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Seduction Is Lying, Lying Is Seduction

A female commenter writes:

I know almost all young guys lied at least once in their life to a girl to sleep with her, but it’s a criminal act, just like take advantage on a drunken woman. The trivialization of this behavior in our society must stop. Lying is not an act of seduction, it’s predatory behavior.

A man can’t lie to a woman, make them believe they are someone they are not, to obtain a consent for a sexual relationship. We have a law about it here in Canada.

Oh no, I lied. I lied all the time to girls and women, of course.

You must understand that all womanizers lie. They do not lie all the time, but they lie a lot. I would say most of them lie a good part of the day.

If you want to be polygamous, I would not tell new women that, at least not at the start. Most women do not want a guy who is polygamous. People act like being polyamorous is this groovy new thing that everyone is cool with, but really it’s not. It’s fringe.

I could go on a dating site right now and make a profile that says I am polyamorous and it will get exactly zero hits. If I could someone get some women talking to me on that site and I mentioned that I was polyamorous, she would take off in a New York minute. Boom! Just like that! Bam! Gone! So you never put that in a dating site, and I can’t imagine telling women you are dating that you are polyamorous or polygamous or whatever. Most of them will just take off as soon as they hear that. If you want to be polyamorous or polygamous, that’s just fine, but you are going to have to lie a lot.

Every time you start dating a new woman, remember, you’re always completely single and you need to assure her she’s the only one.

I would not even bring up the subject about other women when you start dating someone. If they don’t bring it up, just don’t discuss it. Leave it off the table. If they bring it up, now you have to start thinking.

One thing I don’t do a lot is confess to women that I am single. I learned a long time ago that this is usually a complete catastrophe. Bottom line is if you are totally single and there is no woman in your life, that means no women want you. The woman you tell that to looks at you and thinks, “Ok, no woman wants this guy. Well, in that case, I don’t want him either!”

So if you’re totally single, you just lie and say that there is a woman or two floating around your life. I would say you are just dating around, but nothing serious. But don’t tell her that you have some main girlfriend. That’s a terrible idea and I will get to that below. So you can’t be totally single, and you can’t have a main girlfriend either. It’s a fine tightrope to walk.

You can say different things:

“Well, there are a couple of women in my life now, just casual dating.”

“Well right now, I guess you could say that I have a harem.”

“I don’t discuss my sex life, haha.”

“There are women in my life from time to time, yes.”

“Women come and go in my life. I can’t keep track of this stuff.”

“Just a few women here and there or now and then.”

“Why do you want to know? And why should I tell you? No I don’t have a major girlfriend, that would be correct.”

This last one is very important. If you tell her you have a girlfriend, a lot of women are going to take off right there.

First of all, it means they are going to be Woman #2.

A lot of women will tell you, “No way. I am strictly monogamous. When I have someone in my life, it’s just that person and that person only.”

Or they might get completely outraged if you say, “Hey, I have a girlfriend.” They might flip out, hang up the phone, cut short a date, tell you to leave, walk out the door, start screaming at you, etc. Then they will go tell their female friends (who might be your friends too) that you made tried to go out with her and then you told her you already had a girlfriend. A lot of women (and some men) think it that is a completely outrageous and assholey thing to do.

Bottom line is if you have one serious girlfriend and you looking for other ones to add to your collection, it’s really best to lie and say you don’t have a girlfriend. Sure you can be honest and straight up with them and tell them you have a main girlfriend, but most of them will just storm out as soon as you say that. So why do it? Why be honest? What for? Honesty is stupidity. If you’re honest, you’re just going to fail, so it’s really mandatory to lie if you want to have any success at all in this game.

But if once you start going out, a lot of times they start asking you if you have any other woman, and you have to lie and say you don’t. You have to tell them that you are monogamous.

“Oh no. You’re the only one.

“There’s no other woman in my life.”

“I wish there was another woman! I should be so lucky! But no, there’s only you.”

“No, I only date one woman at a time. That is very important to me. I hate dishonest men. That’s taking advantage, and I don’t do that. It’s so sleazy!”

“I would tell you if I had another woman. I don’t like to cheat.”

