What Would a Progressive, Sane Immigration Program Look Like?

Repost from the old site:

Let’s take a look at what a progressive Immigration Sanity (IS) project might look like, along with some possible principles:

1. Junk internationalism. Obviously, an IS project has to be nationalist, not internationalist. This in spite of the fact that all Communist regimes in history locked down their border and were very careful about who they let in.

Not one Communist or even progressive government anywhere engaged in a project to allow unfettered immigration of cheap labor into the state so that national workers could be fired and replaced by cheap labor immigrants.

Not one progressive regime ever subscribed to a policy of allowing massively exploitable immigrant labor into the nation, to be worked under horrible, sweatshop-like, abusive conditions, untaxed and unregulated, with the Sword of Deportation hanging over their heads, as a preference for brassy and sometimes defiant national workers who stood up for their rights, unlike submissive immigrants.

2. A clear condemnation of cheap labor immigration. Low wage, submissive, exploitable immigration is antithetical to every progressive value and must be condemned across the board. The fact that the Western Left is lining up with the most crooked capitalist interests on this labor-crushing issue is frankly despicable.

3. A notion that revolution begins at home. Read Marx and Lenin and tell me where they say that the way to wage revolution in a backwards country is go invade some developed country and then work as a submissive, ultra-exploited, captive worker. What a joke! If your country is the suffering from the typical wreckage of failed Third World capitalism, you need to fix up your own country, not invade mine.

We have our own hands full dealing with our own rightwigners who are in power and progressively ruining America. We don’t need the added problem of a peasant invasion on top of that.

4. A recognition that unfettered immigration is contrary to all environmental values. As a radical environmentalist, it is clear to me that population growth is driving the present extinction crisis.

To pretend that population growth is not an issue and open the borders to 50% of Mexico (50% of Mexicans want to live in the US) and 1/3 to 1/2 of the world (polls show that 1/3 to 1/2 of the world wants to come to America) is environmental insanity.

With half of Mexico in the US, not to mention 2 to 3 billion new Americans, we can kiss the natural environment goodbye.

5. A principled opposition to H-1B and all other forms of cheap labor immigration, legal and illegal. There is no sense in automatically opposing all forms of immigration as “taking jobs from Americans”. There are all sorts of immigrant physicians working in the US; this is not a problem since they work for prevailing wage and do not drive down salaries of US physicians.

Immigrants willing to work for prevailing US wages should not be automatically opposed, and they do not “take jobs from Americans”. The only time immigrants “take jobs from Americans” is when they work for lower wages, tolerate worse working conditions, are more likely to work under the table, and display more submissive behavior than US workers.

If they work for prevailing wage and are as unwilling as US workers to tolerate abuse, they don’t take a job from a soul. They add one more worker and consumer, which helps create more jobs.

The H-1B program is completely insane. Begun in 1990, it allows into the US about 250,000 foreigners as some kind of “non-immigrant guest workers”. The nonsense began 17 years ago due to a so-called shortage of computer techs and programmers in the US. The vast majority of the workers brought in on H-1B have been from India.

Few if any of these Indian workers are actually needed in the US! We have more than enough programmers and engineers in the US; in fact, H-1B has put many US tech workers out of work. What is H-1B all about? It’s all about replacing high-paid US workers with low-paid, typically poorly-skilled scabs from India!

Every year, the tech companies conjure up a nonexistent desperate tech worker shortage out of thin air. Every year, all of the US media report wide-eyed on this fake shortage. Every year, Congress reinstates the program, or increases it even more.

I assume until shown otherwise that the Left in the US supports this charade. Why? Because the Left seems to support anything involving foreigners who come to the US, even to work as scabs. End H-1B!

6. A recognition that the mass importation of poor Mexican workers to the US as illegal immigrants is part of the elite project of reactionary capitalist elites in both the US and Mexico. Obviously, there is no reason that any progressive should get in bed with these scoundrels or support them in their backwards game.

