Lemmy Finally Killed by Death

Two days ago, at 4 PM on December 28, Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, lead singer of the band Motorhead, died of a very aggressive cancer at his home in LA where he lived only two blocks from his favorite hangout, the Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard. The cancer had only been diagnosed two days prior.

Motorhead was always one of my favorite bands. It is interesting, but Motorhead was one of the few metal bands that was very popular with punk rockers for some unknown reasons. Motorhead is almost like “punk metal” perhaps.

I also appreciate the fact that he was trying to beat Wilt Chamberlain’s record, though he only reached 1,200.

Amazing he lived to 70 on a bottle of bourbon a day. He loved drugs, especially speed and he used drugs up until the end. How did you do it, Lemmy?

In old age he had cut down on his drinking and drug use due to diabetes and hypertension. Two years ago, he had a defibrillator fitted in his heart, so it looks like he had heart trouble too. Nevertheless, he did not cut out the drug use entirely. He referred to his ongoing drug use even in to his old age and despite health problems as, “Dogged insolence in the face of mounting opposition to the contrary.”

I always thought that at the end of the world it would be only cockroaches, Lemmy and Keith Richards left, as all three seemed unkillable. But Lemmy was finally killed by death after all. Which reminds me:

Momento mori!

Speaking of being killed by death:

Check out those dancing girls. Eat your hearts out, feminists.

One of their greatest songs from Top of the Pops 1980.

People don’t become better when they’re dead; you just talk about them as if they are, but it’s not true! People are still a–holes, they’re just dead a–holes! … I didn’t have a really important life, but at least it’s been funny.

  • Lemmy, White Line Fever

RIP Lemmy!

Lemmy forever!


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6 responses to “Lemmy Finally Killed by Death

  1. Thanks for the video of Lemmy … And yes you are right .. Everyone liked him , my hubby was a punk , I was a bit hippy chick … My children in their 20’s know his music ( never a college party in the 80’s in uk without Lemmy)

  2. Guy from Montréal

    Motorhead just did a show here recently in Montréal these past few months, may this guy RIP, I’ve never liked metal at all, I’m a punk rocker at heart and always will be, but for some reason I like and respect the few old school metal bands like Black sabbath and Motorhead, a sad loss indeed.

  3. woodchucker

    Lemmy would always proclaim “we are a rock n roll band” at his shows. He didnt give a $hit what people claimed what genre they were. Thats why I liked him, besides his kick ass music.

  4. Optimus Prime

    Motorhead has been one of my fav band ever. Lemmy is truly one of a kind. Has a fan base that stretches across different demographics. RIP lemmy. RIP Punk Metal…

  5. Sonjia Brown

    An ex girlfriend of mine in 1984 once answered the phone to Lemmy ( her brother Alistair was a friend of his ) and Lemmy said ” Get Alistair ” when she answered, she said ” say please could you get Alistair for me ” so Lemmy meekly did as he was told, the rude wanker!

  6. Sonjia Brown

    1984 I meant ! DOH!!!! ( It would be good to have an edit capability here )

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