“I am only with one woman at a time. I don’t sleep around. There are so many diseases out there. It’s scary. You can’t be too careful.


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Jews Created Libertarianism

These are the heroes of Libertarianism, and they are all Jews. The thing in the upper left is an entity called Ayn Rand. Supposedly it was human, but I doubt it. I believe the Henry Kissinger looking creature on the lower left is called Murray Rothbard. On the right, I have no idea. They look like a couple of Jews to me. Apparently these are two of the leading lights of Libertarianism,male "midwives" who birthed this monstrosity from the Devil's womb.

Another movement, another bunch of Jews. Yawn. These are the heroes of Libertarianism, and they are all Jews. The thing in the upper left is an entity called Ayn Rand. Supposedly it was human, but I doubt it. I believe the Henry Kissinger looking creature on the lower left is called Murray Rothbard. On the right, I have no idea. They just look like a couple of Jews to me. Apparently these are two of the leading lights of Libertarianism, male “midwives” who birthed this monstrosity from the Devil’s womb.

The rogue’s gallery of the fathers and mothers of Libertarianism. On the right are Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard. Bonus points for the Juden on the left.

Antisemites like to make a big deal out of this stuff. Jews created Communism. Ok. And then Jews created Libertarianism. Ok. And for that matter, they created a whole lot of other movements that are rather over the map. This is all apparently some part of some big planned out Jew Plot.

Supposedly there’s some sort of “Jewish reason” that Jews created Communism. And another “Jewish reason” that they created Libertarianism. And all these “Jewish reasons” that they created all these other movements. Well, God-damn. These Jews are creating a veritable Rube Goldberg contraption of movements!

Libertarianism is the exact opposite of Communism. Most Communists probably think anarcraps should be shot. I believe I concur. No, actually, I don’t think they should be shot. I just think they should be killed.

Libertarians say Commies are the enemy. And it is certainly an honor to be hated by such people.

True, both movements have attracted a lot of Jews, but Communism attracted more.

I am having a very hard time seeing the Jewy Plots and how they are all connected. It doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. Antisemites say this was all coordinated at Jew Central Control or someplace like that. What sense does that make?

None of this makes much sense. Sure I suppose typically there is something in it for the Jews but if Communism and Libertarianism are both great for the Jews, you have to figure that probably just about anything can be construed as good for the Jews.

I would just say “Jews create movements.” There is something messianic about these people that makes them want to run about and create political movements here and there. I suppose if you want to start a new political movement, just hire a bunch of Jews and pay them to put it together for you and get it off the ground.

Antisemites don’t make a lot of sense. There’s Jews here, Jews there, Jews everywhere. Look out! There’s one over there! He’s flying towards you! Duck, quick! There’s a Jew around the next corner, better watch your step! Whatever you do, don’t look under your bed. There’s a Jew there!

That type of conspiracy theory is just dumb.


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Should Men Ever Hit Women?

I say we smack them if they attack us first with punches, kicks, spitting in your face, throwing water in your face. I don’t know about throwing objects. No women ever threw an object at me. I understand modern women throw objects around like Major League ballplayers these days though. I guess that’s what being “liberated” is all about. Now you get to act like a psycho, baby!

I’ve never hit one who didn’t physically assault me first. I guess I could hit a woman who just provoked me by words or behavior, but I never have. I definitely feel like killing them sometimes when they do that, but I don’t actually do much, and it depends on what they say or do. A lot of times I start cussing them out when they get evil on me. If a woman bitches me out real ugly, I just swear at her. I never attack anyone’s Achilles Heels when I fight with them, and actually I seldomr even get personal because that seems like dirty fighting. That’s a bitch way to fight, women fight dirty. If you fight dirty, you’re fighting like a bitch, like a little bitch. I am a man, and I feel that you should fight honorably. And that means not getting personal and pushing people’s buttons. Every now and then I push a woman’s buttons if I am really furious at her, but I don’t feel good about that and I should quit because that is a moral failing and it lowers me down to other’s level where I should be above them.

