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The Whole Purpose of Redpill, Game, PUA, etc.

Swank writes:

A 48 year old woman cheated on him.

Oh no.

Who cares?

Why would he possibly care?

For 18 years of marriage, his wife was a cold fish in bed and refused to do anything even slightly kinky, either oral sex (giving or receiving).


And he didn’t always have status. The article states that he struggled financially for years.

But sure, the exception disproves the general rule I guess.

Hang on a second. Swank says all a man has to do is get some status, gain 20 pounds, gain 10 pounds of muscle and find someone with similar interests and then it’s home free and he can say and do whatever the Hell you want to.

Swank say this guy had no status.

He was a millionaire. He owned his own tech company. He lived in million dollar home. How is it that a millionaire living in a million dollar home is struggling financially? And he wasn’t struggling financially his whole life. His sex life sucked from the start. He simply did not turn on his wife. Why? She was turned on by other men instead, other than her husband. Why?

She was in league with a bunch of other cheating wives who were all cheating on their “lame husbands” with “studs.” Why did these women see their husbands as lame? What was wrong with them? What did the studs they were cheating on have that their husbands lacked? Why did these women see their harems of studs to cheat with as Alpha fucks and their husbands as Beta bucks? Here the dynamic is obviously working.

Swank cannot answer any of these questions.

Liberals cannot answer any of these questions.

Feminists cannot answer any of these questions.

All of them just mouth stupid platitudes.

Feminists say nice guys aren’t nice (not true), and that’s why women hate them. This is a flat-out lie and is an example of classic female self-deception that they have deceived themselves into believing is true.

Feminists say, hey incels, all you have to do is get some clean clothes, shower and bathe regularly, brush your teeth, practice good hygiene and have some halfway decent social skills and you are home free! The babes are just going to fall right into your damn lap. You think that’s going to work?

The whole purpose of Redpill, Game, PUA and all the other more or less evil bullshit is to try to figure out why the Hell this is happening. Why are the husbands seen as lame? What makes them lame? Why are these women not turned on by their husbands? What are the husbands lacking? What could the husbands do to make themselves more attractive? What did the studs they were cheating on have these these husband cucks did not have? What was it about their boytoys that turned these women on?

Are there other groups out there that offer men relationship advise on how to maximally meet their needs and desires in relationships with women while keeping things on as much of an even keel as possible much of the time and having a minimum amount of stress, drama, chaos, negativity and relationship downtime and crisis as possible that are maybe not as evil as the Game, PUA and Redpill? If so, fine, bring them on. A morally grounded relationship guide for men would be a great thing.

One problem is that the typical groups you go to about this stuff are full of women and feminist men and they give flat out horrible advise to men who are having relationship troubles.

Let me give you an example. In Reddit/relationships, a husband walks in on his wife down on her knees sucking two men’s cocks. The guy goes to R/relationships. What advise do the women and feminist men have? Get therapy.

Get therapy!

Does that sound like good advice in the circumstances? Come on.

I am having a hard time seeing why these movements are so evil. Why do the feminists hate them so much? Because it means we men are catching on to women’s bullshit and games and trying to outsmart them so they can’t con us, manipulate us and screw us over so much? Is that why? Because men are wising up, learning women’s tricks and how to beat them at their own game? Feminists are furious that we are catching on to women’s scammy manipulating bullshit, figuring out how to deal with it and coming up with a bunch of scammy manipulative bullshit of our own to throw their way so as to confuse them.

That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Oh no! The men are catching on! We can’t have that!

Before we women were fighting a ridiculous one-sided war against unarmed men who declared unilateral ceasefire. It was a massacre. The men were getting creamed. It was all good.

Now the men have walked away from the table, stockpiled weapons, broken all of our codes, completely infiltrated our forces with spies and double agents, and are now fighting back with some weapons that are so brand new we women can’t even figure out how they work!

Oh no! A fair fight!  A woman’s worst nightmare!


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We Are All Gay Now


What do they mean half of all Britons say they are something other than heterosexual? If you are something other than straight, that means you are either gay or bisexual. Geez. I figured this nonsense was coming.

72% of British defined themselves as heterosexual.

28% defined themselves as gay or bisexual.

4% defined themselves as completely gay.


46% of 18-24 year old British defined themselves as heterosexual.

49% defined themselves as gay or bisexual.

6% defined themselves as completely gay.

The trend is obvious. Homosexual behavior is on the increase among young British people. More and more are identifying as gay or bisexual and fewer are identifying as heterosexual. And the rate of pure homosexuals is also rising – it went up by 50%.

This shows that the Cultural Left is lying again when they say that whatever anyone’s sexual orientation is, they were simply born that way.