Mexico needs to feed and house its poor, not create more Carlos Slims (Slim just passed Bill Gates as the world’s richest man).

7. A hardheaded recognition of the anarchy, crime, disease and elevated costs than millions of poorly educated peasants and urban poor bring to America. The children of Mexican immigrants have a higher illegitimacy rate than either Americans or Mexicans. Hispanics in the US already have a 42% illegitimacy rate.

The link between illegitimacy and fatherless upbringing and a variety of ills, including sociopathy and criminal behavior in the male offspring, is scientifically proven. Almost 1/3 of young Hispanic males have been arrested, and 25% have been imprisoned. I’ve been arrested a few times myself, but these are serious figures.

The children of the illegal immigrants are forming Hispanic street gangs in large numbers. There is no progressive reason to apologize for, make alliance with, or defend a bunch of criminals.

No Communist state fetishized or coddled its street criminals, and no progressive state ever allowed them to run loose Clockwork Orange-style to destroy the fabric of the land. No sucking up to crooks! No sucking up to sociopathic street gangs!

By virtue of their poverty and the fact that they frequently work under the table, illegal immigrants contribute very little in taxes.

At the same time, they flood various social services such as schooling and correctional facilities. They get emergency treatment at hospitals for free. This itself is not a problem except that the federal government demands this emergency room treatment and then refuses to reimburse local governments for the costs of it.

We demand that the federal government reimburse the states for the costs of treating illegal immigrants in the emergency room.

Fully 60% of Hispanics in Los Angeles are failing to graduate from high school. Of those that do graduate, only 20% are qualified to go right into college. These facts are partly responsible for the explosive growth of remedial classes at our universities.

For a variety of reasons, Hispanic illegal immigrants and their children are not performing well in education, have a high crime rate, and contribute little in taxes while heavily utilizing  government funds. The upshot is crumbling government services for all, including poor and working class American citizens.

It is not important, nor is it our place to inquire or understand why Hispanic illegal immigrants and their offspring are performing rather poorly, but there is evidence that it is based more on class than race. Poor workers and peasants in many societies have tended to have high crime rates and to be poorly educated.

It is dubious that we would be having these problems with our recent Hispanic arrivals if, say, 40% of Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal, had, say, advanced degrees. Hence we reject racialized explanations for poor Hispanic performance. Poor performance by Hispanics on various matrices is not a racial inevitability.

Sadly, for a variety of reasons, it may be unlikely that new illegal Hispanic arrivals follow in the footsteps of, say, the Italian immigrants of a century ago. The reasons for this are likely complex and ultimately not as important as recognizing that importing an army of impoverished unschooled peasants is not a good bargain for America.

8. The progressive project is based on development. Aside from some strange movements like the Khmer Rogue, all progressive movements have been based on the transition of society from underdevelopment to development. Control over population growth was essential to these movements.

China’s huge population was one of the near-impossible tasks that Mao faced in feeding the Chinese people and bringing them out of feudal serfdom. Mao could not have accomplished many of his great accomplishments with a continuous invasion of vast numbers of poor, uneducated peasants. He had his hands full with the Chinese.

Allowing continuous unfettered immigration is antithetical to our goals of sheltering, employing, feeding and providing medical care for our citizens, especially our poor citizens. It makes a difficult job downright impossible. The Open Borders movement is a movement to take a First World country, the US, and “underdevelop it” back to Third World status.

There are too many 3rd World countries as it is. The trajectory of the world should be forward towards progress, not backwards towards underdevelopment. We progressives are committed to moving the 3rd World forward towards the developed model, not the reverse.

9. A rejection of anti-Hispanic racism. Recognizing that US Hispanics have various shortcomings and problems as a group is not racism. Nevertheless, the anti-immigration movement is shot through from top to bottom with racism, typically of the White Nativist variety at least. It is populated largely by the some of the most ignorant and backwards segments of the US White population, the Yahoos of H.L. Mencken fame.

