments on “looking at life in the way that is described in the post. The main thrust of the post was supposed to be my idea that an intelligent Hell would be much superior than an insipid Heaven. I also discussed how most people spend their whole lives running from their pain, their painful history, their possibly painful futures and the painful world that surrounds us all.

While it makes sense to be an optimist, I personally have nothing against thinking about lousy things that have happened to me, are happening to me, or are happening around me because first of all, that’s how life is (Buddhists say “all of life is suffering”) so there is no sense running from 50% of the universe, and also because I have either made my peace with most awful things (especially those in my past) so it doesn’t really bother me or upset me too much to think about them.

I then point out that even lousy experiences, of which life has a ton, can at the very least be seen as a learning experience or an interesting bit of life if you want to step back, detach and be a bit analytical and philosophical about things, which isn’t as Aspie as it sounds. Sure life is painful, but it ought to also be numbing. That’s how you toughen up after all. You get a bit hard. And so what? That’s called “getting it done.”

Anonymous writes:

Inferno is a very interesting book, Dante uses symbols, metaphors, and allusions for pretty much every aspect of Hell. I thought this epic (I believe that’s its classification, since it’s poetic). But, despite this coping mechanism he uses to help liberate himself from depression, I don’t believe he ever got “better”.

On another note, would you call Dante hypocritical? Yes, his Hell did feature political rivals and other assholes that deserved their punishments. But, Dante himself, was not perfect (I am referring to his rumored love affair with Beatrice). Even his Hell is contradictory: his map of Hell is based off of the Heliocentric Theory, yet he sticks with the more conservative view that those who are not Christian stay in Hell (reason for Virgil being there).

So, what I am trying to “get at” is why is it okay to view yourself as good and others as evil. I think it’s okay to view yourself as innocent, but is it okay to view yourself as good…? Good and innocent are often associated with each other, but good is an adjective that describes character, while innocent is an adjective that can also describe an action. So, while a person can be innocent, they may not necessarily be good.

Don’t get me wrong: it is tempting to look at life in the way that’s described in this blog post. But, I keep feeling like there should be a grey, in-between area because I don’t want commit hypocrisy.

Maybe I misunderstood what was typed…but…


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A Look at the Tagalog Language

Method and Conclusion. See here.

Results. A ratings system was designed in terms of how difficult it would be for an English-language speaker to learn the language. In the case of English, English was judged according to how hard it would be for a non-English speaker to learn the language. Speaking, reading and writing were all considered.

Ratings: Languages are rated 1-6, easiest to hardest. 1 = easiest, 2 = moderately easy to average, 3 = average to moderately difficult, 4 = very difficult, 5 = extremely difficult, 6 = most difficult of all. Ratings are impressionistic.

Time needed. Time needed for an English language speaker to learn the language “reasonably well”: Level 1 languages = 3 months-1 year. Level 2 languages = 6 months-1 year. Level 3 languages = 1-2 years. Level 4 languages = 2 years. Level 5 languages = 3-4 years, but some may take longer. Level 6 languages = more than 4 years.

This post will look at the Tagalog language in terms of how difficult it would be for an English speaker to learn it.

Greater Central Philippine
Central Philippine

We recently looked at two easy languages, Bahasa Indonesia and Malay, which are actually two forms of the same language. A well-known nearby language is Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. Tagalog is much harder than Malay or Indonesian. Compared to many European languages, Tagalog syntax, morphology and semantics are often quite different. Also, Tagalog is typically spoken very fast. Unlike Malay, verbs conjugate quite a bit in Tagalog. The main idea of Tagalog grammar is something called focus. Once you figure that out, the language gets pretty easy, but until you understand that concept, you are going to have a hard time. Everything is affixed in Tagalog.

However, articles and creation of adjectives from nouns is very easy.


ganda –      “beauty” (noun)
maganda – “beautiful” (adjective)

Tagalog gets a 4 rating, very difficult.


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A Look at the Malay and Bahasa Indonesia Languages

Method and Conclusion. See here.

Results. A ratings system was designed in terms of how difficult it would be for an English-language speaker to learn the language. In the case of English, English was judged according to how hard it would be for a non-English speaker to learn the language. Speaking, reading and writing were all considered.

Ratings: Languages are rated 1-6, easiest to hardest. 1 = easiest, 2 = moderately easy to average, 3 = average to moderately difficult, 4 = very difficult, 5 = extremely difficult, 6 = most difficult of all. Ratings are impressionistic.

Time needed. Time needed for an English language speaker to learn the language “reasonably well”: Level 1 languages = 3 months-1 year. Level 2 languages = 6 months-1 year. Level 3 languages = 1-2 years. Level 4 languages = 2 years. Level 5 languages = 3-4 years, but some may take longer. Level 6 languages = more than 4 years.

This post will look at the Malay and Bahasa Indonesia languages in terms of how difficult it would be for an English speaker to learn it.


Bahasa Indonesia is an easy language to learn. For one thing, the grammar is dead simple. There are only a handful of prefixes, only two of which might be seen as inflectional. There are also several suffixes. Verbs are not marked for tense at all. And the sound system of these languages, in common with Austronesian in general, is one of the simplest on Earth, with only two dozen phonemes. Bahasa Indonesia has few homonyms, homophones, homographs, or heteronyms. Words in general have only one meaning.

Though the orthography is not completely phonetic, it only has a small number of nonphonetic exceptions. The orthography is one of the easiest on Earth to use.