It also gives the lie to the PC lines coming out of the American Psychological Association saying, “No one chooses their sexual orientation.” Oh really now? If no one chooses it, then how in the Hell is the rate of gay and bisexual orientation increasing among young British? Is it something in the water? If they didn’t chose their orientation, then who did? God? The Borg? The Fairy Godmother? The Flying Purple Lizard Monster?

If the rate’s going up, it can’t be because they were born that way. What is this, an epidemic of birth defects?

And it can’t be because some mysterious force is choosing their orientation for them because no if anyone can choose such a thing, it’s you and you only.

Obviously the rate is going up because more and more young people are choosing gay and bisexual orientations probably because of Cultural Left propaganda that says being gay and bi is the greatest thing since whitewall tires.

For more on rates of male sexual orientation by the numbers and some thoughts about that, see here.


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Sexual Orientation Ratios among Men, with a Discussion and Look to the Future

The only other sexual orientation survey I am aware of was done on medical students in Australia by a famous sexologist. An anonymous questionnaire was used, but later testing in the lab showed that people’s responses lined up very well with how they rated themselves. Using this scale:

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual

The Australian survey showed that 62% of all men scored 100-0 or completely heterosexual. 38% of all men had at least some attraction to other men. But only 7% of men reacted maximally to men in the lab, 6% of men leaned gay, and only 2% were completely gay:

50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual: 1%
40-60: Maximum homosexual, very strong heterosexual: 1%
30-70: Maximum homosexual, strong heterosexual: 1%
20-80: Maximum homosexual, significant heterosexual: 1%
10-90: Maximum homosexual, incidental heterosexual: 1%
0-100: Maximum homosexual, minimal heterosexual: 2%

Fully 94% of men reacted maximally to women, and 93% leaned straight. Other studies by the same scientist showed that 25% of men had some sort of homosexual experience in adolescence, so I guess circle jerks are more common than I thought.

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual: 62%
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual: 17%
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual: 12%
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual: 6%
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual: 2%
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual: 1%

Amazingly, only 1% of the men were fully bisexual, and the rate of strong bisexuals (60-40’s or 40-60’s is also very low).

This goes with reports we get out of the gay community that there are not many male full bisexuals. The same reports say that many young men in their 20’s identify as bisexual and may have a wife or a girlfriend, but they spend most of their socializing time in gay hangouts. The same people say that when they watch men in their 20’s who identify as bisexual over time, after several years, quite a few of them convert over to completely gay.

This stands to reason, as I have met some obviously bisexual men in their 20’s with girlfriends who struck me as completely gay.

Every time I was around them, there was a very strong sexual vibe (Arthur), and in one case (KL), the guy was constantly making weird gay insinuations (he was pretty much trying to fuck me 100% of the time I was friends with him) and it was incredibly annoying and disturbing.

This is also typical of gay men – their insane persistence. The gay men that I have known who liked me pretty much never stopped trying to screw me the whole time I knew them. If they started out coming onto me, they simply never gave up no matter how many times I told them no or got mad at them. I think there is something wrong with these people. The only way to stop this behavior is to get very aggressive, threaten or menace them, and especially end the friendship altogether.

I have also heard from some of my straight friends that the gay men they befriended pretty much never quit after they started coming onto them. Once they start it up, they just can’t seem to knock it off. They don’t seem to have an off switch.

I wonder if this is behind a lot of gay-bashings? I am not advocating beating people up, but a gay man who can’t stop pestering a straight man is seriously asking for a knuckle sandwich. There was a commenter on here who insisted that attempted seductions were behind a lot of gay-bashings. What often happened was a gay man came on hard to a straight man, and the straight man took offense and assaulted the gay man. I don’t like to blame the victim, but…

I worked with Arthur, and I never saw him look at a woman once the whole time I worked there. We would be eating lunch in the lunchroom, a beautiful woman would walk in, and Arthur would not even look up at her. It was as if a ghost had walked into the room. She was simply not there at all.

My mother said that before she got married, she worked in San Fransisco, and there was a man in the office that no one could figure out. Finally the woman got it. My mother said, “He never looked at a woman, not even one time, ever.”

This follows.

I have known and worked with a number of gay men, and one surefire way to spot them is that they never look at women, ever. Women are either ghosts, or in the case of one gay boss, part of the furniture, carpet or ceiling.

With KL, I must say that I never heard him talk about women even one time for even one second, and he was constantly insinuating creepy upsetting gay bullshit. I used to go out on drives with him in his van and he never looked at a woman even one time.

Lessons? How to spot a gay man:

Gay men never look at women.


Gay men never talk about women.

Based on this, these two “bisexual” men in their late 20’s were simply closeted gay men with beard girlfriends. Which goes along with gay common wisdom above that many bisexual young men are simply closeted gay men who are afraid to come out all the way and are frankly just lying to themselves.

