Robert Stark Interviews Rodrigo Herhaus de Campos

Interview here.

This seems to be a most interesting interview despite the pro-White stance. For a pro-White type, this fellow seems pretty moderate. Maybe Brazil is so far mixed that even the pro-Whites are pretty moderate.

We have some residents and former residents of Brazil among the commenters and we also have many pro-White types, so I would assume that a lot of readers would like to listen to this interview. I also wanted to listen to it as I know little about the South African and Brazilian angles this man is discussing. However, I found his accent so thick that I turned him off after about five minutes.

Let me know if you all want me to run anymore interview by this guy and whether you can tolerate his accent or not. Perhaps if you are used to hearing people speak English with a thick Portuguese accent, this may be more intelligible.


Topics include:

Rodrigo’s petition calling for the Right of Return for South African Whites.
How Whites are facing genocide in South Africa.
How the petition has gained widespread support.
The media coverage of the petition.
The separatist movement in the South of Brazil where Rodrigo is from.
The political dynamics of Brazil.
Race relations in Brazil.
How the main political divide in Brazil is economic rather than racial or cultural.


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16 responses to “Robert Stark Interviews Rodrigo Herhaus de Campos

  1. EPGAH

    Oh, they can already return. They just won’t get their property back, and their survival is not guaranteed, unless they can buy their way into Orania.

    Or if the Civilized World has a change of heart, authorizes a massive military “intervention” to kick out/kill the savages and give the whites their country back?

    But I don’t think that’ll happen, America turned its back on our ally against the Commies, and the rest of the Civilized World did likewise, dooming the country to a Communist overthrow because they were “racist” and that was suddenly worse than being a Commie terrorist/rapist!

    • Did you listen to the interview, EPGAH?

      • EPGAH

        I just did. The “right of return” was to return to EUROPE, not to take back their country.
        Other than that, I agree with him, even with the broken English. Especially the part about the whites “de-appearing”.

        However, did he say “preservation” or “reservation”?
        And actually, South Africa is listed as Stage 6 or Stage 7 Genocide against whites.

        Did you hear what happens when whites try to defend themselves?
        And he’s right about the media ignoring the savages’ racism, but patting themselves on the back to an arm-breaking Level for getting rid of Apartheid.

        It is sad they would rather flee than fight, but increasingly, Americans feel the same as the Government defends the savages from us, rather than vice-versa.

        It would be great to have white refugees to offset the terrorist “refugees”.
        But would they be moving to safety, or just a more deluxe frying pan?
        “While the left-wing Saxon interior minister Markus Ulbig insists the statistics prove ‘the vast majority of immigrants in Saxony behave legally’, what it also shows is the remarkably high offending rate among immigrants.”

        Also, is it just my player, or is there a MASSIVE echo and a strange clicking?

      • EPGAH

        It is sad they’d rather let in terrorists than whites, isn’t it?
        They talk about being “flooded” by South Africans, but they tone down the savages’ invasion…It says something about them, don’t you think?
        I can’t think of a worse statement about the media than what they’ve just done to themselves!

      • EPGAH

        The part about the terrorists pouring into Brazil being unhappy there weren’t enough benefits for them was HILARIOUS, but it mirrors what I said: They invade their betters’ countries for the BENEFITS, the FREEBIES, not to save their worthless lives. This makes me think the danger they were in might be grossly overstated. They ARE ungrateful!

        There were even some who tried to stage a “Hunger Strike” because they didn’t like Italian food, they wanted foods from the Hell they were allegedly fleeing! I know I overused the term “Spoiled Brats”, but really, what other phrase could apply there?

        Austria recently turned away a lot because they forged which country they were invading from.
        And UK keep getting a lot who refused to stay in Italy where they first invaded, they keep hopping countries to seek bigger benefits.

        Politicians who act as apologists for the criminal invaders really are sickening. It may or may not be true that the immigrants who flout the law are in the minority, but frankly that is irrelevant. The fact remains that there is very little, if any, positive benefit from mass immigration at all. Certainly nothing that would compensate for the disruption, crime, disease, social disintegration and crippling financial burden. The fact that immigrants are disproportionately prone to criminality is just an extra reason to have a zero immigration policy because the case against mass immigration is already overwhelming.

