Guidelines for Men Dealing with Teenage Girls Under 18 (Jailbaits of JB’s) in an Insane Society

Men aged 18-19: Exercise extreme caution with teenage girls under 16.*

Men aged 20-24: Exercise extreme caution with teenage girls under 17.*

Men aged 25 and up: Exercise extreme caution with all teenage girls under age 18 period.*

All men: Do not receive nudes from teenage girls under 18 (Jailbaits or JB’s). Yes, they like to send them out to men. How do I know? Oh gosh, I don’t know! If a JB sends you a nude, delete it because it can be traced back to you. You can ask for a pic from a JB if you are friendly with her. But I would say, “No nudes please.”

Do not cybersex with JB’s. There was a time 10-15 years ago when teenage girls and men in large numbers were doing this in chatrooms, especially Yahoo chat. There were quite a few chat rooms set up exclusively for this purpose, and they were full of JB’s. How do I know? Oh, I don’t know! Anyway you would think talk would be pretty harmless, but I believe men are now going down for “talking dirty to teenage girls on the Internet.” Not fucking them. Not arranging to meet them. Talking to them. Yep, it’s now illegal for a man to talk to a teenage girl. There are now actual laws that specifically make that illegal, if you can believe that.

Same applies to texting. Do not engage in sexting with JB’s. You would wonder what insane law this would fall under, but they are actually making laws now that you can’t talk dirty via texting to teenage girls. Men are actually going down on this lunatic bullshit. You can text them about other things. I suppose you can even talk about sex, but exercise caution, talk about it in a clinical way only, and don’t talk dirty to them.

Do not send your own nudes to JB’s. Just don’t. Do girls ask men for nudes? Damn right they do. Doesn’t mean you have to send them to them.

Do not get naked on cam for JB’s. Yes, underage teenage girls in chatrooms, if you cam with them, will try to get you out of your clothes right away. “But I’ve never seen a dick before!” Don’t do it no matter how hard they plead, and yes they do plead.

Do not send porn pics or movies to JB’s. Do they request porn from men? You better believe they do. Don’t send it.

I suppose you can email, text, chat and cam with JB’s on the Net. The morons haven’t met this illegal yet. I have JB strangers emailing me out of the blue to this very day, believe it or not. But I would be careful what you say to them, and don’t talk dirty.

Apparently you can talk to JB’s in meatspace. You might even be able to make friends with them. But in this climate, people might react badly even to that. A man in California was arrested for “grooming” for talking to two 15 year old girls in a pet shop for 15 minutes. I haven’t the faintest idea what they were talking about. The law is “annoying or molesting a child,” and it means, well, whatever cops want it to mean! If you’re going to talk to them, I would be careful what you talk to them about, and I wouldn’t talk dirty to them. You can probably talk about sex because girls that age always want to talk about that anyway, but I would be careful what you say when you do, and I would only talk about it in a clinical way.

If you have any nude or porn pics or movies of JB’s on your drive, you might want to think about what to do with them. Any that can be traced back to you, get rid of them. If they can’t be traced back to you, it’s probably going to be hard proving that that girl in that movie or pic isn’t at least 18, but they might try anyway. I would not go out of your way collecting such pics and movies.. Personally, I don’t collect them at all.

*If someone can show me that men aged 18-19 are going down for screwing 16-17 year old girls, I’m all ears.

*I would also like to know if men aged 20-24 are going down for screwing 17 year old girls.

*If you have any anecdotes or news stories proving the above, let me know.


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5 responses to “Guidelines for Men Dealing with Teenage Girls Under 18 (Jailbaits of JB’s) in an Insane Society

  1. Jason Y

    Best thing is to stay the fuck away from them. Just keep them in your private thoughts, as your free to “think” whatever you want. Also, remember the society we live in, and it’s especially true in Appalachia, is a backstabbing one. Yes, nobody will burn down buildings here, as blacks are said to do, but they will have you locked up for 100 years. So what’s worse?

    • Just keep them in your private thoughts, as your free to “think” whatever you want.

      Nope! You’re not even free to look at them! Apparently that’s illegal now, or if it’s not, if you look at them, that’s proof you’re a pedophile! And you’re not free to think about them either. If you think about them, that’s proof you’re a pedophile!

      No, I am serious, the femcunts (feminists) will make it illegal to look at them pretty soon. Count on it! It will be “illegal looking.” It’s already almost illegal to talk to an underage teenage girl. You can practically get arrested for talking to one. Or if not, a lynch mob will try to beat you up.

      After that, they will make it illegal to think about them. That will be next. They’d love to make “illegal thoughts” against the law. We are already doing it. We are locking people up forever on “dangerousness.” Dangerousness means illegal thoughts.

      The femcunts are scum. They are the enemies of every man on this Earth. I don’t know why you guys don’t realize that. They’re the ENEMY.

      Now you understand why I hate feminazis. I want to kill feminazis. That’s how much I hate them. And the male feminist fags need to die too. I’d love to kill people like that. I want to kill every single one of those guys.

      • Subliminal Star

        And do you notice, Robert, that these feminazis are always haggedy, poorly-kept and old-looking no matter how young they are? You never see even one of them that looks stunningly beautiful like Brooke Shields or Christie Brinkley. It’s like these feminazis are envious of younger women and even attractive-looking women their age, and they’re miserable; and misery loves company. I had a run-in with one of these bitches on YouTube, and I blocked her sorry ass immediately after I gave her a piece of my mind.

        But shoot! What you just described in your article above reminds me of that 1971 science-fiction movie titled “THX 1138” starring Robert Duval and Donald Pleasance. You would think that many of these laws could be challenged in court with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution that grants everyone the right to free speech and the right to assemble. What ever happened to freedom and individual rights in America?

    • Subliminal Star

      Jason Y? It’s the makings of a Fascist military police state.

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