It is also interesting that the overwhelming majority of men who have sexual interest in men or who have some bisexual attraction lean straight, often very heavily straight.

100-0: Maximum heterosexual, minimum homosexual: 62%
90-10: Maximum heterosexual, incidental homosexual: 17%
80-20: Maximum heterosexual, significant homosexual: 12%
70-30: Maximum heterosexual, strong homosexual: 6%
60-40: Maximum heterosexual, very strong strong homosexual: 2%
50-50: Maximum heterosexual, maximal homosexual: 1%

What this shows is that men who lean gay are not common at all. No more than 6% of all men lean this way. Also the overwhelming majority of men who have bisexual attraction lean straight. This means that leaning heterosexual (93%) is the overwhelming preference for nearly all men. Gay men are nothing more than a sideshow.

Probably the vast majority of the 38% of men who have some attraction to men will never act on their urges. If you are a 90-10 or an 80-20, why bother? These men are as attracted to women as any other man, and they only have low attraction to males. In a homophobic society most of them would be exclusively or almost exclusively straight for their entire lives, and why shouldn’t they?

As you can see, 38% of men have some biological tendency towards homosexual behavior. That’s an awful lot of men. But as the Cultural Left out and out promotes and celebrates homosexuality, more and more of that 38% can quite possibly feel it is ok to act on some of their lesser urges.  In a society such as ours that screams that being gay and bi is the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly, it is obvious to me that more and more of that 38% are going to start engaging in some level of homosexual behavior. In other words, the rate of homosexual behavior among men is going to rise. More men are going to be doing this stuff.

I honestly do not see what is so groovy about all of this. The gay and gay-leaning men who truly cannot help their orientation should be supported completely at least as far as their orientation goes. You can hardly hate a man for something he can’t help.

Nevertheless, homosexuality is bad for society, male homosexuality particularly so. If it’s kept to a minimum, society can easily cope with the dysfunctions, issues and costs of this group and really it is no big problem. Society can absorb it and move along. Encouraging and promoting homosexual behavior is encouraging and promoting something that is bad for society. What’s the point? Why do it? What’s the upside? The Cultural Left doesn’t make sense. Why are they trying to harm society?


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“My Wife Was Addicted to Ashley Madison”


This man had good looks, very high status (owned his own tech company), a high income ($1 million/year), a great deal of wealth (millionaire, lived in $1 million home), much in common with his wife, and his marriage still turned to shit.

This guy needs Redpill or some sort of male self-help group’s advise. Actually, he did show up on Reddit Redpill soon after this story broke. A lot of the guys completely ripped him a new one, which I thought was pretty lousy. The man blames the whole thing on the (Jewish?) scumbag who ran Ashley Madison, who he calls a sociopath. Well, he is a sociopath. Of course he is. He also blames his wife’s mental illness for her behavior. She is either a Borderline or what Beatrix calls a “high-conflict woman” Cluster B type who displays Borderline traits but functions too well to be a Borderline.

The guys on Redpill thought it was stupid to blame the sociopathic website owner and his Borderline wife for the behavior. I do not know what to say to that.

For 18 years of marriage, his wife was a cold fish in bed and refused to do anything even slightly kinky, either oral sex (giving or receiving). She posted a dirty profile on Ashley Madison as a wild bitch down for all sorts of kinky fun (that she was denying her husband). He found her conversations on her cellphone with her group of married female friends who were all either cheating on their husbands or encouraging and egging on the others to cheat. One woman was passing around a photo of a huge cock of the guy she was cheating on her husband with, saying, “You girls could be having this right now instead of your lame husbands. Come join the fun!”

He caught her cheating previously last year and then when the scandal broke, he found her profile in the leaked data and caught her again. He has two boys who don’t know what their mother did. Apparently they are divorcing. When husbands catch wives cheating without permission, 95% of the time, the man asks for a divorce. When wives catch their husbands cheating, they demand divorce at a much lower rate. Apparently women will put up with a lot more crap from men than vice versa. The Reddit men were saying this guy was an idiot for taking her back after the first time and forgiving her.

There were 30 million male profiles on Ashley Madison and 5 million female profiles. A very close examination revealed only 1,500 real active females among that 5 million. 30 million men competing for 1,500 men. World’s biggest sausage fest?

The site was very sleazy. The very large number of the female profiles on the site were fakes created by Ashley Madison.When you join the site for free, you soon get profile visits, chat requests and mails from hot, horny looking babes. Usually of these women are either fakes being run by employees or computer programs, that is, not even real female humans at all. The purpose of this is to get you to pay to join the site. After you pay, all of the visits, mails and chat requests vanish. Attempts to respond to the female visitors, mailers and chat requesters all fail because the women are not even real. This is typical and most dating sites do this. There were a very few real women on the site, and apparently a few guys did well.