The system for converting words into either nouns or verbs is regular. To make a plural, you simply repeat a word, so instead of saying “pencils,” you say “pencil pencil.”

Bahasa Indonesia gets a 1.5 rating, extremely easy to learn.

Malay is only easy if you learn the standard spoken form or one of the creoles. Learning the literary language is quite a bit more difficult. However, the Jawi script, which is Malay written in Arabic script, is often considered to be perfectly awful.

Malay get a 2 rating for moderately easy.

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A Look at the Tsou Language

Method and Conclusion. See here.

Results. A ratings system was designed in terms of how difficult it would be for an English-language speaker to learn the language. In the case of English, English was judged according to how hard it would be for a non-English speaker to learn the language. Speaking, reading and writing were all considered.

Ratings: Languages are rated 1-6, easiest to hardest. 1 = easiest, 2 = moderately easy to average, 3 = average to moderately difficult, 4 = very difficult, 5 = extremely difficult, 6 = most difficult of all. Ratings are impressionistic.

Time needed. Time needed for an English language speaker to learn the language “reasonably well”: Level 1 languages = 3 months-1 year. Level 2 languages = 6 months-1 year. Level 3 languages = 1-2 years. Level 4 languages = 2 years. Level 5 languages = 3-4 years, but some may take longer. Level 6 languages = more than 4 years.

This post will look at in the Tsou language in terms of how difficult it would be for an English speaker to learn it.


Tsou is a Taiwanese aborigine language spoken by about 2,000 people in Taiwan. It has the odd feature whereby the underlying glides y and w turn into or surface as non-syllabic mid vowels and in certain contexts:

jo~joskɨ -> e̯oˈe̯oskɨ  = “fishes”

Tsou is also ergative like most Formosan languages. Tsou is the only language in the world that has no prepositions or anything that looks like a preposition. Instead it uses nouns and verbs in the place of prepositions. Tsou allows more potential consonant clusters than most other languages. About 1/2 of all possible CC clusters are allowed.

Tsou has an inclusive/exclusive distinction in the 1st person plural and a very strange visible and non-visible distinction in the 3rd person singular and plural. Both adjectives and adverbs can turn into verbs and are marked for voice in the same way that verbs are. Verbs are extensively marked for voice. Nouns are marked for a variety of odd cases, often referring to perception, (visible/invisible) person, and place deixis. The place deixis cases can be seen below:

‘e –               visible and near speaker
si/ta –           visible and near hearer
ta –               visible but away from speaker
‘o/to –           invisible and far away, or newly introduced to discourse
na/no ~ ne – non-identifiable and non-referential (often when scanning a class of elements)

Tsou gets a 5 rating, extremely hard to learn.

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Jared Taylor and White America

It is often said that Jared Taylor, the head of the American Renaissance White Advocacy site, wants to preserve a White America, and I believe that is something that he wants to preserve.

However, what do we mean by that? I do not think that Taylor wants to kick one non-White person out of this country except for maybe illegal aliens who have no business here anyway and probably guest worker scabs who are being used by cynical US corporations to drive down US wages by replacing mostly White US workers with low-wage and  low-quality scab labor imported from Asia.

It is true that both of these groups are mostly non-Whites, but the fact that these non-Whites need to take off not now but yesterday does not mean that all non-Whites need to leave. So I assume that Taylor is ok with letting all of the non-White legal immigrants and citizens of the US stay here in the country. He only wants to limit future non-White immigration and illegal immigration, but that is just border stoppage, not eviction.

So what does Taylor mean when he says he wants to preserve a White America? I know Taylor very well, as he is an acquaintance. I believe that what he wants is the same as we have always had, a White-dominated culture in the US. US culture has always been synonymous with White culture.

Yes, there were Indian cultures, but they were never dominant in the land after White settlement.

Yes, there has been a Black culture in the US for centuries, but it has never been dominant. Even in the South, Black culture has never been dominant even in any single state. White culture has dominated in every way including politically in the South forever now. Not one state is majority Black, not even Mississippi.

Latinos have always been here in the Southwest, but the Southwest has never had a Latino-dominant culture except maybe in New Mexico, and those are pretty much White people.

Now maybe this is changing with the growing dominance of Hispanics in California. But even to this day though I do not feel that California’s culture is dominated by Hispanics, but parts of the state, like my town, are indeed dominated by Hispanic culture. Nevertheless, wealthy Whites have always run this city, and they continue to do so to this day as a politically dominant minority here (the city is 27% White), and I do not see this ending anytime soon.

Yes, there is Hispanic culture in Florida, but Florida culture has not become an Hispanic culture. Florida culture is still pretty much White culture, except maybe towards the South.

Asians have always been here, but Asian culture has never been dominant in the US or in any part of it really except maybe Hawaii.

Furthermore, if you wanted to assimilate in US society, you generally assimilated to some sort of White culture except maybe in a few places like Louisiana or the Rio Grande Valley. Nevertheless, Louisiana culture politically and otherwise, has always been dominated by Whites.

The fear is that as Whites lose their majority, White culture will no longer by the dominant or de facto culture of the country. Also people like Taylor  are afraid of Whites losing their majority. The fear is that Whites are going out, and that in 200 years, there will not be many Whites left in the US. Taylor has made it clear that not only would he like to preserve White culture as the dominant culture of the country but that he would also like to preserve White people as a racial stock.


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