I especially like to call names. I call them every name in the book. Especially cunt. That’s my favorite because it pisses them off more than anything. They go absolutely stark raving bonkers furious nuts when you use that word on them, so it’s a cool weapon. I will say though that it usually doesn’t seem to work well. There may be some good longterm effects from going to war with them real crazy like that, but in the short-term it just escalates the battle. Where it was a battle, now it’s all out war, and it’s all because I started calling names. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but calling names is not a way to end a fight. All it does it make a small fight bigger.

I suppose I could hit a woman just on verbal or behavioral provocation, but I never have. Have I felt like hitting women based on outrageous verbal or behavioral provocation. Oh Hell yeah. You would keel over if I told you some of the provocative stuff women have done to me over the years. Sometimes I think they were daring me to hit them.

I think hitting a woman who has not attacked you first is a pretty low descent. I am not saying they don’t deserve it. I read about the way modern women act these days, and I think, “God-damn, these bitches need to be knocked across a room for that.” But then I never do it. I just think it. Actually I wish more of these modern women did get hit when they acted absolutely outrageous in the most insanely provocative way trying to push people 100 miles past their limits.

They’re pretty much trying to get you to hit them at that point. Probably other men should do the hitting though and not me. I will just stand on the sidelines and cheer on the rounds. Part of me fantasizes that if we started knocking them around a bit when they do what I call “trying to get murdered,” maybe these modern women would get scared, and the behavior would decrease.

But I doubt it.

Modern women don’t have any of the wisdom that the women of my mother’s generation did. None of it. Not 1%. I never thought I would have so much respect for that generation of women until I starting meeting way too many women in my own cohort, and I started realizing how much better the WW2 Generation women were.

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That’s what this idiot is. They’re called anarcaps, but I call them anarcraps.

This Stefan Molyneux is an anarcrap. They’re supposed to be groovy and granola and health food and hipster and cool and with-it because they have “anarchist” in their names, but the vast majority of anarchists hate them and won’t even speak to them, which is the right plan.

Famous author Neal Stephenson is another anarcrap. That is why I refuse to read any of his “great literature.”

If I had my way, I’d put all the anarcraps in Hell. No wait, they already are there. In that case, set them on fire, ISIS-style.

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You First, Stefan

Just do it, Steven. Trust me. You will not be missed!

Just do it, Stefan. Trust me. You will not be missed! What’s holding you back, Steve? I am so sorry that you can’t follow through on your words. If there’s anything I can do to help you commit suicide, please email me and I will see what I can do for you. Ok?

What do you know about Stefan Molyneux?

I thought he was very interesting at first because he’s so groovy and with-it nowadays, but this radical Libertarian website was linking to him, and I thought, “Whoa Nelly! Hold your horses!” I immediately became extremely suspicious of him, so I went to look at his videos and got even more confused and suspicious, so I went to Wikipedia. Turns out he is a very carefully hidden reactionary Libertarian fuck disguised a vegetarian, organic, holistic, New Age Leftist. He quotes Mao, Che Guevara, Bill Ayers, Micheal Aflaq, Enver Hoxha, and Saddam, and he’s about as rightwing as the Koch Brothers.

Clever, Stefan clever!

Just like the NDASP calling themselves “socialist” to trick progressive people into supporting a reactionary agenda! Way to co-opt.

He’s just another reactionary Libertarian just like all the rest of them. Why is this guy some special snowflake? Because he’s groovy and eats granola? Come on. Pull your head out, people.


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Just Get Rid of Your Family, and Everything Will Be Fine

So says Steve Molyneux! And we all need to listen to him right now! Why? Because he’s famous, dude, come on. His every word is 24 carat. How could he be wrong?

He tells everyone to completely cut out your biological family from your life forever. Well, granted, people do this, and here in the US, apparently it’s almost a requirement. I live 33 miles away from my mother, and I keep getting told by lots of people that that means I still live with my Mom! Because in Amurika, if you life within driving distance of your folks, that means you still live at home.

You guys wonder why I hate people.

Look, independence is a good idea, but friends, even the so-called best ones who almost never are best friends because they’re not for life, come and go like the weather. Friends and girlfriends, especially the latter, drop me from their lives forever and ever as casually as taking out the trash, which is what I figure they are doing.