I do not have much at all to say about this matter. Feel free to comment.


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Who Is This Man and Why Is He Famous?

Beast Ganon writes:

Frazer, James George. 1922. The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead, Vol. 2 (of 3): The Belief Among the Polynesians, Chapter III: The Belief in Immortality among the Samoans, § 1. The Samoan Islands, Footnote 24. McMillan and Co.Robert, did the author of the above book ever mention why those females in the Pacific Islands had so many children? There must be a reason why they got themselves pregnant over and again. I guess the females placed all of the blame on the men somehow.

A few questions.

Who is this man: James George Frazer?
Why is he famous?
What is his most famous book, written around the same time as the above: 1922?
Did he personally witness the anthropological observations in the book?

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25 Ways Feminists Systematically Oppress Men

Tulio writes:

Not that I’m saying you’re wrong per se, but can you list concrete examples of how men are systematically oppressed? While I don’t like feminism, I also don’t feel oppressed in any way as a man. I find feminists to be more of an annoyance than a threat.

Here is a list of 20. See if you can come up with more.

  1. Conflation of statutory rape and pedophilia created by feminists is causing a lot of harm to teenage boys and especially young men.
  2. Insane anti-rape laws in Sweden and the UK written by feminists that including rape definition creep expanding towards more and more traditional non-rapes.
  3. Anti-rape inquisitions created by feminists on campuses where a woman can file rape charges against you months to years after the fact, the man is considered guilty until proven innocent and the prosecution and judges are completely rigged against the man. For instance, a man was recently thrown out of a university back East on “rape” charges. What happened? The man was blacked out drunk, lying on his back on a bed, and a female student gave him a blowjob. She sucked his cock while he was blacked out. If anyone got raped, it might have been him. She feared for her reputation after the incident and the feminist dorm adviser suggested she file rape charges to preserve her reputation. Another man was thrown out of school for raping his own girlfriend. Charges were filed many months after they broke up and the court was a Kangaroo Court stacked with feminists.
  4. Rape rules on campus created by feminists requiring assent for each escalation of sex acts undertaken.
  5. Crazy campus rape rules created by feminists whereby a man can be accused of rape even if the woman never said no if she “thought no in her head.” In this case, the man can be accused of rape because he’s not a mindreader.
  6. Crazy rape law in Washington State written by feminists whereby a teacher was convicted of rape of a female student who was 18 years old, an adult, when it happened. The sex was 100% consensual. He now must go on the Sex Offender Registry for life.
  7. Crazy rape laws written by feminists where sex with a drunken woman is “rape.”
  8. Fake campus rape crisis created by feminists whereby feminists make up lies like 20% of college girls are raped during college that make all college men seem like rapists. Real figure is .6%.
  9. Fake “rape culture” crisis US created by feminists in the US, probably the most anti-rape culture on Earth, where all men are seen as potential rapists.
  10. Insane rape laws in the UK written by feminists whereby apparently there is no statute of limitations for rape, sexual assault and “pedophilia” whereby men are going down for grabbing a grown woman’s tits 45 years ago, feeling up a 14 year old girl’s ass 35 years ago and other lunacy.
  11. Feminists making up lies like “fake rape charges are very rare.” The figure of 8% is tossed about. The true rate is near 50%. The ugly truth is that women cry rape and press fake rape charges against men all the time. I have been falsely accused of rape myself. A 14 year old girl accused me of raping her once. The sex was 100% consensual. She didn’t file charges, but the allegation went around to our friend circle. Incredibly, the rape charge made me much more popular with her girlfriends a number of whom started openly flirting with me after they heard I was a rapist!
  12. Insane sexual harassment rules in most employment locations whereby feminists are apparently trying to outlaw all heterosexual conduct in the workplace. I worked at a workplace where I was told that dating between coworkers was banned by the company’s sexual harassment policies.
  13. Sexual harassment madness on university campuses created by feminists whereby female students constantly file Title 9 complaints against male professions for every fake infraction in the book. One of the crimes is criticizing feminism or Women’s Studies Departments. Male teachers have had Title 9 complaints filed against them for doing just that.
  14. New laws in France and Germany created by feminists whereby men are forbidden from paternity testing their own babies.
  15. Pedophile Mass Hysteria promoted by feminists whereby any man who looks at a teenage girl is a “pedophile” and a “predator,” and men can’t even talk to any children of either sex anymore. Single men are particularly victimized by this. I have had single men tell me that all single White men past a certain age are automatically considered “pedophiles.” They also tell me how terrified they are of girls and how they take off every time they see one.
  16. Pedophile Mass Hysteria created by feminists causing men to be arrested for merely talking to teenage girls. A man was recently arrested and charged with “grooming” for talking to two 15 year old girls, apparently runaways, in a pet store in California. In California, this “anti-grooming” law is called “annoying or molesting a child.” Under this extremely vague offense, you can be charged with “grooming” for merely talking to a teenage girl.
  17. Pedophile Mass Hysteria caused by feminists resulting in men getting convicted of “child molesting” for having sex with underage girls who lied about their age and said they were 18-19, created Facebook pages with fake ages on them, and openly seduced older men. When people found out about it, the girls’ parents filed child molesting charges. The men had no idea the girls were underage. They were convicted and go on the Sex Offender Registry for life because a girl lied to them and they naively believed her lie.
  18. Pedophile Mass Hysteria caused by feminists expanding to adults -> a man recently told me online that if he saw a 50 year old man talking to a 20 year old woman, he would punch the man in the face. Recall how many women called Clinton a “pedophile” for having sex with 23 year old Monica.
  19. Pedophile Mass Hysteria created by feminists whereby evil girls mostly aged 9-13 are mass charging male teachers with child molesting under blatantly fake charges. A friend of mine had an entire classroom of evil 9 years old girls charge him with molesting them in a single day (!). The charge went into his record, parents threatened to beat him up, and he was not allowed to teach at that district ever again. My own father was charged with molesting a 13 year old Black girl for breaking up a fight between her and some other girl.
  20. Feminists making up lies like “children never lie about being molested” which result in mass fake molesting charges against men.
  21. Creep shaming created by feminists and women whereby many men are terrified to even approach females anywhere for fear of being called a creep.
  22. Crazy fake “street harassment” crisis created by feminists whereby selling hello to a woman on the street or trying to talk to a woman on a train is apparently “harassment.”
  23. Insane domestic violence laws written by feminists in the 1990’s whereby the woman gets to hit the man as much as she wants, but if the man hits back one time, he’s going to jail -> men are not allowed to fight back against women.
  24. Crazy domestic violence law written by feminists whereby if you hit a woman (even if you hit her back) in your own home which you own and she stays in as a perma-guest, even after you get out of jail, the woman can file a restraining order against you, continue to live in your home (!), and you will be homeless and banned from living in your own home while some leech lives there for free. You will have to find temporary lodging or go homeless.
  25. Crazy alimony laws written by feminists whereby the woman gets half your paycheck for years, maybe forever, no matter how high your check is and how much she really needs, even if she initiates the divorce.