While this does not mean that the movement is immoral, we need to recognize that the racists in the movement exist and to somehow keep our distance from them. One step is banning any semblance of actual (not imagined) racism from our fora. At the same time, we recognize that cultural critique is in the finest progressive tradition, one we continue to uphold.

10. Kindness towards illegals. I do not feel that illegal immigrants or low wage legal immigrants are bad people. I socialize with Mexican immigrants almost every day, hang out in Mexican bars and restaurants where scarcely a word of English is heard, shop in Mexican corner markets, buy food off their taco trucks and sit down and joke with drunken farmworkers relaxing after work. Many of those folks are illegal aliens.

I also speak passable Spanish. I like Mexicans on a personal level, even illegal immigrants. In many ways, I like them better than my own Whites. The principle of love the sinner, hate the sin, should be operative here. As a Christian, I believe in showing compassion towards immigrants, legal and illegal, as a general rule.

Of course they are just trying to get ahead economically. Of course their home countries are a wreck. Nevertheless, it is logical that as illegals or low-wage legal immigrants, there is a good argument to be made, or at least debated, that they should not be in this country.

We may need to firmly and lovingly convince them to go home and wish them all the best on their journey. Others are going to need to be told that the door to America is closed to them. It’s not a problem; millions of potential immigrants every year get this message from many countries the world over.

Hatred and contempt for immigrants of all kinds should be discouraged in our fora. They are in general not bad people; it is the system that is broken.

11. As noted, the anti-immigrant movement is largely the hardest rightwing sector of the US conservative movement. It shares many similarities with the Patriot, militia and Black helicopters nutjobs. Christian fundamentalism to the point of sheer lunacy is quite common. Ignorance is high; many activists can neither spell nor use proper syntax, and you wonder when they last read a book.

This anti-intellectual, redneck aspect of the movement is a reality that will not change. Most movement members are ready to march off and vote for Republicans. These Republicans are antithetical to us progressives in most every way but immigration. Ideally, it would be better to convert Democratic candidates to immigration sanity than to get into bed with these rightwingers and wake up with fleas.

On the other hand, we should be willing to make coalitions with any and all friendly rightwingers who share at least some of our views on immigration. In these cases, it is best for both Right and Left anti-immigration movement members to look for commonalities on the immigration question instead of getting wrapped up in pointless sparring over Right vs Left politics, in which case our fora will be littered with endless infighting.

We need to be very careful about making coalitions with White Supremacist, Patriot and militia types and the racists in the movement. It is probably better to simply keep them at arms length and focus on growing an anti-racist IS progressive movement. If we let them into our fora, they will litter it with racist-type language – then our enemies will use this to say we are “friends with the fascists and racists”.

On the other hand, many of the Minutemen are married to Mexican women. Many others regularly go to Mexico, and many speak Spanish well. Just because someone is a Minuteman does not mean he is some anti-Mexican racist.

The rightwing of the IS movement is a mixed bag. Some are quite sensible and decent, while others are backwards, racist and need to be avoided. Judicious choice of friends applies here, as elsewhere in life.

12. This movement is very much a work in progress. It is hardly the work of one man or one blog. This blog welcomes your intellectual and theoretical contributions, from the Right to the Left, on the issues I have probed in this essay.

One of the main areas we should focus on is how we can possibly wean Democrats and liberals off the Open Borders movement and towards some sort of sanity on this issue. Let’s not let the Right own this issue – it’s too important to leave it to one side of the spectrum.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.


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47 responses to “What Would a Progressive, Sane Immigration Program Look Like?

  1. Jason Y

    Generally speaking the reason Mexicans are invading the US rather than destroying thier “banana republic” back home is because, well, that’s the point. The elite classes can avoid revolution by simply giving poor people a chance to emigrate to the US.

    • Jason Y

      I do not feel that illegal immigrants or low wage legal immigrants are bad people. I socialize with Mexican immigrants almost every day, hang out in Mexican bars and restaurants where scarcely a word of English is heard, shop in Mexican corner markets, buy food off their taco trucks and sit down and joke with drunken farmworkers relaxing after work. Many of those folks are illegal aliens.