I am talking people I have known for years, like 10 years. Yeah. Just like that. Bam. It’s over.

In other words, guess what? Newsflash!  Friends and lovers come and go like the breeze! People who swear they will stay with you for life leave after a year or two, and that’s if they didn’t take off in several months.

Whatever. This is just the way it goes.

With no familial bonds, humans are simply free to cut off the deepest relationships without even a hint of afterthought.

Guilt? What’s that? A word in the dictionary? You miss someone? What the Hell does that mean?

Friends for life! Oh please. Get real. I have maybe two friends for life. Two. That’s exactly how many stuck with me through it all.

At the end of the day, only your Goddamn family is going to back you up forever in the long haul. And in my case, this even means extended family like aunts, whom I am very close to, as I am usually closer to women than men. Uncles are fine too, but they haven’t really backed me up. Cousins? Fair weather friends. Not really there when you need them.

Immediate family? Bingo. No matter what, you can always go home again.  They will try to get you out of any jam. No matter how bad you screw up, they always take you back with open arms, just like 0% of your friends and lovers.

Conclusion: Anyone who cuts out their supportive immediate family is stupider than Hell.

Wait. You are going to cut out the very people who will always be there for year, endless forgiveness, no grudges, always taking you back no matter what, for what now? For non-blood friends who come and go like the traffic and zero you out in an instant with barely a word of explanation? Great plan!

Why would anyone think this is a bright idea? Why the Hell would I do something so stupid? For my “psychological health?” So I can be an “adult?”

Blood’s thicker than water. Only your family will stick with you to the end. Things called “friends” and “lovers” are transitory entities who fly right out of your life like birds, never to be seen or heard from again.


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Q: What do you call scores of women of all sorts of ages, from 20’s to 70’s, wandering around the world, probably mostly the US, who completely, absolutely and totally hate your guts worse than you’ve ever been hated, or at the very least seek to avoid contact with at all costs?

A: Oh that’s easy. Those things are called exes. What a dumb question.

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Ever Been in a Fistfight or Other Physical Altercation with Another Man in Adulthood?

I have been in a number of fistfights, etc. with men, but you don’t need to know the details. Once I got beaten so badly I had to go to the hospital. I’ve been hit and beaten with objects all the way up to baseball bats.

If a guy hits me, he’s doomed because I will hit him back as hard as I can right away, and then a fight’s on. It goes on until it ends, usually quickly. Once I grabbed a guy and threw him down on a table, and the table broke into 100 pieces. He totally deserved it too because he came up to me at a party, insulted me to my face and started pouring his beer down the front of my shirt. I immediately punched him full force in the face, and the fight was on.

Even though I destroyed their table, the people who owned the table didn’t even care. They didn’t care that the table got destroyed because I kicked that guy’s ass, and everyone really hated him to the ultimate. For everyone at that party, that guy was on their list of Most Hated Persons on Earth so they felt that what I did was like a pubic service in some sense.

Anyway, I hate fistfights and avoid them at all costs because I perfectly well how strong and dangerous men are. Men are completely nuts and very powerful, and they can either beat the living shit out of you or even kill you just like that, in a heartbeat. I know that very well, and I am basically afraid of other men, so I try to completely kiss their asses when I am around them so they won’t try to hit me or kill me.

Now if you try to kill me, that’s another matter. If you try to kill me, I will try to kill you. It’s real simple. That’s already happened at least once.

As I noted, almost all of the time, I won’t hit someone until they get really physically aggressive with me first.

Only one time did I hit a guy who didn’t attack me. Two other guys and I had been sitting around drinking beers one evening, and I think we killed a case. Anyway, they started insulting me in these low level ways, laughing at me, making fun of me, etc. about halfway through the evening. I put up with it for some reason, but when they left, I grabbed one of the guys who had insulted me for a couple of hours, took a beer, threw it in his face and then punched him hard right in the face, both of which he deserved. Then I threw him out the door. So it’s only that once.

I don’t feel bad about any of these incidents. They all got what they deserved and then some. I sleep very well at night.