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Time of the Evilboys!

Jason Y writes:

RL: I dunno, I think we were just boys, age 9-13. Boys are EVIL, especially at a certain age. Didn’t you know that?

Jason Y: Boys and girls at that age are equally evil. At least that’s how it was in Korea, my experience in America wasn’t much different either. There are a few that are kind, but a lot of them aren’t. If you get on their bad side, they’ll crucify you. 😆

I enjoyed being an evil little boy. We were nice a lot too. We had friends, and we mostly treated them well.

Smear the Queer is just a game. You play it with your friends. It was the same as Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop. One guy gets on the hoppityhop and starts bouncing all around the yard, and he’s automatically the Queer. Everyone yells, “Look, he’s a queer! Smear the queer! Smear the queer! Hahahahaahahahaha!” Because, you know, queers have to be destroyed on sight, right?

The other guys jump on him and try to pull him off the hoppityhop, and he tries to throw them off and bounce away to escape. You climb on his back and hit him. You try to waste the guy on the hoppityhop and dislodge him from the ball. No one ever got hurt. We were 9 or 10 years old, and we engaged in continuous physical fighting. Boys that age can’t even hurt each other.

We had some designated victims who we relentlessly teased to try to provoke them into attacking us so we could have an excuse to waste them. They performed right on cue. But those designated victims were also our some of our friends. It all depended on the dynamics.

We also had Olive Wars and Dirt Clod Wars. We would split into two armies, and both sides would arm themselves with dirt clods or unripe olives. Then it would be a war. You would throw olives or clods at the other side and try to hit them. The olives were hard, and they hurt like Hell if they hit you.

Quite a few times, these wars would get seriously out of hand and people would get mad. I remember one time we went up to see our cousins, and we ended up in this huge evil Berry War, and the last thing I remember before driving off to the plane was them chasing after us at the airport screaming that they were going to kill us. Other times at home it was similar. The Olive War would disintegrate into a great big real fight, guys screaming at each other, calling names, trying to hit each other, running home.

There was this kid named RSJ, and he was called Dickie. His real name was Richard. He was on crutches for some birth defect. Nothing wrong with that, but he was mean as a snake for some reason. His older brother tormented him mercilessly, and even his own mother joined him and creamed him emotionally. They spoke to him in the most mocking, humiliating, degrading tones, ridiculed him with voices full of derision and contempt.

I am not sure what the dynamics were, but his family was mean and cruel to him, and then he was a vicious little shit himself. Both processes were driving each other somehow, but I am not sure who started it.

