As Bad As an Asian Man Gets

Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what you’re getting at. That whole sort of corrupt dictator that can be charming and funny one minute than hack up his enemies with a machete the next. I just think it’s more a cultural thing than inborn. What about guys like Pol Pot and Kim Jung Un? Are they in that same tradition? The Kims are a particularly interesting case. They can pall up with Dennis Rodman and be fans of Hollywood movies, then turn around and have their opponents and their families imprisoned and tortured.

Sure, a dictator is a dictator, and some dictators can be fun-loving one minute and murderous the next and hardly skip a beat. But look at Idi Amin’s personality. Or General Butt Naked’s personality. You see any Kim Jung Un in there? I am just not seeing it. Kim is a rather typical Asiatic personality type with the bad side of the Asiatic type dramatically amplified. Neither Kim nor Pol Pot act anything like Idi Amin or General Butt Naked in basic personality or style.

Look at Idi Amin in that clip. That’s the Black personality type in all of its glory. In that little clip, we see more of the good aspect of it – the infectious, engaging, gregarious sort of “I would love to have a beer with that guy” charm.

Pol Pot was just a vicious man. His personality was not like Idi Amin’s or General Butt Naked’s. He was also a serious, cerebral sort who was quite cold and vicious. Also I doubt if he was gleefully sadistic. He just didn’t have that wild, infectious, extroverted, engaging charm of Amin, nor did he have Amin’s massive, larger than life, God-like ego. Pol Pot was a classic Asiatic personality type with a lot of emphasis on the bad side of that personality type.

The bad side of the Asiatic can be seen in the Japanese generals, maybe in Mao, in the Kims, in Pol Pot, in the Indonesian generals of 1965, and in countless Chinese warlords and leaders.

They are ice-cold, callous, logical to a fault, often cerebral, somewhat humorless, lacking in showy displays in egotism and engaging, infectious, devil may care charisma, usually not wildly or comically delusional, usually not but sometimes sadistic (the Japanese were very sadistic, but they seem more mean than gleeful), more introverted than extroverted, with an eliminationist mindset towards the enemy and an often collectivist or utopian view of life.

Basically, in the East, life is cheap. There are too damn many people. You look out at 1.6 million Chinese, and you can’t even see humans anymore. You see ants. Human ants. It’s easy to kill an ant. I do it all the time. Just squash it. When places are that overpopulated with lookalikes, and you start seeing people as ants, you can squash them by the 100,000’s like bugs very easily.


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12 responses to “As Bad As an Asian Man Gets

  1. Jason Y

    Actually to most Koreans, white and black people all look the same. Asians see anyone outside of their nation as a monkey. No kidding. 😆 Basically that means it’s fair game to kill, nuke, exterminate like roaches.

    • Jason Y

      The comedy lies in the fact that, even though it’s open season on monkeys, they can’t really do anything but talk.

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  4. rubs

    i really loved your explainations
    but i want to know if i am fucking some1 but leaving the sperms out and not in the pussy will i be still infected by hiv aids

  5. Hey Robert I remember you talking about white nationalism and how stupid it was. You mentioned Armenians and whether they would even be considered white. Is a good description for them, “Arab-like people transitioning into whites” ? Or is ancient white people a more accurate term.

  6. They are not Arabs at all. Nothing like them. They are part of the same race as Kurds and Turks and they are as White as they come. I think they may indeed be some sort of older White race.

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  9. Asians can also be very conformist and group-oriented. Blacks tend more towards individualism. Asians can be snobbish and pretentious. They can often give off an air of elitist superiority. I’ve also noticed their love of luxury.

    I tend to like Blacks as a people. Blacks are often good people. Asian personality traits I find repugnant. Asians can be even bigger jerks, douches, and assholes than Europeans. It doesn’t surprise me that hate against “Asians” (Mongoloids) is growing all throughout the world.

  10. Schubertslied

    Asian men scammed $35,000 of my life-savings and ran. I am staying away from them for as long as I live. People should build their own opinions about Asian men, but my experience with Asian men have been absolutely horrifying.

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