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Ever Hit a Woman?

Note: The use of the word “bitch” has come under criticism. I do not like to use the word bitch to describe women in general. That is so misogynistic. What would you think of a woman who called all men “bastards” or “scumbags?” Well then we shouldn’t call all women bitches as a lot of these redpillers, MRA’s and PUA’s are doing. You’d call her a man-hater, and you wouldn’t like her one bit, would you? If we don’t like man-hating bitches then we shouldn’t act like misogynistic assholes. Right? We should not support that level of misogyny. It’s just wrong.

The women in the posts below are called bitches because they assaulted me physically. And I didn’t do a whole lot to provoke them other than maybe call names, and I only called names because they wouldn’t quit bitching me out. So they initiated physical violence against me every time.They were never fighting back against an abusive man, because I am not a domestic abuser. Yeah I’ll hit you. If you hit me first! Other than that, forget it.

Any woman initiates physical violence against me is a bitch, period. She’s a bitch at the time she did that. Now is she a bitch period? Well I don’t know. That depends. To be most fair, I would say she’s a bitch at the very time she hits you, but she’s not necessarily a bitch the rest of the time as long as she’s not hitting you.

But are women who assault men non-defensively bitches? At the time of the assault, yes they are.

There may be some exceptions. If you have pushed her past her limits on purpose, she might have an argument for assaulting you. And in the cases of longterm physical abuse in which the women killed their assaulters, I supported the women because that’s pretty much hitting back, and I always support hitting people back.

There, now I hope that is cleared up now.

I’ve hit some women, and they all richly deserved it, but every single time they either hit me, slapped me, spit in my face, or threw water at me at a dinner table. All of the women who hit me or threw water at me got punched immediately, and they all deserved it. If you throw water in my face, I will knock you across the room. Most of them didn’t get hurt when I hit them though. I am not sure why that is. There’s a possibility that I am such a damn pussy that my full-force punches don’t even hurt. Actually I have been told this a number of times.

One bitch hit me in an airport waiting room, and I didn’t even hit her back. I forget the details, but we were moving quickly around the waiting room, and she was swinging at me and kicking at me the whole time. Most people were shocked, but this old Black guy started tittering and laughing, and I thought that was cool of him to find humor in this situation because it was so actually pretty damn funny.

Finally I got sick and tired of being chased around the waiting room by the bitch, so I just BOOM I punched the bitch in the face as hard as I could, mostly just to stop her attacks. She got a bloody lip which she deserved, and it was a big huge scene. She kept trying to call the police to have me arrested on the feminists’ lunatic domestic violence laws (See why I hate feminists now?), but other people calmed her down. The one who threw water in my face and got pounded tried to call the police too, but others stopped her.

Once a bitch tried to hit me and spit in my face many times over a short period one night. I blocked most of the punches and most of the spit, but I did smack her good and hard in the shoulder when it first started, and once when I was blocking his spitting, I accidentally smacked her the bitch around the eye. She threatened to call the cops and have me arrested for the shoulder punch and the spit blocked eye shot, but she didn’t follow through.

Over the years, I have had bitches hit or try to hit me, spit in my face, kick me, or throw water in my face maybe 400 times. I only hit back 8 times.I hit back 8 times, and refused to hit back and just blocked hits 392 times. So I  blocked their attacks 98% of the time, and 2% of the time, I either punched them or pushed them down on the ground.

So as you can see, I am not really a violent person at all. Even when attacked, I almost always block the attack and don’t fight back.


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Ever Fantasize about Killing Someone?

Jason Y writes:

So who is more disturbed, De Niro on Taxi Driver or Robert?

I am not that disturbed. I actually don’t really mind most people on an individual basis. Or at least I don’t hate them, let’s put it that way. I do not hate on an individual basis,the vast majority of people I meet. I have quite a few people I actually like, especially people I see on a regular basis. For instance, there is local corner store here, and everyone who works there totally loves me and acts like I’m they’re my best friend.