We called him Dogdoo Dickie and he hated that name so much! He saw red if you called him that! So of course we called him that constantly, and we tormented him mercilessly like mosquitoes on your skin. We would provoke him to get him to react and try to fight us. After we provoked him, he would come chasing after us with his crutches flying. He would try to hit you with his crutches! We would run away from him trying to avoid getting hit by his crutches and yelling names at him and laughing. He would come after us with his crutches swinging with the meanest, evillest look on his face. He was nasty!

Mostly we just got along though. Except for some designated victims who everyone bullied or other people bullied depending on the dynamics, all the rest of us got along and had all sorts of fun.

We did kill animals though. We started out killing insects like all boys. We would take magnifying glasses and set insects on fire on the sidewalk. We had garden pests, and instead of just killing them, we would slowly torture them to death. Like tomato worms. We hated those things, and when we caught them we would put them in this little “bullring” and they would be the “bull.” We would have “bullfights” with them. We would take big nails and throw them at the tomato worms yelling, “Picadors! Picadors!” and we would try to spear the tomato worms with the nails.

Also we had pillbugs, and they were serious pests. We soon tired of killing them in the ordinary way so we started devising all these new experimental ways of industrial pillbug murder. It was Pillbug Holocaust, and we were like Nazis. We tried every method under the sun to murder those bugs in all these new and experimental ways. We even did “surgery” on them where we would take them apart and examine their insides like scientists. We were Mengele!

My parents found out about our Pillbug Concentration Camps, and my father was disturbed. He said it was evil and ordered us to stop. He thought we were on the road to being serial killers.

We also killed snails in experimental ways. Salt is great. You pour salt on the snail, and it kills it in a horrible way. We also conducted biology experiments on snails where we would paint them with paint, release them and try to find them later to see how far they traveled.

We also killed fish, and I have to admit that was pretty damn evil. We fished at this place called The Smelt Place which was maybe 200 yards away from the beach. You could go there and catch maybe 100 smelt in a day. It got boring after a while, endlessly catching these moronic fish who were obviously too stupid to not get caught.

After a while, we would reel in a smelt and then cast the line with the smelt still on it onto some nearby rocks on the rocky shoreline. When we did this we would yell, “Acapulco cliff divers!” The smelt would land on the rocks and we would reel it in over the rocks. Pretty awful torture for the smelt, and the smelt would get killed pretty quickly. Then one time TM caught a smelt, kept it alive somehow and tied it to a rope on the back of his bike and dragged it on the way home for a bit until it died. That was hilarious!

Some of our girl cousins came to live with us for one year. Their family was falling apart badly, their mother was dying, diabolical divorce underway, and their father was an evil actual Nazi from Germany who we hated. Anyway, my mother’s side took those girls and shuttled them around to our relatives on their side of the family to keep them out of the father’s hands because we hated him so much. Those girls were 5, 7 and 9, and they were pure evil. They were driven crazy by all the family dynamics. They lived with us for a while when I was 10, and there were Boys Versus Girls fighting all the time. It was a kick!

My little brother went to kindergarten with one of my girl cousins. The first day, he came home and there had been some Black kids in the class somehow, don’t ask me how. My brother came home disgusted and said, “Black people sure are stupid! They’re dumb and loud!” 5 year old race realist! He had been exposed to almost no serious racism at home because my father was a liberal. I remember one time someone said nigger at the dinner table, and my Dad flipped and turned the whole dinner into an Antiracist Inquisition. We were not allowed to use that word around him.

We were also evil little thieves. I personally did not steal too much. Mostly we stole from the workmen who were working on new houses in the back. We would sneak back there at night and rip off nails, chisels, all sorts of construction materials. I have to admit thievery was pretty damn fun. I didn’t steal much other than from the workmen. I think my father found out we were thieving from the workmen, and once again he got disturbed and thought we were going to turn into criminals. I think he ordered us to take the stuff back. We lied and told him we returned everything, but really we never did, and even worse, we kept stealing more stuff!

The backyard was undeveloped, just bare ground, and we built these huge forts all over the yard. Then we had highways going all over the yard connecting one fort to the other. And we would drive trucks over these highways. We would fill the trucks up with the stolen construction materials and trade them with each other. I think a certain type of nail become “money” at some point and could be used to purchase things. There was a low spot in the yard where water collected from rain, and we called it Mud River. We built all these bridges over Mud River so you could walk across it on boards, but it was always this mysterious place with evil and frightening overtones. Mud River was sort of like Hell or Land of Evil.

We had army men, and we used to mess around with them. We took some of the army men and made them into POW’s and kept them in a “prisoner of war camp.” Then we took objects and totally mutilated these poor army men, wounded them all over their bodies, cut off arms and legs, decapitated them, and took red paint and painted blood all over them. It was ghoulish and brutal!

