ISIS Claims Responsibility for Paris Terror Attacks

17 minutes ago, ISIS claimed responsibility for all of the coordinated attacks in Paris last night in an online audio message and an additional written message released by one of its official publication arms and distributed on Twitter to the accounts of ISIS supporters there. The claim came about one hour after French President Hollande publicly blamed ISIS for the attacks, which he called “an act of war.”

In an audio message, ISIS says eight “brothers” activated suicide belts after using all their ammunition. ISIS said this was “only the beginning of the storm.” ISIS said they attacked a soccer game between their two “enemies” Germany & France, a “party of perversity” at the theater, and three restaurants/bars in the 10th, 11th & 18th districts.

The message continued:

Today brothers from all across the world set foot in Gaul and remind the kaffir (disbelievers) in dur Al Kuffr (the land of disbelievers) that we live beside you. We watch you when you go to sleep. And today we bring you your death. Today we reaffirm the fact we are the Islamic State. Our brothers carried out these miracles in Gaul, the day of 29th and 30th Muharram, 1437 Hijiri (the date on the Muslim calendar).


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3 responses to “ISIS Claims Responsibility for Paris Terror Attacks

  1. SHI

    Any word yet on possible connections between Syrian refugees invading Europe & Germany (I mean, seeking asylum) and today’s attacks on Paris.

  2. Optimus Prime

    Terrible….simply no words. Europe shot itself in the foot by welcoming these devil incarnates.

  3. Jason Y

    Oh gosh, you fooled me I thought the bronies (Adult Male My Little Pony fans) had done it.😆

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