      Not according to ep-gah. He feels ALL Mexican illegals, and probably legal ones as well, are trash (This can be quoted from him directly.)

      Of course, the reality is that the immigrants are humble people, desperate people, destroyed by the US NWO.

      • Santoculto

        it’s a joke***

        epg–gah feels ALL mexicans illegals (yes, he’s predominantly wrong)

        ”of course” not

        ”the reality is that the (ALL) immigrants are humble people, desperate, destroyed by the Uass…”

        ALL them*

        Many mexican immigrants don’t look desperate as you pretend to be. Their desperation, seems, generally, finish when they have a tv and american passport, 😉

        If you desire lost a debate, just over-generalize (but, is not every over-generalization that will be wrong… for example, a psychopath group are ALL intrinsically ‘bad”… is not wrong to say it).

        Yes, NWO want universalize poverty and chaos.

        • Jason Y

          Uass? Good one. 😆

          Have you heard about Hugo ChavAss?

        • Jason Y

          Many mexican immigrants don’t look desperate as you pretend to be. Their desperation, seems, generally, finish when they have a tv and american passport

          Well, of course. It has to be the most genius solution to avert third world revolution ever divised.

        • Jason Y

          Santo-culto, honestly, ep-gah over-generalizes. For instance, saying ALL blacks are bad or ALL non-whites are savages. Of course, such talk is easy to bring down in a debate. He’s sort of stabbing himself in the foot by speaking that way.

        • Jason Y

          it’s a joke***

          epg–gah feels ALL mexicans illegals (yes, he’s predominantly wrong)

          ”of course” not

          I don’t know. His comments about ALL non-whites being the enemy seem to suggest he isn’t joking. He said “There are NO good orcs.”

        • Jason Y

          Yes, NWO want universalize poverty and chaos.

          If you agree that statement is true, then why wouldn’t you think poor Latino immigrants are desperate?

        • EPGAH

          So because they’re desperate, we should let them make US desperate?
          And your other “reason” is to avoid a revolution in Mexico?

          Both of these are bad things, and again, keep Mexico’s problems MEXICO’S PROBLEMS!

        • EPGAH

          Where do you get that I said “ALL nonwhites are bad”? Or even “ALL nonwhites are savages”? I DID say the Mexican invaders are, and I stand by it, otherwise, Mexico would not be a Hell that they have to flee by the tens of MILLIONS! And also, Mexicans would not turn vast swaths of America into the Hell they allegedly fled, unless THEY CAUSED IT!

          Explain this, if it WASN’T caused by invasion of MILLIONS of Mexicans?

        • EPGAH

          If you look back at what I actually wrote, I don’t even call all Mexicans savages or trash or whatever, I call only the illegals trash that even Mexico doesn’t want. They definitely act like savages–to a degree even MEXICO doesn’t want to keep them in THEIR borders!

          As to immigrants are humble people, sure, but I’ve not said Word 1 about immigrants, only ILLEGALS!

          And ILLEGALS are definitely not humble, from kidnapping, rape, and murder in Texas to “We Will Not Comply” tantrums. What is a foreign invader who starts telling YOU what the laws will or won’t be? We used to call that “conquest” and the recipients were supposed to FIGHT BACK, right?

        • Santoculto

          Yup, it’s dead, for Lord, should exist a contagious disease just for assholes globaloids, like Busch, Bobama, ”Angela” Merdel, etc

        • Santoculto

          But mos them are not desperated because Mexico always was poor and unequal, ‘is’ their normalcy. The otherwise, in some aspects, most part of latrin america got better than in their recent past (less Uruguay, Cuba, Argentina, of course, if compared the first half of twentieth century with second part. Cuba pre-Castro is like Argentina and Uruguay in their best days, predominantly white and culturally vibrant.

