The BBC and the Death of the UK

The BBC is completely controlled by the rich, the elites, the corporations and the Deep State of the UK. It’s long been a rightwing outlet. There hasn’t been anything remotely left about it for ages now.

And don’t get me started on the repulsive Fake Left Guardian. Truly sickening. The UK really is turning into a shithole. Every time I turn around it looks more and more like the US. The UK took a wrong turn into the sewer in 1980 and they’ve never recovered. I am starting to think the place is hopeless.

There are a lot more reasons for this than I can go into now.

I will only discuss one of them right now.

Suffice to say that the decades-long privatization of the NHS, wildly supported by both parties (yes, most Labour MP’s strongly support the privatization of the NHS) is a complete disaster with no end in sight. It’s straight from the playbook of the Republican Party – defund the government, and then claim it doesn’t work (because you defunded it). Here in the US, only the Republicans use this slimy technique, but in the UK, all parties including the Fake Left Labour play this game.

I had no idea that the UK was this far gone. Pitiful.


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4 responses to “The BBC and the Death of the UK

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  2. The UK and especially London are the original headquarters for the Jewish NWO.

  3. The cultural left are winning and the economic right are winning. There’s plenty of opposition but they are winning. S

  4. EPGAH

    At risk of being glib, maybe US/UK wouldn’t be such a sewer, if we didn’t let in the Third World’s shit. Even REAL sewer has a Filtration Plant…

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