It Is Not Possible to Groom a 15 Year Old Girl

Sid25 writes:

Robert, what are the definitions of the terms sexual grooming and molestation, as used in your post? As per the definitions I’ve come across, it’s very possible to groom at 15 year old girl and molest both a 15 year old girl and a 30 year old women. A 15 year old girl would simply not posses enough social experiences to distinguish the interaction with a regular older male and one who is attracted to her.

The ones who may not have experienced that much would not be able to tell the latter is approaching her with longer term or sexual interest in her, and therefore she would associate with him as she would with someone else and let down her guard without having complete knowledge and understanding the implications of what she is getting into.

Considering that, it’s completely possible to groom a 15 year old. There are of course, a lot of girls at 15 who are as perfectly capable as a girl at 21. But I’m not sure even 20 or 30% of the girls at 15 are mature enough.

Well then, let me ask you something. Would a 15 year old girl have the experience to be able to tell if a boy her age is approaching her with longer term or sexual interest in her and therefore she would associate with him as she would with someone else and let down her guard, without having complete knowledge and understanding the implications of what she is getting into? You say she is Little Miss Naivete. If so, why wouldn’t a slick teenage boy be able to groom her as well?

I myself had sex with a number of 15 year old girls when I was between the ages of 18-20. Believe me, they knew what they were doing. They pretty much seduced me in most cases.

No how is it that a 30 year old woman can be molested again?

I think this whole thing is making a mountain out of a molehill. In the past few towns I have lived in, you honestly cannot even talk to underage girls ever. People will get pretty upset if they even see you talking to them.

I learned this the hard way because I have always talked to everyone my whole life, and I am comfortable around kids as I was a schoolteacher for years. So at the local coffee shop, when I was 45 or 46 years old, I would try to make conversation with some of the teenage girls in line or when they were putting milk and sugar in their coffee just like I have done my whole life.

Well, after a while, these idiot kids started calling me “molester” apparently for doing nothing other than that. Then I figured out that it’s not ok for a man of that age my age (I was 47 when I finally figured this out) to talk to teenage girls without getting called a molester. Prior to that age, I had had few if any problems talking to teenage girls. In fact, from age 27-43, I had 13-17 year old girls even openly propositioning me, especially when I was a teacher. When I was 43, I had an 18 year old girlfriend. It wasn’t much of an issue.

I think at a certain age, a man just becomes “too old,” and now you are a creepy old man, and you just can’t talk to them anymore. I doubt if it’s me as I talked to them with no problems until I got to a certain age. I talked to them the same way at age 45 as I had all of the years prior, so my way of talking to them hadn’t changed. It’s just that I got so old that I was not able to talk to them in the same way as I had my whole life due to the fact that I had reached a certain age. I don’t see how any man over age 45 can talk to teenage girls. How is it even possible?

Now I live in a Latino town, and you still can’t talk to teenage girls with a few exceptions. I did meet two girls, one 16 and the other 17, who were way, way, way too friendly, but those were exceptions and I was even afraid to talk to them because I thought people might get mad though they were surely willing.

Other than a few outliers, It’s basically impossible. You can’t even ask what school they go to or if they are in high school or college. Those are considered “molester” questions. It’s not even easy to look at them. At times you need to be a bit careful how you look at them because sometimes people get mad. They’re about as off-limits as human beings can be. And this is a Latino town where nobody cares about much of anything, and a lot of people are poor.

Now given that that’s the way things are, the way I see it is that the vast majority of teenage girls getting involved with adult men these days know exactly what they are doing, and in fact the relationship is 100% consensual. I figure in most cases the girls probably even seduce the men. But I do not know how any man pulls off any such relationship nowadays because I see these girls as not only untouchable but also untalkable. How can you “groom” them if you can’t even say Hi to them?


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15 responses to “It Is Not Possible to Groom a 15 Year Old Girl

  1. Jason Y

    Normally the targets of such accusatons are normally people they don’t like for other reasons. Usually they’re jealous of that person, or some other childish reason. I can honestly say I was just being myself at that community college, and yet all this venemous childish hate from students (male and female). But had I majored in some other thing besides math, something less “uppity” then they would have left me alone,. Note: I majored in teacher education once, and I never encountered any hate the whole time I was there.

    BTW: No sexual accusation thrown at me that I’m aware of, and I didn’t do anything like that.