          Where a nation start their ”development” as has happened with China and India, generally happen improvement of STANDARD of life (with parallel reduction of QUALITY of life).

          This melodrama… talking about ”science”, you already prove that ”they are desperated” *** They are refugees too**

          Mexico is a ”vis-a-vis” with Brazil in many socio-economic data. What made a lot of mexicans immigrate for USA is

          very geographical proximity,
          older and populous mexican colonies in stateunitian territority.

          Is very similar with Maghreb (and other african) immigrants in France.

          Mediterranean sea and usa-Mexico border are echological corridor. Always have a ”promissed land”, 😉

          Mexicans seems to be well treated in USA than in Mexico.

        • Santoculto

          I’m not over generalize. You know that. Classical childish behavior. Who are you to accuse rightists to be childish??

          A retard leftoid.

          You “think” repeat the same idiocy everytime will become into a truth.

          So boring and predictable.

          You’re like a robot with defect, just repeat your pseudo arguments 500 times if you want. Read 10 comments of jay-son is like read one comment of Santo-culto.

        • Jason Y

          quote by ep-gah

          Both of these are bad things, and again, keep Mexico’s problems MEXICO’S PROBLEMS!

          We live in a global world. The NWO led by the US causes many of Mexico’s problems, one being illegal immigration. It’s classic harassment.

        • EPGAH

          We do not CAUSE illegal immigration, other than not preventing it.

          Having a better house than someone else doesn’t CAUSE them to break in. Not shooting them when they do, MIGHT be counted as “causing” more breakins–or at least encouraging it.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry mistake in HTML language:

        quote by Santo-culto

        I’m not over generalize. You know that. Classical childish behavior. Who are you to accuse rightists to be childish??

        A retard Leftoid.

        You “think” repeat the same idiocy every time will become into a truth.

        So boring and predictable.

        You’re like a robot with defect, just repeat your pseudo arguments 500 times if you want. Read 10 comments of jay-son is like read one comment of Santo-culto.

        Many Rightoids are also retarded, and also predictable and boring.

        Myself, what I’m saying is predictable, but it’s also correct, therefore, not retarded, maybe boring, if you already heard it too much.

        Ep-gah is quite predictable, but he’s wrong on many things.

        Name any well known disc jockeys, writers, intellectuals who aren’t predictable. For instance, I can listen to Michael Savage and even Robert Lindsay, and I can predict what he will probably say.

        • Jason Y

          My only defect today is bad HTML writing. LOL

        • EPGAH

          I’m “wrong on many things”, huh? You haven’t proven a single thing where I’m wrong. However, I can’t say the same thing about you. Not only do I back up my statements with stats, and even news stories where something more recent proves EXACTLY what I’m saying, I’ve even gotten YOU to contradict earlier you!

          Was the earlier you wrong? Or this you? And if you’re wrong before, what makes you think THIS time you’re correct?

  2. Jason Y

    Yeah it’s actually that simple. All you have to do is buy people off with a greed card, literal money, land reform etc… Of course, a green card is the best option, as the other two ideas will change things back home, and that’s not what the elite class wants.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry meant to say “Green Card” but I suppose “greed card” will work just as well, since getting a Green Card is a lotto ticket to third world people.

      • Jason Y

        Actually Latinos got a better chance at immigration to the US, than some American does at winning the lottery. Does anyone agree/disagree?

        • EPGAH

          Yes, because you can’t BREAK INTO the Lotto office, steal a winning ticket, and be allowed to keep your winnings!

          However, you CAN break into America and DEMAND to get all the perks that people who EARNED their way in get!

  3. EPGAH

    How can you “Love the Sinner” when it comes to illegals? Especially with all your rhetoric about wealth inequality, protecting workers, etc.?

    Mexicans drive down wages and drive up unemployment, even if you ignore the crimes they commit in their off-hours.

    And again, I ask you: If an entity makes its life better by making an American’s life worse, doesn’t that make that entity America’s enemy?

