One Corporate Party with “Liberal” and “Conservative” Wings

Jason Y writes:

The media promote extreme social liberalism, but moderate economic liberalism. In other words, they’re for food stamps, but not Communism etc..

Yeah, me too. You always see some right wing fanatic who calls anyone not on Fox a Communist or a homo or whatever.

The Jew York Times has been pushing Jeb Bush very heavily. What kind of liberals do that?!

The media is not moderately liberal on economics. They’re pretty conservative. 100% of  the media is pushing the TIPP like mad. Support for the TIPP does not make you a “moderate liberal.” Screw that. Supporting the TIPP makes you a righting nut.

Of course both parties are supporting rightwing nuttiness when it comes to economics these days. These are just two wings of a Corporate Party, rightwing on economics where it counts and conveniently leftwing on social bullshit, the better to divide and conquer the working class with, my dear.

The Democrats are the “liberal” wing of the Corporate Party and the Republicans are the “conservative” wing of the Corporate Party, but they agree more than they disagree.


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22 responses to “One Corporate Party with “Liberal” and “Conservative” Wings

  1. Jason Y

    True, but the democrats still get the liberal and black vote.

    • Jason Y

      Perhaps the democrats push a lot of right wing politics, but they still keep people’s government programs going, so they keeps giving them the black and liberal vote. If they actually demolished programs for blacks, the disabled, poor etc.. then the poor would quit voting for them.

      Take blacks, at one time they were all Republicans (The party of Lincoln), but then Roosevelt started all these government programs, so they switched sides.

      • I certainly agree that the Democrats are the better of the two parties.

        • Jason Y

          Again people aren’t dumb. Take away the programs, and they will take away the vote. For instance, Clinton could set up sweatshops in Indonesia, but as long as he didn’t interfere with food stamps, or social security, then he would get the vote.

  2. Dems and Reps are both stooges for Jewish lobbyists.

    Both parties are basically playing a public puppet theatre. They distract the public from the actions of the super-rich elite 0,01% – which results the rest of the populations getting poorer, more dependent on the state, put under more surveillance by the state and losing freedom bit by bit.

    There is literally no difference between the two parties. People need to overcome their media and school programming and see both groups as what they are, zionist control instruments.

    A 1984-esque situation might very well be real for the west in the next 30 years. Or a situation like in Brazil, where the 0,1% of the population with money has to live in fortresses to not become victims of the 99,99% of the population who have no money or property at all.

    And the jewish controlled mass media does everything it can to make this future a reality as soon as possible:

  3. Dave Mowers


    I went to a town hall meeting with Bernie Sanders. You should go see him if you get the chance. He is the next president of the United States.

    Don’t believe the, “left-right,” dynamic being shoved down your throat. Bernie is a man of the people.

  4. Santoculto

    Satanship (or just ashkkkenazis) are using left wing naive-stupid-technically smart people to destabilize western nations and as scapegoats in the near future, they are the plan b. If crowd awake, they are push ”Liberal” label.
    Body attacking own body and, possible death. Rossha x Uass.

    I hate LIBERALS…
    I hate GAYS….
    I hate ARMY CONTROL people…

    (and those** the chosen**)

  5. Ed

    TPP is a secret (!) agreement, which since its secret its hard to tell what is in it, but it seems to be a fairly direct transfer of legislative authority from legislators to corporations. Robert is right. If this is true, this is an insane, fascist, program. Supporting this is not a “moderate” position. Its like calling Hitler a moderate because there were people in the SS and Japanese who were even crazier.

    Firstlast is not up to date on his or her information from Brazil. The situation he described happened as a result of a twenty year military/ fascist government, that concentrated the country’s wealth in a few hands. Things started getting better once they got rid of the fascists in 1985, and particularly when they started electing socialist politicians. I don’t know how things look on paper, but having been there I can tell you that the middle class in the five large and relatively wealthier states in the south is in a stronger position than the middle class in the US, and this is with lots of wage-undercutting immigration from people from the poorer northern states. And I have too many things going on today to even touch the Jew stuff. But the rest of the comment is pretty astute.

  6. Ed

    I did want to comment about “leftwing” ideas such as more homosexuality for everyone getting traction. I’m pretty sure at the bottom of that is keeping some people in the 1% from getting into legal difficulties due to their lifestyle. Otherwise the agenda is more and more concentration of wealth and power, as far as I can see.

  7. Jason Y

    Even assuming Jews control the media. Note, I’m not making a claim one way or the other, a lot of people will vote democrat, because otherwise, they lose government programs. Rednecks and the like will continue to vote democrat because they resent programs for people they claim will not work.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry I mean, “Rednecks and the like will continue to vote republican because they resent programs for people they claim will not work.”.

    • Santoculto

      The voice of primitive or older wisdom is a voice of poor people and most them know exactly who control the media.

  8. Jefferson wanted America to be ruled by one and only one party, the Republican Democrats. He opposed any form of party-based controversy. His only opponents were the Federalists, whom he viewed as traitors to be expelled, not as opponents to argue with in any political arena.

  9. Ron

    And Hillary and Jeb are as interchangeable as their parties. I’ll take Hillary…at least they’ll still be speaking English in the White House.

    If Jueb and Columba get the keys: Don’t Cry For Me, American Culture.

  10. Jason Y

    Jeb sounds too much like reb, 😆 and the rebel flag is banned. Therefore, he shouldn’t get the nomination.

  11. Jason Y

    A lot of poor people living in government housing getting money under the table. In this case, even from a liberal POV, shouldn’t people be angry? If they can afford a good apartment, then why not go get one? How about dealing drugs from your government apartment? Surely they make enough to pay for a cheap apartment, but don’t? Why?

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