Generalizations, the Bete Noir of the PC Crowd, Rule Our Lives

We all take mental shortcuts. We all engage in lazy thinking. One example is stereotyping or generalizations. Better yet, pattern recognition. But generalization is nothing more or less than pattern recognition or the cognizance that many things in life occur in patterns. As you figure out the patterns, you notice that certain things tend to recur in certain ways over and over, and you are forever in a sense of deja vu.

You are living in the past, the present and the future all at once, because most every event you witness reminds of you a similar or identical event in the past, and you can imagine the pattern repeating into the future. When you make generalizations, you better make predictions about behavior and events, and succeeding in life is in large part due to successful prediction and thinking in advance.

Now the PC idiots are trying to make it illegal to recognize any patterns in the world. If somehow God sent a lightning bolt down and removed our ability to see patterns tomorrow, society would nearly grind to a halt. We wouldn’t be able to do much of anything and all of society would probably collapse into Somalia/Syria like chaos shortly.

Most of life boils down to something like this:

Observe object or event -> Question it – What is this object? What is this event? -> Search for past examples of object or event or similar things -> Find them -> Look for pattern to connect present object or event with past similar objects or events -> Discover pattern, apply it to object or event and fit it into a basic pattern which has meaning beyond your simple observation -> Apply extra meaning to event or object based on pattern recognition -> Gain much better understanding of event or object via application of extra meaning -> Make predictions about the future based on applying pattern recognition to object or event.

Apparently the PC folks want to make this sort of thing illegal. How they will do it, I have no idea, but if they are successful in making it so we can’t make generalizations about anything anymore, most of us probably won’t even be able to get out of bed in the morning. Or if we do, we won’t be able to leave our bedrooms.

The insane line of the PC nuts is that there are no patterns in life. You will see PC people doing this constantly. Every time you note a pattern or even a rule, the PC moron jumps up and starts yelling about some exception to the pattern or rule. But exceptions don’t invalidate rules. There is even a saying, “The exception proves the rule.”

The reason PC people hate patterns is simple. PC people say every time you see a pattern in life or make a generalization based on pattern recognition, you are engaging in some form of evil bigotry. If you see a pattern, then that means you are a racist, sexist, anti-Semite, homophobe, transphobe, or whatever the ism of the day is.

Obviously this is probably not going to work. Even animals base most of their lives on pattern recognition. Ever had a cat? Isn’t it abundantly obvious that your cat constantly applies pattern recognition to understand the world better? Ever observed wild animals? Wild animals operate almost exclusively on pattern recognition. That’s how they survive. Without pattern recognition, they would all be dead. The prey would all get killed if they lost pattern recognition because they would no longer be able to escape predators. The predators would all die if they lost pattern recognition because they wouldn’t be able to catch prey anymore.

Logically, we are not going to give up our pattern recognition way of viewing the world, so the PC project to make seeing patterns illegal is doomed. No doubt they will continue to jump up and down and yell every time someone sees a pattern, but they will forever be banging their head against the reinforced steel door of human nature.


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