Robert Stark Interviews The Truth Will Live about Redpilling Your Family & Catholicism

I am going to run this interview, as I did listen to about half of it. However, this woman has such a boring and poor delivery and she has such rightwing views (We are the
Alternative Left after all!) that I do not think I am going to run her stuff anymore. If any of you readers like The Truth Will Live, then I will continue to run her stuff so you can enjoy it. After all, you readers sort of run this blog in a way.

Interview here.

Topics include:

Wife The Girl by Uncuck the Right.
How the Truth Will Live was Redpilled.
How she was able to Red Pill most of her family.
How most of her family was relatively moderate to conservative to begin with.
How the first reaction to the Redpill is often a hysterical, but after that the person changes their views.
How women tend to be more conformist than men.
How it’s easier to Redpill people of the same gender.
How to Redpill liberals by bringing up how mass immigration harms workers and the environment and that immigration and feminism are driven by capitalism.
How we live in neither a true Patriarchy nor Matriarchy but rather a  culture driven by consumerism and profit.
How our culture is in a spiritual and moral crisis.
Her video Why Have Children?, a response to anti-natalism.
Social Atomization and how it leads to psychological problems.
How Americans are expected to put on a facade of happiness.
The Paleo diet and lifestyle.
The Catholic Church and how it has changed since the 2nd Vatican Council.
The end of the Latin Mass.
How the Catholic Church is suppressing traditional music such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Gregorian Chants.
How Catholicism has become more like Protestantism.
Aesthetic standards in religion and how it was affected by the prohibition against idolatry.
Traditional Catholics who reject the Vatican.
E Michael Jones and how he views Protestantism as similar to Judaism (ex. Prosperity Doctrine).
How modern Christianity has become synonymous with prole culture and has driven away creative types.
Missa Luba, a choir in the Belgium Congo that was taught to sing the Latin Mass by missionaries.


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6 responses to “Robert Stark Interviews The Truth Will Live about Redpilling Your Family & Catholicism

  1. mott69

    She sounds like she’s stoned.

    Only a Jew could take this stuff (“I like used to be a, like, liberal, but like, now, I’m like, not) and try to make a business out of it. The Jewess Will Live is more like it.

    Conversation: TWL: “Mom, dad, I’m not liberal anymore.” Mom & Dad: “Well, make some money off it, somehow, sweetie!”

    She says a lot of stuff that’s true. A lot of stuff I even agree with. But it’s not like they are great revelations. “We’re here to reproduce” is one of her gems. Really?

    • EPGAH

      Hey, do you remember when it was “obvious” that people went to Mexico to do criminal activity that wasn’t tolerated in America? Tom Cruise had his big break in such a movie!

      Why are you so down on what’s obvious? Yes, I agree it’s a little declasse to try to make money off it, but everyone makes money somehow.
      I think selling factoids that used to be “obvious”, is a lot more honorable than most other ways of making money on the Internet.

  2. mott69

    Also, she talks about Bach being a Catholic (he was a Lutheran), and Beethoven (wasn’t religious). She thinks that is all “Catholic” music. Um, not really. Gregorian chant, yeah.

  3. EPGAH

    She has a hesitant style, but a good message. Also, if you point out that Liberals can eventually come to see the truth, it makes it not seem so bad.
    I wonder how many Liberals feel they HAVE to toe the line, or be rejected and ridiculed by their current group.

    Thomas Sowell used to be a Card-Carrying Communist, remember?

    As mott69 pointed out, much of her stuff is “obvious” but it’s necessary to keep pointing out what USED to be “obvious” otherwise it gets covered over with lies.

    Remember when NOT pouring hot coffee on your groin was “obvious”?
    Or NOT pointing a gun at cops unless you want to die was “obvious”?
    Or when it was “obvious” Americans should be the dominant group in our own country rather than being guilted for it?
    Or that Third World parasites were driving down American wages was “obvious”?
    In fact, it was so “obvious”, you had to write an article about it, and even mentioned it in the comments section!

    She needs a confidence therapist (Or maybe a Teleprompter?) but keep her going! She’ll get better!

  4. mott69

    Epgah- I don’t hate this chick or anything. Her “message” is OK with me- she’s just a lousy speaker- and she doesn’t care! She says she doesn’t want to be too popular. So why improve your delivery?

    This whole “school” of thought is just a variation of the Churchill quote “if not a liberal in your 20s, you have no heart; if not a conservative in your 30s, you have no brain.” This can be very true, but it is NOT that simple either. People don’t just get more conservative as they get older. Some get more liberal, and many become more liberal around 65- when they retire.

    A lot of what some call “conservatism” is actually just REALISM. Warts n’ all. It’s just not blowing sunshine up everyone’s hiney. It is NOT really conservatism.

    So, having been a leftist idealist when I was younger, and having already had these epiphanies of realism (“red-pilled”?) myself a long time ago, I find this stuff very ho hum.

    A lot of what passes for “liberalism” and “conservatism” is just willful ignorance of reality. It goes both ways.

  5. EPGAH

    “A lot of what some call “conservatism” is actually just REALISM. Warts n’ all.”

    Ironically, I had already said this very thing a long time back.

    And yes, people far from reality can get MORE detached from reality as they get older, like Susan Sarandon comparing terrorists to Jesus somehow, or other random celebrities sounding off on issues that will never touch them.
    If they’ve retired already, it doesn’t affect them, so they can afford to be more generous with others’ money and coddle bad guys, right?

    Or they can actually MEET the people they once canonized and find out (if they survived) that they actually ARE bad, the Conservatives were not just passing propaganda, etc.

    Very rarely, a Liberal can even examine the dogma he once believed, find out it doesn’t add up, and switch sides. This is SUPPOSEDLY what Tomas Sowell did.

    Congrats on having the epiphany, may I ask what caused yours?

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