We did this because the POW camp was evil, and it was place where POW’s were tortured to death, not kept in safety. After we killed these poor guys, we called them “The Spooks,” because they were dead now. Then we buried them down under some dirt and leaves, apparently because they were dead and needed to be buried. But we kept digging them up so we could torture them some more even after death.

At one point we found some dogshit, and we smeared dogshit all over them just to make them even more evil. Then we reburied them. They symbolized Evil or Terror somehow. We were actually very scared of the Spooks because after we were done mutilating them and covering them with blood and dogshit, honestly they were pretty frightening looking.

I honestly really enjoyed being an aggressive, violent, diabolical and evil little boy. It was a barrel of ticks!

All the other boys were exactly the same as I was, and we all ended up OK. None of us turned into serial killers or even victimizing criminals, and we all stayed out of jail for the most part. A lot of us got arrested, but most of us no more than a handful of times, and we only served a few days here and there. Typical crimes were burglary, breaking and entering, possession of a deadly weapon, drug use, drug possession, possession of drugs for sale, resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, disturbing the peace, drunk driving, etc. I committed a number of these crimes myself and was arrested for five of those offenses and threatened with arrest for two more.


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Kill Your Children Well

According to Stewart, in those parts of Hawaii to which the influence of the missionaries had not penetrated, two-thirds of the infants born were murdered by their parents within the age of two years. In Tahiti, three women questioned by Mr. Williams acknowledged that they had killed twenty-one of their children between them. Another at the point of death confessed to him in an anguish of remorse that she had destroyed sixteen of her children.

Frazer, James George. 1922. The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead, Vol. 2 (of 3): The Belief Among the Polynesians, Chapter III: The Belief in Immortality among the Samoans, § 1. The Samoan Islands, Footnote 24. McMillan and Co.


This is the typical life among those noble savages some folks on this blog cheer on. Hunter-gatherers had no birth control, so children came all the time. There’s just not enough food around for every woman to have 12-27 kids. It’s not going to work. And honestly, it’s better to kill one child who has barely seen life than to let the whole group die of starvation. The greater good and the lesser of two evils and all that.

Among the Ache of Paraguay, 100% of Ache children witness their mothers murdering one or more of their brothers or sisters, often before age four. You wonder what sort of effect that would have on someone.

Essentialists or Determinists, which include some psychoanalytic types, would say that certain things that a human experiences in life have inevitable damaging effects on the psyche. So if a child witnesses his mother murdering his toddler sibling, this will have an inevitable scarring effect on the psyche no matter what. Similarly, if a child is molested by an adult before some set age (which feminist crazies keep pushing upwards), there will be serious and inevitable damaging effects on the psyche of that child no matter what. Some things are just inherently damaging psychologically 100% of the time.

Culturalists would take another approach and say that the psychological effects of certain experiences depend on the culture.

So while seeing one’s toddler sibling being murdered by your own mother is no doubt rather traumatizing, if you grow up in a culture where all children witness these scenes, it simply because one or the norms of growing up in that society, children simply accept it as normal behavior and there is little if any psychological damage.

Similarly, there are hunter-gatherer cultures where almost all of the children are molested by adults before age 12. Generally there is no physical damage. Culturalists would say that if you grow up in a culture where all the kids get molested by adults, you simply accept that as normal behavior and the acts cause little if any harm.

Where do you stand, with the Determinists or with the Culturalists? Are some experiences inherently damaging to the psyche or is it all culture-dependent based on what your culture defines as normal behavior?


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Amazon Is Evil

I have been hating for a very long time now, and for some very good reasons. Be assured that they deserve every microgram of my hatred. They earned it well.

Anyway, I always knew that Amazon sucked. It’s a prime example of just how shitty your typical capitalist enterprise is. There’s nothing hip or groovy about tech or net capitalists. Actually the sad truth is that most of them are much worse capitalists than typical brick and mortar businesses which at least tend to have very well done and arranged stores, excellent customer service, a fair returns policy and products that are not blatant ripoffs or scams. Further, most brick and mortar joints are not actual criminal enterprises.

The sad truth is that tech and net businesses tend to have shit products, zero return policy, either zero or horrific customer service, and catastrophically arranged stores that look like they were put together by little children. As if that were not enough, a lot of them (dating sites for example) are simply out and out organized crime.

The number of businesses that are actually criminal enterprises is simply stunning. The fault of this lies 100% with the Tech Scum themselves, as almost all of them are “Libertarians.” Being Libertards, their motto is “Don’t regulate the Internet!” So the Net is utterly unregulated. What happens when an industry goes totally unregulated? Wa-la! The criminals swarm in like termites! Duh!