    • Jason Y

      I think a lot of the students who take math classes are forced to take them, so they hate anyone who takes them out of choice. So they look for evidence of brown-nosing or any type of enthusasm so they can rip the math student apart.

    • Jason Y

      One time I lost a fast food job after only one day, cause of some jealous douchebag country girl supervisor from around here.

  2. Ed

    The long paragraph at the end is interesting, because it has gotten me thinking that its must have been years since I approached someone in a public place and started a conversation with them. Not only that, but I very rarely see other people in public places start conversations with strangers. I also remember this being different in the past.

    First, people are often engaged in public with some portable electronic device of some sort. They also tend to go to great lengths to avoid eye contracts with strangers. But about a dozen years ago I just started getting told off, dirty looks, and in general messed with whenever I initiated an interaction with someone in public. So I just stopped. And I never see other people try to do this, so I don’t think its just me.

    The one exception, where you might actually be able to talk with a stranger, is in bars (my family thinks I go to bars too much, but interestingly that is the only place I can go and talk with people who are not in my family or who I haven’t known already for years). Even there the amount of human interaction is much lower than I remember it from decades ago.

    And this isn’t about women specifically, though there are obvious implications for single men trying to pick up women.

  3. Jason Y

    Picking up underage Lations girls can be a really bad deal, cause you got all this ethnic crap going on. Probably plenty of Latino racists looking for an excuse to stir up trouble with gringos.

    • Jason Y

      I mean underage Latino girls.

    • T

      I’ve heard rumors that a lot of Gringos travel to Latin America for teenage girls. It could just be feminist fear mongering.

      • It is true. I hear they go to Costa Rica in particular.

        • Sid25

          Well, I think girls expect guys their age or a few years older to expect something romantic or sexual in return. They have a lot of interactions in school, playgrounds and elsewhere that probably builds up expectations and interests on both sides. They also learn of things like relationships and dating from popular sources, stories, etc.

          Just because it is tough to interact with younger girls in public, one can’t say grooming is impossible. I think any older man with the intention of grooming a younger girl, would know perfectly well how to go about it, without catching public attention.

          I travel regularly by the local transport here in Mumbai, India, and most men will stare at or try to touch any girl or woman, even if she is as young as 13 or as old as 50. Now, if anyone were actually caught in the act of touching a girl, he’d be beaten up by a mob. But almost all women who travel in the men’s section in the train at rush hour are groped and almost never are the perpetrators caught. The reason is that these men seem to know well how to hide it from the sight of other men or the public in general. My point is that the ones who intend to do it, would still figure out a way to do it, without ever being noticed.

          The people calling you a ‘molester’ are total assholes. Just like women in good jobs would be told they’ve slept their way to the top, and men who prefer the company of women are told they’re effeminate pussies, in the future probably just interacting with much younger girls is enough for one to be branded as a ‘molester’ or ‘pedo’. The people doing it are just being dicks, and trying to gain some street cred, have a laugh or some shit like that. Or they are probably stupid and think this sort of shaming will actually solve any problem.

          Sadly, the victims of such shaming will be some older men who mean no harm and are seeking a healthy friendship or have a healthy attraction to a young girl, with no intention of abuse or exploitation.

  4. If a 15 year old girl has hips, tits and ass like an adult, she is fuckable. In countries that aren’t brainwashed by feminism they are already viable for marriage. 15 to 25 is the best age for women to have children, every year past that the danger of infertility and genetically defective children increases.

    15 year old girls in western countries fuck too, but they usually don’t get any children.

  5. Stary Wylk

    “Just because it is tough to interact with younger girls in public, one can’t say grooming is impossible.”
    I could be wrong, but the way I understood what Robert said was that since a girl of fifteen is sexually the same as one of twenty and up, so there is no “grooming” as a child molester would do; that it’s simply healthy romancing.
    On groping on Indian trains:
    One possibility is that the women are willing to at least tolerate the attention as long as it’s discrete, so they don’t lose their “good girl badge”. Another is that the men who notice someone else squeezing a butt are to busy rubbing someone’s crotch to interrupt it for a lynching.

  6. Dave Mowers

    America is populated by religious maniacs.

    Every country on the planet allows teenagers to have sex with anyone they want. At the age you begin having sex, you are sexually mature and all bets are off, you cannot cry foul after you agree to have sex with someone.

    Our society is completely insane. I have never met a teenage girl who wasn’t interested in dating and sex. Teen girls hit on ever guy they meet.

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