And All the Women Love Him

Miss My freak:

I am pretty sure I just got out of a relationship with a polyamorus man…I was supposedly his only one minus his penis slipping into things here and there. In my experience if you truly care for someone, go with honesty next time. I am now open to the idea…especially if we choose together. It actually turns me on. We would be so incredible together. I can only imagine the possibilities.

Women love womanizers and studs. Many of them truly love women. They don’t treat them very well, but they do love women, Women, as in plural. They’re sons of bitches and they don’t treat women very well. Women can’t get enough of these alluring sons of bitches.

It’s a fatal charm, a human Venus Fly trap. The fly to the web, the moth to the light. Careful ladies! Watch your step.

Even if they hate them, they never hate them fully. There is still that tiny place in their heart, maybe 1%, that can’t help but love this sort of man. After all, all the woman love him! Women love men who other women love. He’s the Man with the Golden Sperm!

And they all love him. And they all want him. For his golden genes.

These guys are just too charming to hate. Look at that face. How can you fully and totally hate such a man? You can’t.


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3 responses to “And All the Women Love Him

  1. namegoeshere

    Can you be a womanizer who treats women well?

  2. Tata

    Womanizers don’t “love” the women, they are only attracted to them. Womanizers love nobody, except, maybe their mama.

    Even when a womanizer get married, he don’t love his wife, but he like that she cook for him and wash his cloths. But he always have one or many mistress on the side (or prostitutes if he is ugly).

    “Love” is an abstract concept invented by the culture. Only very high intelligents people with a sophisticated brain can “love”, and also some men “domesticated” by a religion.

    Low IQ men are animals and want only fuck. The women who are with these guys are not smarters or had an unhappy childhood. These women are only sexually attracted to the womanizer, but are too hypocriticals to admit it. Many end single mothers, if they don’t learn by their mistake.

    All the women acted stupid when they was young, including me, and was attracted by this type of men, but when we grow up, we don’t want to lose our time with these guys. But the 35-40 years old women who still try to make a serious relationship work and have kids with these guys have no excuse for their stupidity. But if they are looking only for sex, it’s ok. There is plenty of “sex toys men” in the city. But it’s not “love”.

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