So next time you get fleeced by some crook, thank the nearest Tech Scum Libertard hipster! Aren’t techy hipsters cool? They’re helping criminals loot your bank account! Is that groovy and hip and tats and piercings or what?!

Anyway, Amazon has always sucked, mostly because their store is complete and utter shit, and they can’t be bothered to even fix the damn thing so it functions at all because, you know, if they had a functioning and working store, then they wouldn’t be able to sell to you so cheap! Nothing illustrates the depravity and sleaze of that mindset better than Amazon.

Welcome to Future Shit, where store owners won’t even bother to arrange their stores for you and you won’t be able to find anything! But hey, having a non-functioning store will be so hipster and groovy and techy and future because you will get your products really cheap dude! That is if you can find them!

So anyway, I have always known that Amazon blows, to put it mildly. But it’s actually much worse than that.

It turns out that Amazon is much worse than shitty.

They are actually stone evil.

Welcome to the Workplace of the Future, brought to you by your nearest groovy hipster, where cubicle farms resemble the factories of the 1890’s! Back to the Future!

Really, Amazon is to business as Roosh is to PUA. Roosh is Amazon. Amazon is Roosh. They’re both sociopathic. They both suck. They’re both evil. They are both widely loved by fools who worship psychopaths as the rock stars of the new millennium.

They’re the Future.

Roosh is the Future of Dating.


Amazon is the Future of Business.

I don’t have much more to say except maybe pray you don’t live long enough to see much of this World O’Shit. I’ll be checking out in 30 years if I’m lucky, and I’ll see you all later then. I won’t be missing this damn planet for one second, thank you very much!


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Are Arabs Usually in a State of War?

RL: Most people in the region have been living in peacetime most of the time since independence.

Swank: Seems to detail a different picture here…

There has not been a war fought on Moroccan territory. Morocco has been at peace 100% of the time since Independence.

Algeria fought a civil war from 1991-2000.  That is 10 years out of 53.

There has not been a war fought on Tunisian territory. Tunisia has been at peace 100% of the time since Independence.

Libya fought a 4 day border war with Egypt in 1977. There was an on and off war in Chad for 8 years between 1978-1987. There has been civil war since the overthrow of Ghaddafi. That is 12 years of war out of 63 years. Libya has been at peace 93% of the time since Independence.

Egypt was involved in several wars with Israel, but they didn’t last long. The total adds up to maybe 2 years at most. That’s 2 years of war out of 93 years.

Indeed, Palestine has been embroiled war almost all the time since 1947.

Jordan has only fought some wars with Israel. Maybe 2 years of war out of the last 66 years.

Syria fought several wars with Israel, but the combined total only lasted two years. They fought a war with the Muslim Brotherhood that went on perhaps 1 year. There has been a civil war since 2012. That is 6 years of war out of 64 years.

Saudi Arabia has not been in any wars since 1920 that I am aware of. However, there was an internal civil war that lasted a few years recently, but it was a very low level war. Saudi Arabia was briefly targeted in the Gulf War but that was only for a year. That’s 3 years out of 95.

Oman has not been in any wars since 1920 that I am aware of. Oman has been at peace 100% of the time since Independence.

Bahrain has not been in any wars since 1920 that I am aware of. Bahrain has been at peace 100% of the time since Independence.

UAE has not been in any wars since 1920 that I am aware of. UAE has been at peace 100% of the time since Independence.

Qatar has not been in any wars since 1920 that I am aware of. Qatar has been at peace 100% of the time since Independence.

Kuwait has been at war only with Iraq and that was only for a few weeks. That is 1 month out of 95 years.

Yemen did fight a civil war that lasted maybe 8 years. This resulted in a split in the country. There has been an internal war against Al Qaeda for maybe 4 years now. That’s 12 years out of 54.

Iraq fought a brief war with the British in 1941, but it only lasted one month. There was civil war in Mosul in 1959, but it lasted no more than a week. Iraq fought a number of wars with Israel, but those amounted to no more than 2 years. The Iran-Iraq War lasted 8 years. The Gulf War was over in less than a year and was by an internal civil war on 6 months. Iraq has been at war since the Iraq War in 2003, 11 years. Since 1932, Iraq has been at war for 22 years. That is 22 out of 83.

Lebanon fought a few wars against Israel, adding up to no more than 2 years. There was a brief civil war in 1958 lasting no more than one month. There was a major civil war in Lebanon for 15 years, from 1975-1990. Hezbollah fought a 1 month war with Israel in 2006. There was a brief civil war in 2007 with the Lebanese army fought a 4 month civil war against Fatah-al-Islam. In 2008, Hezbollah fought a 1 week war with the government. The Syrian Civil War has spilled over into Lebanon for the last year. Lebanon has been at war for 19 out of 70 years.

Conclusion: Most countries in the Arab World have been at peace most of the time since Independence.


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