How Many Major Races?

Problem is that Pygmies and Capoids are not extremely far genetically from the rest of the Africans. That’s the major problem as I see it. I am wondering if there is some distance on some charts though.
Geovan wrote:

My main question at the moment is can you go ahead and expand the 4 major races to 6 by including Capoids, Congoids (I think that is better than “Africans”) and Pygmies??!!!

Africans, Caucasians, Asians and Oceanians (Papuans and Aborigines) are the four major races.

One thing you might be able to do is split the Horners. They are indeed about halfway between Africans and Arab/North African Caucasoids.

You could also split off the South Indians. They are about halfway between Caucasoids and Asians on some charts.


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4 responses to “How Many Major Races?

  1. Jm8

    Khoisan people are very distinct and are thought to have split from the common sapiens root earliest and are the most divergent of modern groups.

    Pygmies could also be their own race.
    Andaman islanders and the major groups of Negritos have been in their respective islands/island groups for at least 20-30,000 Years each, perhaps much longer in some cases and are are genetically differentiated.

    • Jm8

      You might to a lesser degree, also be able to split East African( the region where mostly nilosaharan speakers live e.g. S. Sudan, not the horn) from West Africans, who are mostly Niger-Congo speakers.

  2. Lin

    The first martial art hero in chinese fiction was actually a dark skin person(not sure if he was negro or negrito) according to the story 昆侖奴 or ‘kunlun nu’ which means the slave or ex-slave of Kunlun.
    There was a chinese TV series based on that story.
    Another ancient black Chinese of prominence was a general(whose name I forgot)

  3. Robert, you’ve probably done this already but can you please provide a definition for “race.”

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