The Real Reason the Viet Cong Won in the Vietnam War

EPGAH writes:

The Russians gave the revolt guns and bombs, without which, they would’ve lost.

Bottom line is that the Russians and Chinese funded and armed Commie rebellions all over the world. Most of them failed. If you do not have the objective conditions for a revolution, it’s going to fail. You have to have a really lousy rightwing regime in power for a Commie revolution to succeed. Anywhere there is a halfway decent or progressive regime in place that treats people well, you never get a successful Left revolution.

Bottom line is the Viet Cong won because they always had mass support. They had the support of the majority from the very start until the very end. In particular, they had mass support in the countryside. Hardly anyone in the countryside supported the landlords. The VC had less support in the cities, but even there, none of the South Vietnamese regimes had much support from the people.

Also the South Vietnamese regimes were seen as puppets of the US. The US was seen as a colonist who only replaced the French. So the South Vietnamese regimes were seen as puppets of the US colonists. The South Vietnamese regimes were always for the rich and against everyone else. Mostly they were for the rich feudal landlords in the countryside, and had no interest in helping anyone else.

The ARVN did not fight very well, probably because their heart was not in it. Further, the ARVN was completely infiltrated by the Viet Cong. For that matter, the South Vietnamese state was completely infiltrated by the VC also.

Commie revolutions failed everywhere they did not have mass support no matter how much money and guns they had from outside. And if the objective conditions were not correct (a crappy rightwing government), then no revolution usually got started, or if it did, it never went anywhere.

Russians and Chinese only funded and armed rebellions that were already underway anyways. These revolts only succeeded where they had mass support of the majority, and the Western client/puppet regime had almost no support.


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14 responses to “The Real Reason the Viet Cong Won in the Vietnam War

  1. Jason Y

    The only Cong most US politicans ever fought was Donkey Kong.

  2. Creaders

    I did research in this topic and I get the same conclusion. The South Vietnamese government could have did a land reform and he will be bail out.

    South Vietnam is never in that dire situation as South Korea. The difference is Lee Synman Korean president then did a land reform. Immediately, the people are willing to fight for South Korean state. The rest is history.

    • Actually Pretty Funny

      Rhee Syngman shot 100.000 to 200.000 Commies as a preemptive measure against Commies. That helped him won the war. Along the war they killed a half to two million more “suspects.” Receiving rice aid from the North was a crime worth being killed.

      Now about the South Vietnam regime. It was lousy, stupid and French, especially French. So it did not kill that much “just to be sure.” The Christian evil dictator Ngo Dinh Diem did eliminate 5000 rebels from various groups, with the Communists a slight majority. And he did that only after 5 years of constant insurgency against him.

      You need to keep in mind that South Korean troops had been part of the Imperial Japanese Army. They(IJA) didn’t go lightly against insurgents of any kind.

      The one who did kill 100000 to 200000 “just to be sure” in the Vietnam War, ironically, was the North.

      You Westerners don’t understand the Asian mindset coming into play here. “Kill or be killed” that is, people here respect “order.” So the biggest murderer would be the greatest peacekeeper afterall.

      • EPGAH

        Bingo! Kill or be killed, dominate or be dominated!
        If you are not willing to kill the enemies, does NOT mean the enemies aren’t willing to kill YOU!

      • Jason Y

        Rhee Syngman shot 100.000 to 200.000 Commies as a preemptive measure against Commies. That helped him won the war. Along the war they killed a half to two million more “suspects.” Receiving rice aid from the North was a crime worth being killed.

        Some student activists in South Korea like to bring that up, claiming Korea suffered it’s own holocaust much as the Jews did, yet they get no media attention for it. The student activist message is widely popular in the south.

  3. Actually Pretty Funny

    Again, South Vietnam was much more sparsely populated than the North, about half the density, so people’s lives were somewhat less cheaper. The mentality is not that much about killing for food.

    So the lenient measures of the South Vietnam government in turn lead to people causing trouble “just for fun.” No one was really going to kill them so “Why not?”

    Actually I’ve been interacting quite intensively with Northeners now and I am somewhat infected by the “kill or be killed” mentality. So the liberal environment around here make me somewhat apeshit. Wanna kill.

    “Land reform” or not, the only thing keeps this country from falling apart is the killing mentality. Everyone is ready to kill the next guy for his cause so no one bothers starting another massacre.

    And land reform they did in 1965.

    Incidentally, South Korea has always had double the population of the North, so the “killing for food” mentality was/ is extremely strong. That was the North who was the nice guy up there. They executed much less people than the remnant of the former IJA who was the ROK Army I believe.

  4. The reason why we lost was because our government killed Kennedy, a sitting US President who had had enough with Vietnam and wanted to pull out. Kennedy’s marine commandment told him that unless we put a million men on the ground there, we would lose. On November 11, 1963, JFK told him he decided to pull out of Vietnam. The day before his death, 10 days later, he told his assistant press secretary after seeing the latest US casualties report, that he was not going to wait for the 1964 election to do it either.

    I am a Kennedy expert. Don’t fucking challenge me or I will murder you with more sources and rounds of evidence than you can shake a stick at.

    • EPGAH

      Yes, we needed a million people, not ten thousand at a time, like LBJ’s “escalation” policy. It’s one of the vagaries of war that the more people you send, the LESS the enemy will kill of you, the MORE you will kill of them, and the faster you win! The three might be related!

      • True, but JFK recognised that Vietnam was not worth the deployment of a million men.

      • Jason Y

        Why would the US want to deploy a million men to destroy Communists that most Vietnamese liked (due to land reform)? Of course, I don’t think, aside from the countryside and maybe with education, that the Viet Communists improved much. Nonetheless, you can’t waste your time on people who don’t want you.

        • Jason Y

          Ep-gah doesn’t want to give a dime to illegal and legal Mexicans in the US, yet thinks it’s dandy to spend billions fighting in Vietnam, a war in which it’s own people favor the enemy.

        • Under the Communists, for the first time in a long time, the Vietnamese have a government that actually cares about the common man tries to improve his lot. Malnutrition has been cut in half by the Communists.

        • Actually Pretty Funny

          Jason Y, you should understand one thing: The absolute majority of Vietnamese didn’t even know what they liked, or not.
          The Vietcong came, massacred some village chiefs and families to set an example, and suddenly the whole village became Communist. The rest didn’t even resist.
          Confucianism works out like that: The majority isn’t allowed to think for themselves.
          That was the anti War movement in America that taught you what Vietnamese liked or didn’t. I’ve seen many Americans with that kind of view it’s annoying.
          Before every interview with Western Journalists, the interviewees had to be taught by the Communists what they needed to say, by rote memory. Else they would have became the very example cited above.
          Don’t overestimate the Asian hivemind mentality.
          Stats: American casualties in 4 years of the Korean war equals 9 years of the Vietnam war. That doesn’t mean the Koreans like Americans two times more than the Vietnamese.
          Land reform was a disaster for North Vietnam, no one cared to work afterwards, they only expected the State too feed them. Five years after the land reform the Politburo had to run to Beijing asking for food. The Chinese gave out a condition: No food(and guns) unless they started attack South Vietnam.
          Land reform in South Vietnam was not quite necessary. The average poor peasants of South Vietnam had as much as 5 times the land of a Northern peasants. The peasants in Central Vietnam had 2 to 3 times the land of a Northern peasants.

  5. EPGAH

    The Iraqis we were trying to help fight the terrorists recently are pretty thoroughly infested with terrorists and sympathizers, too.

    It seems corruption&closet insurrection is common in the Third World.

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