    As to weaning Democrats off supporting our foreign enemy, I don’t think that’s possible. They don’t see Zetas and terrorists, they see future Democrat voters. Isn’t that why they push for the invaders to be called “Undocumented Democrats” instead of ILLEGALS?

    An ILLEGAL is a criminal, throw the book at it. An “Undocumented” is something worthy of sympathy, protection, even exemption from our laws!

    Also, why do the anti-illegal crowd keep getting called “racist”–EXCEPT that it’s an effective tactic! If they’re “racist”, they must automatically be WRONG, correct? Instead of Third World invading criminals who HAPPEN to have brown skin, they become “brown people” who HAPPEN to be criminals, and thus need a pardon or we’re “racist”. I don’t fall for it!

    As to bringing Third World countries up, we’d need to conquer them to do it.
    Is there any nation in the Third World that is not a Third World Standard Of Living even after billions of dollars given? Is the land cursed like some movie or videogame? Or are the Third Worlders incompetent when they’re not outright corrupt and stealing the money?

  4. Santoculto

    Leftism is a ideology of addiction, rightis is a ideology of habit (a kind of amalgamated addiction) 😉

    What is happening now is not different what always happen during the long long time of supposed ”glorious” ”golden age”’ conservatism.

    WN generally like to say ”industrial revolution were a white invention”, they forget completely that most of white working class people was practically sacrificed into a very hard, de-humane jobs.

    In this part you have reason to say that a lot of part of WN ideology is mythology than brutal reality AND against their own real people, in other words, people who live, co-exist with them, and multimillionaire ones like ”Trumps”.

    Trumps is literally helping white people*** NOOOO

    Goys are delivery to own luck and primitive nature.

    Is still a flea circus, is still Transilvania with its gypsy kings, ”our” muy amada ”elite”.

  5. DHL

    There is a saying “America makes mistakes after mistakes, but eventually finds a Solution”, I think this statement is no longer true, or actually factually wrong. One has to pay for each and every mistake. Almost everybody makes mistakes on an personal level. I am just taking the case of Black Slavery.

    One wants to benefit economically, with out actually putting ones hard effort but to enslave someone else. You brought in Blacks from Africa as slaves, then people got Rich, Guilt all that crept in, emancipation etc . I believe I read that US President Lincoln really did not like the Blacks but had compulsions to liberate or whatever. Create an African country called Liberia try moving Blacks there. These are all mistakes on an large scale. Now if you see those videos like on liveleak etc. Someone has to pay for the Welfare of these people who may not actually fit in an Modern Competitive world, or have been disenfranchised. You are compounding your mistakes.

    Assuming the White settler found an empty USA, they wanted to grow an civilization, they could put their real effort, not brought people from anywhere, nor wage illegal wars etc. And kept USA completely White and secure. It would have been totally different story.

    • EPGAH

      Unless you know of an offshoot of UNICEF that gave away free slaves, whites still had to EARN enough to BUY slaves. Also, please remember, many of the Blacks that got set free, bought slaves themselves. Where did they get the money, other than hard effort?

      As to America completely white, that was impossible after Wilson stepped down and the machineguns on the border–you know, keeping us secure–were taken down.

      Why do you think creating Liberia was a mistake? To me, not deporting unruly Blacks there by force was a mistake. And even then, the Blacks who actually hated America enough to LEAVE got overthrown by the savage Blacks. Type in “Liberia Coup” in your favorite info-engine for confirmation.

      Now as to the welfare of these people, that’s one thing, but why not keep them on a Reservation until they can grow up and assimilate?
      Why enfranchise them, ESPECIALLY give them voting power? It’s been historically proven that letting your enemies vote means you give them a lever to overturn your country.

      And I don’t just mean America either. From Ancient Greece to South Africa, letting one’s enemies vote has led to the downfall of the civilization that built the country!

      • Jason Y

        The whole concept of slavery is baloney. Right now, anyone in the third world would work for free, just for food and a chance to live in the 1st world. They might even accept beatings.