When I say I am homicidal, I don’t mean that seriously. I usually don’t want to kill any individual person. It’s more of a vague feeling directed at humanity in general. It’s hard to explain, and I know I would never do anything about it. I would have to hate people vastly more than I do now to go shoot up a mall, and even if I had that level of hatred, I still doubt if I would shoot up a mall because my massive inhibitions or guilt would stop me. I honestly do not think I will ever go postal. It’s just not going to happen, ever.

I have no guns, and I hate guns. I’ve never even tried kill someone except maybe someone who was trying to kill me. So really as long as you are not trying to kill me, I’m not going to try to kill you, so everyone needs to relax. That’s been my history for decades now, and I doubt if it will change. I guess I could use weapons other than guns, but I don’t even think about that, and I do not think I have ever used a handheld weapon against another person. I have used weapons, including very large knives, to threaten people before, and they deserved it, but never to attack someone. I’ve pulled knives on people before, but I’ve never stabbed anyone.

There are some old girlfriends about whom I say “I want to kill them to this very day,” and they richly deserve that feeling. It’s very vaguely true, but it’s something I almost never think about. And when I actually think of those women, I don’t like them very much, but I almost never think about killing them even in fantasy.

It’s just that some of the things that they said and did to me were absolutely unforgivable and completely warrant homicidal feelings towards them. But even then, it’s only when I think about that specific comment or action, my next thought is, “Goddamn I want to kill that bitch. She should be killed just for saying that/doing that to me.”

So most of the time I think about even those old girlfriends are fairly pleasant because I prefer to think about good things we did, and 99% of the time I am thinking about them, I am not feeling homicidal towards them. And this includes ones that I basically hate to this very day, and they deserve my hatred.

I think it is that I really do not like thinking about killing specific individual people because it bothers me on some level. And also something that happened long ago, I really should not still be all wrapped up in it.

Also there were a few guys who did stuff to me that pretty much warrants me killing them, and they would deserve it too for what they did to me. But even with them, when I imagine meeting them, the fantasy is more like I punch them in the face as hard as I can one time, which they would deserve, and walk away.

So I don’t really want to kill them either. I suppose I want to kill them in some vague sense, but it’s usually not even a fantasy because explicit homicidal fantasies about specific people bother me on some level.

I say vague because even if I met this guy who I really want to punch, I doubt if I would punch him. I have been in quite a few fistfights and physical altercations, but they always hit me or acted very physically aggressive towards me first.

Sure there’s a few guys I totally wanted to kill before, and they all deserved it. I did have homicidal fantasies about them even including plotting how I would do it. But the fantasies usually involve guns, and I don’t even have one, never have, and they terrify me. Also on some level, I know the fantasy will never happen.

That is because fantasy is different from thinking you really want to do something. A lot of evil fantasies involves things you know will never happen. So sure, I feel like killing them, and I even think about at times maybe, but I pretty much know it will never happen.

And there is one more thing. There were times when I was plotting how I would kill one of these guys, and I stopped myself because the thought process felt disturbing.

So I actually sat down and thought, “Hey wait a minute. Does this guy really deserve to die over what he did to me?” Almost always it comes back that even though what they did to me was horrific, monstrous and probably unforgivable, it doesn’t really warrant taking their lives. Actually killing them just seems wrong on some level.

When you think about what you are actually doing I mean what you are really, really, really, really doing, when you kill someone, you realize that true homicide is some very heavy shit. It’s about the heaviest shit you will ever deal with in your life. So if you kill or try to kill someone, you better have a damn good reason. The only time I ever actually tried to kill people was when they were trying to kill me.

I also start really worrying that I might get caught, and then that even if I did it and got away with it, I would have to walk around with that in my head for the rest of my life, and it might eat me up. Because killing someone who isn’t trying to kill you is so heavy that I’m not sure I could do it without being destroyed by guilt for the rest of my life.

Also when I get into these feelings about a specific person (which doesn’t happen too often), I usually only feel homicidal for 2-3 weeks. Then it just completely goes away for some reason (it sort of “burns out”), and I don’t miss it at all. It doesn’t seem healthy to stay in a homicidal frame about someone for a significant period of time. A few weeks, sure, but after that, it starts to feel disturbing, and I just want it gone.


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