    • tulio

      Orania. I’m sickened by the very notion that a whites-only town even exists in Africa. It should be dismantled and its inhabitants deported back to Europe.

  2. Santoculto

    i watch a docummentary about the simplified english which is talked in the corridor of European Union parliament, europeans with all continental nationalities talking a ”strange” but simples english language, a sweet revenge against the ”anglophiles”, 😉

    There is a common idea about ”experience”. People need experiment certain situation to become aware about it. This thinking is far to be completely correct.

    Liberals need experiment real world to become aware about it. I think this possibility may can affect some people but most of the dogmatic people are hardly cured from their mental addiction. We are not…

    Beings just express what they are as ”shape” (relatively homogeneous or heterogeneous shape).

    What happen with most of ”esquerdistas” here (but also, ”direitistas” or rightists).

    While the judaist propaganda continue ”hypnotizing”, selling their ”mental products” (judaists are very well known as greater merchants, 😉 , not just the objects but also objectives), for consomer prototypes, liberals will continue believing in their believes.

    Ideology (unfortunately, is always the ”ideologies” or better, ”dogmalogies”) express via hierarchical enforcement (the power of power) the shared reality but not the perceived reality. Is like a mirror, most people ”believe” in racial equality while leftoids really believe because they are exceptionalists AND similaritionists, ”all are equal”, ”everyone have their bad moments”, blablabla, the very ”ambiguous” and nihilistically deterministic approach of life phenomenology.

    • Were you able to understand this guy in this interview here? If so, did you enjoy the interview?

    • EPGAH

      I agree, exposure to the savages would quickly “cure” equalists.
      Whether they survive the cure or not is another story…

      • Santoculto

        I don’t said that. Seems very difficult to cure them, is like become addicted in crack. But rightists are also addicted by their moderate opium.

        Sorry Lindsay,
        The sound quality is bad and he’s stuttering a lot ( more than me in the bad days, 😄).

        The topics of this interview already are known to myself.

        South separation Movement in Brazil look like very disorganized and weak. I really don’t believe that more than a half of Brazilians who live in the South region are inclined to support strongly this movement of secession.

        White people seems unable to organize themselves to combat their own threats like happen in South Africa. Basically, you have a atomized group versus very organized (Jewry). They are on average and also based on their intellectual elite unable to found, follow and produce wisdom based on this historical specific context.

        System is essentially anti white is not?? Seems without any doubt about this FACT. So why use it to advance pro white advocacy and actions???

        Whites must finish their delusions about “system will be help us sometime”.

        But seems you need have a Jewish mindset to understand it.

  3. Santoculto

    Political dynamics in Brazil can be summarized by just two words


    Corruption and zefini.. 😉

    Brazil have a ideology of cultural miscigenation but we know that is not just the color of skin or phenotype.

    Idiotic leftoid academics and artists has agitated a lot the racial relations in Brazil because they think that afro Americans become “successful” ( they use examples as Beyoncé and Obama to “prove” the supposed enormous success of afro Americans) because this strong (arrogant and revanchist) approach during civil rights.

    Racial relations in Brazil still less segregated than in US, it’s obvious is not?

    Mixed race people seems work as a bridge between whites and blacks, this continuous pallet of colors amalgamate this interactions. And Brazil is still less racialized than other Latin Americans as Mexico and Argentina.

    • EPGAH

      Wow! We have our problems with idiotic Leftists agitating race-relations into actual riots.

      As I understand it, though, in Brazil “Black” means a type of behavior, right? But even in Brazil, isn’t it people with darker skin that act Black more than not? So your behavior-classed identification turns out very similar to our endogamous one, right?
      Something like Eugene Robinson’s comical misadventure?

      • Santoculto

        Leftoidism is a international mafia as well Judaism. I really like a lot of the stuff that lefties supposedly defend by heart. But the movement is completely without sense with structural/ coherent integrity of truth. They are so desperately confuse and naive, cause me agony.

        Yes in Brasil behavior is more observed ( black with “white soul” a common and older expression in the times where politically correct were Christian, 😉 ) than race but it’s doesn’t mean that no have behavioral overlap throughout human populations, is very clear. Whites and east Asians clearly behave better on average, mullatos and blacks behave worst on average.

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