        • Jason Y

          Seems like the whole thing with African New World slavery, except in places where extreme abuse was rampant (say Haiti etc..) was more like a form of “room and board” payment rather than slavery.

          We must also remember that at the time indentured servants also endured beatings. Even the US army etc.. gave beatings to sodiers who broke the rules.

          But of course, this is a mild generalization.

        • EPGAH

          “anyone in the third world would work for free, just for food and a chance to live in the 1st world. They might even accept beatings.”

          Yeah, that was the lie of “Only Here To Work”™ What changed that attitude to “We Will Not Comply”? Other than that they got used to their betters’ Standard of Living, and they suddenly thought they deserved it by dint of being allowed to break in and survive, right?

        • EPGAH

          What would happen if we beat these animals, or better yet their parents?
          Do you think they’d learn?

  6. Jason Y

    I disagree with santo-culto. Trump is the man who will do many things for white nationalists. It won’t be as much as they’d like, but it will be enough to please them. Of course, from my POV, generally, I find anything good for white nationalists to be bad. Note, it will all backfire once Trump’s immigration reform leads to massive violence and a police state.

    • Jason Y

      Note if Hillary is elected we may have a few more sane years, similar to Obama. However, if Trump gets it, either now or in four years, America will be in for a roller coaster ride.

    • Jason Y

      Oh and any terror attack gives more power to Trump, despite the Jewish and establishment opposition of him. A massive terror attack would practically hand him the Oval Office with no effort.

    • Jason Y

      Ep-gah has a point. Trump can’t be controlled by sponsors. I suppose the only way the Jewish establishment can get rid of him is via assassination, or perhaps they can forge some third party movement to skew the election in favor of someone else.

  7. Jason Y

    quote by Robert Lindsay

    The link between illegitimacy and fatherless upbringing and a variety of ills, including sociopathy and criminal behavior in the offspring, is scientifically proven. Almost 1/3 of young Hispanic males have been arrested and 25% have been imprisoned. I’ve been arrested a few times myself, but these are serious figures.

    Iv’e been trying to argue this, but the right wingers on here don’t think “one parent homes” are that much of a problem.

  8. Johnny

    Also important here with regards to wages and such is the role of unions. Unions and education/retraining that is either free or heavily subsidized would reduce even the perceived need for medium to high skilled foreign labor. With the right’s attack on unions they don’t like (teachers and skilled labor) vs those they tolerate or even align with at times (police and firemen), we have seen a fall in wages while the top salaries of CEOs have gone up. This is no coincidence and requires both unionized labor and a high tax bracket for the super rich.

    As for illegals, there are so many from many different places, these days coming from Central America more than Mexico, that “amnesty” is pretty much going to have to happen. These same debates go on every few generations as leaders like Ronald Reagan back in the mid-80s granted amnesty to millions of illegals, especially since there is not much other recourse. Deporting people is expensive and nearly impossible in this country without having a police state. And most come here legally, often in planes and cars and thus a wall will do nothing except waste money.

    The solution is to absorb the illegals currently here, adopt a guest worker program (which will lead to SOME more immigration in the future, but likely will also allow people to go back and forth and thus allow officials to track people and tax them) that allows people to work in this country IF no domestic labor is available. Probably one of the few good ideas from the Bush admin. People like Trump get everyone riled up about things that they can’t do anything about and then they offer policies that will make Americans poorer on top of all of this. Can’t have it both ways. Either you improve the plight of the American worker and sanely address immigration OR you shoot wildly at “solutions” they will waste money and do little to curtail immigration (such as a wall, which is even more pointless when you really look at how heavily fortified the US-Mexican border is currently anyway).

  9. Another William Playfair Web

    Great write-up.
    Now, I have been an opponent of the notion that genetics/heritablity lends itself simply to regression to the mean (simply because Phenotype=Genotype+ Environment is oversimplistic bull shit), but assuming it is, it would actually be more beneficial to have a race based immigration system than something else.

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