Why I Am a Socialist

Repost from the old site:

If you have the time, feel free to check out this fine piece of writing (now years old) on the apparently defunct, but strange and excellent blog Ductape Fatwa (it even has a brilliantly odd name). It’s the terrifying and tragic tale of two college grads who descend into poverty and then homelessness.

This piece sums up why I am a socialist. At this point, with free market capitalism on a roll across the world and the socialist world in tatters, in theory as well as in practice, it is time for a minimalist socialism.

Existing capitalism is so often such a disaster in the world today, yet alternatives too it so scarce, that let us strike hard at capitalism’s most outrageous crimes, and worry about the lesser ones later.

Let us forget the lesser transgressions like inequality, rich-poor gaps, consumerism, crime, prostitution, moral breakdown, corruption, market “ethics”, racism, winners and losers mindset, exploitation, capitalism versus socialism, planned obsolescence, environmental destruction and the rest.

Let us petition for a socialist minimum: How about food, decent shelter, running water, plumbing, access to transportation, work and medical and dental care for anyone willing and able to work.

After all, for all of the problems with the socialist states, there are no homeless in Cuba. Homelessness was rare to nonexistent in the much-derided former socialist states in Eastern Europe – now it is everywhere.

The essence of capitalism, and one of its worst crimes, is that a working man gets up in the morning, looks at his reflection and realizes that he is one layoff away from losing it all.

This is the terror that the capitalist wants to strike into the hearts of workers – it is known as “labor discipline” and along with such oddities as “the benefits of high unemployment” it is actually taught in university courses of the dismal science called economics.

Why, in the wealthiest country on Earth, should anyone be homeless?

And why don’t more Americans resonate with the story linked above? What will it take? Will it have to happen to them before they resolve to do something about it?


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13 responses to “Why I Am a Socialist

  1. I couldn’t have said it better Mr Lindsay!I would love to talk with you in person,we would be up all night.

  2. EPGAH

    In your article on nursing, you said “Why bother to get one of those [degrees] when you will make exactly zero dollars more?”
    Why get a degree AT ALL, when H1B visas ensure you won’t get a job?
    If you take that logic to its conclusion, why get a job when you’ll make exactly zero dollars more–and in 35 States, LESS?

    Why don’t more Americans resonate? We do, but we don’t want to reward laziness. HOWEVER, Third World invasion has changed the game to punish not only workers but ALL Americans!
    If you got rid of the Third World parasites, I could guarantee all but the most hardcore ideologues would support more profit-sharing, because it would ONLY benefit Americans, not everyone who could break in and breed!

  3. kareem

    “Why, in the wealthiest country on Earth, should anyone be homeless?”

    I don’t think anybody remotely sane can can question this.

    • EPGAH

      Also, China has pretty much surpassed America as far as NET worth. We have more debt than GDP now.

      Or do you measure by NUMBER of rich people? Or which country has the richest person?

      Mexico solved their homelessness by dumping it on America!
      Carlos Slim could’ve EASILY bought each of these Mexican malcontents a tract house or the equivalent.
      But that’s how the rich stay rich, by making OTHERS pay for it.

    • EPGAH

      Superlative is not a good argument.
      Why in the most ARMED country on Earth, should any rioters or terrorists be alive?

      See, it falls apart there. Just because we CAN, doesn’t mean we SHOULD, or something like that, right?

      The Welfare system needs to distinguish between people who actually NEED the money, and people who take it because “Hey, Free Money!” and it’s easier than working. Anyone who attacks Americans or commits other crimes, needs to immediately have their Welfare cutoff.

      From the Tsarnevs on down, we can put paid to the myth of Welfare as Protection Money. And why subsidize actual violent enemies?

  4. Latias

    What do you think of Marxist-Leninists?

  5. Marxist-Leninists are ok, but I am not one of them.

  6. EPGAH

    Since the majority of Welfare recipients are demonstrably nonwhite, whites feel that the existing Welfare programs simply siphon money from whites to nonwhites–and the ones pushing it actually play UP this angle while pandering to our nonwhite rivals/predators!

    Also, now that Republican reforms have been undone, there is not only no push to get OFF Welfare programs, but actual punishment if you try to. If you do “too well”, you get cutoff!
    You’re not allowed to work certain jobs, not allowed to earn more than X amount–some even consider the amount BEFORE TAXES, which is an extra trap, given how much taxes take out!

    Some workers joke about wanting to pretend to be an illegal just to dodge having to pay for all the perks illegals get!

    However, there is a far more serious epidemic of FAKE disabling injuries! (Well, until their unchanged lifestyles create a REAL injury, then they complain about the slowdowns to ER more than I do!)
    The complaint about “disabled” people who walk better than I do is old and cliche, but “disabled” people golfing, dancing, even doing aerobics…where’s a PI when you need one?

  7. The homeless problem in this country is a myth. The vast majority if homeless folks choose that lifestyle. The resources this country offers to the homeless are endless. They only ones who don’t take advantage do it by choice or are bat shit crazy. As much as I would like to, you can’t lock up crazy voluntarily unless they commit a crime. Non issue.

    • Jason Y

      Most of the homeless are mentally ill. So a debate exists whether the state should force them off the street for thier own good, or leave them alone, as it may be an encroachment on their freedom.

  8. Tulio

    Why are we going to take in Syrian refugees and provide them with shelter, food, job training and health care yet there are 60,000 homeless vets we’ve abandoned.

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